My Little Pony-OF - Bonds formed by a Spark by SparkStone
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Story Notes:

This story is in script form, mainly because it's more easier to do, and I can put more info into it.

Aleu-is a kind and sweet human boy. He's always doing his best to keep up with his friends. Sometimes however he'll take it so far as to end up nearly killing himself in the process. He has a good hand at art as well as other creative things. His personality was sparked by Twilight and Fluttershy.

Balkin-is a tough and calm human boy. He's the strong boy that loves to be active, and at times pulling crude humor of jokes and pranks. He is hardworking and smart who even attended a college, he also cares deeply about his little sister Lucy. He knows boxing and Parkour. His personality was sparked by Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Lucy-is a young fun loving human girl. She's a lover of many things (not romantically) and is very smart for a young girl who even matches intelligance of Aleu and Balkin from time to time. She is however innocent, kept from her young age, and is often bliss for such a combination of happiness and understanding. Her personality was sparked by Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The scene of their lives before it was taken away from them


-In an apartment, Balkin, Aleu, and Drudy are playing on their laptops on a platformer game of some kind.

Drudy: This game isn't coming out too well...

Aleu (scoffing): well you weren't here to help with the programming!

Balkin: yeah Drudy, you gotta commit to this.

Drudy: I didn't come because I have college essays to work on.

Balkin: So do I, but I managed to help, and the assignment we got wasn't that long or hard.

-Out coming of the door was Lucy, Balkins sister.

Lucy: Balkin...

Balkin: yeah Lucy?

Lucy: can you help me brush Pinkie's hair?

-Lucy pulls out a Pinkie Pie doll with extremely messy hair

Drudy: Pony brushing? Don't you think you're too old for that Lucy? Grow up already.

-Lucy looks down in embarrassment, and Balkin turns from calm to annoyed

Balkin: Hey Drudy! Shut up!

Aleu: yeah dude, stop bothering her

-Drudy looks at Balkin and Aleu.

Drudy: whatever, I'm out for the day anyway, it's already 2.

-Drudy closes his laptop and leaves for the door.

Aleu: Lucy, don't worry about Drudy. You know he can be a pest.

-Lucy smiled a bit, then sadly looked at her doll

Balkin: hey, Lucy, don't sweat it, besides, Pinkie's hair is supposed to be frizzy. It's Pinkie Pie, that's what shows her random self.

-Lucy smiled happily

Lucy: Really?

Aleu: yeah, and it's cute too, but not as much as you!!

-Aleu playfully smiled, making Lucy smile even more; Balkin seemed happy with the results of Aleu's actions.

Aleu: eh, I guess I should go home now...

Balkin: yeah, getting pretty late.

-Aleu closed his laptop, and walked to the door

Aleu: hey Balkin

Balkin: yeah?

Aleu: you still in college?

Balkin: kinda...

-Aleu grew curious with the strange answer

Aleu: kinda?

Balkin: Doing my essays, hanging with you and Drudy, and spending time with Lucy is starting to get to me. What's even worse is that my lessons are done, but I gotta pay for that stupid form saying I graduated.

Aleu: wait, so you might...

Balkin: nope... I might not get anything out of college after all these years...

Aleu: Does Lucy know?

Balkin: you know her, she's as smart as us, but with that innocence left inside her, I can't tell if she's hiding how she feels about this...

Aleu: don't worry, I'm rootin' for ya man.

Balkin: thanks... oh hey.

Aleu: yeah?

-Balkin headlock and rubbed Aleu's head

Balkin: you REALLY sucked at that simulation.

Aleu: Nu-uh!

Chapter End Notes:

I'm glad to let you all take a look at their lives. A peaceful one, but still having problems and insecurites with their life. Take a look at the next Episode soon!

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