Devastation of a Perfect Storm by foxdieholocaust
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Story Notes:
This is the secuel to my story "Shadows of a Perfect Storm"

You, my dear reader do not necessarily need to read the first part in order to be able to enjoy this story, but if you want to comprehend the plot, i strongly recomend you to do it.

And finally, please report to me any grammar mistake so i can correct it.
Canterlot, capital city of Equestria was celebrating tonight the most important annual event in the land, The Grand Galloping Gala.

The Canterlot Royal Palace, was host for the elite members of Equestrian society, such as Diplomatics and high ranking Military officers to Artists, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Scholars and many other ponies that had contributed greatly to improve Equestria and it's society.

But this year's Gala was a very special evening, for it was also the former celebration of the resurfacing and liberation of the long lost Crystal Empire.

Also, it was the first time in many years that so many members of the Royal Family would gather for one social event.

Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Prince Shining Armor, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, and Prince Blueblood for the first time would all be together celebrating the Gala of this year.

And the honor guests of this particular celebration would be none less than the weilders of the elements of harmony, the humble heroes that saved Equestria from Nightmare Moon and Discord, the spirit of chaos and also had taking a major role in halting the Changeling invasion and in the ultimate defeat of King Sombra.

And so the Grand Galloping Gala began when Princess Luna, with majestic spectacle raised the moon and the stars that would illuminate the beautiful nightsky.

The guests from all of Equestria and some from beyond arrived at Canterlot palace, greeted by Princess Celestia in person and later joined by her regal sister Luna.

And in the palace's Ball Room were the new rulers of the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor spending time socializing with the guests, while impatiently waiting for the most important guests for both to arrive.

But not everything that night was joyful and serene.

Beyond the palace surface, beyond the guards, dressed with ceremonial armors plated with gold and silver, deep inside the bowels of canterlot.
in the main military comunications room in the capital, there was an absolute opposite mood from that of the event in the upper levels.

A few hours back every comunications with all the northeastern guarding outposts had been lost, and none of the scouts send to investigate had returned.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were already informed of this situation.

Every single guarding post had been now alerted of the danger and every sentry and every telescope in every tower and wall were vigilant of the Northeastern skies, ready to sound the city alarms in case of the worst.

Pegasus were patroling the skies, searching for any threat inside Canterlot and Unicorns were deployed all around the perimeter of the city, in order to rise a defensive shield in the case of a contingency.

Although, the matter was still kept as discreet as possible in order of avoiding unnecessary panic amongst the guests and the population in general.

Their emergency plan was to send all civilians into an old mining system while the Royal Guard dealt with the threat on the outside.

Such cavernous system was rediscovered under Canterlot during the events of the Changeling Attack a year ago, and had undergo a remodelation in order to be used as a bunker for the citizens or an emergency escape route from the City if the situation required such measurement.

So, the night continued lively, waiting patiently for the honor guests to finally arrive.

But they were all oblivious to the tragedy that had shadowed Ponyville.

They were all ignorant of the tragedy brewing for them all.

They were oblivious that the nightmare beyond anypony's greatest fears that was about to become a grievous reality.

They never realized until it was far too late.

That the perfect storm that would change the world had already begun.

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