Breaking Luna Down by sabre123
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Story Notes:
I wanted to use time travel in this fan fiction because it shakes the whole thing up. I also wanted to use the doctor from Doctor Who as an emotional template for Drake from the future because he would be battle scarred but still retains the personality that his past self (the one princess Celestia will marry) had.

I really wanted to write more about Princess Luna since she is just lovely to write about but didn't know just how her relationship with both Drakes would go down.

Leading up to the last few weeks before this war though, i really wanted to show Luna being broken emotionally and dealing with the issues rising.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Recap of the previous story.

Princess Luna and Drake bake a cake and share something else...
Canterlot castle stood in the city of Canterlot, the largest city in all of Equestria. Its gleaming white marble walls had been cleaned by some of the top cleaners in the world, Princess Celestia took an unusual size of pride in keeping the castle clean, whereas her fiancé had other plans.

Drake was, to be fully honest, a lazy human in a world he didn’t belong. The god of Chaos known as Discord had yanked him from his home world and into Equestria for to bring enough chaos into the world for him to be reawakened from his stone prison, but everypony including Drake had fought valiantly and even though ponies died, Discord was now defeated and laid in a state of sleep underneath the castle in the dungeons highest built cell.

But Drake had his good parts though, he always cared for everypony that visited and had been known to host the most AMAZING parties, but he did have some help from Pinkie Pie in Ponyville. He also helped with the royal guard as he was second in command to Shining Armour, so when missions were taken on, he was brought along.

But he wasn't captain of the royal guards number two just because he was engaged to Princess Celestia though, Drake had a deep magical energy running through his entire body, day and night constantly. A power that even Princess Celestia didn’t want to tamper with.

For he had the power to regenerate when his body felt that death was close by, and his body would change. It had begun when he was seventeen, Discord the god of chaos had placed him on the brink of death by stabbing him with the element of harmony and left him for dead while he prepared the execution of the mane 6 and Princess Celestia, while Princess Luna had taken on the form of Nightmare Moon to betray Discord by getting on his good side.

Drake was bleeding heavily but Princess Celestia’s phoenix gave her life to give Drake the ability of regeneration, with this power he was brought back to life and wiped out Discord. But at a cost, none of his friends could do it, and this meant that he could be young and healthy while he watched his best friends on their death beds. Every time he saw a pony other than the two princesses he saw nearly every single day, he couldn’t help but think of them in about fifty years, they’d be withered and some of them would already be dead.

This led to him making sure that every six days out of the seven he spent an entire day with the mane six, either baking things with pinkie pie, bucking trees with applejack, fitting new clothes for Rarity and helping design new ones for ponies, he even made time to help with all the tiny animals with fluttershy, being with rainbow dash had its difficulties because he couldn’t fly nor run fast but he did read loads of daring doo books with her and it didn’t bother him when she was so tired that she fell asleep on his chest as he read to her like a filly.

Twilight though had more plans that just reading or baking, she took it to the next level of knowing far more about him now. She ran blood tests, brain tests, physical tests, personality tests and even wrote down everything he said in a journal on studying humans. A few times he glanced at what she was writing and even though she tried to hide it he did find out that she was highly interested in his regenerative ability and comparing it to existing DNA of phoenix.

But all together he was happy, he had an Alicorn fiancé and a great sister in law.

Since princess Celestia controlled the sun and, to her displeasure, was more accepted than her sister was, she was incharge of going to different places in order to discuss policies and govern the large cities as well as monitor the smaller towns. This meant that she was out of the castle every few weeks, sometimes for many days at a time which left Drake alone in the castle.

Now, he wouldn’t mind so much if he hadn’t got carried away a few months ago.

What happened when she first had to leave for a day to go to manehatten was that he was allowed free reign of the castle but not to leave the grounds of Canterlot Castle, to which he agreed to. The next few times he was given space a little more but had to travel with armed guards, that, he didn’t like but understood why princess Celestia would ensure it. Because with the element of magic still magically joined with his body it could be dangerous and highly explosive if other ponies with bad intentions got their hoofs on him.

