Found Guilty
by Basil Lecher
Characters: Applejack, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Spike, Twilight Sparkle
Canon: AU
Genre: Adventure
Pairing: None
POV: 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Death, Violence
• Teen •

Twilight Sparkle has just received a letter from Princess Celestia warning her of a dangerous pony making his way toward Ponyville.  She is told to gather her friends and confront him before he does whatever it is he plans to do, but what is it?  The Mane 6 must discover the secrets of this mysterious warpony before he brings a terrible future to Ponyville and its citizens. 

Series: None
Chapters: 5
Word count: 9741 Read count: 1842
Published: 18 Mar 2012 Updated: 25 Jan 2013
Chapter 1 by Basil Lecher
                It was strange to see a warpony this far into the east.  Most of the land had been kept in a peaceful existence and the few ponies that knew anything of battle were in the guard. This pony was most definitely not a part of their numbers. He drew the gazes of all those he passed who then whispered quietly after he was safely out of sight. Nopony bothered to ask his name nor his business. His armor seemed to be diamond and yet it seemed to have been forged like steel armor. Far more threatening was the sword across his back. It was nearly larger than he was and strange runes of silver and mysterious metals seemed to be weaved into the steel.  The rumours spread like wildfire, eventually reaching the ear of Princess Celestia. It was then she turned to Luna for help, she knew this strange soldier from long ago, she had been with him when he fell in battle and then seen him removed from time in the aftermath. From what she could see, the warrior was heading towards Ponyville, why she did not know. She sent a warning to her student Twilight Sparkle, one of warning, telling her to be prepared to meet the stallion and to find out his story. With the letter she also returned the Elements of Harmony to the six avatars. They had to be ready for anything. The rumours had flown fast, but not quite fast enough in this case. The warrior had already arrived at his final destination.

                It was Tuesday or maybe Wednesday. Pinkie had no idea and didn’t particularly care. Either day was a good day for a party since they both were just so ordinary without one. She had opened the bakery early that day because she wanted to get everything done super early so she could plan the biggest and bestest party anypony had ever had on that day. This would be a party that wouldn’t be topped ever again until her next party. She was so excited that she almost didn’t hear the bell on the front door ring. “Just a minute.” she called out as she threw another batch of cupcakes into the oven. Pinkie made sure the timer was set and made her way out to the front of the store. She tilted her head when she saw him. She didn’t recognize him under his armor which meant he was new; he was in her store which meant he wanted to buy a snack. This was awesome. “Hi there, I’m Pinkie Pie. I’m the baker, I haven’t seen you before and I know I would remember if I had because you have a very big knife and really shiny armor. My friend Rarity makes very shiny clothes so you should see her if you like shiny things and I know I do. What can I get you?”

                “Cake.” he replied with hardly any reaction to her barrage of words.

                “Ooh, cake? What kind of cake, we have lots of different kinds. There’s carrot cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, angel cake, banana cake, Bundt cake, birthday cake, butter cake, fruit cake which you really don’t want even if mine’s the best it doesn’t mean much, there’s also cheesecake which isn’t really cake since it’s more of a pie because it has a crust you know and I don’t know why they don’t call it cheese pie. I mean, it’s silly to call a pie a cake because if you did that you could ask for an apple pie and get an apple cake and then you’d have something that you don’t want even if it is super-duper delicious and then you’d be unhappy unless you’d known that you’d-“

                “Birthday.” he said, interrupting her.

                “Ooh, is it your birthday today? I love birthdays and I throw the best parties ever.” Pinkie gasped quite loudly. “I could throw you a birthday party. We could have streamers and games and music and balloons and-“

                “It is not my birth day.” the stallion said, emphasizing each syllable. “I must make up for many missed years. Please make the cake as large as you can han dle.”

                “Oh, well that might take a while but I think I can make a really super big cake. It might be really heavy and I don’t know if you could carry it all alone. Do you need any help because I could maybe give you some help and introduce you to the ponies here in Ponyville? I know every pony here in Ponyville except you and anypony with you but I’ve met you now sort of except for your name. Mine’s Pinkie Pie, what’s yours?”

                “You may call me Court. I do not wish to re move you from your work.”

                “Court huh, that’s an odd name. I’ve never been to court but I here it’s not very fun. I bet if I went it would be super fun and everybody would want to show up. I don’t mind helping you, I’ve got lots of time to do what I want as long as I get my chores done early. I’ve already got most of everything cooking so after your cake I can just go help you get it wherever you’re going. Where are you going?”

                “Into the for est, how long will the cake take?”

                “You don’t mean the Everfree Forest do you? That’s a really scary and dangerous place. I wouldn’t want to go there alone.”

