Josh's Discovery by Quantum Bass
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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is not the first story ive thought up of. But its the. First to be written down for others to see. Hope you like it, and Brony on.

                                                          Chapter 1: Twilights Mistake

Twilight had been reading some new books that Princess Celestia had given her. Mostly they were about advancing her studies in magic. But there was one that had especially caught her eye. "The Unknown" As it was called, to which the book surprisingly had a dull cover. But as Celestia used to tell her, "Dont Judge a book by its cover". But even so she had looked over it when she had been catalogging all the books, after she had read them of course. And it was until now that the title had caught her interest, and being the pony she was she couldnt help but start reading. Twilight began to read the book to her hearts content.

It was already nearing afternoon before she had already finished reading the book. Twilights mind was full of thoughts and questions for Princess Celestia. And so as soon as she had found her beloved assitant Spike, she wrote a letter to the Princess, concerning the book. 

"Take a note Spike."

"Ready Twilight."

"Dear Princess Celestia, I am writing to you about said books that you have given me from youre most prestige collection, and I thank you highly for giving me these books. But it comes to my attention that one of the books has left me confused, and riddled with questions. As you could problaly guess, the title of the book is "The Unknown". Such problems that I am haing is the problem of only one pony ever having created a spell to reach such places. And I am wondering if you could ever take any time to write back concerning my problem. Your Faithfull student, Twilight Sparkle."

Spike engulfed the scroll with green flames as he finished rolling it up. It went up into the air, a swirling mass of light and dark green.

"Thank you Spike."

"No problem Twilight."

"Great, now we just need to wait for her to respond."

Twilight and Spike waited, and waited, and waited. Twilight was getting anxious, sensing something wrong. The Princess had never been this late at answering her letters. The sun was slowly setting overhead, and Twilight was pacing in her library.Not soon after the sun set, than none other than Princess Celestia appeared in a big flash of white.

"Oh Princess Celestia, I was so worried that somehing was wrong."Twilight sighed as she trotted over and embraced Celestia

"Nothing to be worried about my faithfull student. I was only searching for a book to help your questioning on The Unknown. After all, you should know that even I dont know everything about Equestria and its past." 

"Really? Youve got another book to help? Where did you get it from? Whos is it written by?"

"All in good time Twilight, all in good time. As for the book, its right here with me." Celestia then levitated an old, leather bound, dark brown book. With a barely visible title.

Twilight wrinkled her nose as she levitated the book in front of her. She gasped and almost let in drop.

"What is wrong Twilight?"

"Its...Its... Its made of *gulp* leather."

"Why yes Sparkle, you of all ponies should know that back in the medeival pony days this was common, and their prisoners hardly served any purpose to them. Well, that is, except to create them into these leather bound books."

"So does that mean... This book is really that old?" Twiligth asked.

"Why yes, this book is one of few that survived the great Pony War."

"Wow." Gasped Twilight.

Twilight looked at the cover and began to read the title."Star Swirl the Bearded's Journal. Star Swirl? What does he have to do with The Unknown?"

"Dont you recall what the book said near the end? Im sure you wouldnt forget."

"Well yes, it did say that Star Swirl was the only unicorn to be able to...."



"He is the only unicorn to be able to perform such a spell."

"But, doesnt that mean...."

"Yes Twilight, that means that even I have yet to decipher his spell."

"Wow, but that also means that this came from Star Swirls prized possesions. How ever did you find it?"

"That is but another story Twilight, another story for another day."

"Oh thank you thank you thank you Princess."

"It was my pleasure Twilight."

And with that, another flash of white and a few seconds later, Celestia was gone. Twilight was overjoyed with the new find that Princess Celestia had given her to care for. She could not wait to read it tommorow. And after placing it in a vacuum sealed box she went to sleep. Giddy with the reading she was going to find herself doing the next day. She smiled in her bed, the light of the moon reflecting through her window, and she fell asleep.

