Chapter 1: You've Got Mail! by Sir_Iron_Ethos, Jingle Bones
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Chapter 1: You've Got Mail!

The sun shone brightly over Canterlot as a young colt feverishly rummaged through his mail. "Where is it?! Where is it?!" He chanted as his hoofs rummaged through the piles of paper that had been stuffed into his mail box. "AH! HERE IT IS!" He cheered as he held up a letter triumphantly before trotting back into his large mansion.

The colt trotted passed a young filly who was absorbed in a book she was reading. "New letter...?" She asked as she continued reading her book.

"Yea, been waiting for this one for three days now. How's the book?" The colt replied as he sat down & began opening the letter.

"Its alright, a little strange, but alright." She replied as she turned a page. "Ivy... Do you think We'll ever meet mommy & daddy again?" The filly asked, glancing up at the colt with wondering eyes.

He paused silently, unsure how to explain what had happened to their parents. "I wish I could answer that... But sometimes I just don't know..." He answered as he withdrew the letter from inside the envelope.

Dear: Tang

I trust you've been doing well. Things here have been busy during the process of packing up. We will be moving to Ponyville, Equestria. How is your lil' sister Mel, doing? Ash ran through the door again this morning, it took five minutes to get him to sit still long enough for me to make sure he wasn't injured. I don't know why we keep repairing the door when he just ends up plowing it back down. Hopefully we can find a door to solve the problem in our new home. I also found another new gem while helping Ash with plowing the field, I'll send a picture of it with my next letter. Can't wait to hear from you next.

Your Pen-Pals: Ron & Ash.

Tangled Ivy smiled as he gently closed the letter. "Moving, huh...? Hey, Melody..." The colt chimed causing the little filly to glance up from her book.

"How would you feel about moving to Ponyville to meet our Pen-Pals...?" Ivy chimed with a warm smile adorning his face.

Ivy watched as her eyes lit up with excitement. He beamed seeing his little sister so happy. "Head up to your room and pack what ever you want to take with us." Tangled Ivy instructed as the two of them headed to their own rooms to begin packing.


"Are we there yet...?" A grey colt with ram horns asked a unicorn colt as the two of them followed an older Mare & an stallion. I swaer on the elements of harmony themselves... If you ask "are we there yet?" one more time, I will turn your tail into a boquet of flowers." The unicorn remarked in an irritated tone.

A gentle voice spoke from in front of the two colts. "Now, now. Be nice to each other, please." said the mare as she glanced back at them. Her long purple mane gently blowing in the light breeze that swept over the field they now found themselves traversing. "Arguing is never the answer to problems." she explained, with a calmness in her voice. "Sorry, mother." the two colts said in unison. "We'll be there shortly. Just be patient." A deeper voice said, emminating from the stallion that trotted along-side the mare.

As the family reached the top, the town finally came into full view. Sir Ion and Skull Bash smiled in relief of having finally made it. Skull Bash glanced over at Sir Iron, a cheaky grin having bloomed on his face. "Hey, Iron... I'll race you to the town! Same rules as usual, using magic will result in disqualification." He laughed. Sir Iron rolled his eyes, smiling at his brother's competitive nature. "Fine, but just for the record, I'd like to point out you do have the advantage, being an earth pony and all." The two colts galloped down the hill as fast as they could.

Their mother sighed and giggled. "Those two... Just as youthful, & full of energy we once were." She said with a smile. "You two be careful!" Their father called, but the two colts were already out of ear-shot, & didn't hear their father. As Iron passed his brother, he looked back, & slipped in a small water puddle.

He went rolling, eventually landing on his flank. Skull Bash sped right past him, & looked turned his head to stick his toung out at his older brother. "Ha ha. I am winn--" he began to mock, only to slip in a second mud puddle like his brother had, & go skidding across the slippery terrain. "Whoa-whoa-whoa!" He yelled in a panic as he slid head-first into the front door of a empty house, knocking it off its hinges. He collided with the wall and as he lay on the floor in a daze, the door tilted back and fell on top of him. "I'm okay..." he called faintly from where he landed, pushing the door off of himself, & waving to his family with his hoof.

The parents witnessing the incident, rushed down to their two sons as fast as their hooves could carry them. After having helped Skull Bash & Sir Iron up & checking them both for injuries, their father began setting to work fixing the door.

Skull Bash lowered his head in shame at the sight of his usual recklessness. "Awww Parasprites..." He sighed as his glanced down at his hooves, kicking up dirt as he frowned. Sir Iron felt bad for Skull Bash, & on the spot, thought of something to cheer him up. Sir Iron trotted over to his mom, whispering in her ear.

The mare nodded, & reached into a bag that was still secured over her back. She withdrew a bundle of bitts and gave them to Sir Iron. "Thank you, mom!" He cheered as he trotted back over to Skull Bash. "Hey Skully, lets go get something to eat while dad fixes the door, we haven't eaten all day so I know you must be hungry.

Skull Bash opened his mouth to object, but fell short when his stomach growled before anything could be said. Obviously defeated, Skull Bash gave a nod, unable to protest, & the two of them left.

As they walked through the streets of their new home, the two of them were given looks of curiousity from many ponies that were passing by. It was obvious that they were new, and many seemed to be staring at Skull Bash's horns. Sir Iron guessed that pony-ram hybrids weren't common in this town.

As the two of them rounded the corner, a galloping fillie slammed head first into Sir Iron, sending him and Skull Bash, who happened to be exactly behind him, flying. "Hey!" He yelled in annoyance and surprise.

"Oh My, I'm so sorry! I was in such a rush that I forgot to look where I was going!" The fillie apologized as she helped the colts up. Her eyes fixed on Sir Iron, & her heart skipped a beat.

