Cider Desire by DarkJester
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Rainbow Dash stumbled into her kitchen in the middle of the night, sleepily fetched a glass from her cloud-cabinet and proceeded towards the sink. Along the way, she spotted a familiar-looking mare perched upon the kitchen counter. “Hey Daring Do,” She nonchalantly tossed her a greeting as she passed by.

Moments later, the other pony’s presence registered in her mind with a gasp, and the glass hit the floor with a little bounce. She turned around quickly, her wide eyes fixated on the surprise guest. Sure enough, none other than Daring Do herself had casually seated herself under the prismatic pegasus’ kitchen cabinets. “What are you doing here!?” Rainbow Dash asked, shocked.

“You know me, Rainbow Dash. I do the impossible all the time, but my next mission, I dare not do alone,” the mare admitted, draping her forehooves over the counter’s edge.

An ecstatic fan-gasp escaped the cyan mare as she practically began to prance in place. “Oh how I’ve longed to hear those words! Yes, Yes! Let’s go off on adventure together!”

Daring Do smirked at her. “I knew I could count on you, Rainbow Dash.”

“Let me just pack my things!” Rainbow Dash insisted, flapping her wings to take to the air in preparation for a quick dash towards her bedroom.

“There’s no need for that, Dash,” Daring Do proceeded to tell her.

Rainbow Dash gave her a quizzical look. “Huh? Why?”

Daring do folded her forehooves across her chest, giving Rainbow a flirtatious look. “Because the mission involves you and me, right here, right now.”

Rainbow Dash blinked once, her sleepy mind trying to grasp the meaning, but ultimately failing. “I don’t understand...”

Daring Do lewdly smiled at her. “Let me show you. Cummere.” She motioned her closer as she spoke.

As soon as Rainbow Dash came within reach, Daring Do wrapped her forehooves around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

“Mff!?” Rainbow’s surprise was muffled. The shock wore off quickly,  letting the pegasus relax into her heroine’s embrace and accept the sudden affection with open hooves and stiff, open wings.

Daring Do broke the kiss with a trail of saliva. “What do you think of that?” she asked huskily.

Rainbow Dash was in a rosy-cheeked daze, barely managing to open her eyes halfway as she muttered, “That was wonderful...”

“Then show me what you’ve got, Rainbow Dash,” Daring Do challenged as she leaned back, planted her forehooves firmly against the cloud surface, and splayed her legs apart provocatively.

With a brazen smile, Rainbow Dash pounced Daring Do like a feral cat. The expectation of a warm tangle of legs and flesh was swept away by the surprisingly-hard reality of impact. She groaned in pain as she toppled to the floor, only to have the full weight of Daring Do collapse on top of her a moment later.

Oof! Rainbow Dash huffed as she awoke from her dreamy state with a start, squirming to escape the sudden load. “You’re heavy! Get off!”

When Daring Do’s response remained conspicuously absent, Rainbow Dash snuck a peek, only to find herself engaged in a loving embrace with a barrel of cider. She quickly bucked the keg off her and rolled onto her hooves. Brushing off the excess cloud from her back, her ears twitched in alarm at the sound of rain. "Strange, why do I hear rain? There's no rain pla- MY CIDER!" With a wail, she leapt upon the toppled keg, barely avoiding slipping on the loose lid as she desperately dragged the wooden container upright again. Alas, the clouds of her floor were already stained a frothy, mellow brown as, with a surprisingly belch-like blast of thunder, the fluffy mass continued drunkenly raining on the unsuspecting earth ponies below.

A quick glance in the open top confirmed Rainbow Dash’ fears: Little more than a thimbleful of cider remained, clinging stubbornly to the barrel’s bottom. “Oh no!” She exclaimed, her face the perfect expression of extreme anguish. “All the cider... it’s gone!!!”


Applejack bucked one of the many apple trees on sweet apple acres with the casual ease of experience, filling each of the carefully-placed buckets around its base. With a flip of her hoof, she bounced one of the buckets onto her back and hauled it over to the wagon where she unloaded the cargo. On her way back collect another load, a rainbow-maned pegasus appeared quite suddenly in front of her. “You have to help me Applejack!” The pegasus yelled.

Applejack suddenly found herself with a face full of Rainbow Dash, followed by a faceful of dirt as she stumbled back, overcorrected, and landed on her snout. "What in tarnation!? What's up with y’all that ya need tah scare me like that fer?!" the applefarmer yelled, rubbing her poor, abused nose with a forehoof.

“My cider ran out! You have to give me some more! I even brought bits! See?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she held out a bag of shiny gold coins.

