L.I.F.E. by blade
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“oh come on man” screamed a teenager about 15 years old with spiked hair and wearing a black hoodie with a skull and cross bones and blue jeans “there’s no way you could have known I was up there”.

“Lucky guess” said another wearing a red shirt with a skull with a huge crack in it and also wearing blue jeans as well “I swear I had no idea you were up there”.

“Nice try man you were screen peaking” said the teenager they were fighting over who screen peaked in a game they were playing or not.

“So what if I did screen peak there’s no law against it” said red shirt.

“Serge serge serge no one likes a screen peaker” said the teenager putting away his controller and turning off his xbox.

“Jake I know I know” serge sighed “fine let’s take a break and see if mlp is on”.

Jake sighed in defeat “fine let’s see” Jake said flicking through the channels “okay guide… sorry it doesn’t come on today”.

“Aw man how about tomorrow” serge said while his eyes lit up.

“Nope it does come on, it does on Monday though” Jake said turning off the tv.

“Aw man I gotta go seeya Jake” serge said heading out the door.

“See ya serge” Jake said waving goodbye to his friend.

“Maybe Devin is up” Jake said pulling out his phone.

“Yeah” Jake heard on the other side of the line.

“Hey dev what’s up” Jake said happily.

“Jake… not much how about you” Devin said happy to hear his friend.

“Same here man serge just left so I thought you and me can hang out” Said Jake

“Sorry man I can’t I’m grounded” said Devin a bit sad

“Oh sweet celestia what did you do now” said Jake shaking his head side to side

“Got home late again as usual anyway you can come up” said Devin through the other line

“Well…ok let’s do this man” said Jake

“Alright man see ya when you get here” said Devin hanging up

Jake hangs up the phone and puts on his black ‘death cries’ sharpened two handed sword on his back and he took a couple throwing knives with him and he opens the door revealing a nice sunny day

“Man what a beautiful day I’m glad I chose this day to head to Devin’s” said Jake taking a nice deep breath of fresh air Jake was walking down the side walk when he got to a tall red building with an old beat up mail box and a old rustic gate blocking the path inside the house, Jake unlocked the gate and walked down the path to the house he knocked three times before entering

“Yo man what took you so long” said a chubby kid wearing blue shorts and a tank top jokingly

“Shut up man I took my time anyway anything to eat here” said Jake while his stomach rumbled

“Yea hold on man” said Devin heading to the kitchen so they ate and Jake spent the rest of the day down to Devin’s and by 8:00 at night he went home

“Bye Devin see ya around” said Jake waving goodbye to his friend

“Bye” said Devin “see ya man”
Jake eventually got home and was met with his mother

“Where have you been I told you to stay home you piece of s***” she said smacking Jake

“Ouch… I’m sorry I won’t do it again I promise” said Jake rubbing the spot where she hit him

“You better be sorry for running off like that you’re grounded for the rest of the month no video games and no friends” said his mother with a stare that so cold it could practically be called an ice cube “now go to your room and don’t come down till Thursday!” she yelled

“But mom it’s Monday what will I eat what about going to the bathroom wha-“ Jake started but was cut off by his mother hitting him again

“GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!” his mother screamed
Jake ran as fast as he could to his room he shut the door and locked it “man I wish she would treat me better” said Jake he then decided to hit the hay and once he hit the pillow he went to sleep immediately


Jake woke up when he heard a scream from the other side of his door

“Let go of me you b******” he then heard
Jake’s curiosity got the best of him he then opened his door but he then wished he hadn’t cause there his mother lay with her neck snapped and bleeding all over he quickly but quietly shut his door and went for his sword and throwing knives, he opened his door again and went outside his room, he then went to the kitchen where he saw a man with a mask on with a pistol Jake went over to him and gave a swing at him the crook dodged it easily and shot him in the chest and at that point Jake took his last breath and collapsed to the floor
Jake then found himself in front of the lord almighty himself…..god “I’m sorry my lord… I didn’t mean to hurt him I was going to take a couple swings at him and hoped he would go away put I guess my plan went wrong… I’m sorry” said Jake stuttering a bit

“It is alright my son for I know of your intentions” said god in a mighty voice that could shake the earth

“If I may… I keep hearing of a third choice is that true my lord” said Jake hoping he would say yes
Yes... and I take it you want to go there” said god smiling

“Yes if it isn’t too much trouble” said Jake

“Very well my son… be ready for your heaven” said god raising his hand, it glowed white then soon it enveloped Jake and then there was a flash and he was gone

“And I think you might need this” said god almighty
Jake woke up not being able to move but his head could turn and he could barely keep his eyes half open he then saw he was in a field he heard something coming and before he could react he was out cold
Chapter End Notes:
ok guys if I can get five good reviews (and I mean reviews not just look at story five times I want to know what you guys think about this so there) on here I will continue the story if not i'll delete this and get rid of my stories along with my profile

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