Twilight woke up early in the morning, at the sight of the sun rising she brushed her coat and mane. She was well prepared to sacrifice her whole day to reading Star Swirl the Beardeds journal.

Twilight read, and read, and occasionally Spike would go in to check on her, only to find her still reading. The whole day came and passed, along with Twilight. This continued on for about two weeks. She had finished the book in only two days. But being herself, that did not please her enough. 

After she had read the book from cover to cover, she reread it and rearead it again. All that was the first week. She would rarely leave her room besides to at or do her necessities. And even then Spike would notice that she was in her own world.

Twilights friends had even visited her, only to find her disheveled.

"Well ill be." Muttered AppleJack

"Whats up with her Spike?" Rainbow Dash asked. 

"Well you see, ever since she got her hooves on that journal all shes done for the past week and a half was read it reread it and take notes over it. Im really worried about her she barely gets out of her room." Said Spike

"As well you should be Darling." Said Rarity. "I mean, just look at her mane. Spike when she gets over this silly journal nonsense, remind her to come to my Boutique will you Darling?"

"Yes, of course Rarity, anything for you."

"Thank you Darling, but now i must get going. You see, i have this big order from Canterlot, and i just cant wait to show them my new designs. Ta-Taa everypony."

"See ya Rarity." Spike sadly said.

All the while, Fluttershy had gone up to Twilights room and knocked on her door lightly. 

"Umm... T..Twilight? A..are you in there? And can I ask what youre doing in there?....I mean...that is.. if you dont mind?"

"Hmmmm? Oh hi Fluttershy, sorry but im kind of busy decoding Star Swirls journal."

" really sorry for interrupting you. I guess ill leave then."

"Ooooh, im really sorry Fluttershy, its just that i really want to decode this as quickly as possible."

"Oh no Twilight, its ok, just remember that you have your friends and you can always ask us for help."

"Thanks for visiting me Fluttershy, Oh, and say hi to everypony will you?"

"Sure thing Twilight."

Fluttershy went down the stairs back to Spike, AppleJack, and Rainbow Dash.

"So howd it go?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

"Ohh, it went well. I just think that she needs some time alone to figure out her problem and solve it."

"Well I hope so too Sugarcube." 

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash left the treehouse. It was all Spike could do to not barge into Twilights room. And so to keep himself occupied he cleaned up and organized the whole treehouse for the remainder of the week.

A night passed as Twilight rested peacefully. But as soon as the morning rose the next day, she began practicing her new spell. A new spell that she was proud to say that she ha made by herself. She had made such spell via the decoding she had done on Star Swirls journal. 

She practiced and practiced the spell like it depended on her life. And by the time she got a hang of it, she began taking notes. Notes and notes of each and every thing she saw.

But what does she see? Thats a good question. For the book "The Unknown" was all about parallel and other such universes. And the spell on which she had decoded from the journal had actually been a semi-portal that allowed her to view the universes . But yet, the funny thing was that only the parallel world would appear and Twilight could only view one place at a time.

After a few days of viewing and taking notes, Twilight began to notice a few things. 1. She couldnt view much as that the semi-portal only stayed in one place 2. The life and ecosystems that she was able to view were dull and very low on the chain. And 3.She timed the openings and closings of the portals and noticed that they would only stay open for about 5 minutes at a time.

Twilight then began making some conclusions to help solve the problem. 1. She could rewrite the spell. (Although it would take about a week) Or 2.She could find a way to colllect more power for the portal. Not wanting to waste any more precious time she chose the second option.

And at that new plan she began reading magic books on a spell that would allow her to collect power and transfer it to another spell. The only setbacks were that the spell was unstable,and the other setback was that the energy had to be organic. Twilgith thought and thought, until finally, she got it!


Evergreen Forest:

"And so thats how i found out the correct combination to perform the spell."

"Yeah, Yeah sure, whatever you say egghead." Muttered Rainbow Dash

"I am not n egghead! I am well read."

