Josh's Discovery by Quantum Bass
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the drawbacks guys, got stuff to do, im not just gonna spend time on here. But nonetheless I apologize for not writing much. 

The weather outside in the morning was crisp, and the steam wafted up from the Cappuchino. Josh wasnt a fan of waking early in the morning, but today was different, he was going to make sure of that. He had been waiting in the Starbucks line for a couple of minutes but the Cappuchino tasted better, or so he heard, in the morning. Walking out the door he stopped for a moment and too a deep breath, funny how today would have been a good day.

He clutched his backpack as he began walking. He was going to take the usual route to the high school ,that is, until he saw some guys who were not really on his Want-to-meet-today list. So instead he began walking towards the alley that ran behind the Starbucks. Believe it or not, Josh wasnt considered one of the "Cool" kids in High School. Considering all the "flaws" that his peers, aka the "Douches", pointed out.

Josh was a good kid at heart though, or at least that's what his mother would say. He was fairly tall, almost six feet. And he was moderately weighed, not enough tipped on either sides to be called fat or toothpick. But he still had the weird aura of non-belonging which didnt let him be out of the "Douches" sights that easily. Maybe it had something to do with his clothes, or personality, or maybe even both. 

Although he didnt consider himself gothic, his peers sure did. Yes maybe he did wear black a little bit too often. But that didnt make anyone automatically emo did it? Nonetheless his personality didnt exactly help that situation. He was not known for socializing with people. And instead would find himself at a lone lunch table, and if people would get near him he would ignore them. Yeah, emo? Its kind of starting to kick in. 

Whats worse, or maybe even best, were his eyes. A mass of grey that ever seemed to change shade in the light. It gave a steely gaze that would surely drive off a few bullies. But instead gained him some, mostly calling him freak. But it wasnt long until he bought himself colored contacts. Although in no need to have contacts, the color would help block out his own ghastly shade. He decide to stay formal, and chose a dark brown. And while his peers were slightly baffled they settled on that he had been wearing fake grey contacts all along.

Today he had decided to go all black, from his hoodie down to his converse.Obviously a magnet for more taunts, but it wouldnt matter soon. He thought over and over why he liked the color so much. But it was if the color just came naturally to him.

His backpack was starting to sag on his shoulder so he hiked it up. Speaking of which, this was the first day that he would be going to school with a backpack. Sure maybe he would get a few taunts and jabs here and there. But nothing he couldnt handle until the time was right. And if they knew what was coming, they wouldnt dare mock him. 

 He chuckled to himself, if only his mother wasnt so naive. If only she would've believe him. But hey, they're only ifs. At least he didnt have to worry about his dad caring. After all, the dead couldnt talk. Or at least, thats what he thought. 

It had only been a month when his father had died. But he had left the world doing what he loved to do most. Polishing his guns. His father was a huge patriot, and he respected all laws. But his favorite, was the second, the right to bear arms. He had an attic full of weapons, from Ak's, to Eagle's. Everything the modern patriot would wish for.

But lucky for the other patriots, was that they didnt drink while handling these merchants of death. As far as everybody knew, is that he had died in a misfire. But the unfortunate truth remains with Josh and his mother, that he had comitted suicide. For some unknown reason, the man had come home drunk, only to shoot himself with his favorite pistol, the Desert Eagle.

His mother still hadn't gotten over the realization of her husbands passing. But as for Josh, it didnt faze him ,as soon nothing would. But in the back of his mind, he would always wonder why he did it. But in the coming month, he found reasons that made everything become clear. 

Josh opened his Back pack, to find the Desert Eagle staring back at him. Right next to it, an army grade knife, about 9 inches long. You see, after being pushed so far, he could only reach the limit. He was planning homocide. Although his father had gone with one faint shot, he would go out with a bang.

His mother had been oblivious to everything. She never went up to the attic. It had too many memories of that fateful day.

After thinking it through, Josh had made his decision. He wouldn't go out as cowardly as his father had, he would take out as many people with him as he went along. The gun was obvious in necesity including about 10 extra cartridges, who knew if he found more people to add to his evergrowing list. The knife was just in case, even though Josh knew there was a chance he wouldnt use all of the ammo, it was better safe than sorry. 

He heard a faint yet audible shout. 

"Woo hoo. Double Rainbow all the way!"

Josh automatically put the gun back into his backpack. Feeling as if though someone was viewing him, he turned around. To his luck he didn't see anyone or anything for that matter. But instead there was an area of who knew what, seemingly floating about two inches above the alley ground. 

The object appeared to twist and melt into itself, sometimes giving it the appearance of water. In height it was about six feet. And in width about three feet. It was impossible to think something like that would be there. Josh thought that since the sun had been above him, and including the fact that he was wearing all black maybe there was a chance that he was hallucinating, possibly heat stroke.

While pondering on this a bright flash of white came from the space in the direction of the floating object. Josh neared it and it seemed as if it was clarifying, and no sooner than he got near it then he saw a flash of purple and a huge blast of wind coming from behind him.

Knowing better than to just stand there he began to back up. But as he backed up another gust of wind, stronger than the first, made him stumble forward. He turned around and began to quickly leave, but he only got a few feet before another insane gust of wind pushed him back towards the flickering area of light. 

Every passing second the winds got stronger, if he didnt know better Josh would say that a tornadoe was passing by. He was pushed to his knees, and every time he would step forward he would be pushed back down again. And there came a time where his Converse could not find any traction and instead he would slowly be pushed back to the purple light. 

He made the horrible step of his demise as he stood up and faced the area of purple lights. As he stood up he was shoved at a tremendous speed toward the light. As he passed through it he felt a weird tingling sensation pass throughout his body. As he looked up he found that he was heading towards a collision course with this light                 violet-colored thing.

Josh slammed into the object headfirst. Blinding pain shot from the point of impact. As he rolled to the side his vision began fading. He took one last glance at the amazingly clear and calm blue sky. He saw a Double Rainbow streaking across the light blue fabric. "Huh." he thought to himself. "Maybe im already dead." He grinned as he fell into a deep unconsciousness.


Chapter End Notes:

Sorry the chapter was so short. I had a bad case of writers block on this chapter, but I hope you liked it. Keep tolerating and Brony on.

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