But after a while he could travel to ponyville without worry on his own, it took a lot of persuading Celestia as well as her sister Princess Luna, she didn’t want him in danger but was more relaxed than her older sister was. So she went with him to Ponyville instead of the royal guards which was more relaxing but it was hard to determine which travelling companions attracted more attention.

Then there came a week in which Princess Celestia was out for completely, Drake had unfortunately been given too much freedom and without either of the royal pony sisters permission nor knowledge, had organised and hosted a party.

It was supposed to be a small party with music but it…escalated, rapidly.

Ponies began inviting other ponies to attend and those ponies invited others who brought friends, in just an hour the castle was overrun with ponies, different races of creatures came from far.

They brought cake, party streamers, cider and many other drinks. Drake didn’t expect it to go so far so when Princess Celestia returned home, entered through the large purple doors to find the main staircase inside the castle covered in streamers, empty bottles and loud music still on shuffle she was extremely far from happy.

After the shouting from Princess Celestia along with scolding looks from Princess Luna he was ultimately banned from leaving the castle when Princess Celestia was gone. He had to be watched by the guards and to clean up the castle which took a very, VERY long time without magic.

He didn’t care about the cleaning so much as the glares he got from Princess Luna, because she had this…not unnerving, but also not disappointed look in her eyes, even when Drake had his back turned he could feel them burrowing into his back.

It was the only thing that got on his nerves about Luna, he did cherish her though he really did. Princess Celestia may have been the first royal pony sister he met but Princess Luna was the alicorn that he met at the party that Pinkie Pie threw for him as his ‘Welcome to Ponyville party’.

So being “grounded” with Luna walking around the castle was not the worst thing to happen, there was still a great deal he didn’t know about equestrias past so she explained the paintings, the statues and once she even gave Drake a flight up to the tallest tower in the castle, the view was breath taking as they could see over the hills and beyond the giant waterfalls.

But the one thing that Drake never ever took her for granted for was the times when he knew that his friends would move on in life and into death, that he could just talk to her, because she had been through the same feelings and events that he would eventually go through. Because when she was nightmare moon and imprisoned in the moon, she dived deep into emotional hell as she realised that everyone except for the one alicorn that sealed her away would die, all her friends and even royal guards that had been kind to her would all be dead.

It was just small conversations they had, but it kept Drake happy and sane. Sometimes though, it did get a bit too much for Drake when the weeks were up and the holidays slipped away through the years, but Princess Luna had no problem holding a weeping human as he held her tightly.
It didn’t bother her though, because he knew he had no one else to talk to, his fiancé princess Celestia was also immortal, but she kept busy with the politics and laws. And she had been through the exact same pain before so she was more than willing to listen to him and talk with him, some nights she even asked to have these conversations with him just for herself, losing all her friends over being dark still hurt her to this day.

Two years and five months had passed since Drake had defeated Discord and won the heart of Princess Celestia, much to say was that everything in Equestria was now back into its full balance, sweet apple acres in Ponyville had much stronger numbers of trees and Rarity’s boutique was even gaining so much popularity due to the fiancé of Celestia, Drake, constantly being asked where he got his clothes from since to be able to make clothes for a being from another universe would take amazing detail and skill. He always replied that he visited a lovely shop in Ponyville run by a unicorn called Rarity, since then her shop had grown in leaps and bounds, she even had a constant royalty customer from the over side of Equestria. Twilight Sparkle had been seeing a very smart and funny unicorn called Star Gazer, they had hit it off amazingly well and had so much to talk about to each other, he loved reading just as much as she did but also taught her a few star signs that she did not know.

Drake sat alone in his and Princess Celestia’s bedroom, their bed was a very large but comfortable bed surrounded by high white ceilings and bookshelves. After he had proposed to her she had considered that they move into the same room and he never said no to that.

But now she had gone out of Canterlot to do something that Drake didn’t catch since she had said it when he was still waking up at the time with just one eye open, so now many of the guards had gone home for the night and the rest had departed with Princess Celestia, but he wasn't fully alone because Princess Luna knocked on his bedroom door then entered quietly.

“Good evening Drake, I was just…wondering if you had eaten yet?” she asked gently as she poked her head around the door. He uncovered his hands from his face and breathed out loudly.

