the pony who when to happy tree friends by rockstar888
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Rockstar is relaxing how is it going to go down
It was a normal day in ponyvill rockstar was relaxing lessening to music he sees twilight it had been a week since he last seen her "hi twilight" he sead twilight looked "hi my advice don't lesson to a song named for you it sends you to a would of killing" rockstar looked confued "killing so why you not bloody" "I got away just in time" twilight sead and she ran off rockstar looked like he did not know what was that about then he found a song named for rockstar not taking twilights advice he played it then he herd the happy tree friends them "oh this is good" then a flash of light came seeing he is fadeing away he whet in the happy tree friends would cuddles was with giggles and handy was fixing the slide "oh this is hard work with no hands" handy sead then they seen a flame falling sniffles came "what's that" he sead then boom rockstar landed in the slide "grrrrrr I just fixed that" handy sead rockstar slowly opened he's eyes "w-where am I" cuddles came with giggles "what's that" sead cuddles pop and cub came cub hideing in pop's hat "hay keep the noise down" sead pop "pop look at this" sead giggles "what" he came to rockstar "who are you" sead rockstar "I'm cuddles this is pop and cub" he points to them "and there's handy" handy tryed to wave "and theres giggles my gf" giggles sead "hi who and what are you" "I'm rockstar a pegasus" "oh like a pony" sead sniffles rockstar noded "yes" rockstar looks around
Chapter End Notes:
What's next

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