Loss and Gain
by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Characters: Applejack, Fluttershy, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch
Canon: S2
Genre: Romance, Slice-of-Life
Pairing: F/F
POV: 2nd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None
• Teen •
Dash has been shown only happy on our tvs, but deranged, sad, or in need of love on our monitors. Why not base her off my life?
Series: None
Chapters: 15
Word count: 6805 Read count: 7171
Published: 21 Jan 2012 Updated: 29 Apr 2012

1. Chapter 1-- |A day in the life| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

2. Chapter 2-- |Pinkie's Party| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

3. Chapter 3-- |The First Confession| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

4. Chapter 4-- |Hope| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

5. Chapter 5-- |Applejack's Tribute| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

6. Chapter 6-- |Consent| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

7. Chapter 7-- |The Choice| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

8. Chapter 8-- |A Celebraton Never to be Forgotten| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

9. Chapter 9-- |Bad Things That go Bump in the Night| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

10. Chapter 10-- |Trapped in Sound| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

11. Chapter 11-- |Crimson Spectrum| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

12. Chapter 12-- |The Resistence| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

13. Chapter 13-- |The Appearance| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

14. Chapter 14 --Loss and Gain-- by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

15. Chapter 15 --The End-- by BitBassWivHisPwnystep

Chapter 1-- |A day in the life| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
Please give honest opinions. I am only starting to write and my stupid copy and paste destroyed the original, beautiful first chapter. This is not as good, of course. I couldn't even remember my opening poem fully.
Loss and Gain
Based on an ongoing story, explanation in epilouge.

Sometimes Lost, Sometimes Found.
Sometimes Flying, Always Crying. 
One Carries Said Feelings Around. 
Losing All Faith in the Future Inbound. 
Loss and Gain, the Only True Harmonious One, Has Snapped Our Hearts and Still Hurt us Some.
This Is the Hole That Needs Not Work of Anyone. It's Name, Henceforth, is Depression...