Applejack looked inside the bag for but a moment before she asked, “Y’all out of cider already? I gave ya a whole barrel just last week!”

“I... had an accident,” Rainbow Dash replied shamefully.

"If y’all peed the bed, maybe y'all need -less- cider, not more."


"It's not like that! I lost the cider!"


"In yer bed?"


"No, Applejack. I didn't pee my bed, I spilled my cider on the floor!"


"Couldn't reach the bathroom in time, could ya?"


“LISTEN!!!” Rainbow’s sudden, sharp cry echoed through the fields. “I didn’t pee anywhere alright!? I simply spilled my cider!”


After a hearty chuckle at her friend’s expense, Applejack regretfully declared, “Well I hate t’ break it t’ ya Rainbow, but there ain’t no more.”

“What!?” Rainbow Dash looked crushed.

“Cider season ended a few days ago, and everythin’ we had has been sold.”

“Is there nothing you can do?”

“I’m mighty sorry Rainbow,” Applejack consoled.

Rainbow Dash fluttered off, dejection written in every motion. “What am I going to do now...?” She asked herself.

As Applejack watched her leave, she muttered to herself, “That pony ain’t right...” before she returned to unloading her apple buckets.


Rainbow Dash drifted through ponyville without a care or concern aside from the lack of cider and how she would get by without it. It wasn’t until she nearly slammed into a passerby stallion lugging a cart full of supplies through the center of town that she was abruptly brought back to reality. Rainbow Dash quickly apologized and excused herself as she flew around him. The stallion mumbled something towards her before continuing on his way. Being in such a bad mood as she was, Rainbow Dash turned around and prepared to tell him to repeat that, only she became distracted by a recognizable flyer she saw pinned to a fencepost. Disregarding the rude stallion completely, she fluttered over to the flyer for a closer look.

The flyer was of the Flim and Flam Brothers and their cider machine; announcing their arrival to ponyville. Of course, they had already come and gone, but their memory was still fresh in Rainbow’s mind. She remembered their strange contraption and the surprisingly delicious cider it made, and felt an insatiable craving for it despite the fact that they nearly ran her earthpony friend out of business. “Jerkponies or not, I want -- no, I need my cider!” With her mind made up, she ripped the flyer off the fencepost. She still remembered the direction they’d fled in, only one place that road went: Canterlot. She only hoped they would still be there. Her cider desire depended on it!


Despite the sheer amount of ground Rainbow Dash could cover while in the air, it still took a long time to reach Canterlot. By the time she arrived, her wings were so tired that they could not hold her aloft any longer, and she was forced to retire them for the time being. She looked about along the bustling city streets and frowned. Canterlot was a big place, and finding two unicorn brothers - however obvious they were - was going to be difficult. Naturally, doing so from above would make things monumentally easier, but that simply wasn’t an option anymore. She had no other choice than to search for them the earthpony way: By holding the flyer out and asking any passersby if they recognized them.

At first, her efforts were in vain, but as determined as she was, she refused to give up, and after a good hour of searching, she noticed some pony standing off to the side and drinking something from a mug. She trotted up to him and greeted herself properly before asking about said drink. She discovered that it was in fact apple cider, and it took all her will not to snatch it from him and gulp it all down as he went on to explain that he bought it from two fellow unicorn ponies that were advertising their product. He turned and pointed Rainbow Dash in their direction, and when he turned back to face her, she was nowhere to be seen. With a blink and a shrug, he returned to his drink.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her; zipping through the crowd of ponies with that pegasus agility she was so richly endowed with. Before long, she heard that oh-so-familiar music playing and she knew she was getting close. It wasn’t until the risk of colliding with a wall of pony backsides forced her to come to a skidding halt. Ignoring her fatigue, she reared up on her hindlegs and peered out over the heads of the gathered ponies towards the center.

Sure enough, it was Flim and Flam and their recognizable, pinstriped attire as they sang their song to get the crowd pumped up in anticipation for their product. Rainbow Dash, as excited as she was, couldn’t help but dance along with the rest of the ponies, sheer excitement making her forget her physical limits, if only for a moment.

The two unicorn twins finished their song with a climactic crescendo, followed by many cheers from the gathered crowd. Then came the part that Rainbow Dash was anticipated the most: The cider sales! Unfortunately, she was also at the back of the crowd, and her wings were still stiff from the long flight out here, so she had no choice but to wait her turn.

After what felt like many grueling, mouth-watering hours, her turn finally arrived (last in line, to her distress) and she didn’t hesitate to throw her entire bag of bits at them as she proclaimed, “Gimme all the cider this can buy!”

