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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hello everypony well here it is my first fanfic. I hope that everypony likes it, feel free to comment on things if you like and if you want questions answered please do not hesitate to ask me.

Enjoy :)
Chapter 1: the main 6 bronies


It was 10:56 am in the morning and offices were full with people working and chatting with each other, others were being lazy, and others were pulling pranks on there friends to kill time. but in the war room up on the 50th floor a conversation was taking place.

"chief if I may ask as to why we have to keep protecting the poor people of new port city?" there chief known to all of new port city as chief commander lucy, was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, baggy pants, and a silver necklace with a ruby in the center. She sighs as she hears this "look I been over this with the three of you time and again! She shouts causing the three men to jump in fear, "I have to protect the poor souls of new port city for my fucking reputation!, If this wasn't about my reputation then I would leave them to fucking die and rot for all I fucking care!, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!". They then looked at each other and nodded at her as she then got up from her seat and walked out of the room, as she was gone the three men looked at each other and smiled evilly. One man then turned into a black alicorn with a white horn and red zebra strips on his body, he then laid his front hooves on the table as he then began to speak.

"well our master was right, she is the one that our master is very interested in" the other man then spoke up "well vanish let's hope that lord discord and Lucy will be a wonderful and chaotic couple", they all then chuckled in unison in the dark lit room.

New port city-may 17

"Clayton...Clayton wake up your gonna be late" his mother said on the other side of his door, she then heard him fall out of his bed and groan. "uhhh....hey mom what time is it?" he asked as he then got up and walked to the bathroom in his room to brush his teeth and wash his face and proceeded to open his door and walk out the room shirtless and in his sweat pants with a number 5 on the side. His mother only chuckled and smiled as she gave him an answer "it's nine in the morning and you have no school anymore because you told us that you were not ready for it this year, plus you have plans to do with your friends today".

He then walked back into his room andclosed his door gently and started getting dressed " anything else I should know about today mom?" he said as he put on his army pants and blue sleeveless shirt, his polo laceless shoes, his worn out old brooklyn express jacket that he got 3 years ago from his mother and he put on his black fingerless gloves and his black kamina sunglasses that he got last week. As he walked out he then looked over to his bed side and saw his devil may cry 3 Yamato katana that his father had gotten him as a gift last month, and grabbed it and put it over his shoulder as he walked out of his room.

He walked over and hugged his mother and stepped back a bit as his mother then snapped her fingers "oh by the way Clayton you did kinda miss your show today", Clayton just blinked as he had no idea what his mother was talking about until it hit him. "oh shit!" he thought as he then ran downstairs and saw his father watching my little pony as he was laying on the sofa, "dad!, Did I miss it!?" he asked.

His father looked at him and sighed with a smile "sorry bud but yea ya did, it was the one with your girlfriend doing a sonic rainboom" he said which made him blush and run his right hand threw his black curly hair. "dad come on don't tease me like that, just because I have a huge crush on rainbow dash, hell you and mom keep wishing that she was real so she could be a member of this family". His father only smiled hearing his son say that as he then saw his wife walk downstairs and pass Clayton into the living room with him, his mother then spoke "yes and we will keep doing that because you are like a male version of her, and I think that the two of you two dating would be very sweet" she finished with a chuckle.

Clayton looked away from his parents hiding his blush "living with a family full of broines....best family ever" he thought to himself until his iPhone went off in the kitchen he then walked over to it and grabbed it and looked at the two new messages on his phone, one was from his friend corey and the other was from his older sister...lucy. He looked up at his parents who were watching another episode of my little pony when he cleared his throat making his father pause the show and turn to him, his father looked at him with concern "what's the matter bud?" Clayton stared at him "I got a text from lucifer".

Both of his parents knew who this was and looked at each other then at Clayton "so" his father said "what does lucy want with you all of a sudden " he put his phone in his pocket, "I don't know dad and to be honest I really don't care about lucifer or should I say my ex-brony of a sister" he said shuddering at the word sister coming from his lips. He then looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:46 am, as he then started to scamper out of the kitchen and to the front door "crap i gotta go, I will see you guys latter love you mom, love you dad bye" he said as he ran out the door and to his third and sadly prized possession a custom made chopper that his sister got him for his 18th birthday last month.

He got on it and pulled out his key attached to a black and red rabbits foot, and put It into the ignition and started it up and drove off. "ok let's go to the park, that is were Corey told me that we would all be hanging out as our personal spot from now on" he thought as he drove to the park with a cocky grin on his face.


At the park Corey, his brother max, clayton's cousin dillon, sam and jack were all sitting on a large blanket talking amongst themselves about there favorite pony. Since they they were young they all lived very close in the same area and have been friends for live, they were even bronies as well and they all decided to make a team which they called "the brony family". Each member had there favorite pony that they loved dearly max had twilight sparkle, Corey had rarity, sam had applejack, jack had pinky pie, dillon had fluttershy, and Clayton had rainbow dash.

