MLP-OF - Secret thoughts (commentary) by SparkStone
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Applejack's thoughts when the humans saved the fillies

Applejack's thoughts

This day was somethin' to remember. It all started when Ah was letting applebloom go with her friend Scootaloo to do their canoeing for their Cutie Mark. Ah had no idea what would've happen if Aleu, Balkin, and Lucy didn't come here. If it weren't for them, Ah might have never seen them again...

Aleu and Balkin came over with the help of Fluttershy to visit, what a nice couple of guys to check up on me. And on that point, Balkin had his brotherly instincts on and with it, we were able to find out where those kids went. The Everfree Forest.

We all dove in the forest, Balkin was in the lead, and with Aleu's quick thinking, we were able to use a vine to lasso Balkin hold and that canoe down. Since the canoe held still, Fluttershy was able to fly the fillies away, thanks to the genorosity of Balkin and Lucy to let the three go safely first. but before we could even get Lucy out, the vine snaps, and soon the two drifted off to the waterfall. The two started paddling their all until Fluttershy helped Lucy out, Balkin nearly sacrificed himself to save her. luckily, Aleu was able to pull out another vine for me to lasso Balkin and get him to safety. After everyone was safe, we all hugged it out.

But just when things got better, Rainbow came in and challenged the three to a challenge, and with a bet that will get them to leave Ponyville. Why Rainbow? Why?

Chapter End Notes:

Applejack worries so much for them in the ending of that episode, but then again, Applejack clearly see that they have good hearts after all that.

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