A forgotten love by SpikE-dog
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Story Notes:

This is my first and hopefully not last fanfiction so cut me some slack and don't worry, more chapters to come. 

"CANCELED!?" Screamed an enraged knuckles.

"How could you cancel our gig!?" He screamed at the manager.


"Sorry but another group came up to is with and offer we couldn't refuse." he replied.


Sonic stepped forward "At leasts tell us who you got."


"This group who calls themselves Harmony E"

Vinyl's head perked up. She had been busy helping their guitarist Spike and drummer Pipsqueak load up the van. Harmony E was the group that gave her big break only to kick her out a month after she joined. 


"Neons in there?" Vinyl asked; shoving Sonic and Knuckles aside and stepping up to the manager. 

"Yeah..." He replied.


"I have to see Neon" she said.


"Sorry, no can do he said he doesn't want to be disturbed before a performance."


"Just tell him it's DJ pon3."


"Who?!" They all asked.


"Just tell him."


The manager as well as knuckles and pipsqueak walked out and left Vinyl, Spike, and Sonic alone in the room. 


"Who's DJ pon3?" piped up Spike.


" Oh yeah that..." There was a brief pause as she composed herself and looked up. "It used to be my stage name...when I was the lead singer of Harmony E." 


"What?" They said unanimously. 


"Why did you play for those losers; they're a bunch of jerks. Spike said. "Their guitarist has it out for me. Gilda acts as though I stole her best friend." 


"That's cus you did."said Vinyl smiling at him.


"What, you were best friends with HER?! But she's nothing but a rough and tough jerk and you're so..." He paused for a moment and began to blush. 


"So what?" She asked. 


" you know...so...kind and caring." he said turning away.


She felt herself blush "Aw, thanks Spike. Anyway we were great friends when I joined the group but we had a big fight last September.


Spike scratched his head "Wait, wasn't that the September when knuckles and I found you in the bar and asked you to join our band?"


"Mmhmm" she said. "That was the same night I got kicked out of  Harmony E." 


"Wait, WHAT?" he said. "You told us you left them..." His voice trailed off when he saw her start to cry. "Vinyl?"


She hadn't noticed her own tears until now. "Oh, sorry." 


Spike walked over and lifted up her chin "Don't be." 


She didn't even think about it before she embraced him. He was shocked at first but then accepted it and returned the embrace. After a while they pulled apart and stared at one another. Then a big realization came over both of them as they had completely forgotten about their blue haired companion. But as they looked over to the far couch they saw a blue hedgehog drooling over the edge of the couch with music blaring in his headphones. After a wave of relief came over them they sat down and stared at each other for a brief silence before the club manager came bursting in...

"We've got a big problem!"

Chapter End Notes:

Special thanks to http://ss2sonic.deviantart.com/art/Group-Shot-299742600 for inspiration

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