"Okay, Okay, dont bust a book."

"Hmpph." Said Twilight." Remind me again why I chose you over one of the Wonder Bolts."

"Well first of all, im awesome, and no one else has the same amount of awesomeness as me. Well, maybe everyone except Soarin." Rainbow Dash sighed "Another reason is that im basically the only pegasus that can create a Sonic Rainboom "Organically" duh."

"Ugh." Twilight sighed. "Could you at least keep it down, everypony is sleeping after all. We wouldnt want anyone to find out about this."

'Okay, but let me just tell you that you cant contain this level of awesomeness held in for long."

Twilight chuckled"Whatever you say Rainbow."

Twilight and Rainbow Dash ventured further into the Evergreen forest until they came unto an open field.

"This should be enough space." Said Twilight

"Okay, ill give you the signal when im ready."

And with those words Rainbow Dash began flying upwards. She began nearing the clouds, and as soon as she reached them she stopped and looked down.

"That should be high enough." Twilight said. But to Rainbow Dash it sounded as if she was in her head. 

"Whoa, how did you do that?" Rainbow Dash thought.

"Simple, just a telepathy spell. Tell when youre ready to start so i can prepare the energy spell."

"Okay, I think im ready."

"Go for it."

Rainbow Dash tilted down and began flapping her wings with as much strength as she could. After a few more flaps she was already at the halfway point of the Rainboom. She began feeling the wind tossling her mane back and slightly making her eyes water. She began feeling the effects of a Rainboom appearing as she neared where Twilight was standing. 

She came closer and closer, until she righted her self at the last second and made a Sonic Rainboom. Twilights mane was tossled and she was pushed back a little by the force of the wind. Her horn glowed with the energy being almost seemingly sucked into her horn. And in just a few seconds the Rainboom had dissapeared.

Her mane and tail were billowing out from the energy as she began concentrating on the semi-portal spell. It opened up almost automatically and Twilight gasped at what she saw. If it wasnt for the energy keeping the portal open she would have surely accidentaly closed it in her shock. In all the confusion Twilight didnt even take notes at the breath taking view in front of her.

Compared to the other worlds she had seen, this by far was the most beautiful. And to her surprise she found that if she concentrated enough she could move the portal. The portal had started out dark but as she moved it, a gorgeous blue-green globe came into view. She zoomed in on the blue and found clear, crisp oceans. She zoomed out and when she zoomed on the green she found lavish forests filled with animals. Twilight was amazed at how advanced this worlds ecosystem was compared to Equestrias. Twilight ventured further and further into this world. Unknowing of what was happening in her world.

Rainbow Dash was far from the little clearing from whence she had started, but after all, once in a rainboom it was hard to slow down. In fact she actually sped up, letting the rainbow to continue to trail her. As she neared the clearing she noticed that there was nothing there. And Twilight just sat there staring off into the distance. So being the element of loyalty she steeled herself and began rising to the clouds again.

"Hey, since her little spell of hers didnt work. Then maybe I should make another one of signature Rainbooms, thatll cheer her up for sure." She thought to herself.

Twilight was well into the view and did not know what was going on. Which was one problem, the other was that she hadnt made sure that her energy spell was turned off, and even now was still collecting the orgarnic energy from around her. If only Twilight had remebered, if only.

Rainbow Dash flew up to the clouds in only a few seconds, considering that there was still a rainbow tailing her. She began descending but she notcied that she was decending at twice the rate as before. Heck,she didnt even need to flap her wings much.

"Well, this is new." She mumbled to herself.

She began descending at breakneck speeds, the speed threatening to yank her mane from her skull. Dash was worried as she was about to reach Twiights position, for she didnt know of what the consequences would bring. She speeded ever forward until she felt and heard something weird. 

"Wait, did I just hear two booms?"

Rainbow Dash looked back and viewed in awe at the sight set before her. She had created two Sonic Rainbooms!! First of all there were only rumors of a Sonic Rainboom but never before had she heard of a Double Rainboom.

