Princess Amity
by Mister Smiley
Characters: Original Character(s), Princess Celestia
Canon: AU
Genre: Dark, Slice-of-Life
Pairing: None
POV: None
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None
• Teen •

This story explores the idea of Celestia having a daughter named Amity, and her internal struggle of light and darkness. While sturggling with her internal magic, an ancient evil returns.

Series: None
Chapters: 5
Word count: 8488 Read count: 1346
Published: 09 Nov 2017 Updated: 24 Nov 2017

1. Chapter 1 by Mister Smiley

2. Chapter 2 by Mister Smiley

3. Chapter 3 by Mister Smiley

4. Chapter 4 by Mister Smiley

5. Chapter 5 by Mister Smiley

Chapter 1 by Mister Smiley

Early in the morning where the sun is shining bright just above the horizon, the staff of a high school in the glorious city of Canterlot is starting the day as usual, signing in, unlock the door, and prepare for lecturing. The teachers range from unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies and vary in age. Some of have been teachers for a long time while others are new and have little experience.


One educator is a middle aged unicorn who teaches the 12th grade and is straightening her desks and organizing her papers frantically. The distraught unicorn uses her magic descending fro her horn to levitate papers and cram them in a drawer in a complete disorganized way, and instead of closing the drawer in quietly, she slams it shut making a loud echo in the room. It also does not help that her classroom door is completely open allowing the cho to travel down the hall. The loud echo startles a much younger earth pony walking down the hall towards her room. The young pony turns around quickly to a large figure behind her and nervously smiles ten continues walking towards the room. The unicorn teacher sweating profusely sits in a wooden chair behind a metal desk and waits as she darts her eyes across the room ensuring it is clean and organized.


Slight knocks then are heard on her classroom door, and a young earth pony says, "Mrs. Lily, your guest is here."


The unicorn teacher swallows and responds, "Please bring her in."


The earth pony steps aside and bows her head. The guest is majestic, tall, white, alicorn with two massive wings and a long pointed horn. Her flank has cutie mark of a bright sun, and the alicorn is wearing a golden crown, a golden chest amulet, and golden hoof shoes.


Mrs. Lily steps off her chair, bows her head, and says, "Welcome, Princess Celestia. It is an honor having you in the school and in my classroom."


"Thank you very much,” Celestia says. “I'm actually excited in telling the students about Equestrian history."


Lily clears her throat, lifts her head, and in a very nervous tone says, "And the students will enjoy it, hopefully. Uh, do you need anything like water? I have bottles beside my desk. Would you like a snack? I have some fruit. Would you like a chair or a stool?"


Celestia chuckles, "Mrs. Lily, don't be so nervous. I’m just here to tell a story. Nothing more. I'm perfectly fine by the way. When do the students arrive?"


The teacher slows her breathing down and looks at her clock on her desk. "It's about 7:05 now. So, in about twenty minutes."


"Well, until then," Celestia says, "tell me about yourself."


Lily starts informing the princess about where she came from and what made her want to be a teacher, and after some time, young ponies enter the room quietly and nervously while staring at Celestia. Eventually, the time reaches 8:00 and the bell rings to start the school day. All the students except for one pony in the back sit silently and straight giving Princess Celestia their full attention.


Celestia walks in front of the students with a smile, "Good morning, class." All of the students are quiet and just only stare at the princess.


Mrs. Lily then yells, "Class, please respond!"


Startled, the student shout at once, "Good morning, Princess Celestia."


Celestia looks at the teacher and says, "Mrs. Lily, don't do that again." Lily blushes in embarrassment, and Celestia stares back to the students. "Class, please relax. I am simply here to tell you a story from history that occurred twenty-one years. First, does any pony know about Triton?"


An eerie silence dominates the classroom atmosphere until a male unicorn with a deep voice in the middle of the room breaks the silence, "My mom told me that he was part of the Royal Family."


Celestia answers back, "Correct. Specifically, my cousin."


Then, a pegasus raises her right hoof, and Celestia looks at her allowing the pony to ask, "I heard he was mean, but you’re so nice. Why is that?”


Celestia's smile deteriorates, "He actually wasn’t always like that. He was at one point... a wonderful pony.” Her smile returns, “ I remember when I, he, and Luna were little.


"He was sweet, caring, and unselfish. I remember one time, Luna tripped and scrapped her knee a bit. She started to cry, and Triton was there to check on her before I had a chance. He used his magic to heal her, and we all continued playing. Whenever he was away, Luna and I sent him letters all the time, and he would write us back quickly. I even remember when I was about your age he created his own magic spell where he made whips out of his aoura. He used them to tickle us. We loved him dearly, and... I wish he was here as his former self. I guess this is where I should start the story.


"As I said earlier, this happened twenty-one years ago, and this was during the time Discord was spreading his chaotic magic throughout Equestria. Much like Canterlot and Manehattan, the once great city of Pandora was greatly affected by his destructive magic, and during that time, the mayor of the city fled leaving it and the citizens to perish while he saved himself. Even after defeating Discord, the city was still in great peril. The violence and hatred was rampant. When some ponies tried taking control of the city, it was too much and would step own willingly or be assaulted. Luna and I could not abandon the towns and cities that needed our aid especially Canterlot. So, we contacted Triton and asked him to save Pandora, and he accepted and flew to the city immediately. From what I know, when he arrived at Pandora, half of the ponies greeted him while others were still violent. Despite negative reactions, he did as he promised: rebuild Pandora.