"Dashielle! My own daughter..a filly-fooler!"
"Hey there, Rainbow Dyke! Where's your little filly-fooling friend to help you now?" 
"Rainbow Dash...You were the only thing that helped me. Now I have lost even you...Goodbye."
Rainbow Dash woke in a cold sweat. These nightmares...they always haunted her. Every night. She was becoming even more depressed than when she was with the firsthand experience of these memories. 'Why did it have to be a living Hell because of one prejudice?' She thought to herself. She would vent with Fluttershy, that no longer helped though. Her friends didn't see throught the fake smile she wore many times. And not even Pinkie Pie's parties helped anymore. She lost hope. The one thing...all she wanted..was somepony to truly help. Somepony who cared. Somepony to hold..somepony to..no..she couldn't bring herself to say it.
"Cmon..Rainbow, get a hold of yourself," she said to herself. Her friends knew she was depressed, but couldn't figure out why. Rainbow Dash remembered Pinkie was having a party for her..."Ok, then..let's go, Dash..." She dragged herself out of her cloud bed, and walked to the door to her house, and took off for Sugarcube Corner.
  Applejack was watching her old friend streak across the sky, and she was amazed that Rainbow still had enough energy to move that fast with her depression.. "Well shewt..we oughta give her a fightin' chance with her emotional needs...maybe she needs somepony else to vent with?"
  Applejack ran after her cyan friend.  'Bein' able to keep up with Dash  much easier now...she really must be sad..' the honest farmpony thought to herself. 'Maybe she needs somepony to help more than I thought.' "Rainbow! Yew okay, sugarcube?"
  Rainbow Dash slowed, and hovered over Applejack. " Yes, Applejack? We have a party to get to..." 
  "Well, sugarcube...Are yew sure only keeping things to yerself is the right thing to do? Ya seem more stressed everyday...and I don't want to see yew hurting anymore..."
   Rainbow Dash looked at her friend. This...behavior..became common with  Applejack, Pinkie, and even Fluttershy...what's more is she started caring about how she looked around them. She wasn't interested in them. She didn't love them. Why would she think those thoughts? 
  "Look, AJ....I'm sorry for having to be like this...and there isn't any way to deal with it...i can't just up and stop feeling sad. None of my life's highs have balanced out my lows...and then..oh Celestia...everything in my life has fallen to pieces twice now...it's just too painful..." She didn't notice that she was on the ground, in front of Applejack, until her hooves touched the dirt road. 
"It's alright, Dash...it's hard to be at a loss of any happiness whutsoever.." Applejack hugged Rainbow, and she hugged back, appreciating her friends' efforts to help her.
Chapter 2-- |Pinkie's Party| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
I personally thought this chapter could have been a bit more...Pinkie Pielike. But i was tired. And listening to Drake with bass amps.
  The party was as crazy as most of Pinkie's parties. Everything happening at once. The sheer incredibility, to us, would have our heads exploding in joy, but for the ponies, it was normal. Rainbow Dash never really was despondent until the memories resurfaced. She couldn't even open her wings the first time the memories showed up. "Hey Pinkie," Dash said, "How's the party? And what might the occasion be?"
  Pinkie Pie bounced over to Rainbow Dash like she always did. "It's been great! But I think you need to feel happy for at least a little bit. Then you'd go back to being your normal self, Dashie!" And Rainbow had to smile. Not a forced smile either...but one she let come out. "Pinkie Pie..was all this for me?" 
  "Yep! We put it together for ya!" 
 "Well, thank you. Not sure if I could say that any better." As Dash scanned the room, she noticed that the speakers that DJ Scratch was using were shaped like her cutie mark...and the same with Vinyl's shades..everything matched her...yet Rainbow Dash remained with her fake smile..her eyes truly lit up though..this was new, and anypony recognised it when they saw her. A slower bass-filled song played, and Dash felt happy again. Her heart still beat slow, but everypony was happy. Therefore, she was happy. "Dashie? You okay? You seem off," Pinkie said. The music. The bass was getting to her head. "I just feel happy for once." Dash truly felt happy. 
   She woke up the next morning on one of the sofa's in Pinkie's room, and while Pinkie Pie was wide awake, Dash was in a bit of a hangover. "Oh, you're awake! Good!" Dash rubbed her eyes. 'Why am I in Pinkie's house?' "Ugh...why can't remember anything?" 
  "Oh, DJ Scratch's music made everypony dizzy like you were. Weird, huh?" 
  "Wait. Even you?" 
  "Even little old Pinkie Pie here!" 
 'Huh...how would that work?' Rainbow Dash thought to herself. 
"Sooooooo...anyway, Dash, anything I can do to help you?" 
  "Water would be nice..." and as soon as Dash sat up, Pinkie Pie was back with a glass of water.  Rainbow gratefully took a drink and rubbed her eyes with a forehoof.  "Thank you, Pinkie. All that yesterday meant a lot."
   "Aww..it was nothing."
  "Pinkie...I never told you why i was depressed...did I?" And Pinkie looked like she was going to break down. 
  "Dashie..I know..Fluttershy helped us understand..and it is sad that your parents hated you for loving another filly, especially since you were younger..." Pinkie rushed up and squeezed Dash, and Rainbow Dash hugged her friend back, and the cotton-candy smell of Pinkie's mane helped her cheer up a bit more. "We'll never hate you. Love is love...no matter filly or colt.." 
   "Thank you, Pinkie..." 
End Notes:
Hope you enjoy.
Chapter 3-- |The First Confession| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
I personally loved how I wrote this chapter. It's true to how I think.
  Later that morning, they left Sugarcube Corner. Rainbow Dash's head was still buzzing, but she could walk around, and they decided to go to Fluttershy's cottage. "Hey...Pinkie? Is it okay if you can leave me and Fluttershy alone while I talk to her?" 
   "Oh...okay, Dashie..."
   "You ok, Pinkie? You seem really down..." 
   "Yeah, Dashie. I'm fine." And with that, Pinkie walked off.
  Why was she acting like that? Pained every time they had to stop talking? And for that matter..even Applejack and Fluttershy did too...
Why? Why would they... 'No...they don't..do they? Do they love me?' Dash thought this over as Fluttershy came outside. "Eek!!" 
   "Sorry, Fluttershy. I was just about to knock." 
  "Oh...it's alright, Dash," Fluttershy said. "So do you want to come in?"
   "...Yeah, I guess," Dash said, depression dripping from her voice.
   Rainbow Dash just let the sadness flow. She recalled every insult. Said them out loud. 
"Rainbow Dyke!"
"You're a bucking idiot, thinking that you could just love anypony." 
Even her teachers at Junior Speedster's insulted her. "Ahem. Rainbow Dyk-I mean Dash?" She sped out of class after that one. Her parents disowned her. Insulted her. Her father even backhoofed her and told her to cut off her relationship with anypony she was dating. The entire time, tears flowed. Sadness became a fog that polluted both pegasi's hearts...and created an aura of pure loss around the room. 
"I'm sorry, Dashie... If you thought breaking off our relationship would help...YOU THOUGHT WRONG!" The memory of her breakup with Crimson Streak...it pained her most. Out of everything. Every insult. Every backhoof. Every suicide attempt. Every day. Everything. Crimson helped her through everything...even let Rainbow live with her family, for Celestia's sake...they were all eachother had. Then that one fateful day had to happen. Rainbow Dash came back to reality for a second, and she had soaked Fluttershy's shoulder with tears...and even a bit of Fluttershy's mane was damp. Fluttershy was crying too, a few tears were in Dash's mane. But Fluttershy felt tense...
   "Listen, Rainbow Dash...I really think you need somepony to help in a way you might have not thought about yet...I love you, Rainbow Dash...maybe I could fill the hole that you have in your life right now?" 
   Rainbow Dash quickly let go of her friend. 'No. I'm never right about those things,' Dash thought. She was backing out of Fluttershy's cottage. Her wings were ready for takeoff..and as soon as she got outside, Rainbow Dash bolted home, her tears almost making a waterfall. She couldn't think. She couldn't breath. She was numb. Dash went to lie down on her cloud sofa..and kept bawling into it. She even cried herself to sleep. More nightmares awaited her. More insults than she could handle pervaded her dreams. She only felt sadness and the cold, bitter razor's edge of everything.
End Notes:
Wow. 55 reads and 2 downloads...thanks. Thank you all for listening to my story. And my life, ponified.
Chapter 4-- |Hope| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
This felt a bit short to me...but life looks up.
  Rainbow Dash awoke to a sad Pinkie, a crying Fluttershy, and Applejack, even Rarity, and Twilight.  
  "Guys? Is there something up? What happened?" Startled was an understatement for their looks. "Rainbow Dash...I'm so sorry...you were asleep for three whole days...we thought you were..gone.." Fluttershy squeaked. Rainbow couldn't belive it. Three days. Asleep. How...how did that happen? She may have been lazy, but not that much so... "Well...I'm back...and I'm sorry..especially sorry for what I put Fluttershy through." Fluttershy blushed, giving Rainbow Dash a look that screamed 'I haven't told them yet!' "Whut are yew sayin' now, sugarcube?" Applejack asked.
 "Oh, nothing..she's just a bit sensitive, remember?" Rainbow said. Applejack bought it, luckily. And then her head hurt. The memories of pain...they came back.
 And lyrics went through her head..

