My Little Pony-OF - Rebonded by SparkStone
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Story Notes:

I've been on a little vacation, and as I returned, my views totalled up to more than 1000. I was quite happy, as well to hear from one viewer asking me to make more. I'll be glad to grant that request.

This chapter will have new settings for the humans as well as new relationships whether it be partners or rivals.

Crossover series with Shadow, his origins belong to [Blade].

Author's Chapter Notes:

Aleu, Balkin, and Lucy are reunited with their well known friends, but has the year long disapearance changed anything?

EPISODE 21 - Return to Equestria

-Princess Corona was at her castle of the yellow warm fields.

Princess Corona: It's almost time... for him to come back...

Dragon Pegasus: Princess!

-The Dragon winged Pegasus flew to the Princess.

Dragon Pegasus: Princess, shall we prepare your departure?

Princess Corona: Not too quickly my knights, I want him to spend some time there a while remembering. When he comes back, he will have no memories, due to the dimensional jump he long ago went through.

Dragon Pegasus: What? But you haven't explained why he left our world.

Princess Corona: I'll show you in this book.

-Corona levitated a book under her wing, and showed it to the knight.

Princess Corona: The three came to our world for an actual purpose, not by an accident of a tear in the dimensional plane. They were pulled because of an artifact within the element of harmony, "the spark", had so much power, the element created another of itself to contain its power.

Dragon Pegasus: Wait, so "the spark", had made another of itself to hold the excess energy?

Princess Corona: Yes, but this one was smaller, and it was like the younger sibling of the spark.

Dragon Pegasus: So it was the apprentice? I see...but why did it pull them to our world?

-The scene changes to the Castle at Canterlot in the throne room

Celestia: Because the Elements needed another proper wielder for this element, and it had to go far out of our world for one that have good friends, as well as a good heart. Aleu was the holder of the sibling spark, and Balkin and Lucy were his guardians that must accompany him in the world.

Twilight: I remember now...So that's who we were thinking about this year...

Celestia: You all have finally remembered who you have forgotten, and it has taken sometime now.

Twilight: but I don't understand why they left our world...and why it erased our memories...

Celestia: It was because the role of the younger spark was finished after it was drained away by Queen Chrysalis. Therefore they had to return to their own world, and since the sibling spark's magic was gone, the memories of the holder had gone with it.

Twilight: So...does this mean we'll never get to see them again?

Celestia: Actually, I came to tell you of the most wondrous news in Ponyville, and I think we should pop in for a visit!

Twilight: What's going on in Ponyville?

-MEANWHILE at Ponyville, a large stack of boxes tower in front of the library. The ponies gathered to see what was going on. They soon see Balkin, Lucy, and Aleu climbing out from the top of the mountain of boxes. The ponies cheered for their return. The three climbed down the boxes and were eagerly greeted by their old friends Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.

Applejack: Ah can't believe it! Your back!

Fluttershy: We missed you all so much!

Rainbow Dash: Where were you guys!?

Rarity: Aleu, Balkin, Lucy, you should never leave like that again!

Pinkie Pie: Its time to celebrate!

-The 5 looked at the humans, but Balkin, Aleu, and Lucy only stared at them, and then looked back to each other.

Aleu: Is this...for real?

Balkin: We all felt the pain when we landed on those boxes, so yeah...

Lucy: How do they know us?

-The 5 were suddenly shocked, to find out that the three acted as if they didn't remember anything.

Applejack: Sugarcube, don't you remember us?

Aleu: Well, we know you, but, how do you know us?

Rarity: Oh my! They didn't remember like we did!

Balkin: Remember what?

Pinkie Pie: The time we spent together! Don't you remember?

Lucy: I-I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. Oh, Pinkie, don't be sad!

Rainbow Dash: How could you not remember?! The time we spent hanging out? How could you not remember your friends?

-Aleu couldn't help but feel guilty.

Aleu: I'm sorry, but this is the first time I've been to Equestria...

Applejack: No, its not, you helped us a lot in the past, you even stopped Queen Chrysalis when she came back!