"He constantly sent Luna and I letters informing us about his progress, and he was doing a magnificent job. After about three months, he told us the city had reclaimed its former glory. Violence had stopped, ponies had somewhere to live, and every pony had a job that contributed to the community. We were so proud of him and knew that he was perfect for this task. However, about two months after that message, the letters had stopped. Luna and I thought nothing of it at first. We figured he was busy or had forgotten, but after three months of no communication, we became worried and sent him a letter asking if he was okay. Instead of sending us a reply back the next day like he usually did, we didn’t hear from him until a week later. He responded with, 'Everything is fine. My city is glorious'.


"We knew something was wrong and flew to Pandora immediately. We also took the Elements of Harmony in case it was something crucial. I'm glad we did. When we arrived at Pandora, what we saw was...disturbing. The city had regained its size, but it had a -you could say- gloomy and threatening atmosphere. No ponies expect for ones wearing black metal armor walked down the streets. Hanging on every street lamp were red flags with a six-pointed black star in the middle and Triton's face with total black eyes inside the star. Those flags sent chills down my spine. When we got to the middle of the city, we saw a massive castle which was not in Pandora before. We landed in front of two massive wooden doors, and as soon as we landed, the doors opened with Triton standing there. He was expecting us.


"I could tell immediately something had changed. His eyes were bloodshot and were completely black with no sign of his bright blue iris. His mane, tail, and fur were normal colored but were... off. His black mane and tail were flowing like mine and Lunas but in an usual pattern. His blue fur was ragged and had dark red stripes like a zebra. He was wearing a dark blue crown and a black amulet around his neck both of which had various gems and diamonds all over them. Luna and I didn't want to believe it, but it was true by just the mere sight of him, Triton had embraced his dark magic and was triggered by greed.


"Before I continue, I need to say this children: Please do not embrace your dark magic. Every pony has dark magic within themselves and anything could ignite or trigger it. Once it is triggered, never embrace it. It will turn you into a monster. I’ve seen it happen to Triton and later Luna. Back to the story.


"We tried to reason with him but with no avail. He believed that he only lived for his gold and jewels and was..." Celestia closes her eyes tightly, breathes in and out, open her eyes, and continues, "willingly to die for it. He blatantly told us he made a law in the city to submit all wealth to him. I can't remember everything he said exactly...but I do remember this and something else later. He said this exactly, ‘These ponies don't mean anything to me for I am greater than all!' We tried telling him that we loved him and tried to convince him to turn back into his former self, instead though...he attacked.


"It was an intense fight, and he was much stronger and more powerful than Luna and I had thought. I remember one moment of the fight where he demonstrated his power: We took the fight in the air, and Luna was hit by a powerful magic beam from him and collasped. I charged at him, and we were in a horn lock. For those who don't know, this is when two unicorns' or alicorns' horns are side by side, and one pony tries to overpower the other with magic and strength. Anyway, Triton and I were at a horn lock, and he overpowered me with ease pushing me down to the street below. Luna woke up, rushed in, and joined me in the lock. Despite having the both of us using all of our strength, Triton continued to push us down with ease. He definitely had a strength and power advantage, but we had speed and experience. I know you're wondering how we defeated him. Long story or fight short, we tried to force him down to the ground so we can use the Elements of Harmony while he was still down. I distracted him by engaging him in another horn lock while Luna stabbed him in his right shoulder and slashed across his back thighs with her horn. With Triton in intense pain, I overpowered him sending him flying across the street. To assure he would not escape, I used my horn and slashed his left wing. We used the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone, but before we did, I remember Luna asking him, 'How could you, Triton?'


"Triton wallowing in pain responded and this was the other second thing I remember him saying exactly, 'Go ahead, turn me stone but heed my words. I will return and this world will be mine! I am darkness! I am Triton! I AM GOD!' He's still in his stone imprisonment. We left him at the abandoned city he ruined. He and Pandora will become nothing more than myths."


The students with faces of awe sit silently. Celestia looks at the clock at the back of the room and says, "You have a couple of minutes until the next class period. Any questions?"


A unicorn raises his left hoof and he asks, "I know he did terrible things, but do miss him? Even a little?"


"Yes," Celestia answers, "Just like how I miss Luna when I banished her ten years ago, I miss Triton a lot. He's still family after all."


A different pony raises her right hoof, "I know this is off topic but..."


"It's quite alright," Celestia says, " I don't mind answering any question."


"Well," she hesitantly starts, "I was wondering where your husband is. I have heard of him but never seen him."


Celestia smiles and says in a polite yet sad tone, "He's not with us now. He's not dead but on major royal duties elsewhere that has taken every minute of his life for the last sixteen years."


The same unicorn asks, "Do you miss him?"