When the twins noticed her, their boisterous smiled transformed into scowls of concept, and Flim (the one with the mustache) declared sternly, “No sale!”

Rainbow Dash was taken by surprise. “What!?”

Flam, the other brother, pointed an accusatory hoof at her and announced, “You’re one of the ponies responsible for our humiliating defeat back in Ponyville! No way would we ever sell cider to you!”

“Aw c’mon guys. I was just helping my friends out! I still like your cider. That’s why I came all the way out here!”

“Do you, or did you come all the way out here because your farmpony friends ran out?” Flam accused.

Rainbow Dash tapped her front hooves together, suddenly surprisingly-riveted by the sight of anything-but-the-ponies-she-was-talking-to. “Well...”

“I thought so. Well you aren’t getting any so just take your sorry butt home!” Flim retorted scornfully as he and his brother turned away from her and prepared to take off.

“WAIT!!!!” Rainbow Dash called out in desperation, collapsing to the street at their feet. “Please, I’ll do anything for some cider! Anything!

The cider brothers stopped what they were doing and shared a look. “Anything...?” Flam echoed as they turned their attention back to the pleading pegasus.

Rainbow Dash nodded desperately. “Please!”

The twins huddled together for a few moments, talking softly enough that Rainbow Dash couldn’t overhear. A nod from Flim, a nod from Flam, and the huddle was broken. “You want cider? Get on.” came Flam’s curt order.

Rainbow Dash leapt up, ecstatic joy apparent on her features, as she climbed onto the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. She held on tight as the unicorn brothers used their magic to propel the machine down the road.


The machine was parked in a vacant barn they rented. When they disembarked, Flam used his magic to turn the machine off, while Flim used his to shut the barn door and light a lantern hanging from the ceiling with a magical spark; illuminating the room entirely.

Rainbow Dash stepped off as well and looked between the two brothers. “So, um, why did you bring me here?”

“For this!” Flam stepped back, gesturing theatrically at a mountainous, bulging tarp. With a magical flourish, his brother threw back the cloth. Rainbow’s pupils went as wide as disks, shimmering with delight, as she stared longingly at all the delicious apple cider in front of her.

“We’ll give you an entire barrel of our finest selection, free of charge, if you do one thing for us.”

Rainbow’s face lit up even more. “Just name it!”

Flim and Flam looked at each other before turning back to Rainbow Dash, grinning provocatively. “We would like to engage in coitus,” Flim cheerfully announced.

“With you.” Flam added.

Rainbow Dash was caught completely off-guard by their request and her jaw nearly hit the floor. “Are you serious?” She asked, yet their expressions remained stern. Realizing that this was no joke, she backed off a bit, feeling suddenly uneasy. “I, uh, I’m not sure about this.”

Flam and Flam merely shrugged before taking a seat together on one of the nearby haypiles. “We’re not going to force you, we’re not those kinds of ponies.”

“It’s your choice. If you want any of our delicious cider though, this is the only way.”

Rainbow Dash sat down, her yearning gaze fixated on the plethora of tantalizing cider barrels in front of her as she contemplated her options. She wanted their cider so bad that she could practically taste it, yet what they wanted in exchange was something she couldn’t give them so easily. This was proving to be quite a difficult decision for her.

It wasn’t until the two unicorn brothers demanded an answer that Rainbow Dash finally gave them one; albeit in the form of a question: “Will you keep this between us?”

The two brothers smiled wryly at her. “It will be our little secret,” Flim assured.

Taking a deep, nervous breath, Rainbow Dash turned around, leaned forward, and raised her tail up to expose her finely-toned buttocks, pursed tailhole, and blooming vulva to the lecherous male ponies. “Then you have yourself a deal.”

“Wonderful!” Flam said, dropping down to all fours and taking off his hat to toss it to the side. “Let’s not waste any time then, shall we?”

Flim nodded in agreement as he tossed his hat on top of his brother’s and trotted towards Rainbow Dash.

Unsure of herself, Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and tried to think of something else as the two male ponies inched closer to her. There was a modicum of silence before Rainbow Dash felt one of the male’s weight on her hips, and she took another deep breath to try and steady her quivering legs. She wasn’t a virgin, but she had also never given herself to somepony else quite like this before. It felt so wrong. Yet, she couldn’t back out now, not if she wanted any of that delicious cider her taste-buds so desperately craved. That desire alone was the only thing keeping her from pulling away when she felt Flim’s (or was it Flam’s?) engorged tip press firmly against her entrance. Her body tensed instinctively, but she willed herself to relax so that the male would be able to penetrate her with little resistance. The more cooperative she was, the sooner it would be other with.