Don't belive the lies...just look me in my eyes. Please don't be scared of me..please don't be scared of me..I remember you. This feeling isn't new... Please don't be scared of me...please don't be scared of me..
   Dash came back to reality. She was back in Fluttershy's cottage. In Fluttershy's bed. Fluttershy was standing next to her. "Ughhh...Fluttershy? What happened?" 
  Fluttershy looked at Dash. "You sang that song...and it scared all of us. You looked possesed...no offense.." she squeaked.
  "It's fine, Fluttershy. Look..I'm really sorry...about what happened." Fluttershy nodded. "I'm not done..cmere for a second..." Rainbow Dash groaned, slightly stiff. When Fluttershy was at Dash's side, Dash kissed her cheek. "Sorry...but I don't feel the same...that's just a thank you for helping me for so long..." Fluttershy blushed so hard that her cheeks were as red as Applebloom's mane. 
  "..you're..welcome.." she whispered, with the widest grin Rainbow had ever seen. Rainbow got up, and hugged her shy friend. Fluttershy hugged back happily, and Dash thought to go to Sweet Apple Acres.
End Notes:
Thank all of you.
Chapter 5-- |Applejack's Tribute| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
I loved this chapter. Just something about it..i dunno..is better than the rest. More meaningful.
  Applejack was expecting Rainbow, just not as early as she arrived. "Hay there, sugarcube! How're y'all holdin' up?" 
  Dash smiled down at her friend. "I feel good for once," she answered. "But I wanted to ask you something."
Applejack knew what she was going to ask. "Ohkay, sugarcube..come into the barn fer a second." Rainbow dash flew in and Applejack shut the door behind herself and was ready for the question.."Applejack...how much do you really care about me?"
  "Ahh-weyl...sugarcube, I love you..and I have for a while.."
  "Ah. Okay." Rainbow smiled warmly, and hugged her friend. Applejack was surprised. She expected Rainbow to run off, or admit a love for her as well. Not this. So she hugged her friend back, hoping that feeling wouldn't be forgotten. And Rainbow Dash planned to take off to Sugarcube Corner. "Oh...before you go..." Applejack gave Rainbow Dash her hat. The same hat she's had since Rainbow first met her, so her feelings for her cyan friend wouldn't be forgotten. "It's old anyway...i need a newer one." Rainbow Dash was genuinely surprised at this, but accepted the offer. Applejack was a lot like her. Once her mind was set, tere wasn't much use trying to change it. 
  "Um...thank you, Applejack. This means a lot. It would to anypony." Just then, she felt a spark. Something kindled that need...but Applejack...why her? "I need to see some other ponies...I'll be right back." Applejack nodded. 
"You're going to see Pinkie now, aren't you? I get it, you figured out who else wants to fill your needs..go on ahead, sugarcube. Just make sure the mare you choose is the right one." Rainbow Dash tipped what was now her hat to her friend. "Don't worry, Applejack. I will...just promise me you won't be too jealous if the mare i find isn't you, okay?" 
   "Jealous? Where in tarnation did you get that idea from? I swear to you, whoever you choose, I will support you." With that, Rainbow nodded to the earth pony meaningfully, and took off for Sugarcube Corner.
End Notes:
95 reads 0.0 thank you all.
Chapter 6-- |Consent| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
Feels a bit short. Oh well, i uploaded it anyway.
Pinkie didn't know Dash was going to come over. Normally Rainbow Dash would sleep all day, but today was different. Pinkie heard the bell jingle from upstairs, in her bedroom on top of the bakery...then she heard Dashie's voice. 'Why is she here? I wonder if she has feelings for me...' Pinkie's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door. 
  "Pinkie Pie? You here?" Pinkie decided to answer her door. "Yep! I am! So why are you here though, beause normally you just leave us alone for a while after stuff like that happens and-" Rainbow Dash gently put a hoof to the pink pony's mouth. 
  "Pinkie...I need to ask you something.. Like inside your room. Privately." 
  "Okey Dokey Loki!" As Rainbow walked in and shut the door, she looked serious, and Pinkie noticed that Dashie was wearing Applejack's hat. 
  "Ummmm....Dashie? Why are you wearing Applejack's hat? She guards it with her life half the time." 
  "That's just it. Pinkie Pie...I think I love Applejack...but i want to know if I have your support...Please tell me yes." The cyan pegasus's eyes were begging the party pony for her consent. 
"Totally, Dashie! There's no reason I wouldn't support you!" 
  "You don't have feelings for me? None at all?" 
  "Nope! You're a good friend, but not that good of a friend. I'll throw you a party tonight to celebrate! And Make it EXTREMELY special!!"
   "Thank you so much, Pinkie. It means a lot." 
   "No problem! And Dashie, do you want a special cake? Anything different?" 
  "Have Vinyl come back with this song. Applejack will love the music." 
  "Okay! One fresh order of a DJ with a special request coming right up!" 
'Thank you, Pinkie,' Rainbow thought, grateful. "You've made my life so bright...and kindled a spark that died of coldness..but it's come back, even though Applejack is my choice...Thank you.."
  "No problem! You realise you said that out loud, right?" 
  "So I did...just make sure that DJ Scratch gets that song."
  "Thank you for all that openness, though, Dashie. I see why yo still feel that way, I just don't as much yet. If i ever object, I'll let you know."
  "You're an amazing pony. You deserve better than me."
  "Better get to Applejack, Dashie...she's going to doubt you."
  "Oh yeah...Well..Thank you. You helped me look out from all the sadness. And I owe you. Bye, Pinkie...see you tonight." Rainbow flew out Pinkie's open window. 
  "I love you too, Rainbow Dash. Don't you forget it."
End Notes:
Thank you for reading, the story is almost done.
Chapter 7-- |The Choice| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
I loved writing this chapter.
The evening was quickly upon everypony, but Applejack, for once, wasn't happy. She wondered how Rainbow Dash was doing. 'Shure hope she found somepony that wuz right for 'er. Ah'm still wishin' she chose me...but ah need to support her.' Just then, she felt a hoof coming around her shoulder, followed by a whisper that changed her life. "Hey there, 'Sugarcube'." Applejack slowly grinned, living in the moment.
  "I chose you. You're the best match for me...not to mention that you're the most lovable mare I know." 
  "Rainbow...stop yer teasin'. Ah love yew too.." The small gap between the two mare's lips soon met in ecstacy and passion. They loved eachother..and needed one another. Their kiss broke off slowly, and Rainbow was the first to break the silence. "So can I keep the hat?" 
  Applejack gave her lover a look of mock anger, betrayed by the gigantic grin on her face. "Fiine by me, sugarcube, but what else are you out here for?" 
   "I kinda have a surprise for you," Rainbow said, covering her marefriend's eyes with her hat. "I think you'll like it." Applejack felt herself get lifted off the ground, in Rainbow's hooves, and she found herself blushing. After a few minutes, Rainbow Dash said, "We're almost there now, so you don't need to wait much longer."
  "If yew say so, sugarcube." Not only was Applejack blushing, but giggling like Pinkie Pie. 'The mare of my dreams...this is amazin'! Why, I'm sure my little ol' heart's gonna up 'n' burst!' she thought to herself. "Hay, Rainbow?" 
 "Yeah, AJ?"
  "Ah love yew, sugarcube. Don't yew ferget it."
  "I love you too, Applejack." Then Applejack felt Ponyville's dirt roads underneath her hooves, and the air smelled sweet. "Cmon, AJ, keep walking...I'll guide you." Applejack knew her marefriend was smiling wide after saying that. 