Celestia responds, "Of course, my dear." As soon as the princess finishes, the bell rings. Before leaving the classroom, the students approach the princess, bow their heads, thank her for the story, and politely exit the room. The last student in the back of the classroom is a pink alicorn with gold and silver lining mane and tail, golden eyes, a blank flank, and a bookcase containing three massive textbooks on her back. She approaches Celestia with her eyes reaching the princess' upper chest making her the tallest student.


"Great job, Mom," the alicorn says.


"Thanks, Amity," Celestia says in a cheerful tone. "Now," Celestia tilts her head slightly to her left, "get your butt to class. Don't want a tardy on your last day of school." Amity chuckles and walks out the door.

Chapter 2 by Mister Smiley

The last class of the day exists the classroom leaving the teacher and princess alone. The unicorn uses her magic to wrap a purse around her neck preparing to the leave with the princess. "Thank you so much, Your Majesty," Mrs. Lily says.


"It was my pleasure," Princess Celestia replies. "But before we leave the school, may I see Amity's grades for these last nine weeks?"


"Sure but why?" the teacher asks curiously.


"Just to see how she did," Celestia answers.


Mrs. Lily walks to her desk, opens a drawer, and shows a file with "Amity" written on the tab. She places it on her desk and opens the file containing highly graded tests, quizzes, homework, and rubrics.


Celestia approaches, and as she observes each graded assignment, Lily proclaims, "She is- or was- a fantastic student and one of my smartest students without a doubt. She’s fast learning, responsive, respectful..."


"What is this?" Celestia asks in concerned tone with an eyebrow raised. She stares at a test with a red 80 at the top, and she then turns her head to her left to see Amity standing in the classroom doorway. The pink alicorn darts her eyes left to right then smiles at her mother.


"Your Majesty?" Mrs. Lily interjects. "That test was about a week ago, and it really didn't affect her average. Also, that was the highest grade. Please don't be mad at her. This test’s practically pointless."


“Thank you, Mrs. Lily,” Princess Celestia says as she places the test on the desk then walks towards her daughter. She says to her pink daughter and says, "From now on, you will tell me every grade you make."


Amity responds, "But today was my last day of school."


"Exactly," her mother replies. "I was referring if you go to college." The two alicons walk down the hallway towards double. While behind her mother, Amity rolls her eyes behind Celestia's back. "Don't roll those eyes behind my back.” Celestia unexpectedly states. “I'll roll that little head of yours. Oh, and when we get home, we’ll practice your magic skills and something new to teach you."


Amity dashes beside her mother, "But I wanted to help see the hoofball game tonight. It's the last one of the school year."


"You can go to the game later, but you need to practice your magic first."


"Yes ma’am. Well, at least you’re showing me something new. I do love new spells. What is it?"


The two step walk through the doors and step outside. Celestia extends her massive wings and answers, “Hm. I’ll tell you right now and not even practice...if you beat to the Ballroom first! Ready, set, go!” The white princess immediately flies into the air heading towards a beautiful gigantic castle on the side of a mountain near the city. Amity grins and swiftly follows her mother trying to fly faster.


The two fly over a garden maze and can see the Castle Ballroom through the windows. Celestia and Amity playfully bump each other as they fly to the doors of the ballroom. The two alicorns are neck and neck and are about to crash through the doors, but Celestia screams, “If you win, you’re grounded!”


Amity shockingly shouts, “What?!” She slows down allowing Celestia to enter the Castle Ballroom first. Amity snarls and rushes in behind her, “No fair, Mom! You cheated!”


"I never said I couldn’t say things like that. Can’t argue with that,” a cocky Celestia says to her daughter who perks her lips out. “Oh come on now.” Celestia uses her magic auora to control Amity and bring her right into her mothers arms, and the white alicorn hugs her daughter while rubbing her hoof on Amitys head.


Amity shrieks, “Ah! No Mom, you’ll ruin my mane!” Amitys horn then glows gold for a second, and she is engulfed by a white flash and vanishes. Suddenly, a second white flash appears behind her mother, and Amity appears.


"Are you going to show me the new spell?" Amity enthusiastically asks.


Celestia chuckles and calmly answers, "Not yet. First, keep practicing your teleportation spell."


Amity's enthusiasm quickly deteriorates, "Mom, really? That's like the most basic spell I know. Heck, I learned it when I was two. You saw how fast I did it just then."


Celestia raises her right eyebrow high showing annoyance. Amity makes a single chuckle and teleports herself again. She then appears at one of the corners of the room, and Celestia turns to look at her daughter. "Again," Celestia orders. Amity repeats her teleportation appearing in front of the main doors. "Again."


Amity in an slightly annoyed tone, "Okay." She continues teleporting multiple times just as her mother said, but after the seventh time, she stops and realizes Celestia is gone. Amity looks around and asks, "Mom? Where did you go?"


"Nowhere," Celestia whispers in Amitys ear scaring her.


Amity shrieks and jumps in the air and her wings start flapping keeping her in the air. The spooked alicorn shouts, “That's not funny, Mom!" Celestia giggles underneath her hears, then suddenly Amity feels a slap across her plot. "Ow!" She turns swiftly to see nothing. She is then tackled by her invisible mother and pinned to the floor.