                “You will not be a lone. I will be there. How long will my cake take?” He asked again.

                “Well I guess you’re right, and you’ve got that big giant knife. Why do you want to go in there though?”

                “It is a sword and I must see my girls. How long will my cake take?” He asked a third time, though he didn’t seem bothered to have to repeat himself again.

                “Oh you have kids? I want kids, not right now though, maybe someday in the future. They’re hard work but they can be really fun sometimes too. Oh but you want your cake. Well it’s going to be three hours minimum. I don’t know many ponies that live in Everfree Forest though, there’s Zecora and Oaky Oats but they like their privacy and Fluttershy only lives on the edge of the forest so she doesn’t count…you’re shaking your head, why are you shaking your head?” The stallion was looking down and shaking his head.

                “It is no good. Three hours is too long. Do you have any al rea dy made?”

                “Well I suppose I could use some leftover cake from yesterday and do some stacking but it’s not going to be as fresh and I think fresh is-“

                “That will be fine. I am far too late as it is.”

                “If you say so, mister. I can do my best in an hour, is that better? So if you want to go and come back-“

                “I will stay. Please hur ry.” Court said and stepped off to one side. He then seemed to fade out mentally and stared at the wall. He didn’t move and if she wasn’t looking at him Pinkie might have sworn he had turned to stone.

                “Well if you say so mister.” Pinkie shrugged and retreated into the kitchen to make the best birthday scrap cake she could. Except she couldn’t, she’d forgotten to ask for payment in advance again. She checked the number of sheet cakes she had and subtracted a bit since they were old and came up with a total. She popped out from the kitchen and trotted to the register. “Excuse me Court, that’ll be forty-seven bits.” Court turned his head to look at her before stepping back over to the counter.

                “Yes, I’m sorry. Here you are.” He pulled out three of the golden coins from somewhere in his armor and set them down. “I believe this will cover it.”

                Pinkie looked at the coins and gasped. These were old coins, and really valuable ones to boot. One would easily pay for two of the cakes he was ordering with a few bits change. “Oh this is too much silly. This is enough for six giant cakes and you only want one unless you want six but I can’t make six in an hour.”

                “I see, then I have been cheat ed by oth er po nies.” He took two coins back. “Keep the change for your self as a thank you for your ho nest y and your help.”

                “Oh sure, I couldn’t cheat anypony out of their hard earned money, but if you want an honest pony you should meet my friend Applejack, she’s pretty much made of honesty or something. I’m laughter so that means I’m made of laughter and…oh you’ve gone.” Pinkie finished as she noticed he had stepped away and frozen in place again. “Oh well, I’ll make your cake now.”



                Twilight awoke long before Spike normally did. The baby dragon needed his sleep though sometimes she got really annoyed with how lazy he could act sometimes. Still, she didn’t want to wake him too early so she started on her lists for the day without him. As the time went on, she finally couldn’t wait any longer. She couldn’t let him sleep the entire day again so she called up to him. Twilight heard him grumble and go back to sleep. She called him again with the same result and finally she gave up. She’d have to go up there and force him awake.

                “Spike, Spike wake up.” She said, shaking him with one hoof.

                “Ohh, leave me alone Twilight. I’m tired.”

                “Come on Spike, it’s time to get up. We have to learn about friendship and Rainbow wanted to show off some of her new…what’s this?” She asked, noticing the letter Spike had been lying on.

                “I don’t know. Princess Celestia sent it earlier this morning. You weren’t even up. I don’t see why she should bother me so early, it’s not like I even want the sun up so soon.”

                “Spike, why didn’t you tell me about this?”

                “You were asleep,” he yawned, “so I put it under my pillow so I wouldn’t forget to give it to you. Smart huh?” He grinned and started to drift off to sleep again. Twilight didn’t notice since she was now immediately trying to open the letter. It levitated in front of her as it unfurled and she read the contents with a sense of dread.

                “This is not good. Not good at all. Wake up Spike, we have to go warn the others. A new danger has come to Ponyville.”

                “Maybe it likes to sleep in too.” Spike muttered into his pillow.

                “Now is not the time for jokes, Spike.” Twilight levitated him out of his bed and onto her back. “Wake yourself up quick Spike, we’re getting Rarity first.

                “What? I’m not ready? I have to clean myself up.” He cried in alarm.

                “Too bad, you should have thought of that before you didn’t give me this letter.”

                Rarity might have been the closest but it was this choice that prevented Twilight from arriving at Sugarcube corner in time to stop Pinkie Pie. In fact, if she had only arrived five minutes sooner, she would have run into Court and Pinkie as they carried a giant cake out the front door and to the forest.
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