When the penetration came, it was much different than what she was used to. While normally her partners would ease themselves in gently, this particular stallion didn’t much care for such courtesies. Instead, he thrust into her in one fluid motion and buried his turgid length deep inside her. This elicited a whine from Rainbow Dash as her entire body painfully locked up. She found the pain subsiding quickly however, which allowed her to register the sensations she felt. Despite his brutish entry however, his cock felt so wonderful lodged inside her like this.

She felt him thrust into her immediately, taking her with the a raw, feral passion she had never experienced before, and she discovered that it felt so much more intense. She never imagined being fucked so viciously would feel so good, so... right.

“Open up Rainbow Dash,” A voice spoke to her, sounding distant. She opened her eyes to notice Flam standing over her; his flaccid length dangling from between his legs. Realizing it wasn’t her eyes he was referring to, she swallowed deeply. “Everything my brother gets into, I do too,” he added.

She sighed to herself. She kind of saw this coming, but she was hoping it wouldn’t come to pass. She had never actually given head before, as the idea thoroughly disgusted her. She only enjoyed cum when it was filling her vagina or, on rare occasions, her tight ass - though the latter made cleanup a real hassle. Unfortunately, she was in too deep - or rather, Flim was - for her to back out of their deal now, so she did the only thing she could do:  She closed her eyes and took in yet another calming breath before opening her mouth wide.

Supported by his forehooves on Rainbow Dash's shoulders, Flam placed the head of his swelling length against the pegasus' lips, and smoothly drove himself into her mouth; only stopping when he reached the back of her throat. Breathing in through her nose, she was almost overwhelmed by the male’s powerful, musky scent. Not letting it deter her, she clamped her lips tightly around the meaty length and proceeded to suckle on it while lashing at its base with her tongue. The taste was none-too-pleasant, but she was more concerned with what was going to eventually pour out of it. She knew what semen looked like, which was precisely why the idea of drinking it perturbed her.

Despite her inexperience, she must have been doing it right, as she could hear his deep, lascivious grunting. The reward for her effort was a small dab of precum on her tongue, but it had such a weak taste that it gone in an instant - lost in the growing torrent of her own saliva. She wondered if she had simply imagined it.

As she massaged his length with her deft tongue and pursed lips, the male pistoning into her was gradually increasing his pace, making it increasingly difficult to keep her focus on the task at her forefront. All the electrifying pleasure coursing through her was causing the world to slip away, until eventually she was too lost in the carnal desire she felt throughout her entire being to care.

As such, Flim decided to take matters into his own hooves by thrusting his length in and out of her muzzle; settling into a steady rhythm that matched that of his brother. They were like two well-oiled machines, working in perfect unity to bring Rainbow Dash to new heights of unparalleled ecstasy. A growing crescendo of moans escaped the pegasus’ filled mouth as she became lost in the heavenly euphoria brought on by their relentless, albeit harmonious double-team. She had never before experienced anything so intense!

“Heh, sounds like she’s enjoying it Flam,” His brother announced.

“Of course! Every mare likes a good fuck now and again, especially at the hooves of skilled ponies like us!”

Rainbow Dash couldn’t argue with that. Despite the unorthodox method upon which she was penetrated, they were doing a fine job of driving her over the edge quickly. Before long, she was giving off all the tell-tale signs that she was on the brink of orgasm: Her legs began to quiver, her chest began to heave, and her eyes proceeded to glaze over. She wanted it, more than anything now, more than the cider itself, and she hoped the stallion rutting her would not stop until she reached her glorious, numbness-inducing orgasm.

The stallion on her backside proved to be cooperative, and after a powerful, muffled scream, her eyes rolled back in her head as her inner muscles began to tighten around the male’s cock, squeezing it tightly between her folds and milking it for all it was worth as her entire body writhed in orgasmic pleasure. It felt so wonderful, so powerful, that she thought she would pass out from its sheer intensity. Had she fallen unconscious then, she would've done so satisfied; as it was, the seemingly-unending avalanche of orgasm swept all thought aside and buried all but a little niggling worry that any future stallion she was with would have to measure up to the surprising skill of the Flimflam brothers. When she finally came down from cloud nine, her entire body felt weak and exhausted. Unfortunately, neither of the males had yet to come themselves, and as spent as she was, she had her doubts that she could handle another orgasm. Her concern caused her to speak up, as difficult as that was, “Pleph coph awleaphy!!!”