"Gotcha," Celestia says to Amity. She feels Celestia letting her free allowing the pink alicorn to stand. "This is your new lesson,” Celestia says making an echo in the room. “but answer this question first. What are the five senses?"


Amity answers aloud, "Touch, hear, taste, smell, and see. Why?"


"Well," Celestia replies, "there is a sixth sense that only unicorns and alicorns have: the sense of magic. Basically, because alicorns and unicorns are active magic users, both species can use their own magic to sense the magic within others including the passive species, earth ponies and pegasi."


A confused Amity replies, "Well, that’s kinda neat, but how do I do it?"


"I was able to spank you just then right?" Celestia answers. "Listen carefully because it is confusing at first, concentrate your magic just like you did with teleportation but be at a peaceful state. Just let your other senses go and clear your mind."


Amity closes her eyes and concentrates as her mother instructed. Her horns gold auora surrounds it but nothing happens. She begins breathing harder trying to put herself in a peaceful state but is unsuccessful. Amity stops and breathes heavily and says, "Can't sense anything."


"You're trying too hard,” Celestia replies. “Just focus on your horn and calm yourself. Then, when you are truly calm, you will feel something."


"What is it that I will feel or supposed to be feeling?" Amity asks.


"You’ll know.”


Amity concentrates again but still with no success. She breathes in and out slowly again and again. She then starts to feel a small spark on the right side of her horn. It does not hurt her but can be felt by the alicorn. Then, the small spark grows in size. It consumes some portion of the horn then half then the whole right side of her horn. She is then tackled to the ground again.


"Gotcha again," Celestia says.


Amity playfully responds, "Not for long." Amity rolls over trying to get her mother off of her, but Celestia holds on and starts tickling her daughter with her wing feathers. Amity squeals and slides out of her mother's arms. Both princesses stand and stare each other down, and the pink princess leaps at Celestia who simply teleports herself right above Amity grabbing her again. Both drop to the ground laughing.


Celestia calmly says, "You've grown up so much, Amity. It was like yesterday you were going to Kindergarten and’re graduating. I love you."


"I love you too, Mom," Amity replies.


"After the graduation ceremony next month, what do you want to do to celebrate?" Celestia asks.


Amity merely shrugs and turns her head to look at her mother, “I do want to stay with you. I actually want to be a princess like you doing princess stuff.”


“No you don’t,” her mother responds. “It’s not easy doing this job, and I want you to have a legacy so ponies won’t think ‘just another princess’. You understand? Besides, technically you already are a princess.”


Amity lays her head down on the ground, “‘just another princess’?” She looks over her mothers head to see her blank flank.


Celestia then looks at her daughter's flank and says, "Oh, Amity. How many times have I said that..."


"’It will come in time’. Too many, but I can't...” Amity sighs. “Your and Aunt Luna's cutie marks represent more than just raising or lowering the sun and moon. They stand for the marvelous things you both had done in the past. I'm 18 and still don't have one? When I look at my blank flank, it just reminds me that I've done…nothing. What kind of princess am I?"


Celestia lays her head on her daughter's cheek and replies, "I understand how you feel, but you can't let it haunt you. If you work hard and stay true to yourself, destiny will reward you someday."


"I hope so," Amity says.


"I know so," Celestia responds kissing her daughter's cheek. Both princesses stand up. "Go ahead to the ball game. I have to lower the sun a bit for the afternoon," Celestia says. Amity hugs her, heads outside, and flies off.

Chapter 3 by Mister Smiley

In a field behind the high school, a game between two teams of hoofball players entirely composed of teenage male ponies is intensely occurring. The participating players from each team are wearing matching uniform tops while the referees on the field have black and white striped tops and caps. The players are sweating profusely while the coaches' with their deep raspy voices yell at the top of their lungs. The score is 2-2, and the game will end when the next team scores. The players, coaches, referees, and bystanders observing the game are on edge. 


There are two groups of ponies watching the game one on each of the opposite side of the field, and Amity stands among one group with smaller female ponies around her anxious to see how the game will end. The game continues with one player controlling a white and black ball and passing it to another member. The crowd cheers loud including Amity.


As she cheers, a unicorn beside her screams, “Come on! Move it!”


An earth pony then joins, “Move your orange butt, boy!”


Amity hearing these comments makes her laugh as they continue shouting statements. Then, a whistle goes off, and Amity sees that one team wins the game. "We won! Thank Celestia, We won!" Amity screams while hugging the two ponies beside her.


"Too bad it's the last game of the school year," the earth pony replies.


"True, Vanilla," Amity responds, "But at least we won."


"Heck yeah, girl," the unicorn says. She then notices a particular tan colored team member giving hoof bumps to his teammates on the field, and the unicorn elbows Amity against her shoulder. "Hey, Amity. There's your boyfriend."


She and Vanilla giggle while Amity sees the player, blushes, and swiftly talks back, "He's not my boyfriend! Sure, he's a sweet, handsome, talented, smart, caring, and...but I don’t like him that way!"


"Suuure, you don’t," the unicorn replies sarcastically.


"Shut up, Evening! I mean it!" Amity yells at her friend.


