a painful life of a filly by blade
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Author's Chapter Notes:
okay this chapter is bad I know but hang with me it will get better
Flutter shy wakes up she gets out of bed goes down stairs gets breakfast for her and her animals when she gets done eating her breakfast she puts the plate in the sink she trots to angel bunny basket she wakes up angel with a simple but gentle nudge and a 'wake up sleepy head' as soon as angel gets out of the basket she hears a knock on her door as she opens her door she knew her visitor all too well "hey flutter shy ah don' s'pose ah can get yer help for somethin' can ah" apple jack said a little uneasy

"Sure apple jack what is it" flutter shy said in her usual shy voice

apple jack shuffled her hoofs "it's that dang bear again he's eatin' all mah apples and ruining mah harvest do you think you can tell him to git ah sure would appreciate it if you can" apple jack said with a small expression of annoyance on her face

"I’ll do my best apple jack" flutter shy said with a smile

Apple jack sighed with relief and lead the way "thanks flutter shy ah don' know what I’d do without you"

apple jack and flutter shy got to apple jacks farm and sure enough the bear was in sight and stuffing his face with apples the bear turned around and saw flutter shy and quickly ran into the thick forest of apple trees apple jack ran in "git over here ya varmint so I can tie you up and throw you of mah farm" apple jack yelled

flutter shy watched as apple jack pursued the bear in the forest and tried to catch up as soon as flutter shy then soon enough flutter shy catches up with apple jack "uh apple jack i don't think we should just run after it we could just talk to it... mean... if you want to"

Apple jack sighed "alright ah'll give you a chance after all ah did ask for yer help" apple jack said try to catch her breath
Flutter shy trotted into a patch of trees “its okay you can come out now” the bear came out slowly and flutter shy nuzzled the bears nose “you can’t stay here if you do this pony here won’t be able to keep her farm okay now you can just go to another forest and stay there okay” the bear stared at her for a while until he left and went back to another forest flutter shy walked out of the patch of trees and trotted next to apple jack who thanked her for getting rid of the bear so flutter shy said her "you're welcomes' and left for her cottage
Flutter shy gets to her cottage around noon time and notices a present next to her mailbox so she brings it inside and it had no tag on it for who it was from and it was red on the bottom and it was soggy like it was in the rain so she opens it and see's a small filly in the bottom of the box and she was bleeding and looked like she was beaten and was cut in different places her small chest rising and falling was the only thing giving her a hint that she wasn't dead this shocked flutter shy and as she goes to gallop out the door her right back leg hit the edge of the box waking the filly she gently looks up and her eye's widen with terror at the pony she was looking at and she quickly but gently puts her hoof to her eyes and starts shivering like crazy flutter shy felt bad for the filly and sat on her haunches and picked up the filly having a little trouble cause she tried wiggling out of her hoove and flutter shy looked in her eye's "don't worry I won't hurt you" the filly looked up at flutter shy .

"here let me take you to the hospital" the filly only looked up but soon nuzzled into flutter shy's soft pink hair and fell asleep so flutter shy takes off to the hospital and as she gets there she already has blood all over her hoofs and as the filly gets signed into the hospital, bandaged up and laid on a bed the filly fell asleep as for flutter shy she insisted on staying with her and as the nurses bring out a bed for flutter shy she hear the filly talking in her sleep

"n-no not the bat... no please stop... please it hurts... no not... not the knife... please stop" the filly's voice was like somepony playing a glass harp it was so fragile and small but it also sounded like she was panicking and hurt and soon flutter shy drifted off to sleep.
Flutter shy woke up to a sound of a door opening next door and soon flutter shy was onto her hooves and she looked towards the filly... she was sleeping what broke her concentration was the door opening and the doctor was standing there "flutter shy could I speak to you in private please" the doctor said in a flat tone and flutter shy nodded and went with the doctor to his office

"how is she?' flutter shy asked her voice heavy with concern

"she will be fine but she will just be here a couple of days then she will be fine but what bothers me is why she was like this in the first place she had a cut wound that could only be made by a knife was she abused by any chance?"

"I don't know I just found her in a box like this" flutter shy explained with pity for the filly

"a box?!" the doctor said shocked by this "this explains it she must have been abused looks like she will have to be put in a foster home and when she's ready to talk we will nail the pony who did this to her" the doctor said a little mad

"Oh... um is it okay if I could take her?" flutter shy asked shyly

"I don't see why not" the doctor said pulling out a piece of paper "just sign here" the doctor said pointing his pen at a dotted line as flutter shy signed the paper the doctor rolled it up and put it inside folder

"She’s all yours" the doctor said leading her to the filly.
Chapter End Notes:
okay its bad I know but I really want to know what the hell you think of my stories I need to know please please tell me leave a review tell me how good it is or how bad it is I really don't care what you tell me jut please tell how good it is

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