  "Okay then, Rainbow. Whutever yew say." She heard Rainbow giggle. "Cmon, Dash, just tell me whut's goin on." 
   "Take off the hat now, and walk inside, okay?" 
  "Fine, Dashie. But yew better tell me whut's goin' on. Is it a party?" 
  "Maaaayyybeee." Rainbow couldn't stop giggling. She loved this earth pony so much...she was too cute sometimes! As Applejack pulled her hat out of her eyes, Rainbow saw how much AJ was blushing, and flew down and kissed her marefriend on the cheek, whispering a quick "I love you" into Applejack's ear. 'Applejack looks so cute blushing like that!' 
  As Applejack walked into Sugarcube Corner, she immediately was blasted by bass from every speaker around the room, and was still a bit surprised that this big of a party was thrown in celebration for her new relationship with Rainbow. She loved her so much. 
End Notes:
Thank you all. 191 reads and 3 dl's. This is my first story. And it isn't over yet.
Chapter 8-- |A Celebraton Never to be Forgotten| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
This may look short on a monitor, but it takes forever to write. Thank you all for reading. ^-^
  "Yew had all this done for lil' ol' me? Shucks, Dashie..." Rainbow already did so much for her, and Applejack was overjoyed. 
   "Do you care to dance, Applejack?"
   "Shewt, of course!" As DJ Scratch saw them walk to the center of the room, she put on the record. 
        Don't belive the lies
        Look me in the eyes
        Please don't be scared of me, please don't be scared of me...
        I remember you,
        This feeling isn't new
        Please don't be scared of me, please don't be scared of me...
  "Dashie...yew feel like this? Are yew not shure about us?"
  "It's a message for us in the future. If we forget why we came together. Don't be scared to love me back." and Dash smiled, loving it, as the bass filled her like it did the first time, and she and AJ were ballroom dancing to the music, and everypony gave them space, as Pinkie silently shooed the guests out, and Vinyl was smiling. The two danced in perfect sync together, and they felt fully connected. Their hearts even beat in unison. They were totally love drunk as the song ended, and DJ Scratch just walked out, quietly as possible, and Applejack nuzzled her marefriend's neck, Rainbow lifting her head instinctually. "I love you, Applejack..." she whispered. The already small space between their lips was soon closed, both ponies lovelocked in a passionate kiss. They looked as if nothing could seperate them. "Hey AJ..shouldn't we go somewhere more..private?"
   "Ohkay, sugarrcuubee..fine by mee.." AJ giggled as if she were actually drunk, and Rainbow asked Pinkie for a room for the night. The guest room was surprisingly comfy, and Applejack got in, putting her hat on the nightstand. "Cmon, Rainbow, it's warmer in the bed...sooo waarrmm..." 
   "Whatever you say, Applejack.." she giggled, getting in bed beside the favorite mare, cuddling up with her. "I love you..."
   "Ah love yew too, sugarcube...gnight..."
 They fell asleep in eachother's hooves and warmth, grateful and overjoyed.
End Notes:
D'awww...i loved writing that last part
Chapter 9-- |Bad Things That go Bump in the Night| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
No, this isn't grimdark. It won't change to that, either. But it will become darker and depressing from here. It truly becomes my story. I won't hold back.
  Applejack woke up to an afternoon sun in her eyes, and Rainbow wasn't in bed still. 'Seems that we switched sleepin' habits for once.' "Rainbow Dash? Yew in here, sugarcube?" No response, and Applejack didn't see her anywhere, and couldn't hear Dash or, for that matter, Pinkie Pie. She was wondering if something was wrong. "Pinkie? Pinkie Pie, yew around?" she asked as she walked out of the room. "DASHIE? YEW HERE?" Applejack was getting worried. "DASH, CMON. THIS AIN'T FUNNY!" She started searching the entire bakery, and couldn't find Dash anywhere. This was bad. Where was she? "Maybe Twilight's seen 'er somewhere," Applejack thought aloud. "Ah only hope she's prankin' me...if she's gone..." Applejack teared up at the thought. "Ah hope that isn't what it comes to..."
   Twilight Sparkle was rudely awakened, late in the night, by urgent knocking on the library door. 'The one day I decide to sleep early...' "Coming!" What Twilight saw was so sad...Applejack was breaking down into tears... Why?
"Oh Twilight...Ah can't find Rainbow Dash anywhere! Help me, please. Can you cast the cloud-walkin' spell on me again? And levitate me to Dashie's door?" 
 "Of course, Applejack. Wait, what? You can't find Rainbow Dash?" 
  "No, Ah can't...she disappeared this mornin', Ah haven't seen her since. And a quick afterthought, can you make the cloud-walkin' spell permanent?" 
  "Of course, Applejack...but do you realize what time it is?" 
   "Bit past midnight. Why? My marefriend is gone. Ah looked almost all day, and Ah assume she's in her cloud, but she never responded when Ah called for her." 
  "Hang on, Applejack," Twilight said, her horn glowing brightly. "Here's the cloud-walking spell. It should last a bit over three years if it isn't fully permanent. Now let's go." They galloped over to Rainbow Dash's cloud home, and Applejack was prancing in place, her opposite front and back hooves hitting the ground. 'Please be okay, Rainbow...please..'
She thought. As Twilight got to Applejack, she started levitating her friend to the front door. Applejack opened it, looking around cautiously. "Dashie? Are ya here?" No response. "Dashie? Please come out...Ah've looked for ya all day now.." Something dashed by her, whispering. Applejack backed up to the door instinctually. "Rainbow?"
The voice..it kept whispering around her until a fully black and grey Rainbow Dash smiled an insane smile with pinpoint irises and pupils. Her smile got bigger and creepier as she said, "Help me." Her voice was every tone at once. A resonation of screaming in anger, fear and sadness, a totally calm voice, a shrill little filly's voice, and every other one of Rainbow Dash's voice tones of voice. Applejack ran to the cloud's edge, but the insane Rainbow Dash got there first, and blocked Applejack's way. "TWILIIIIGHT! LEVITATE HER DOWN NOWW! KEEP YOUR HOLD ON HER!!" Applejack screamed this as loud as possible, and barrelled through Dash, but the insane pegasus followed her friend. "Cmon now, AJ. I'm not gray, am I?" Applejack kept running. "Teleport with Dashie to the library. Ah'll catch up. Have her asleep, and look for a soul-connecting spell that'll let me see what's goin' on that's causin' this mess in her head."
   "Okay. Meet you there!" 
    As Twilight left, Applejack called out to Luna. 'Luna, please...help us in your prime time of magic...come to the library in Ponyville if you can help us...'
 As Applejack arrived, her cyan lover no longer was grey, or insane-looking for that matter. She actually was cute, curled up on the floor like that. "Good, you're here. I can bind you, but it won't last long." Then somepony knocked on the library door. It was Luna. "Princess! Why are you-" 
   "Hurry. Put Rainbow Dash in a bed, have Applejack as close as possible to her. We need Applejack to sleep too. Cast a sleep spell. I'll cast the bonding spell. Cmon, hurry!" Twilight's horn started glowing, and Applejack fell dead asleep. She heard a voice. A voice she didn't recognize. It was a colt's voice, and it sounded strained...
Chapter 10-- |Trapped in Sound| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
Took WAAAYYY too long.
I hate writer's block.
--CHAPTER 10--
"Finally-someone here! Quick, do you know how to unbind me from this prison? Hellooo?"