"Wooo, Hoooo. Double Rainboom all the way!" Rainbow Dash shouted at the top of her lungs.

She tried to stop, she really did, but she was going so fast and it was only so much she could do. She tried to open up her wings and use them as sort of flaps to slow her speed. But only a second after she tried then her wings felt like they were almost ripped out of their sockets. So with this newfound knowledge of speed she decided to stop the testing and instead just wait it out. 

"Well, this is going to take a long time." Rainbow Dash mumbled to herself. She looked back on the ever-shrinking Evergreen forest. "I hope Twi doesnt miss me much. Now if only I could slow down faster. *GASP* "Listen to yourself Dashie" she chuckled " people are going to think youre crazy taling to yourself about slowing down. Heh, well they were going to call me crazy anyways, me talking to myself."

Rainbow Dash continued taling to herslef as she sped away, unknowing of the consequences she left behind. Meanwhile in the clearing, Twilight had been studying a species of animal that she had come upon. When she felt the strong force of the ,Two Sonic Rainbooms?, rustle her mane back. She felt the a strange surge come across her as she began to realize that, 1 she had left her energy spell on, and 2 she was collecting both the Rainbooms energy as we speak.

She began trying to shut down the energy spell, but she was thwarted as the energy rebounded and cause her her to almost close the portal. Her horn was ever filling with enrgy as Twilight began worrying, if she collected too much energy she wouldnt be able to handle it and she would lose control, just as she had many years ago in Canterlot.

Twilight knew that she had to use the energy someplace else, but where? She looked up into the portal...... Wait! The Portal! She could transfer the collected energy into the portal, effectively keeping bith the portal open and her safe. She made some mental preparations, and hoped that nothing would go wrong.

She behan transferring the energy to the portal. Her horn began sparking and glowing with a brilliant purple hue. As she shot the energy into the portal she felt herslef being pushed back by the force of the energy. She saw the portal begin to twist and swirl, and in a sudden burst of light it widened up to almost three times her size. Twilight suddenly felt a breeze, a breeze that came from the portal. She gasped in shock and for a second time almost lost the portal. If it werent for the immense magic almost holding itself up, the portal would have sure collapsed on itself.

She smelled the crisp air coming from the entrance of the portal, and she could hear sounds coming from it as well. She heard birds chirping, and loud honking, and almost a sort of rumbling coming from far off. She noticed that somehow the colors were also brighter and more vivid. But as usual, sometimes magic had a catch to it. And no sooner than she tried to put more energy into the portal, as to continue viewing, than she began to feel air rush in. 

Twilight did one thing that she should have never done, she freaked. She immeadiately poured her energy into closing the portal, but to no avail as the portal seemed to have a mind of its own. It began funneling all her maguc into itself, and not soon after the breeze that she had felt sooner was now an almost storm of wind running through the portal.

She saw something start to appear closer in the portal. She heard yelling, and yet she was sure that it wasnt just her. At the same time that the object was coming towards her, the portal was also slowly minimizing. Maybe whatever the portal was doing was vastly taking its energy down. But no later the portal had shrunk to about a little more than twice her size than she saw something. She saw a big black mass come out of the portal and it was headed straight into her. 

The black mass was slammed straight headfirst into her. Twilight began seeing a mass of stars in front of her. She looked up to the portal, only to notice that it wasnt there. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she was knocked out cold. No longer yielding the worried thoughts of the portal, but instead of what was to come.


This is the end of chapter one. I will try to get chapter two out as soon as possible. Thank you all for reading, and remember to check back in for updates. Remember to comment,like,and follow. Stay proud and Brony on.


Chapter End Notes:

What do you guys think came out of that portal? Only the second chapter will tell. And Have no clue which point of view im using. I guess ill just use all of them. So, what do you guys think? Remember to leave your thoughts in the reviews. Thank you all.

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