Balkin: No, I'm pretty sure you stopped her at that wedding.

Pinkie Pie: Not that time! It was when she zapped Aleu and stole his powers!

Aleu: W-what!?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah! In it was thanks to you three that all of Equestria was saved last year!

Lucy: Last year?

Rarity: You truly don't remember any of this?

Balkin: Not really... but I think... your telling the truth...

Fluttershy: you do?

Balkin: Lucy and I were having this feeling we were forgetting something for so long, maybe this is what that is...

Aleu: I kinda felt like something was missing too...

Applejack: Alright, Ah think it's obvious that we'll need to jog your memories. Come on! Let's do what we did back then!

Aleu: Wait, where are you taking us?

Rarity: Somewhere for some new clothing.

-Balkin looked at his clothing.

Balkin: It's not that bad.

-The group went to do things they did back then. The first stop was at Rartiy's boutique, Rarity showed the three their clothing they left behind in Ponyville.

Aleu: Wow! These are some sweet threads!

Balkin: so cool!

Lucy: I love these!

Rarity: I'm glad you like them! Do you by any chance remember anything?

Lucy: Well, I can't remember anything, but I still love these!

-The 5 ponies sighed as the first test failed to regain their memories.

Rarity: Well, thank you for that Lucy.

Applejack: Darn. Hmm...Hey! Ah have an idea!

-They soon went on to Sweet Apple Acres. They got the three doing some apple bucking.

Lucy: I'm not so great at catching apples.

Balkin: Looks like I'm good at bucking them!

Aleu: This is tiring!

Applejack: Ya'll remember yet?

Balkin: No, but hey! This is fun!

-Aleu fell onto the ground sweating.

Aleu (sarcastically): Yeah, it's a real blast...

Applejack: I guess I forgot that you weren't really into the bucking business.

Aleu: I like to help, but falling on boxes is more tiring than you think.

Lucy: What are you planning to do now?

Pinkie Pie: I know! We should take them to the tastiest place on ever!

-They then went to Sugarcube corner to bake cupcakes together. Balkin, Lucy and Aleu started baking cupcakes to help them remember. It was a mess for Aleu and Balkin, but Lucy was able to do well.

Balkin: This is no good, Lucy, what do I do with this?

Lucy: We don't need the flour anymore, but we do need sprinkles.

Aleu: I got the sprinkles!

Balkin: Where do I put this then?

Pinkie Pie: I need this!

-Pinkie Pie grabbed the flour from Balkin and poured the bags contents onto Aleu.

Aleu: Why'd you do-!

-The babies Pumpkin and Poundcake laughed, and then everyone laughed, except Aleu who only gave a smile.

Pinkie Pie: I'm sorry, but they were crying earlier, anyways, do you remember?

Aleu (looking meanly at Pinkie): No.

Rainbow Dash: Well, then how about we go to Cloudsdale?! That'll surely get you to remember!

Aleu: But we can't stand on clouds.

Rainbow Dash: Oh right...

Fluttershy: Um...How about my house? We did spend some time there together.

Aleu: That sounds good. Let me just get this flour off of me.

-They moved onto Fluttershy's cottage, which was of course, filled with animals.

Aleu (waving to Angel): Well, hello there Angel!

-Angel waves back, and pulls out a bowl and a recipe book, the same page from last year.

Aleu: You hungry? Well I would love to make that for you-

-Balkin pulls back Aleu before he could finish.

Balkin: No

Aleu: But-

Balkin: No...

Fluttershy: Do you remember anything yet?

Balkin: No...

-There was nothing they could think of to help them remember. They gave up and left to town for their last walk of the day.

Applejack: We're sorry we wasted your time ya'll.

Balkin: Hey, don't beat yourself down; at least we had fun, right?

Rainbow Dash: I guess, it was pretty funny how you tried to help at Sugarcube Corner.

Balkin: That's because Lucy started baking this year, is it my fault she suddenly got good at baking and I was a klutz cause it was my first time?

Aleu: When did you get so good at baking?

Lucy: I remember I learned how to from someone.

