Daring Blood by Quantum Bass
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Story Notes:

Ive alwasy had this story tucked away in the deep corner of My Fiction factory. But ive never really had the chance to put this one out. But now that one of the main characters is Canon (Daring Do) I can find no other better time than now to do my best to get this story started. Subscribe to this story and i promise you that you will not be dissapointed.

The Bloods cutie marks have always been the same. From generation to generation that same rose has "encompassed" their flanks. So predictable that they even knew when it was going to happen. At the age of four fillies and colts of this family were expected to gain the cutie mark of the family. Many mocked and ridiculed them, calling them "Fakes" , "Completely Unoriginal" , and they were overall known as boring. It was never their fault that these cutie marks were the same. Heck they knew that the Sparkle family had the same fault, only difference being that it wasnt an exact photo copy every single time. And being long ago related to the Princesses they werent fond of unwanted attention from those willing to steal from them or even kidnap them. Because of this the Bloods family has never been one to make an attempt at doing something amazing or sticking out. That is, almost all of them. Mare Do Well and Sergei Blueblood, and from them came many fillies and colts. The most known of which is Vladimir Blueblood. Or more popularly known as "Prince Blueblood".

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