 Sadly, the voice left as fast as it appeared. Applejack wondered who it was. "Hello? Anypony here? Dashie? Are you still there, ummm... Mr. Headvoice?"
  "Oh good. You heard me. Look, Celestia trapped me in here. The Dreamer's Realm. I'm an Alicorn. There are supposed to be four of us, and even I don't know what's happened to the fourth. But Luna's free. She might be able to release me if you call out to her with your mind. Please try. Tell her that Aura's stuck in the Dreamer's Realm and that I need to get outta here. Oh, and tell her that 3000 years is quite a long time to wait for some help. Okay?"
"Uhmm...okayy..? I'm lookin for Rainbow Dash. You seen her around here?" 
   "This is her. Her mind. You need to relive her younger life. And no, I didn't make her insane, Mortality did. A split personality of the first alicorn. It caused suffering, and drove many a pony insane with constant whispering in their heads and subliminal messaging as well. You'll know how to beat It when you come to it. Good luck be with you, Applejack." He saluted her.
  "Thanks, Aura." And Applejack ran into the blackness ahead of her.
  /Ten minutes later/
  "Ugh...Rainbooow! Yew here? Helloooo??" Applejack sighed. 
She wished she could just find Dashie already. Nothingness everywhere wasn't helping her. Then she looked around, and found a door about 24 meters away. She had to hurry, and sprinted to the door, pausing before it. 'Should Ah open this? It might be a trap...Of course. Rainbow needs me.'  Applejack opened the door.
  Applejack saw a filly Dash at what apparently was Junior Speedster's Flight School. She was talking to somepony...she seemed to be a roselike red... "So, Dash, you still think you're fastest?" 
   "Is that a challenge?" 
The rosy pony laughed and took off, Rainbow Dash right by her side, both racing playfully. Applejack smiled.    
  "Shewt...she was so cute then..." 
  "Ha! I won!" Rainbow landed near Applejack, looking at her quizically, then looking away. 'She doesn't remember me.' This fact hurt Applejack, but she had to talk to Rainbow. "Erm..Rainbow Dash?" 
The small cyan filly looked at Applejack, stunned. "How is an earth pony on clouds...? Crim...are you seeing this? ...Crimson?" The rose-colored pony looked at Dash, then into the empty space she was looking at. "Dash, you alright? You seem...off? There isn't anypony there." 
  "But-...I guess I'm just seeing things then..."
   A want-no, a need-flashed through this Crimson's eyes, and Applejack knew it all too well. She felt sad for the young mare, and judging by their height, they were...maybe in their teens? 'So...this here Crimson was Dashie's first love? Well...they look awful happy... Ah'm hopin' they treated each other well...' Then Aura showed up by her. "Look at them..Rainbow Dash's first love, but she didn't want to admit it to herself yet, let alone Crimson Streak. As odd as it seems..Crimson appeared in my life later...but that's a story for later. If you want, I can stick around so you have somepony to explain when you're confused."
   "As long as Ah have somepony to talk to." 
   "Well, obviously you have the young Dash..."
   "I mean more..um...conversation-type. Ah need someone to extensively explain, as well as talk to in general."
  "I'd like that too. But we also need to get me released. And...I really need to stop things in the real world..things are getting worse there in ways you don't know. Things you don't wanna know have happened. Too much has to explain anything about it right now." 
   "Uhm...okay? Ah really hope I can trust you..."
  'Listen.' Applejack didn't think this, but did what the voice said. She heard beautiful sobering music...and two days passed. Applejack was surprised, but kept up with Rainbow as much as she could. Crimson Streak was seeming sadder with each hour until she was crying near sunset. "What's wrong, Crim? You okay?" 
 "No...Rainbow Dash...listen...I-I love you.." Dash looked stunned, but nuzzled her friend's neck while embracing her, and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you too, Crimson Streak. I love you too."
End Notes:
And Aura will stay in. Aural=hearing. Aura can be sound. So yeah.
Chapter 11-- |Crimson Spectrum| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
This chapter was a great privelige to write for your entertainment
--CHAPTER 11--
The school's dance was amazing, and held only at Celestia's palace. Crimson Streak was in an elegant dress the same color as Rainbow's coat. Rainbow Dash, though, wore a silk dress that was the same color as Crimson's coat. The song, when they were dancing together in midair, was one they both loved.
    I'll neever forget youuu..I'll never let you gooo...
  They loved the euphoria. They loved the sunset, the midnight and afternoons. But most of all, they loved eachother. An undying love. Rainbow's parents hated her now. Her father beat her. Her mother yelled at her. They stopped feeding her, and they wouldn't let her eat anything in their house. They made her sleep on newspapers. Then, before her father was going to beat her again, she fought back. She broke his jaw with a 10-mile-per-hour kick, knocking him out, and she darted out of the house, crying. She needed a real home. Applejack watched every last bit of it. She was dying to help the younger version of her marefriend, but Dash kept shaking off Applejack, muttering to herself about seeing things. Rainbow ended up at Crimson's doorstep, a total mess. She barely knocked before the door was answered, and Crimson ushered Rainbow Dash to her room, seeing the hoof marks all over her body. They cried together in her room, and Crim's parents understood to leave them be, and knew about the two. Dash fell asleep after about an hour of crying, and Crimson watched over her, and eventually fell asleep with her head on the base of Rainbow Dash's neck, right between her wings. Applejack thought to herself a bit... 'Wow...Rainbow Dash has shure been through a lot...' No wonder she hid this away inside herself. 
  Crimson, on the other hand, had a more pleasant life. Her parents always got her things, but she took advantage of it. Straight A's at Junior Speedster's, mane styling every other month, perfect dresses and a good, large cloud estate. All she looked at was the bad. Too many made fun of her at school, she said. So many of her old friends hated her now...
Polar opposites attract, as far as we know. 
They danced the night away, it was only the two of them left in the world. It was awesome. It was beautiful. Incredible.
   When a good thing goes bad, it's not the end of the world, just the end of a world...
The other pegasi had made a gigantic circle as they landed together in a spiralling pattern. They were all at a loss for words. Celestia, though, gave them a small, comforting smile. They decidedly walked out of the palace and flew away together, in perfect harmony.
Chapter 12-- |The Resistence| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
This took about an hour and a half to write. Sorry, been working on a lot lately. But i will write as much as possible.
--CHAPTER 12--
"I hope tonight lasts forever..."
Applejack watched the two fly off together. But she focused on the task at hand. She had to get Rainbow out of this...prison in her mind... 'Ah hope I can get her out of here...it could get pretty ugly if Ah don't...' Applejack decided to sleep it off when they did. 
The two pegasi arrived at Crimson's house shortly, eyes only for eachother. They went up to their room, and Crimson kissed her beautiful friend. Rainbow kissed back, blushing, smiling as big as the midnight moon they loved as the afternoon's sun. They changed out of their dresses, and got in their bed, and Rainbow Dash kissed her friend's forehead, smiling still. "I love you, Crimson Streak. Never forget that." 
  "I won't."