The friends giggle as they leave with the rest of the crowd of ponies leaving, and the trio of friends walk down a road which leads to the city of Canterlot. They walk down the path having a conversation until an older earth pony approaches them. Beside her, a pegasus who looks like Evening but has lighter fur color lands next to her and looks at Amitys pegasus friend.


“Vanilla, it’s time to go home,” the older pony says.


“Oh Mom, can’t I hang out with the girls a bit longer?” Vanilla asks her mother.


Her mother shakes her head, then Amity intervenes, “Um, Mrs. Lockheart, it was our last school day, and we really want to spend time a bit together tonight.”


“Yes please. Mom, speak some sense to her,” Evening interjects.


“I don’t know. Will you be safe?” Mrs. Lockheart asks.


“It’s dangerous out there,” the pegasus mom states. “Even here in Canterlot.”


Amity answers with an idea, “Would it make you feel better if they spent the night at the castle with me?”


Her friends jaws drop hearing such an idea which is followed by Mrs. Lockheart saying, “Uh, well...”


Evenings mom replies, “It’s okay with me.”


“Mmmm, okay,” Mrs. Lockheart agrees.


The two friends smile and hug Amity, and the mothers walk away. Then, just when the mothers are out of sight, Vanilla says, “Are you crazy Amity? What wil your mom say?”


Amity giggles and replies, “Um, you forget who she is?”


The earth pony puckers her lips, “I stand corrected.”


The trio continue walking down the road telling jokes and having conversations then eventually come across a straight road to the castle. They start walking down the road since the castle is straight head, but the atmosphere was unnerving with no other ponies around the trio. They get a bit nervous and keep looking around. Amity feeling worried spreads her wings and stretch them over her friends. Suddenly, a bone chillingly slow laughter is heard down an alley and emerging from the shadowy alley is an earth pony.


The colt is perfectly groomed with his blue mane slicked back, blue tail straightened, gray fur sparkling, and a cutie mark of flame. "Ah," the colt says with a heavy country accent, "what is this before my eyes? A trio of defenseless teens walkin’ about. Oh... innocent." Vanilla and Evening step back a bit while Amity step forward, and the colt looks directly at her. “Well, if it ain’t Amity, daughter of Celestia. I have been lookin’ for you. For a princess, you were surprisingly hard to find like a needle in a haystack.”


Amity stares at the earth pony intensely and replies, "Who are you?"


"My apologizes, Your Majesty," the smiling colt says, "my momma named me Diablo on account of..." He opens his eyes wide showing off his orange and yellow iris which stands out from the rest of his body. “My unique eye color.”


“What do you want?!” Evening behind Amity asks aggressively.


“A simple message from Momma to this princess only because you are special, Amity. Klaatu barada nikto.”


Suddenly, all around Amity the world vanishes into all white. She looks all around but no body else is around her tries shouting. However, she cannot make a sound. “There’s no use in trying Amity,” a somewhat seductive female voice echoes sound her. “It’s only me speaking to you. You have some much potential, my dear. Celestia is holding you back because she knows you can overthrow her. Why do you think you haven’t had the opportunity to do something great or earn your cutie mark? Because she’s scared of you. You have so much magic within you that if you let it go, you can even kill her. You want to be great my little pony? You just have to embrace anger. You have been holding back so much anger, haven’t you? I can sense it, and She loves it and will be free.” Then, a second voice is heard but is muffled. “You are struggling. Very well. I will let you go but remember this, dark magic isn’t evil. It’s who you really are. The way of honesty, loyalty, generosity, kindness, and laughter are all lies and tools to create a false image. Only dark magic is the true way of life and peace. Keelah Se'Lai.”


The whiteness disappears, and the muffled voice become clear quickly, "Amity! Wake up!” Vanilla screams.


“AMITY!" Celestia's voice suddenly echoes from a distance. 


Her vision becomes clear and looks around to see everything is on a tilt with hooves right in front of her face. She can also see a bright yellow light shining over her and realizes she has collapsed. The pink alicorn stands up with her friends tending to her.


Celestia lands, approaches Amity, and hugs her. The pink alicorn asks, “W-what happened?”


“You just collapsed,” Evening responds.


Celestia breaks the hug and looks into her daughters eyes. “Are you okay?! Who am I?! How many horns do I have?!”


“Mom,” Amity replies. “I’m fine just...what happened to that guy?”


The two friends look where Diablo appeared from but see nothing. Amity looks around but to no avail. “Who?” Celestia asks.


“A weird guy named Diablo,” Vanilla answers. “But he’s gone.”


“I’ll give word to my guards and the Wonderbolts to find him.” Celestia states with an intense tone.


The pink alicorn asks, “How long was I out?”


“Like a minute or so,” Evening says. “When you fell, I shot a magic flare in the sky to get your moms attention.”


“Okay,” Amity understandably responds. “I think we should fly to the castle.” Celestia nods her head and allows Vanilla to get on her back while Evening gets on Amity, and the two alicorns with the friends fly to the castle.


A shadow from the alley Diablo emerged from slithers into the middle of the road and forms into the grey colt. He smiles wide and licks his lips while watching the alicorns fly off. “I have to say Momma, you were definitely right about her.” He pauses. “Mmm, a great sister She will be. I wonder what her name is.” He then looks down the same alley he came from and walks towards it. “As you wish Mama.” Diablo chuckles. “I can’t wait to see his reaction to Pandora.”