"so guys can someone please riddle me something" max said

Dillon answered "what is it man?"

"were the hell is your cousin!"

"dude Corey texted him already don't worry about it he'll be here"

Max only rolled his eyes and looked at his full metal alchemist pocket watch and saw that it was 12:11pm, he sighed and put his watch back into his pocket and looked up at the sky as he then felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over and saw that it was jack's hand.

"hey I'm sure that he and his family are just enjoying some time with him at the moment but I know he'll be here man just be cool".

"I can't jack you forget today is saturday and plus summer has started too". "so that means a lot of people are gonna want to be in the park and hang out and shit".

Jack turned over to sam and stuck his tongue out at him as Corey intervened "oh come on you guys cut it out he will be here, just wait a litt-, Corey was cut off when a football hit him in the chest causing him to fall over.

"aww damn did I hit the little pussy too bad" the boys then looked over to see a overweight boy with grey hair and glasses wearing a gold and blue shirt and green shorts walking over to them. Dillon face palmed himself as he knew that voice, "leave us alone richard were not here to mess with you" dillon said to him in a medium tone.

Richard only growled at his remark and walked over to him and grabbed him by his shirt "and why should I not mess with you little fucks huh!, Since summer is now here that means I get to have all the fun I want in fucking with you pussy fags!". Dillon only looked into his green eyes and spitted into his face causing Richard to drop him and giving dillon time to hide from the unnatural fuckery,"ah you little shit!, I'm gonna break all your fucking bones when I find you!". Before he could run he felt a tap on his shoulder as he turned around to see who tapped him, a hard punch was thrown to his face making him fall face first into a tree.

As he looked up at his attacker he immediately saw who had hit him "not you" said as he got back to his feet. The boys all smiled when they saw clayton grinning at Richard still balling up his fist, "yea that's right fat ass it's me!, Now what were you gonna go and do to my cousin fat ass?" he asked as his left hand started to go for his sword on his back.

Richard then saw him reach for his sword as he went to grab his football and walk past Clayton, but as he walked past him he put his hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear "you think your so strong with that sword huh bitch". Clayton only smiled darkly as he whispered back to him, "carful they could stab you in the back" just as he finished his sentence he quickly backed away from Richard and drew his Yamato katana over his head and cut his left eye and glasses in two.

Richard screamed in pain as he put his hand over his left eye and saw on the ground that his glasses were cut in two. "come on guys let's go before he recovers" clayton said as he walked away from Richard, they all smiled at what Clayton did, dillon had the biggest smile out of all of them. He always wanted to do that to Richard for all the bullying that he suffered from him at school. He ran over to the group and walked beside his older cousin with joy but they all heard Richard yell at clayton, " THIS ISN'T OVER YOU BASTERED!, I SWEAR I WILL GET YOU BACK AND WHEN I DO YOUR DEAD!" hearing that from Richard caused dillon to shiver a bit in fear but as he looked up at clayton he saw him flip him off as they walked out of the park.

Max then turned to clayton as his smile then faded into an uneasy look on his face "dude you know that he is really gonna get you back for breaking his glasses and cutting his left eye man", Clayton only huffed "so what, he had no right to mess with you guys at all". "besides were family and we must always protect this family no matter what or die trying". Max just looked at him as he then turned his head "I swear you and those crappy words of motivation", Clayton just rolled his eyes as jack tapped his shoulder.

"hey Clayton?"


"what took you so long to get to the park you always get there before us?"

"I was busy"

Sam then turned to him "with what admiring rainbow dash with your family of bronies?" he snickered a bit

Clayton blushed madly as he glared back at sam "w-what no!, if you MUST know I was at the star fire rave club and I asked the owner of the club if we could go and hang out there tonight, and he said that he'll be happy to let us hang out there for free when ever we want", everyone in the group had there mouths drop the star fire club was one of the most popular and very very expensive rave clubs to get into unless you had a VIP pass of course. The only problem with getting one is that they costed $78 bucks to even get one, all the boys then hugged Clayton as tight as they all could.

Dillon shouted "thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Clayton tried to speak but he couldn't because of the lack of oxygen from the hug, when jack let go of him they all did the same. Max simply rubbed his head "heh heh sorry clayton".

Clayton finally got some air and looked at him "it's ok I would do the same thing, but for now let's go have some fun shall we boys" The boys all nodded before heading to the club.


The club was blasting with music and lights and people mostly teens were dancing and grinding on each other, Clayton watched his fellow friends dance there heads off while he was leaning back on the wall smiling at them. Max was dancing away from the group a bit not with his mind too much into the music and accidentally bumped into someone making them fall.