The next morning, Applejack awoke to tears. Tears and searing pain. What happened? 
  "Why would you want to break up with me after a night like that? We were perfect together...we still are! Crimson!" 
  "All of my friends hate me now! I can't bear that. I hate my life!"
   "MY PARENTS ABUSED ME! I WAS BEATEN AND HATED FOR LOVING YOU!" Rainbow Dash cried.  "You want to break up for being made fun of...do you really love me?"
   "Yes...but maybe not a permanent breakup. Maybe..just a break?" 
   Rainbow Dash broke down. Everything turned grey. Fell apart. Rainbow was bawling. Crimson's mother was tearing up for the young mare they took in. Her father look solemn, but sad. Crimson hated herself now, and she saw Rainbow looking to leave. "Dashie..please don't leave. Please." 
  "YOU THOUGHT WE SHOULD BREAK UP. YOU DON'T LOVE ME! WHY SHOULDN'T I?!?" and with that, she readied to take off. "I'm sorry, Dashie... If you thought breaking off our relationship would help...YOU THOUGHT WRONG!" 
   "IT ISN'T MY IDEA! IT'S YOURS!!" Rainbow bawled, and broke Crimson's window as she took off. Applejack cried for her friend. She dropped a tear for every day Rainbow hid this from them. Every day that she faked being happy for them. She was a true friend. Not only loyal, but loving, and more complex than most thought. 'She's only tryin' to make her life better...Ah feel bad for her. Ah need to get her out of here now."
  Rainbow Dash went to her old home, and it was as broken down, grey, and lifeless as everything else. She was in her room as Applejack walked in, crying. "Look, sugarcube...are you alright? Can we talk?" 
   Rainbow Dash nodded through all those tears. Applejack was surprised, but couldn't speak. 
    "All of this ain't real, Dashie... you're trapped in your own mind by something bad...something evil." 
When Dash looked up, her eyes were filled with recognition, and she remembered everything, and got up. "Thanks, AJ," Dash said. "I love you, but it's time to go." Applejack was confused as she found herself strapped down, an insane Rainbow dash smiling at her from about five  yards away, a carving knife in her hand, and looked around to see two dead pegasi. "Dashie...what are you-AAAAAAAGH!" Applejack's eyes became tiny as she found the knife in her stomach, and hooks in her limbs, and Rainbow flipped a switch to electrocute Applejack.

