My Little Muder Mystery by SUP3RM00
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"Hello Miss Rarity." A dark grey horse with long hair sat with a notepad, looking out from over her glasses at the shaking white and purple unicorn before her. "Can you tell me why you're here?"

Rarity sat hunched over in the overly cushioned chair, her limp, dirty hair hanging in her face. "Twilight Sparkle forced, I mean brought me in. She thought I could use a little help." Rarity's normally pristine demeanor had faded away to show a shivering, paranoid mess. Long, shiny purple hair had turned to stringy clumps of unkempt dreads. Bright, happy blue eyes were full of darkness and red from tears. Her white fur was dull and discolored. Her eyebrows furrowed in a constant worry. "I really see no need for this. I'm fine." She mumbled.

The mare scribbled something and sat back up. "My name is Ms. Mareanda.  I will help you through this, ok? Just tell me everything you know."

"But that's just it. I know nothing." Rarity's frowned deepened. "Just that all my friends are dead."

"Ah, that's a start! Good.  I mean, bad. It's bad that they're dying, no?" A faint foreign accent showed in her voice. Rarity hated foreign accents, unless they were British.

"Of course it's bad! It's horrible! It's... it's absolutely horrifying!" Rarity wailed loudly, the force of her voice almost knocked the jelly bean bowl over.

Ms. Mareanda reached over and steadied the bowl. "Of course, darling." She said, leaning back and checking something on her little pad. Rarity decided that if she ever got the chance, she would burn the damned pad and pen. Who was this pony to judge her? The things that she is writing  aren't true, just a bunch of scientific bull. "Please, tell me all that you can remember, from the beginning."

Rarity scowled at the floor. Her eyes were dry, no tears came, but had she tears still in her, Rarity would drown the room with the memories of the last two weeks. "How is this going to help. You've already seen the news, the front pages in Equestria Daily. I'll just be repeating what everypony already knows."

Ms. Mareanda sighed. She had experience with ponies who refused to open up. She tried to use Rarity's ego against her. "Ah, but Rarity, darling, you have special insight. You are exactly what we need. You, and all your wisdom, will surely be the best source of information. Please, dear, we need you."

Rarity glanced up at that wretched mule. She was trying to brainwash her, She knew it. But Twilight wouldn't forgive Rarity if she didn't open up to this pony. Twilight.. the last one. The pony that Rarity promised to guard with her life. She sighed. "Fine. But only for Twilight."

Ms. Mareanda smiled. "Good! Just sit back, relax, and tell me absolutely everything."

• • •

"Pinkie Pie! PINKIE PIE!" Rarity was yelling, trying to wake Pinkie from her sleep. "PINKIE! Wake up!"

The pink, frizzy haired pony blinked her eyes open. "Wh.. whaat?" She mumbled, confused.

"Pinkie, dear, wake up! Oh my, it's almost 2 in the after noon! What in heaven's name you DOING last night?" Rarity prodded at the tired pony with her hoof. "Darling, I know it's best to get your beauty sleep, and Celestia knows your hair needs it, but too much is never good for anypony!" She nudged Pinkie into standing position. Pinkie Pie shook her head.

She blinked twice, then grinned like a maniac. "Rarity! Ohoh, Rarity it's so nice to see you! I went to the bestest EVER party last night! It was hosted by DJ PON-3! Can you believe it?! DJ PON-3!" Pinkie gushed out, as she hopped up and down. "You shoulda been there! We were up all night! Hehe!"

Rarity smiled politely. "Good thing you're up. Last night I was working on our dresses for the Grand Galloping Gala. Your's turned out great, dear."

Pinkie sat down. "I still don't think the Gala is the best idea. I mean, remember what happened  last time? There wasn't even any sarsaparilla!" She pouted.

Rarity giggled. "Oh, but Pinkie darling, Celestia told me personally that she has redone the Gala this year, to fit all of our needs! Isn't that just fabulous?" As she talked, Rarity pushed Pinkie out the door of her home and toward her own. "And your gown is simply adorable!"

Pinkie squealed. "Really? Sarsparilla?"

Rarity smiled and nodded. "Cupcakes, too."

"I'm not sure I can stomach cupcakes anymore, not after that story AJ told me.."

"Pinkie! Rarity! Watch out, guys!" A burst of color swept past the two ponies, blowing their hair back. The color came back around and landed Rainbow Dash. "'Sup?" She asked as if she just walked up to them like any normal pony would.

"I've made Gala gowns, Dashie! The Gala is going to be much better this year, according to Celestia." Rarity beamed.

Pinkie nodded. "They'll have Everything from balloons to cupcakes."

Pinkie and Dash both cringed at the word "cupcakes." Rarity ignored this, she had no time to fill her mind with silly stories.

"Come on girls." She said, trotting to her home.

Rarity opened the door for Pinkie and Dash. "Come on dears, come see your new gowns!" The two excited ponies walked in slowly.

"Ooooh, Rarity! They're beautiful!" Gushed Pinkie.

