Discord's Joy by paxtofettel
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                                           Ten years.
                 Ten years trapped in that ungodly hell of stone for a second time.
  Ten years of plotting my revenge, of making the ones who trapped me suffer.
                  I thought that I would be stuck in my prison for eternity.

                                     But soon, I was free.

                                   I was confused at first.
                    In Equestria, mundane order and boring harmony exists.
                               Not lovely discord and mayhem.
                       So what could have released me from my torment?

                                    Then, I felt the pull.

             Never have I felt such a pull since my reign of chaos millennia ago.
                               It called to me, a sweet song.
                          I followed it, over mountains and plains.
                       Miles and miles of lush, fertile land; peace.
                                       It made me sick.

                                     But then, I saw it.

                         A place where green turned into sickly brown.
            Where trees were blown from their roots and lay dead in the ground.
                            Where craters dotted the landscape.
                A place where the stench of death hangs heavy in the air.

                                    I knew what this was.
                                         It was war.

                              Two armies clashed on the field.
                         On one side, those sickenly sweet ponies.
                             On the other, I could not tell.
                                   A whistle was blown.
                   The ponies left their holes and charged at the enemy.
                          They were cut down at an instant by fire.
                          And in my mind, one thought was prevalent.

                             It was chaos, and it was beautiful.

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