Max then looked down at the person he knocked down was a girl and gasped "oh my god I'm so sorry for knocking you over, are you ok?, he kneeled down and held out his hand to her. She looked up into his eyes with her purple eyes and max then felt like she was looking into his mind, she reached for his hand and gently took hold of it and he pull her up gently back to her feet.

"sorry I was too much into the music" max said sheepishly as he blush a bit in embarrassment, the girl only giggled at his apology and smiled at him "it's ok I'm not hurt or anything but thank you for helping me up..ummm". He held out his hand in front of her "max" he said with a smile "my name is max, and who might you be?" the girl then put her hand threw her purple long hair as she then dusted off her purple short sleeve shirt and purple shorts as she grabbed for his hand, my name is iris it's a pleasure to meet you max".

Max blushed as he smiled "the pleasure is all mine iris" he said as he kissed her hand making her blush red as a rose. "um well if it's ok with you iris I would like to know if you would like to stay at my house for the night, I mean if that is ok with you I mean?". Iris blushed more at his offer and smiled "yes I would like that very much max", as soon as max could speak he looked over at his friends who were cheering him on, and started lip sing "kiss the girl" making Clayton chuckle a bit as he still watched from the wall.

As the party ended for the night all the boys walked to max's suv and got in except for Clayton and dillon who got on his cousin's chopper and waved to the guys before heading out, as they saw the two leave max then got inside his car and drove his friend's home to there houses. As he dropped off jack and sam only Him, Corey, and iris were left in the car as they drove into the driveway of there house.

Corey got out first and walked to the front door to be meet by there father who taped his foot when he saw the boys. "you two got home late I see" there father said with a calm voice, Corey then patted his father on the chest "yea old man we did sorry if we made you worry about us, Clayton got us into the star fire club for free". There father then raised an eyebrow at him "and how in gods name did he pull that off?" max walked into the house with iris behind him. There father saw the two and snickered "and I take he helped you with this as well huh maxwell?", max groaned when he heard his father call him by his full name.

"ugh no old man, this was all me" he then turned to iris "hey old man, is it ok if iris can spend the night over here with us please?", there father rubbed his grey beard in thought never once had max or Corey been with a girl in well ever and seeing this now in front of his eyes was a very wonderful thing to him. He sighed happily and nodded "well why not after all it's only a sleep over, it's not like you two are gonna do anything else" he finished his sentence with a wink making the two blush. Corey then face-palmed and looked at his father "come on old man max is only 19 and still a virgin, sex is one thing that he would not be good at".

Max just stood there twitching madly as iris broke the awkward moment, "w-well that is what we will not be doing I promise you". Corey and there father nodded in agreement max was not like other men out only looking for just sex all the time, he was extremely smart and he always loved to read on his spare time. But he wanted to find a girl that would have the same tastes as him and that is why he turned to my little pony and fell in love with twilight sparkle, because that was the kind of woman or pony that he wanted in his life.

As there father then looks at the clock and turns to then he snaps his fingers signaling then that they all should get some rest. Corey, max, and iris all head upstairs and go into there room and close the door.

As soon as they hear there father sleeping in his room Iris sits on max's bed and looks at his collection of twilight sparkle ponies making her smile and looks over to his brother Corey's posters of rarity. "wow rarity would love him to death if she saw this" iris thought as she looked at max who was sitting on the floor next to the bed, she then pokes max's arm making him turn his attention to her.

He looked up at her into her purple eyes that seemed to draw him into a trace "yes iris what's up?" he asked her. She then looked at him with a worried look on her face, "umm max would you umm...believe me if I told you that I'm not what you think that I am?". He blinked at what she said and scratched his brown spiky hair "what do you mean iris?" he was still puzzled by her words, she then sadly sighed and got off the bed and sat in front of him.

"allow me to show you what I mean" she then started to glow a purple aurora around her body and started to change, her hands started to turn into hoofs, her body then shifted and formed into a purple pony like body, her legs then formed into back hoofs as her tail which was as the same color as her hair came out, and her face formed into a muzzle and a purple horn was showing on the top of her head.

Max's mouth dropped at what he saw before his very own eyes, the pony that he had loved was in his house in front of his own eyes. The purple pony then began to speak to him "my real name is twilight sparkle and I am a pony from ponyville" she said with a smile, max didn't know what to do after herring twilight speak to him expect faint right in front of her.

Twilight then jumped at his action "max!" she shouted but he was knocked out, "oh dear looks like I will have to do some explaining to him when he comes to".

Chapter End Notes:
Well that was...interesting. I will post up the next chapter latter please be sure to ask me any questions that you want to ask me.


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