Chapter 4 by Mister Smiley

The four ponies safely arrive at the castle and enter through the ballroom doors, and Evening and Vanilla unmount the alicorns. They immediately tend to Amity who appears unhurt. Celestia turns to Amity about to say something but holds back and leaves the trio.


“Princess Celestia?” Vanilla asks the white alicorn before leaving the room and into a hallway. “Um...can we...uh...may we know where to get snacks, Ma’am?”


Celestia smiles and says, “There’s a kitchen downstairs, and you don’t have ask me for permission. This is your sleepover. Just have fun.” She turns and walks out the door while her smile fades away.


Amity says, “Well, how about we head to my room, grab some games, and play in the dining room? It’s really big.”


“Sure,” Evening responds, “but are you sure you’re okay?”


“Seriously, you collapsed like a tree being chopped down,” Vanilla states. 


Taking a deep breath, Amity reinsures, “Yeah, I’m good. No worries.” She then leads them through the same doors her mother went through but stops when she sees Celestia speaking to a guard near the end of the hall but unable hear. The colt in armor then leaves to one side of the hallway, and the white alicorn walks towards the other direction. Without turning her head, Celestia glares at Amity as she disappears behind a wall. The young alicorn quietly gasps and leads her friends down a different hall not wanting to get in her mothers way.


Later that night, the group of friends are in a massive empty dining room with the tables and chairs neatly stacked up against one of the walls, and they are in bizarre positions. They are on top of a plastic square with an equal amount of red, blue, green, and yellow large dots. Vanilla is close to the floor with her right front hoof vertical to her shoulder on a blue spot, left front hoof is stretched far to her left on a green spot, and both rear hooves stretched out on two red spots. Amity is over her with her stomach over her friend, front hooves close together on different colors, and rear hooves making an “X” on different colors as well. Vanilla whose plot is near Evenings face has her right rear, right front, and left front hooves on different spots has her left rear hoof in the air and desperately looking all over the square.


“Come on now!” Amity playfully shouts as her rear legs shake.


Vanilla snaps, “There are no yellow spots!”


“Get your flank out of my face!” Evening shouts at Vanilla causing Amity to laugh.


Finally, Vanilla sees one under Evenings belly and reaches but accidentally touches her friends stomach causing her to squeal and jump a bit. The trio then fall on top of each other and begin to laugh. “I win.” Amity proclaims.


“No I did,” Evening replies.


“No it was me,” Vanilla steps in. “I touched the last spot.”


“You tickled me,” Evening responds.


“Whatever you two say,” Amity states. “I’m going to get some more snacks. Get another game ready, okay?” The two friends nod their heads and start moving the current game for a different one, and Amity exists through the dining room doors and says to herself as soon as she closes the doors, “I totally won.” She proceeds to walk down a hallway and notices a set of doors with a golden frame around them slightly open. The alicorn looks through the small openly and sees her mother sitting in front of a colorful picture glass window displaying a maroon alicorn and white alicorn having their foreheads together while a pink alicorn infant hovers above them. Amity walks inside, sits beside Celestia, and looks at the window.


Celestia looks at Amity says, "Amity, what are you doing?”


“I was going to get some more snacks,” the daughter answers. The white princess nods her head and stares back at the window. Amity breathes in and out, “What was Dad like?”


Celestia extends her wing and hugs Amity close. “Courageous, smart, loyal, stoic, poetic...” Her eyes start to tear up. “...everything that would have made him the greatest father in the world.”


Amity looks at her mother with tears streaming down her face. “Is he...truly still alive?” Her mother does not answer. After a minute, the pink princess states, “There’s something I should’ve told you earlier. It’s what happened before I collapsed.” Celestia stares at her.


“The colt Diablo said some odd words then everything went blank, then a mare started talking to me. I couldn’t see her but the voice was female, and she said something things that I didn’t like. Things that made me...scared. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground.”


"What did she say?" Celestia asks.


Amity says in a nervous tone, "Like, you were holding me back. I have so much more potential than you think. I...can even...kill you." She looks at her mother who has a shocked expression. Amity finishes, “and something about She.”


"She?" Celestia states.


"It scares me. I don’t want..."


Celestia then responds calmly, "It’s okay. We’ll figure this out and bring Diablo and whoever said that to justice. They want you to unleash your dark magic, and I think I who this She is, your dark magic persona."


"What do you mean?” a shaking yet curious Amity questions.


Celestia responds, "Amity, some ponies dark magic have personas. While some like Triton just consumes them making them believe that they’re the same being, some have a different personality inside themselves. Luna had that with Nightmare Moon, and I have one named Day Breaker. I believe the voice was referring to yours. Now, what’s her name and characteristics? I don’t know and don’t wanna to know. I want to you to be you. I don’t want to see something that you’re not." Celestia hugs Amity tight. "You are the most important thing in my life. Please, don’t ever let your dark magic persona  take over. I love you more than anything else in this world, and I don’t know what I would do if I lost you."


Amity asks, "You love me more than Dad?"


