Heart's Warming Fantasies by Donraj
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“It’s perfect!”

Rarity’s horn glowed merrily as she typed the thank you message for her favorite artist into the unicorn-built keyboard. She looked back at the image of Clover the Clever and Princess Platinum in a rather compromising position and her smile widened.

“It’s everything I hoped it would be. I just love your style. The payment should be showing up in your account momentarily, with a bit extra.”

She quickly saved the picture to her ‘historical’ folder and shut the window, flinching slightly as the chimes signaled that somepony was coming into the boutique. Tamping down on her sudden nervousness with what she imagined was the talent of a master actress she rose and went to greet her latest caller.

“Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where everything is chi—oh hello Twilight.”

“Hi Rarity!” Twilight said cheerfully. “I have that book you were wanting on socks in Canterlot during the Celestia Victoriana period.”

Rarity fought down her suddenly fluttering heart’s attempt to force its way up and out of her chest.

“Why thank you darling! That will be such a help because I just know they’re going to come back into style soon.”

“What makes you say that?” Spike said before Twilight could stop him, his eyes glazing over at the sight of the beautiful unicorn.

“Well you see Spike, bedroom chic is all the rage right now, and socks are something you wear to bed to keep your hooves warm. It’s a natural progression and I want to be ready!”

“Well, glad I was able to help,” Twilight said. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Several possibilities flashed through Rarity’s mind, but she forced them down. A lady did not think such things.

“No dear, thank you so much for asking? But I simply must do something to thank you for finding this. Are you free this afternoon? Fluttershy’s down with a cold, poor thing, and she can’t make our weekly spa get together. Would you care to join me? My treat, of course.”

“Well I do have reshelving to do…”

Spike gave her a hard nudge to the flanks from his position on her back, rolling his eyes the entire time.

“But I suppose Spike can handle that,” Twilight finished. “Thanks Spike!”

“You’re welcome,” Spike grumbled before his sarcastic mood was once against swept away by the radiant glory that was Rarity.

“Excellent!” Rarity said. “I’ll see you at a quarter past one. Ta!”

As the two departed Rarity watched them go. Once she was quite sure that she was alone and out of earshot she fell back on the nearest couch and let out a dramatic sigh.

“Oh Twilight, why, why can’t I tell you about my feelings for you? How can you not see the passion that burns within my very soul, kindled by the very sight of you and enflamed by your every word and breath, every swish of your tail and every expression of your beautiful face? Why? Why? WHY?!”

After several minutes in that vein she made her way back to the computer and opened a text file. She blinked the tears from her eyes and began to type.




The unicorn princess sat in her tower, weeping, for she knew that come the morrow she must needs wed her captor, the foul black knight. “Why?!” she cried out. “Why must I be condemned to such a fate?! Is there none in this terrible world with the courage to save me?”

Suddenly there was a burst of light from outside and a voice called out, “Hark! Hark fair maiden in yonder tower! It is I, the knight of the Evening Star, come to rescue thee!”

Rising from her couch the unicorn princess made her way to the window of her high chamber and looked out to see a dashing purple unicorn mare astride a mighty wingless dragon. A sword was buckled at her side and she held a lance levitated at the ready. With a breathless gasp of delight the unicorn princess brought a silken kerchief to her eye and dabbed away a tear, then tossed it out the window to flutter down to the knight below.

“I pray thee, sir knight, rescue me from this den of evil and my father will reward you richly!”

The knight tucked the kerchief into her belt and struck a rakish pose. “A lady’s token and the chance to gaze upon such beauty with mine own eyes is reward enough for one such as me!” she declared. So saying the knight slammed the butt of her spear against the stone path. “Come forth, villain!”

The tower’s portcullis drew open with a long steel rattle and from the tower strode forth a centaur bearing in his hands a lance and a shield with a fiend rampant! The foul beast stood twice as tall as any normal pony, his equine parts covered with heavy black armor and his chest with supple black leather. He sneered as he lowered the visor of his helm with an audible clang and in a dark, menacing voice asked, “Who dares to challenge the Knight of the Black Wind?”

“Avant, monster!” cried the stranger. “Know thee that justice hath arrived! Release the lady thou hath imprisoned and lay down your arms, lest I instruct you in her kin’s unbearable sorrow!”

“Have at thee, whelp!” cried the dark knight, whipping his lance up in a way that made his muscular forearms stand out in iron relief.

The smaller unicorn knight met the centaur’s charge. Thrice they tilted at one another until at last the dark knight’s lance broke upon the unicorn’s shield. The unicorn could easily have ridden him down at that point, but instead she cast aside her own lance and dismounted, levitating her long sword before her in a ready position as she did. The dark knight snorted at the chivalrous gesture as he cast aside his shield and drew his own mighty blade in a double-handed grip.

Then back and forth the contest went, the centaur’s superior strength pitted against unicorn grace and skill. Finally skill proved true, and with a thrust of deadly accuracy the unicorn slew her vile foe, who fell over in a heap, black blood spurting.

With a cry of joy the unicorn princess rushed down the tower steps and out the gate to throw herself into the forehooves of her rescuer. “Pray brave one, speak to me the name of my rescuer?

Her sword sheathed now, the knight levitated her helmet from her head. “I am but a poor wanderer who seeks to do some good, and my name be Twilight Sparkle!”

“Oh noble dame, how can I ever thank you for saving me from my vile imprisonment?” she asked as she felt the other mare’s athletic form against her own soft curves. The knight released her and gave a courtly bow.

“Tis enough to see justice done,” the gallant unicorn declared. “Beauty such as yours must needs shine across all of Equestria, not kept hidden away for some blackguard’s amusement.”

 “Oh Twilight Sparkle, wouldst thou take me home to my father the king? Surely you have but to ask and he will consent to give my hoof in marriage.”

“Your wish is my command!” said Twilight Sparkle as she swept the unicorn princess off her hooves, helping her to climb atop the wingless lizard that served as her steed. “Ho, Greenfire! Let us away!”


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