“What do you think Flam? Should we adhere to her request?” Flim asked his brother.

“Oh, I suppose so,” Flam replied, tightening his grip on her waist for leverage.

Brothers of their word, the two stallions proceeded to hump Rainbow Dash with all the intensity they could muster, working themselves into a fever pitch. Before long, the coordination they strived so hard to maintain fell into chaos as their more feral urges bubbled to the surface.

Their chaotic motions matched that of her writhing frame, and she was forced to flutter her wings to keep herself steady. She was not used to being taken so ferociously, and it was a  struggle just to stay on her hooves. In her weakened, post-orgasmic state, she knew she couldn’t keep herself aloft forever, and hoped that they would peak before she collapsed.

Thankfully, both of their orgasms came just moments later, and they even managed to do it within mere seconds of one another. She didn’t know if it came from experience, or they simply got lucky, but either way, it impressed her.

She felt both cocks pulsate as they filled her, but she had little time to enjoy the sensation due to all the copious amounts of semen flooding her mouth. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste anything like what she expected it to. The flavor - if you could call it that - was salty sweet, which in itself was a very strange combination. It was edible, though not the most agreeable with her taste buds. She only wished there wasn’t so much of it! She was forced to swallow each load quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.

It felt as if Flam was just as generous with his seed as his brother was, only he had significantly more space to fill. She could feel every hot gush of seed he deposited inside her vagina, and it made her tremble with delight. If she hadn’t recently came, she certainly would have done so right there.

After emptying every last droplet of his load into her sex, Flam pulled out slowly. As his tip plopped loose, it caused a shudder to resonate up Rainbow’s spine. She suddenly felt empty now that it was gone.

With a satisfied sigh, he settled down on a nearby hay pile as he waited for his brother to finish.

Flim was as thorough as his brother was, ensuring that every last drop of his seed made it into Rainbow’s mouth. With a final gulp from Rainbow Dash to devour the last of his load, Flim finally pulled her saliva-coated member from her mouth. It hung loosely in front of her as it began to shrunk back into its protective sheath.

Rainbow Dash, no longer in an aroused state and feeling rather ashamed of herself, proceeded to ask, “Are we done now?”

“I am quite satisfied. What about you brother?” Flam inquired.

To Rainbow’s surprise, Flim was not in agreement, and instead offered a proposal, “Actually, I was hoping to get a little tail myself. What do you say, Rainbow Dash? Another round for another barrel?”

Rainbow Dash grit her teeth as she thought. On one hoof, she really wanted a nice pint of cider right about now, especially after such a good fuck, but on the other hoof, another barrel would ensure that she would have plenty on reserve before the next cider season. It was a simple case of necessity over desire.

Yet when she recalled what she would have to go through to even get another barrel, she felt a sudden tingling sensation in her loins. Exhausted as she was, the thought of being fucked yet again by either of them proved to be highly titillating. That was when she realized that she could indulge in a slightly different desire and still obtain her necessity. With her mind made up, she answered with, “As long as you’re gentle. I’m still a little sore from last time.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Flim replied before taking his position on her backside.

However, Flam didn’t want to be left out, and quickly took position in front of Rainbow Dash. Before she could say anything, he shoved his dick into her mouth and said, “As brothers, we do everything together.”

Rainbow Dash gagged on the foul taste of semen and her own personal lubricant that lingered on his shaft. With a sigh, she proceeded to suck him off as the other stallion fucked her from behind. She began to wonder if she would even still crave any cider after drinking so much from these males’ personal taps.


When Rainbow Dash woke up, the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 was gone, as were the twins. Her muscles ached, and it was a struggle just to get to her feet. She had perspired so much during the ordeal that her mane was still clinging to her fur, and she could even still smell lingering stench of sweat mixed with male and female pheromones that filled the barn. Spotting the pile of hay she had drenched from all her countless orgasms, she quickly covered it up with clean hay, as she didn’t want anyone to know what had gone on in here. She let out a sigh of satisfaction with a hint of regret as she glanced towards the barrels of cider she had earned. Sweet, delicious cider... and it was all hers! Barrel, upon barrel, upon barrel, upon barrel....

She frowned when she finished counting all of them. There were over a dozen! It honestly surprised her realizing exactly how many times that had done it last night - she didn’t think she had it in her! She glanced around for something to help carry her barrels of cider back home, but the barn was completely vacant now. Upon realizing her little dilemma, she frowned as she mumbled, “I wonder who I’m going to have to do for a wagon...”


Proofread by: Velvet, Cepheus.

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