Everything went black. Applejack awoke next to a Rainbow Dash with a razor in her hooves. "RAINBOW! DON'T DO IT!" Applejack cried. Her tears were flowing. 

She blinked into blackness with Rainbow Dash by her side. A normal, beautiful, Rainbow Dash. "Oh Dashie...Ah love you so much..!" she cried on her friend's shoulder, seeing as Dash was still grey. "Do I? There's so much to take in right now...I can barely remember." 
   She wished Aura could help, but he was putting her memory back together. She kissed her marefriend's lips with a new passion. All her emotions and sympathy, in one expression. Rainbow Dash's wings shot up, her eyes getting huge.
The kiss was finally returned, and they stayed together, lovelocked. 
A huge creature, something demonlike, showed up.  The two woke with a start.
End Notes:
Thinking if I should bring Aura back, or leave him to his fic.
Chapter 13-- |The Appearance| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
I know it's short. Lost the original again.
***EDIT*** UPDATE SOON, your wait will be over probably by tomorrow, and hopefully so.
--CHAPTER 13--
The scene was dark and chaotic enough to scare Discord. Three leather-strap restraing chairs, all covered in somepony's blood, one decorated with gore. Every scene from Rainbow Dash's life played before them in apparation-seeming screens surrounding the black room, an insane-looking Crimson Streak grinning at them with something in her mouth and pinprick eyes. A peaceful, but sad beat played in the background as Aura arranged her memories to help. The memories of Gilda...they were sad. They were much like Applejack's experience with the Griffon, but...her eyes were glassy. Sad. Depressed. She wished she could understand, and on that thought, she blacked out for a second. 
Applejack woke up to a small blizzard, in front of a cloud house, and heard some sobbing. She rushed in, since the door and windows were already broken in. Then she saw a small Griffon over two larger ones...in a pool of blood? There were talon marks all over the larger Griffons, and no marks on the young one. She kept crying, and upon darting out of the house, running into Applejack, but paid her no mind and ran out of the house. 
She blinked back to Rainbow Dash's side, sad for her Griffon friend. Loss overcame the two ponies, and they cried for eachother. "D-Dashie...Ah never knew 'bout all this in yer life...Ah'm so sorry for yew..."
  "And I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, AJ...it didn't seem right to drop my burdens on you-" 
   A new voice came in. "My game doesn't work like that, Miss Dash." A blackened-gray Alicorn trotted out, with the same glassy eyes as everypony else that's ever gotten depressed, and with a straight face, with a slight frown to it. He looked at them, and Applejack accusingly called him out.
Chapter 14 --Loss and Gain-- by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
Here's the last chapter. Thank you all.
--CHAPTER 14--
  "Not many call me that still. What might your name be?"
  Applejack chose not to respond, hatred decimating her emotions inside. "Ah! I remember now! Applejack!"
 "Git out of her head. Now. You've destroyed her thouroghly enough. Just leave us alone," Applejack spat out. Misery laughed, saying, "It doesn't work that way, dear. Not at all.
  "For years, I've been lurking in ponies like our dear Rainbow Dash. I want my power back , so none of these ponies feel the uneccessary happiness they feel they need to. 
  "I want more pain. More pain causes insanity. Insanity causes terror. Terror causes fear. Fear causes chaos. Chaos causes Discord."
  Applejack spat out, yelling, "LEAVE HER BE!" as a bright twilight-colored light shone around her, and her Elemental amulet, that of Honesty, came to Rainbow Dash, and a sky blue light shone around her. Dash's amulet, that of Loyalty, came to Applejack. They stood together against Misery, glaring. "Leave us alone. You will face the consequences if you don't."
   "Fine, fine, fine. But I have one last thing to say," Misery said. 
   "Let's see if your hearts can take it!" The dark Bane cast a spell, sending the two into darkness.

