The Few, The Proud, and the Gay by Taknuke Sparkle
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It was a clear day in Canterlot. The sun was shining, the ponies were busy at their usual jobs, and Princess Celestia stood in her throne room, overlooking the peaceful city below. All she could see certainly appreciated her wonderful gift of sunlight as they went about their business. She smiled to herself, knowing that nothing could possibly go wrong. Everything was perfect.


It should go without saying that Princess Celestia had absolutely no idea what always comes about when one assumes such things.


    Suddenly, a cloud of smoke filled the room. The princess coughed, straining her eyes to see through the obscuring haze. Angrily, she spoke out, demanding the intruder reveal themselves, and explain how on Equestria they managed to get past every defense in the city.


“Well, well. Was there anyone else who could do such a thing?”


Celestia turned to see her hated enemy once again. The dread draconequus Discord stood before her, his massive size easily filling the chamber. The fact that he had seated himself in an appropriately large recliner for no particular reason did not help with the matter.


“Discord! What are you doing here? We thought you wouldn’t cause any more trouble in Equestria!”


Discord sighed, leaning back in his chair. He produced a paddle-ball and began absentmindedly playing, clearly bored with the entire ordeal. “Oh, I did try, my dear. But before long I realized that the arrangement just wasn’t at all working out. For me, anyways.”


“For me? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, seeing the world quite peaceful and chaos-less just...well, it was depressing. I think my way is so much more fun, wouldn’t you agree?”

    Celestia strode forward, glaring at Discord. “This isn’t funny. I demand an explanation of what you are doing at once.”


Discord threw away his paddle-ball, where it flew out the window and glanced off the heads of several royal guards standing outside before finally falling off the mountain on which Canterlot was built into the side of and embedding itself several inches in the ground. “I could tell you, but what’s the fun in that? You’ll have to see for yourself when it happens. Which, oh, should be about right now.”


In a flash, Discord vanished. In his place, a green flame appeared inches from her snout as a small letter fell to the floor. The princess held it up with her magic, unfurling it and realizing it was from Twilight Sparkle. She read about the train stations shutting down due to complete destruction, and the Hydra that happened to be the culprit. The letter reported that the creature was on the warpath, and most likely headed for Canterlot next. She wasn’t prepared. Twilight couldn’t muster enough magic to teleport there. Celestia was without the Elements of Harmony. How could she hope to defend her kingdom against not only the hydra, but Discord as well. She needed help. More than Luna could lend. She needed replacements.


    The princess summoned her younger sister, Luna, into the throne room. The moon princess flew in as soon as she could, addressing her older sibling with a nod. “Sister, what troubles thee?”


“Luna, I need you to search Canterlot. Send for the best ponies you can find. Nopony can measure up to the Elements, but it’s the best we’ve got.”


“But why the sudden need? What is happening?”


“Discord. And a hydra. We’ll need ponies to help us defeat the hydra while you and I focus on Discord.”


“Surely thou art not suggesting We find ponies for canon fodder, art thou?”

  “Of course not! Just a...distraction.”


“Right. We will find the best ponies available. Await Our return, dear sister.”

    Luna trotted to the balcony, taking flight into Canterlot. Celestia sighed, wiping a bit of sweat from her brow while she hoped Luna would not fail her.

Chapter End Notes:

Prepare for madness.

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