The Council of Equestria 1: Derpy Hooves by pinkiepiepro66
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One beautiful evening in Equestria, Derpy Hooves was on a long mail drive to Saddle Arabia. It was a long trip for the un-intelligent pegasus, so she took a short water break while looking for some shelter for the night. As she
was walking, she saw a large pile of ruins. As she reached the end, she thought she had to leave the ruins. But, suprisingly, a bright flash of light was summoned at the dead end, and a large, mysterious door appeared, maybe while the
light shone. She walked in, yelling, "Hello? Is anypony here? I need somewhere to sleep." Noticing no-pony responded, she walked further into the ruins. She stumbled upon a large, metal door. And, since Derpy IS derpy, she just walked
into the room. In front of her were seven ponies. Two land ponies, two pegasi, two unicorns and an alicorn named Vortex. Vortex said to Derpy, "Welcome to the Council of Equestria. We have been in waiting of a new recruit. Would you
like to join?" Derpy responded with, "Are you a pegasus or unicorn? You confuse me." Vortex sighed and gestured Derpy into the room behind him. "Why do you need me?", said Derpy. Vortex responded heavily and with emphasis "Well, as
you can tell, we have been in Equestria for a VERY long time, and many of us are getting too old and weak to protect Equestria from the 'Outer Limits'. We need your young and strong mind to give us more support. Have you thought about
your decision?" Derpy thought harder than she has ever thought. "Yes," she said, "yes, I will join you.

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