Celestia hesitantly answers, "...Yes.” She releases the hug. “Now, go enjoy the rest of your night. Just put this behind you for now. This shouldn’t have been the time to talk about that”


“Okay, Mom.” Amity stands up, gives her mom a kiss on the cheek, and exists the room. As soon as she leaves, Celestia walks to her throne, sits in it, uses her magic to lift a pen and paper, and starts writing a letter.

Chapter 5 by Mister Smiley

Four weeks later, Celestia in bedroom is combing her hair then hears a knock on her. She places the comb down and opens the door to find a unicorn assistant who greets her, "Good morning, Your Ma..."


“Shh,” the princess interrupts. She waves the assistant to enter her room inside, and when steps in, Celestia explains, "You'll wake up Amity. Her room is close to mine. Now, we can't let her know about this. Okay? Tell all of the guards, maids, chefs, and any pony else you can get to not let her go into the dining room." Her assistant nods and listens carefully.


In Amity's room, the pink princess is fast asleep making faint snores while her wrinkled sheets cover her waist. She is dreaming walking down the streets of Canterlot with her friends, and they are wearing highly expensive clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. They are suddenly halted by three tall, muscular, handsome stallions who give the three teens flirtatious smiles, and instantly the three girls' eyes grow massively large with sparkles in their pupils and jaws hit the concrete floor. Amity looks at her friends who each have taken a stallion to small house that spontaneously appears. Excited, she turns looks at the last stallion, but instead of him, a slightly taller dark blue female alicorn with a long flowing sparkling blue mane and tail stands before her.


"You're lucky I'm can’t tell your mom about this," the alicorn says to the pink princess. Conufsed, Amity looks at the alicorn. "Why, Amity, don't you remember me?"


Amity observes her carefully, "Aunt Luna?"


The alicorn nods her head, and Amity smiles hugs her tightly. "How is this possible?" Amity asks excitingly.


Luna in a gentle voice answers, "When...'She'... raised my moon ther other night, ‘She’ used an ancient spell to contact my alter ego Nightmare Moon spiritually instead of physically. Long story short, ‘She’ granted Nightmare Moon one night to talk to you in your last dream before you wake up, but Nightmare felt that it would be better for me to see you."


"Wait," Amity asks, "this is all a dream?"


"Yes, my dear," Luna answers. "Even if this is a dream, it is still wonderful to see you again. Spin around. Let me get a good look at you." Amity in place spins and extends her wings. "Beautiful. Simply beautiful." Luna states.


“Hey I thought of another question,” Amity questions, “you said Nightmare felt you should be here. She cares about me?”


Luna nods, "Yes. I and Nightmare Moon may hate your mother, but you are innocent in both of our eyes. There’s no reason to hate you. I and even Nightmare Moon love you. Tell me, how do you feel about this surprise?"


Amity with a joyous expression answers, "This is...unbelievable! I missed you so much. I wish this was real."


"Don't fret. One day we will be together again. Please be patience." Then, the environment slowly starts turning black. “Looks like our time is over."


"No," Amity replies. "Please no. You just got here."


Luna explains, "'She' fears that if I have too much freedom, Nightmare Moon will somehow escape. I’m sorry."


Amity hugs her aunt again and asks, "Before you go. Answer this, do you love Mom?" Luna stays quiet and hugs her niece tightly. The young alicorn then sits up and looks to see that she is back in her room, and she smiles and cross her arms. Then, she whispers, “Goodbye, Aunt Luna.”


Several hours later, Amity wearing a graduation gown with a graduation cap and stands behind some curtains of a theater stage. Other ponies wearing the same clothing as her have just walked across the stage individually, received their diplomas from the principal, thanked the vice principal, bowed to Princess Celestia, and walked off stage. Amity awaits for her name to be called and repeat the same process, but the principal hands the last diploma to Celestia who holds it in her magic.


Amity thinks, "Uh-oh. What's happening?"


"And now," Celestia addresses the crowd, "the last graduate of this senior class is the first alicorn to graduate high school in years, my daughter, the future of Equestria, Princess Amity!" The crowd spontaneously springs up and cheers extremely loud.


Amity with blushes dominating her face making it a dark pink shade walks up on stage towards her mother, and Celestia with the diploma in held in her aurora hands it to Amity who receives using her magic. The two hug on stage, and as soon as they hug, Amity without moving her lips whispers in her mom's ear, "Don't ever do this again! It's so embarrassing!"


Celestia smiles and without moving her lips responds, "Sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier but not sorry because it’s hilarious to see you like this." She then breaks the hug and sees Amity with a big smile on her face with the inner part of her eyebrows curved down. She simply smirks at her daughter, and the graduate walks off stage.


About thirty minutes after the ceremony ended, Amity celebrates with friends and fellow graduates then later returns the gown and cap to the school staff. The princess with Evening and Vanilla leave school ground and find Celestia waiting for them with two carriages each being pulled by pegasus guards. "Congratulations, girls. I’m so proud of all of you." Evening and Vanilla bow their heads before her and then raises them. "Evening and Vanilla, would you two like to come to the castle to celebrate? Don't worry. I already asked your parents, and they said yes."