"Well... Just try and be more careful next time..." Sir Iron replied as he grabbed the bundle of bitts that he'd dropped in the collision. "I will! You have my word... Uh... May I ask your name...?" She asked as she fidgeted awkwardly.

"It's Sir Iron, & this is Skull Bash." He introduced. "It's nice to meet you Sir Iron, My name is Melody!" She replied with a shy look on her face. Suddenly her urgent appointment flashed back in her memory. "Sorry I can't stay and talk more, I haft to go meet my brother, He's waiting for me. I hope I'll see you again soon!" She explained before rushing off again.

"Strange filly... I hope there's more like her..." Skull Bash remarked with a small grin as the two of them continued on their way. The two colts eventually came to a medium sized building that most other ponyville ponies would recognize instantly.

"Sugar-cube Corner...? Sounds as good a place as any... Come on, Skull Bash." Sir Iron beckoned as the two entered the shop. Already inside the shop were two ponies, A young male pegasi, and a pink earth-pony mare. "Man what is keeping Melody so long...?" The pegasi cried, catching Sir Iron's attention as he and Skull Bash trotted by. "Excuse me, Sorry for eavesdropping, but did you say Melody...?" Sir Iron asked raising an eye brow. The pegasi turned his head, lowering his tinted glasses. "Yeah... She's my Lil Sis & I've been waiting here for her for around an hour. We both just arrived, so we don't know the place off the top of our heads yet..." He explained.

"Well, we passed a young filly not long ago, who was heading towards... The Everfree Forest, I believe its called...?" Sir Iron noted. "Sigh, She's probably lost again, Alright, thanks for the tip. By the way, Name's Tangled Ivy, if you ever need a hand with something, give me a call." The colt said with a smile before taking flight and zipping through an opened window.

The two colts then resumed their previous goal, and approached the counter where the mare stood behind. "Oh Hi there, I'm Pinkie Pie! You two must be new, I don't remember seeing either of you before... Do you both like parties? I love parties! Especially big ones!" The mare began energeticly. "Um.... Sure... I guess... Can... We get two cupcakes to go, please....?" Sir Iron asked, placing the bundle of bitts on the counter.

"Okie Dokie Lokie!" She replied taking the bag, and retrieving two of the cup cakes from inside the display under the counter. "Her you go! Two Extra-sepcial chocolatie chocolate explosion cup cakes!" She cheered with a level enthusiasm that Sir Iron would of thought impossible before that very moment

"Thank You, Pinkie Pie!" Sir Iron smiled graciously. "Yeah, Thanks!" Skull Bash echoed as they snatched their cupcakes off the counter in their mouths. The two of them then left Sugar-cube Corner, & went back home. By the time they had gotten back, the sun was already setting. Skull Bash was relieved to see that the door was finished as they walked through the door, closing and locking it behind them.

The two colts headed up the stairs to the second floor, where they spotted the door-way to their new room, which had two bunk beds. "Wow... Cool!" They both cheered in unison as their mother entered the room. "Your father has been working very hard ever since you both left. He is out-cold in our room, try to keep the noise down so as to not wake him, okay? Oh and try not to stay up too late." She asked softly. "Okay mom." The mare smiled warmly & left the room, closing the door behind her.

The two of them then began getting ready for bed. Sir Iron used his magic to brush his and Skull Bash's teeth. Most would of found such a sight to be odd, but the two of them had formed a unique bond, and this was just one thing that came from that bond. Sir Iron was used to helping Skull Bash with his brushing, just as Skull Bash would help Sir Iron with carrying things. They did it to help each other with what they were better suited for.

The two of them gave each other a smile as Iron put their tooth brushes in a cup on the sink. They were over-joyed that their room had its own bathroom. Until now, they'd both been living in seperate rooms, both without a bathroom of its own. Somethings would take getting used to, but at least they had these kind of perks as well.

Skull Bash began moving the furniture in the room around. Neither of them liked the way they'd been set up. Skull Bash also slowly pushed one of the bunk beds across the room, using his head and horns to move it.

"What're you doing Skully...?" Sir Iron asked perplexed as to his brothers motivation. "I want us to be able to sleep together... But we can't if our beds are on opposite sides... So... I'm moving them!" He replied as he grunted against the bed's weight. "Looks like this bunk bed is made of thicker & sturdier wood then most of the ones I've seen... I guess father remembered that time I knocked those trees down..." Skull Bash noted as he finally got the bed into place. "Why wouldn't he? you knocked them down onto our house!" Sir Iron pointed out.

"...Eh heh heh heh... Oh yeah... I kinda forgot about that part..." Skull Bash replied embarassedly as he rubbed the back of his neck with an awkward smile. "Tuned it out, huh...? Figures." Sir Iron chuckled as he climbed into his bed. "Aren't you going to sleep up top...?" Skull Bash asked.

"Nah, not for tonight. The top doesn't have safety rails on them yet. I'd rather wait till they get some before sleeping up there, until then, I'll stick to the safe bottom bed, thanks." Sir Iron explained.

"...Good point..." Skull Bash agreed as he crawled into the bottom bed that lay right next to Sir Iron's. As the two were about to fall asleep they heard a cry in the distance, the voice was familiar & immediately knew who was in trouble. "...That was Melody's voice! Iron, what do we do...?" Skull Bash asked in a panic.

"...Its late out, who knows if anyone else heard them... I'm not usually one for going out in the middle of the night... But I'm even less enthralled by the idea of ignoring someone's call for help. Get dressed, grab what you need and what you can, & be sure to stay as quiet as possible, lest we wake anyone, our parents or otherwise, up." Sir Iron instructed as the two of them lept out of bed and began grabbing things out of boxes. Within five minutes, the colts had gotten out the front door, and now galloped toward the Ever-free Forest where the cry had emanated from.

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