Pinkie Pie: It was me!

Lucy: You taught me how to bake?

Pinkie Pie: Yes! Don't you remember all those times when we baked treats together?

Lucy: Um, I don't really-

Pinkie Pie: And that time there was paint instead of frosting for some reason?

Lucy: Paint? I remember I made an accident like that

Pinkie Pie: And remember the time we were at your birthday celebrating?

-Suddenly Lucy opened her eyes wider, as she suddenly remembered everything immediately coming back to her.

Lucy: The...the party...

Pinkie Pie: Yes! I was by your side! And everypony got you a present! Except Aleu.

Aleu: Hey!

Lucy: I...remember! I remember!

Balkin: You do?

Lucy: I remember everything! We did go here! We did live in Ponyville when we were sent here a year ago!

Balkin: Are you sure you remember all this? It's still pretty unbelievable.

Applejack: C'mon Balkin! Shouldn't you trust your sister like you told me?

Balkin: What?

Applejack: Don't go turnin' back on that lesson! We had to go through the Everfree forest just for you to learn that!

Balkin: ...We did?

Applejack: And you told me how much you meant to your sister after we looked everywhere in that freaky forest!

Balkin: ...And we found Sugarcube Corner...

Applejack: That's right!

Balkin: Hey! I remember! The time when we went through the forest, and rescued the fillies and Lucy! And that time when Rainbow Dash and Aleu raced through that forest!

Rainbow Dash: Should have taken you to the Everfree forest instead.

Rarity: Why it's working! All of you are remembering!

Fluttershy: How about you Aleu? Do you remember?

Aleu: Um...afraid not. I do feel left out though.

Applejack: Why don't you tell him about that date Twilight told me about?

Fluttershy (blushing): What!? Wha-what date!? We didn't go on a date!

Aleu: What?

Rarity: I remember you two spending an entire day together, it was so romantic~

Aleu: What date?

Rainbow Dash: Hey, it's obvious that they didn't go on a date, let's just drop it!

Applejack: Why aren't you defensive? If Ah didn't know any better, I'd say you got a bit of a crush on Aleu!

Rainbow Dash: WHAT!?

Aleu: Huh?

-Everyone laughed except Rainbow Dash telling everyone to stop, and Aleu who only looked more confused.

Aleu: Hey, um, I noticed Twilight isn't here.

Rarity: You didn't know? Twilight has become an alicorn and is ruling aside Princess Celestia.

Aleu: Oh...

-Aleu looked into space hearing the news.

Balkin: Dude, what's wrong?

Aleu: Hm? Oh sorry, it's just that I wanted to meet Twilight.

Rarity: Yes, you two seemed to be there for each other back then.

Fluttershy: It was because of her you had a place to stay.

Twilight: Yes, those were good times...

-The group saw Princess Celestia and Twilight approaching them, they all bowed except Balkin who waved hi, and Aleu who stood there looking at Twilight.

Twilight: It's so good to see you all again!

Celestia: I know of the fact that you three have lost your memories and have been having trouble trying to remember, but I see some of your memories have returned.

Lucy: Actually, all of them!

Balkin: We remember everything, except Aleu.

Celestia: Oh my, I'm sorry for your inconvenience Aleu...

Twilight: If it makes you feel any better, I'll let you stay at the library.

Aleu: You would?

Twilight: Yes! Spike is still there, and once he see's you again, he'll be so happy! It'll be like old times, like when we first found you.

Aleu: ...

Twilight: Is there something wrong?

Balkin: What's wrong?

Aleu: I...remember now...

Twilight: You do?!

Aleu: I remember how you were there for me in those times...I'll never forget how much you worried for me...especially in Canterlot.

Twilight: You do remember!

-The two hug in joy, and soon everyone else joined in to make a group hug.

Aleu: You're a princess huh? It won't really be like old times then.

Twilight: If anything happens, I'll be there for you.

Aleu: I'm glad...

Chapter End Notes:

And they return! I hope you all are happy with the sequel. be even more glad as more new episodes will come up!

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