The friends stare at each other then at Amity who is nodding her head frantically. The two friends, "Yes ma'am!"


Celestia responds, "Excellent! You both can ride with Amity on her royal carriage. As soon as we arrive at the castle, just follow me." Celestia walks and climbs on one carriage while Amity and her friends climb on the other, and the guards pull the carriages with ease and take off into the air.


As they head towards the castle, Amity's friends look at the breath taking scenery below them making Amity chuckle then says, "I know. It'"


Then, the three graduates say simultaneously, "Awesome! Whoa, we said it at the same time! Cool!"


Later, the ponies arrive at the castle, and the trio of friends step off the carriage and follow Celestia who has already entered the castle. They catch up to the princess, and Celestia takes them through the main hall and into the dining room where a long undecorated table is set up.


"Please take a seat," Celestia asks the group of friends as she sits at the table herself.


They awkwardly sit for a minute until a unicorn butler enters the room, walks to Celestia, bows his head, and asks the princess, "Is this the entire group, Your Majesty?" Celestia nods her head, and the servant replies, "Very well." He leaves the room politely without saying another word. Suddenly, a large number of maids, butlers, and chefs barge in giving all four ponies napkins, glass cups, and golden plates in front of them. Carts then barge in supplied with salads, steamed carrots, five star soups, and various other freshly made foods and dishes.


Celestia looks at Amity's friends who have excited faces and asks, "Surprised?"


"Yes, ma'am," Evening answers.


"Thank you so much, Your Highness," Vanilla also answers.


Celestia chuckles and looks at Amity who has a smile and asks, "Well, Amity? Are you surprised?"


"Kind of," Amity responds, "but you do this all the time." Celestia simply shrugs.


The four ponies eat dinner and stuff themselves up but perhaps too much that Celestia had to up the dessert on hold for a while. Evening is rubbing her stomach as if she is pregnant, Vanilla has slow blinking her eyes and not speaking much, and Amity lick her lips and sighs in relief. After five minutes, ithe trio call for the sweets and receive a massive marble cake with vanilla and strawberry flavors and chocolate icing covering it. Celestia licks her lips excited for the cake, but the three friends look at each other with concerned faces.


Some time after, the ponies leave the dining room with the trio going to Amitys room and Celestia exiting the castle to lower the sun and raise the moon. The trio of friends in the room lay on the bed beside each other moaning.


“,” Vanilla moans.


“Your mom sure loves cake,” Evening says to Amity. “If I took one more bite, it would have came out right there.”


Amity chuckles then groans, “It hurts to laugh.” She then hears knocks on her balcony doors and sees her mother, and the pink alicorn struggles to stand up and clumsingly walks to Celestia. She steps onto the balcony and stares at the beautiful moon.


"Beautiful, isn't it?" Celestia asks.


Amity whispers, "Yeah."


“How are they?”


“You gave us too much food.”


Celestia smirks, "Hey, since your friends have plans with their families this summer, do you want to go to The Orange Beach this summer?"


Her daughter darts her head at her mother and responds excitedly, "Yeah. I would love that."


"Wonderful but..." Celestia replies, "I have royal duties throughout Equestria for two weeks. Once I finish, we'll go, but you have to do something until then."


"What?" Amity asks.


Celestia answrs, "Go to Ponyville and learn from Miss Remedy. She is a behavior a master in magic, fighting specialist, and a reliable friend. I sent her a letter asking if she could to take you in and give you some training that I can’t teach you in magic and fighting."


"Why do you want me to learn how to fight?" Amity confusingly asks.


"Remember what happened weeks ago," Celestia explains. "We haven’t found DIablo, and I fear he may appear later on and cause trouble. I want you to be safe. Understand?”


Amity nods and says, "Yeah, sure. So, when will I go?"


Celestia answers, "In two days. Now, have fun with your friends and enjoy the night.” Her daughter enters the room then is jumped on by her friends. Celestia can hear the girls having fun but turns to look over the horizon with a stern expression. “Something very bad is about to happen. Remedy, protect my daughter please.”


Meanwhile at a small town in the desert, Diablo walks into a small building and is greeted by a mare. “How do you do sir? Welcome to Dodge Junction Apartments where we work hard so you can sleep. How many will there be?”


“Howdy there, it will be just me darlin’,” the gray colt answers. “But before I get myself a room, how about you let Good Ol’ Diablo have a room for free?”


“Sorry sir, I am afraid I can’t do that,” the pony states.


Diablo gives a devious smile, “Oh come on girl.” He then stares into her eyes as his colors in his eyes circle around. He then says, “you want me to give me a free room.”


“I want to give you a free room,” the mare in a bland tone of voice and bland eyes says.


“Good girl. Now, show me my room.” The mare leads him to a vacant room and opens the door for Diablo. “Not bad. Not bad at all.” He turns back to the mare who is standing at the door, and he looks over her. “Now...for you...” The mare enters his room while he watches with his hellacious smile and licking his lips. He suddenly gasps. “Oh come on Ma! SHe’s right here!” He pauses. “Fine. Go back to your job.” The mare exists the room and closes the door. Diablo turns to a window and look at some mountains nearby. “I’ll be there in two days.”

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