“No, not yet.” He sighed and stood up, a head rush hit him and his vision went starry but he carried on walking towards her. When Celestia left him alone on his own he did become slightly depressed, mostly because when the weekdays he spent with the mane 6 were up, he wanted to spend Sunday with her but she didn’t. He didn’t want to start an argument over it since he knew perfectly well that she was still the ruler of Equestria even if she was engaged.

“Come on then, the kitchen staff have gone home which means free cake.” She giggled lightly, it was hardly a secret that Celestia liked cake but it was all hushed that Luna did. Drake chuckled as well, he preferred cake to anything else since it reminded him of older days in Equestria when he first arrived.

“What flavour?” he asked as they walked down the corridor, doors led off to different rooms after many metres to give Princess Celestia and Drake security on space.

“Chocolate.” She replied, instantly though she realised she had made a mistake.

The one thing that Drake had always loved and refused to share with anypony expect his fiancé was CHOCOLATE!

Their eyes locked together and that’s when Princess Luna knew right there, that she had better start galloping!

She sped off at lighting speeds with Drake falling far behind, darting between the corridors she found out she had the advantage when she flew down the stairs whereas Drake could only run.

After a few flights of stairs though, she looked back to see that he was nowhere in sight so she stopped to catch her breath and leaned on the banister of the main stairway of the castle. The kitchen was just beyond the staircase so it she trotted the last few feet and used her magic to open the bronze metal doors and walked into the dark kitchen.

It was very large, it had to be in order to cater to the whole of Canterlot castle as well as both royal pony sisters and Drake, but as Princess Luna walked in, she found all the lights out and none of the candles were lit. Drake had certainly not been in here before her. Using her magic again, she lit the candles and looked back out into the hallway to still see Drake hadn’t joined her.

Suddenly with an almighty bang followed by a blinding flash of light from within the kitchen, she spun around just quick enough to see a figure explode through the candle light and smash into a stack of bronze pots and pans sending them crashing to the floor in an almighty din. The candles that Luna had carefully lit quickly extinguished themselves and she was left in the darkness once more.

“What the hell!” Luna was heavily startled, using more of her magic she lit up her horn with an illumination spell and began to gently trot through the dark kitchen. Her hoofs echoed and bounced off anything nearby.

“Hello?” she said aloud.

“Beat you!” she jumped back when Drake sat up excitedly, sending a few pots scattering across the floor.

“What the hell did you do?” she didn’t understand how he suddenly appeared out of thin air like magic.

“With this.” Drake held up a small LCD screen with wires hanging out of it connected to a motherboard. “Teleport.” He stood up and let the pans still resting on his legs clatter to the ground. “You and Celestia can use magic, now it’s my turn.”

“Is regenerating not enough?” She usually teased him about it but he knew she never meant harm by it because she was mature enough to know when to stop the teasing when it got too much, Luna didn’t like bullies and didn’t want anyone to see her as such.

“Teleporting is more fun.” He replied and gingerly put the fragile device into his trouser pocket.

“Doesn’t look like you’ve worked the bugs out yet.” Princess Luna giggled, she levitated the brass pots and pans into a tidy pile on the kitchen island counter.

“Just needs running in is all.” Drake didn’t sound very confident.

“You don’t sound confident.”

“I’m not.” He responded, Drake walked over to the large white fridge and heaved on the door handles till it swung open, the kitchen staff made it look so easy with magic since it pulled the entire door at once rather than pivoting it on a hinge. “No cake at all.”

“Oh dear.” Princess Luna sounded disappointed after running and flying all the way through the castle to the kitchen.

“We’ve got eggs though.” He replied in a perky voice.

“I’m not in the mood for an omelette.” She dully said.

“I meant we could bake our own cake.” He chuckled, grabbing a carton of large eggs in one hand and a large jug of milk with the other. “Grab the butter and chocolate sprinkles, I’ll get the lights on.”

He placed the ingredients onto the centre island counter and then jumped over to the wall near the door Luna walked through to turn the lights on, they flicked on silently and he saw the gleam from Luna’s blue eyes sparkle like starlight.

“Catch!” Luna tossed a packet of chocolate flakes towards Drake who caught it and began to mix up the cake mix, he grabbed a knife and scales, measured out the mass needed and added it to a large bowl that Luna slid over to him along the stretch of the white kitchen counter.

