but i love you by rainbowdashlover1, Twilight Dash
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Story Notes:
Please don't leve rude comment I will report you and delete them thanks
Author's Chapter Notes:
Please no rude comment thanks
Rainbow dash pov

I was doing my morning flying and clearing the clouds
of ponyville and meeting when my friends rarity,pinkie pie
and applejacks,fluttershy
"hey rainbow dash how you and your boyfriend doing"rarity said
oh yeah I have a boyfriend
"oh we doing great he bought me this necklace"I said
I took off my rainbow necklace and showed them
"oooo that so cute dashie"pinkie pie said
I just smiled"thanks pinkie"
"rainbow dash!!!" oh crap my boyfriend
"just a minute"I yelled out to him
I looked back at the mares
"I gotta go girls see ya"I said running off
Chapter End Notes:
This is my first story please no mean comment thanks you and I love you

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