Applejack awoke strapped into a chair, one much like the other one she was cut into, but Crimson Streak, with the eyes of a maddened pony, lurked over her, Dash hung by her wings on the wall.
"Well, I see you've taken her heart from me...so I shall do the same to you.."
Applejack began to panic as the numbing needles poked through her coat and muscles, squirming a little. "Wait...why would yew do this? Ah-Ah'm sorry that she isn't yours anymore, but she left with good reason!"
"I dumped her for a good reason indeed...but she haunted me, making me the pony I am now.." Crimson said, her eyes becoming walleyed with her insane smile, holding a carving knife, cutting down Applejack's midsection as the pony cried out. 
"..Crimson...! Don't...do this to her...!" Dash's faint voice reached the two ponies' ears, then seeing a cyan flash from the newly-freed pegasus, burning with rage, defending Applejack with her life, beating on the other pegasus. "LEAVE...APPLEJACK...ALONE!"
The red pony flew across the black floor, staining it with blood, knocked out, but the tall grey pony came from the mad pegasus's body like a spirit. "It seems you've beaten this stage-"

"It will be the only stage," Aura said, appearing before the three. "I won't let you harm these two anymore." His magic started working, healing Applejack's wounds, and Rainbow Dash's cuts and bruises. 
"Run. Now."
Dash freed her hurt mare, flying at the shadows with her as fast as possible, a barrier of sound around them, and Aura started working a spell. The Rainboom and spell came in perfect sync, and the three ponies awoke away from a group of five ponies and a princess. Luna looked up first, seeing a lightened grey coat, and shorter mane, but then she saw her brother's eyes, and she ran over happily. 
"Aura! You're safe! I missed you so much!" the Princess said, helping her brother up. 
"That's no longer my name. It may seem stupid..but my new name is DualBeat. And I'm dropping my place on the throne. I'm sorry, sister, but I need to go." 
And he left.
 The other two were greeted with great joy and celebration. Nopony ever had to worry about Misery anymore.
Chapter 15 --The End-- by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
"You ready, Dashie?" Pinkie asked, helping the cyan pony with her dress at Rarity's boutique. "Yeah...Pinkie?"
"Will you still support me, even in a bond like this with Applejack?" 
"...O-Of course, Dashie~"
The two hugged eachother tightly, and Rainbow Dash went to Rarity upstairs.
"Are the rings ready, Rarity?" 
"Yes, and I must say they're FABULOUS for the occasion!" 
"How much?" Rainbow reached for some silver bits, but Rarity held up a hoof, saying, "It's on me, darling."
"Your finest diamonds?"
"If it's for my friends, then of course!~"
/30 minutes later/
Dash walked down the aisle, happier than she'd ever been in her life. It truly had been the best day ever. As the rings were given to them, and they kissed, and celebrated with their friends- nay, family- they realised they were truly meant for eachother. 

The End.
End Notes:
I know, I know, stereotypical endings are cheap, but I'm going to make more.
So, I've always been bullied and left out, and much of this fic is driven by that. And when I say always, I truly mean always. Since I started going to school, it's happened.
Applejack is a little bit of a representation of a few friends. The few true friends I have support me, but not in that way, I already have a special somepony. They truly are awesome people.
All my life, especially since 6th grade, I've been called many, many hurtful things, quite a few involved here, in the fic. I go through much family dysfunction, and I have to be okay with that. People think it's ordinary dysfunction, but it's pretty bad...
Anyway, they decide to insult me constantly, and I've tried venting.
This rivals with music, the penultimate cure.
Writing this was very helpful to me, and I may not be very popular, but you, the reader, has heard me out. I don't even ask that you tolerate it. But I thank you.
Things are okay right now, but I'm still pretty bruised. And...it hurts. But this helps ease the pain.
Thank you for reading, and signing off,
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