Fallout Equestria: War Never Changes by Jarmari
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I OWN NOTHING, infinite props to Hasbro and Queen Faust for creating the amazing world of MLP: FIM, and equally as much to Kkat for blowing my mind by creating the awesome universe of Fallout: Equestria, you took two of my favorite things and fused them into one even better thing...yeah that kinda got away from me...Anyway, none of it's mine...so yeah...with that said...away we go. Also please note that is story is rated Mature for violence and mild sexual content, viewer discretion is strongly advised

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria...

there came an era when the ideals of friendship gave way to greed, selfishness, paranoia and a jealous reaping of dwindling space and natural resources. Lands took up arms against their neighbors. The end of the world occurred much as we had predicted -- the world was plunged into an abyss of balefire and dark magic. The details are trivial and pointless. The reasons, as always, purely our own. The world was nearly wiped clean of life. A great cleansing; a magical spark struck by pony hooves quickly raged out of control. Megaspells rained from the skies. Entire lands were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling oceans. Ponykind was almost extinguished, their spirits becoming part of the ambient radiation that blanketed the lands. A quiet darkness fell across the world...


Last thing I remember I was lying in my bed, I couldn't have no more than one or two...

No that's not right...those are the lyrics to a Pon Simon song and that was the first thing he remembers not the last... what was the last thing I remember...I...I was in the warehouse checking the stasis pods...Fluttershy was desperately waiting for my report...we had finally cracked full cryogenic suspension techniques and she wanted to implement them as soon as possible in the hospitals and replace some of the older generation models they were using at her new medical center.

There were screams...Baelfire bombs were exploding around the city! I blinked my eyes to clear the white haze and though the haze faded, the white did not. As my eyes focused I realized I was looking at the soft white light of a resuscitation scanner in the top of a cryo pod...and was laying on the soft black cushioned mat of a cryo pod...and could see the semi-transparent blue lid of a cryo pod above my head...all this coupled with a familiar robotic voice announcing 'stage three cryo thaw completed' lead me to the unfortunately inescapable conclusion that I was in a cryo pod....and yes before you can say it..duh where else could I be?

Alright, don't panic...glancing at myself quickly I assessed my situation as best I could. I was no longer wearing my utility barding, nor my lab coat, and somepony had removed my pipbuck, if I was lucky they would be in the storage compartment of the pod, personal assessment...my head throbbed from my horn to the back of my skull, my dark blue coat was kind of messy but that was nothing new...yellow mane...still a little too long...*sniff* still smelled like machine grease...so whatever had happened to me I had to have gone right into the pod only moments later, I pressed a little against the pillow, since I couldn't move my legs to check, stallionhood still fully in tact...turning a little on my side I could see my cutie mark in the reflection of the lid, a DNA double helix with a crossed wrench and pistol branded underneath. However that still left the question of HOW I had gotten into the damned pod, let alone undressed before I had...we knew short term memory loss could be a side effect, but this was ridiculous...

"Alright Cane...focus..." I muttered, pressing a hoof to my forehead. "Came into the warehouse...it was late...Fluttershy had just called...Everypony else had already left....dammit..." My head started to throb and I had to stop trying to think so hard.

The lid hissed open and I was greeted by two unexpected sights...the familiar roof of the warehouse, now in shambles above me...and the business end of a double barrel shotgun floating in my face, wrapped in a field of orange magic. A fiery orange unicorn with a bright red mane stood about twenty feet away the control console dressed in what looked like some kind of patchwork barding.

"Now you just climb down nice and slow and nopony needs to get hurt." He says, cocking the gun for emphasis.

"Oh boy..."

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