"They're not even 20% cooler, they're 100% cooler than last years' gowns!" Squealed Dash.

"Thank you, thank you. Do you want to see the others?" Rarity asked, humbled by their enthusiasm.

"Yeah!" The two ponies said in unison.

"Okay." Rarity walked over to something that was covered in a cloak. She pulled it off, revealing four more gowns. Rarity's, Twilight's, Fluttershy's  and Apple Jack's.

"Oh my Celestia!" Screamed the ponies. The cloak Rarity was holding dropped to the floor. As it landed, all three ponies were staring wide-eyed at the horrendous site before them.

Apple Jack's gown was beautiful, yes. But instead of the usual mannequin, there was the stuffed, dead body of their dear friend AJ. A pole stuck straight through her spine, and head hanging limply, her hat tipping off her head, as if in a greeting.

All the dresses were designed to show off the ponies' cutie mark. Some matched the color, some matched the shape. Apple Jack's dress was fashioned so that the skirt was shaped like an apple, the bottom cutting off just before the cutie mark.

But, there was no cutie mark; only a circle of dried blood, and stitches from where a new cutie mark was sewn in. The cutie mark was an apple, but a green one with poison seeping out of the bite mark in the side. It clearly showed the death of Snow White.

"No, no!" Rarity wailed. "Who.. who would do this? This is.. no!" She ran out sobbing, loudly, followed by Pinkie and Rainbow.

• • •

Rarity stopped talking, she began to choke up. She cried a tearless cry, just a series of moans and whimpers. 

Ms. Mareanda nodded sympathetically. "Did anyone else see Miss Apple Jack?" She asked. Rarity nodded.

"My sister, Sweetie Belle did. The poor sweetheart, she cried for days.."

The therapist nodded slowly, scribbling more things on her pad. "Could you continue for me, dear?" She asked, all sympathy drained, leaving the pony with a flat, sort of angry sounding voice.

Rarity scowled at her. "No. you've heard enough. No pony can do anything, they're already dead."

The anger in Rarity's voice started the mare. "Oh, dear. No reason to get mad, now." She forced a smile, but it was an ugly one. "Can you tell me why you're acting so... so..." She struggled for the right word.

"Insane? Crazy? Weird?" Rarity offered.

Ms. Mareanda grinned. "Yes, something like that. Are you maybe, guilty of something?"

Rarity rolled her eyes, but stopped in mid-roll, her eyes halting on the quietly spinning fan above her. Was this pony accusing her of her friends' deaths? She thinks I'm going crazy from guilt...

Rarity's anger flared. "How DARE you accuse me of such a heinous thing? They're my friends! My best friends, dammit! Why would I kill them? The whole reason I'm here is FOR my friend!" Her anger was so intense, her horn began to glow brightly. Books and tissue boxes began to float all around, pulsing with Rarity's own unstoppable anger. "The past two weeks were hell, and you expect me to come in here, sit down, and tell you the whole story, smiling all the way?" She fumed, the glass jelly bean bowl began to shake and quiver next to her. "I. Didn't. Kill. My. FRIENDS!" As Rarity screamed, the jelly bean bowl shattered, glass and jelly beans flying everywhere. Book pages were torn out of their covers, tissue boxes practically imploding in themselves. Ms. Mareanda screamed and cowered in her seat.

"O-ok Rarity!" She shouted as the objects and the seething unicorn egan to calm down. "Fine. Don't tell the rest to me." The pony fixed her straight grey hair back into it's dull, boring position. "You can tell the rest to the police."

Before Rarity could react, Ms. Mareanda had picked up her phone and dialed the police station. Rarity Frowned and sat back in her seat, clicking her hooves together and she thought angrily. She can't to crap to me, I didn't do anything. Right? Yeah, none of this was my fault. I won't be found guilty because I'm not guilty. The officers will know that. ...How dare this mare call the police on me? I had every right to get upset, she accused me of a crime I did not commit! Oh, dear, this stress is getting to me.

The mare put down the phone. "Rarity, darling," She smiled again, hideously. "the officers will be here soon. To make things easier for your poor soul, I've taped this whole conversation, so you won't have to repeat anything. Isn't that nice?" Ms. Mareanda leaned forward, her voice becoming soft but dangerous. "Everything will be just fine."

"Fuck off."

Even Rarity was surprised when the words left her mouth, but she didn't take them back. She was too angry to care about her reputation of being proper and well controlled.

Just then, an officer colt came into the room. He acted calm and unafraid, as if he had no worries of taking a very powerful unicorn into custody. "C'mon, Miss Rarity. Time to go, hun." He held out his hoof, and Rarity slapped it away from her.

"Shut up and just take me to wherever you want me to be. Don't touch me either, you cocky piece of--"

"Alright, no need for insults Miss Rarity." Said the officer calmly. "Let's get going. When we get to the station, you can have a nice big meal, and tell me all about your troubles, ok?"

Rarity snorted and turned her head, but followed. These next few days may be worse than the last...

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