Amongst other ingredients, Drake and Luna had prepared a very large a tasty looking cake that once cooked and cooled was quickly served up by Luna cutting it and giving Drake a small slice the same size as hers.

“What time is Celestia back?” Drake asked as he bit into the slice of cake, he was sitting on top of the counter of the kitchen with his feet resting against the counter so his knees were at a right angle. He held his slice of cake with one hand in a napkin.

“About seven thirty.” She replied, she was more dignified while eating her slice of cake by using a silver fork and a chine plate, she broke off small pieces of the chocolate cake and chewed each piece before swallowing it.

“And it’s already four…” Drake looked at his watch on his wrist, gold with ruby and sapphire jewels, a present from Princess Celestia from last Christmas, it was very flashy but it was nice to look at it and to be reminded of her, although he would have preferred something more subtle… “So I’d better be off to bed before she gets home.” He wrapped the last bit of his chocolate cake in the napkin and hopped off the counter.

He walked over to Princess Luna who stood a mere three feet from him.

“Good night Luna.” He hugged her tightly and she hugged him back using one hoof.

“Good night Drake.” She replied and watched him walk out the kitchen door. “I’ll be up in a minute!” she called out to him.

“I don’t need tucking in!” she heard him call back to her, this made her chuckle lightly.

Princess Luna didn’t spend long downstairs on her own after Drake left her side, she quickly finished her cake and put the rest in the fridge for later, if her sister didn’t get to it first.

Making her way up to her room was easier than coming downstairs since she was not racing anyone to the kitchen, the stars shone brightly against the night sky when she looked outside, the problem was that she couldn’t see their beauty as everyone talked about because she organised them herself so when she looked at them all she saw were imperfections and the thought of having to do it all again the next night.

She sighed and continued to walk up the spiral stair case to her room, it was not far from her sisters and Drake’s room so when she saw that their door was open she poked her head round it to see the lights were out and in the bask on the moonlight through the window by the large double bed was Drake sleeping soundly, his clothes hung loosely and roughly dropped on a chair against the wardrobe built into the white circular walls that made up the large oval room.

“Drake…you asleep?” she whispered into the room, he didn’t respond so she lightly and silently crept into his room, as she got closer her plan was just to whisper a thanks into his ear and then see if he knew in the morning.

Even as she got tiptoed towards him she never made a sound, now she was just a few centimetres from him, he had pulled the covers up to his chest and his right arm hung over the covers for a chill breeze on it. She bent down and whispered into his ear…

“Thank you for the…”

But just as she was whispering, Drake suddenly turned over in his bed which took Princess Luna by surprise and she didn’t move backwards in time, this led to her lips suddenly locking with Drakes.

Inside her head she was screaming in shock if anything, he was her sister’s fiancé, this was all wrong…so why had she not stopped kissing him?!

‘Stop! Just stop!’ her mind shouted and bellowed at her!

It took her two seconds to break the kiss and regain her legs from turning to jelly.

‘That can’t have just happened!’ she thought to herself. ‘Maybe I’m dreaming!’

No, this was no dream and it was certainly real enough.

What was wrong with her? She had no feelings for him, maybe just as a friend but nothing else, did she?

No! She can’t have! She couldn’t! He was off limits!

How could he be off limits if she didn’t have feelings for him already?

She had to get out of that room and back into hers before he woke up, that would just be too awkward to explain and with her sister’s wedding just a few weeks away now was not the time to say she had just kissed her own sisters fiancé!

She didn’t hang around and was quickly in her own room before she even realised it, her ceiling of stars swirled overhead, the constellations moving fluidly around each other was a mere attempt by her subconscious to calm her down but it did nothing to help. In fact with thoughts and fears running through her head she found the swirling constellations to be nauseating.

She leaned against her bedroom door and then slouched down it till she was lying on the floor, she wondered if she should tell her sister what happened, would she be angry?

Would Drake be angry? Would she be sent to the moon for kissing him? Would her sister yell at her? Make her an outcast?

Tears ran down her face now, she didn’t mean for any of this to happen! Why didn’t she just go back to her room?

“Stupid Luna…” she muttered to herself.

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