The Equestrian Games by pinkiepiepro66
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The card pull for the Equestrian Games is in our city now. Ponyville. Might not call it home anymore if I'm in. I was never the bully, only the bullied. By the way, I'm Pinkimena Diane Pie but everypony calls me Pinkie Pie. My
whole life, I have had no friends until now. I do not have time to explain. Trixie is pulling the first card. She says aloud, "The first tribute is Fluttershy." She looks really nervous walking up to the podium."The next tribute is...
Rainbowdash, while the third one is Twilight Sparkle, the fourth Rarity, fifth in is Apple Jack and the last one issssss... Scootaloo!""No!", I scream. "I will take place for Scootaloo." Everypony is shocked around the city. "The first
volunteer. Hmmmmmmm...", said Trixie. Celestia popped up and gestured us to the games. "Goodbye, life and everything I currently live for, and hello new, dangerous life in the Equestrian Games.", I thought.

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