Loss and Gain
by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Characters: Applejack, Fluttershy, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch
Canon: S2
Genre: Romance, Slice-of-Life
Pairing: F/F
POV: 2nd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None
• Teen •
Dash has been shown only happy on our tvs, but deranged, sad, or in need of love on our monitors. Why not base her off my life?
Series: None
Chapters: 15
Word count: 6805 Read count: 7171
Published: 21 Jan 2012 Updated: 29 Apr 2012
Chapter 1-- |A day in the life| by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
Author's Notes:
Please give honest opinions. I am only starting to write and my stupid copy and paste destroyed the original, beautiful first chapter. This is not as good, of course. I couldn't even remember my opening poem fully.
Loss and Gain
Based on an ongoing story, explanation in epilouge.

Sometimes Lost, Sometimes Found.
Sometimes Flying, Always Crying. 
One Carries Said Feelings Around. 
Losing All Faith in the Future Inbound. 
Loss and Gain, the Only True Harmonious One, Has Snapped Our Hearts and Still Hurt us Some.
This Is the Hole That Needs Not Work of Anyone. It's Name, Henceforth, is Depression...

"Dashielle! My own daughter..a filly-fooler!"
"Hey there, Rainbow Dyke! Where's your little filly-fooling friend to help you now?" 
"Rainbow Dash...You were the only thing that helped me. Now I have lost even you...Goodbye."
Rainbow Dash woke in a cold sweat. These nightmares...they always haunted her. Every night. She was becoming even more depressed than when she was with the firsthand experience of these memories. 'Why did it have to be a living Hell because of one prejudice?' She thought to herself. She would vent with Fluttershy, that no longer helped though. Her friends didn't see throught the fake smile she wore many times. And not even Pinkie Pie's parties helped anymore. She lost hope. The one thing...all she wanted..was somepony to truly help. Somepony who cared. Somepony to hold..somepony to..no..she couldn't bring herself to say it.
"Cmon..Rainbow, get a hold of yourself," she said to herself. Her friends knew she was depressed, but couldn't figure out why. Rainbow Dash remembered Pinkie was having a party for her..."Ok, then..let's go, Dash..." She dragged herself out of her cloud bed, and walked to the door to her house, and took off for Sugarcube Corner.
  Applejack was watching her old friend streak across the sky, and she was amazed that Rainbow still had enough energy to move that fast with her depression.. "Well shewt..we oughta give her a fightin' chance with her emotional needs...maybe she needs somepony else to vent with?"
  Applejack ran after her cyan friend.  'Bein' able to keep up with Dash  much easier now...she really must be sad..' the honest farmpony thought to herself. 'Maybe she needs somepony to help more than I thought.' "Rainbow! Yew okay, sugarcube?"
  Rainbow Dash slowed, and hovered over Applejack. " Yes, Applejack? We have a party to get to..." 
  "Well, sugarcube...Are yew sure only keeping things to yerself is the right thing to do? Ya seem more stressed everyday...and I don't want to see yew hurting anymore..."
   Rainbow Dash looked at her friend. This...behavior..became common with  Applejack, Pinkie, and even Fluttershy...what's more is she started caring about how she looked around them. She wasn't interested in them. She didn't love them. Why would she think those thoughts? 
  "Look, AJ....I'm sorry for having to be like this...and there isn't any way to deal with it...i can't just up and stop feeling sad. None of my life's highs have balanced out my lows...and then..oh Celestia...everything in my life has fallen to pieces twice now...it's just too painful..." She didn't notice that she was on the ground, in front of Applejack, until her hooves touched the dirt road. 
"It's alright, Dash...it's hard to be at a loss of any happiness whutsoever.." Applejack hugged Rainbow, and she hugged back, appreciating her friends' efforts to help her.
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