Princess Amity
by Mister Smiley
Characters: Original Character(s), Princess Celestia
Canon: AU
Genre: Dark, Slice-of-Life
Pairing: None
POV: None
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None
• Teen •

This story explores the idea of Celestia having a daughter named Amity, and her internal struggle of light and darkness. While sturggling with her internal magic, an ancient evil returns.

Series: None
Chapters: 5
Word count: 8488 Read count: 1347
Published: 09 Nov 2017 Updated: 24 Nov 2017
Chapter 1 by Mister Smiley

Early in the morning where the sun is shining bright just above the horizon, the staff of a high school in the glorious city of Canterlot is starting the day as usual, signing in, unlock the door, and prepare for lecturing. The teachers range from unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies and vary in age. Some of have been teachers for a long time while others are new and have little experience.


One educator is a middle aged unicorn who teaches the 12th grade and is straightening her desks and organizing her papers frantically. The distraught unicorn uses her magic descending fro her horn to levitate papers and cram them in a drawer in a complete disorganized way, and instead of closing the drawer in quietly, she slams it shut making a loud echo in the room. It also does not help that her classroom door is completely open allowing the cho to travel down the hall. The loud echo startles a much younger earth pony walking down the hall towards her room. The young pony turns around quickly to a large figure behind her and nervously smiles ten continues walking towards the room. The unicorn teacher sweating profusely sits in a wooden chair behind a metal desk and waits as she darts her eyes across the room ensuring it is clean and organized.


Slight knocks then are heard on her classroom door, and a young earth pony says, "Mrs. Lily, your guest is here."


The unicorn teacher swallows and responds, "Please bring her in."


The earth pony steps aside and bows her head. The guest is majestic, tall, white, alicorn with two massive wings and a long pointed horn. Her flank has cutie mark of a bright sun, and the alicorn is wearing a golden crown, a golden chest amulet, and golden hoof shoes.


Mrs. Lily steps off her chair, bows her head, and says, "Welcome, Princess Celestia. It is an honor having you in the school and in my classroom."


"Thank you very much,” Celestia says. “I'm actually excited in telling the students about Equestrian history."


Lily clears her throat, lifts her head, and in a very nervous tone says, "And the students will enjoy it, hopefully. Uh, do you need anything like water? I have bottles beside my desk. Would you like a snack? I have some fruit. Would you like a chair or a stool?"


Celestia chuckles, "Mrs. Lily, don't be so nervous. I’m just here to tell a story. Nothing more. I'm perfectly fine by the way. When do the students arrive?"


The teacher slows her breathing down and looks at her clock on her desk. "It's about 7:05 now. So, in about twenty minutes."


"Well, until then," Celestia says, "tell me about yourself."


Lily starts informing the princess about where she came from and what made her want to be a teacher, and after some time, young ponies enter the room quietly and nervously while staring at Celestia. Eventually, the time reaches 8:00 and the bell rings to start the school day. All the students except for one pony in the back sit silently and straight giving Princess Celestia their full attention.


Celestia walks in front of the students with a smile, "Good morning, class." All of the students are quiet and just only stare at the princess.


Mrs. Lily then yells, "Class, please respond!"


Startled, the student shout at once, "Good morning, Princess Celestia."


Celestia looks at the teacher and says, "Mrs. Lily, don't do that again." Lily blushes in embarrassment, and Celestia stares back to the students. "Class, please relax. I am simply here to tell you a story from history that occurred twenty-one years. First, does any pony know about Triton?"


An eerie silence dominates the classroom atmosphere until a male unicorn with a deep voice in the middle of the room breaks the silence, "My mom told me that he was part of the Royal Family."


Celestia answers back, "Correct. Specifically, my cousin."


Then, a pegasus raises her right hoof, and Celestia looks at her allowing the pony to ask, "I heard he was mean, but you’re so nice. Why is that?”


Celestia's smile deteriorates, "He actually wasn’t always like that. He was at one point... a wonderful pony.” Her smile returns, “ I remember when I, he, and Luna were little.


"He was sweet, caring, and unselfish. I remember one time, Luna tripped and scrapped her knee a bit. She started to cry, and Triton was there to check on her before I had a chance. He used his magic to heal her, and we all continued playing. Whenever he was away, Luna and I sent him letters all the time, and he would write us back quickly. I even remember when I was about your age he created his own magic spell where he made whips out of his aoura. He used them to tickle us. We loved him dearly, and... I wish he was here as his former self. I guess this is where I should start the story.


"As I said earlier, this happened twenty-one years ago, and this was during the time Discord was spreading his chaotic magic throughout Equestria. Much like Canterlot and Manehattan, the once great city of Pandora was greatly affected by his destructive magic, and during that time, the mayor of the city fled leaving it and the citizens to perish while he saved himself. Even after defeating Discord, the city was still in great peril. The violence and hatred was rampant. When some ponies tried taking control of the city, it was too much and would step own willingly or be assaulted. Luna and I could not abandon the towns and cities that needed our aid especially Canterlot. So, we contacted Triton and asked him to save Pandora, and he accepted and flew to the city immediately. From what I know, when he arrived at Pandora, half of the ponies greeted him while others were still violent. Despite negative reactions, he did as he promised: rebuild Pandora.


"He constantly sent Luna and I letters informing us about his progress, and he was doing a magnificent job. After about three months, he told us the city had reclaimed its former glory. Violence had stopped, ponies had somewhere to live, and every pony had a job that contributed to the community. We were so proud of him and knew that he was perfect for this task. However, about two months after that message, the letters had stopped. Luna and I thought nothing of it at first. We figured he was busy or had forgotten, but after three months of no communication, we became worried and sent him a letter asking if he was okay. Instead of sending us a reply back the next day like he usually did, we didn’t hear from him until a week later. He responded with, 'Everything is fine. My city is glorious'.


"We knew something was wrong and flew to Pandora immediately. We also took the Elements of Harmony in case it was something crucial. I'm glad we did. When we arrived at Pandora, what we saw was...disturbing. The city had regained its size, but it had a -you could say- gloomy and threatening atmosphere. No ponies expect for ones wearing black metal armor walked down the streets. Hanging on every street lamp were red flags with a six-pointed black star in the middle and Triton's face with total black eyes inside the star. Those flags sent chills down my spine. When we got to the middle of the city, we saw a massive castle which was not in Pandora before. We landed in front of two massive wooden doors, and as soon as we landed, the doors opened with Triton standing there. He was expecting us.


"I could tell immediately something had changed. His eyes were bloodshot and were completely black with no sign of his bright blue iris. His mane, tail, and fur were normal colored but were... off. His black mane and tail were flowing like mine and Lunas but in an usual pattern. His blue fur was ragged and had dark red stripes like a zebra. He was wearing a dark blue crown and a black amulet around his neck both of which had various gems and diamonds all over them. Luna and I didn't want to believe it, but it was true by just the mere sight of him, Triton had embraced his dark magic and was triggered by greed.


"Before I continue, I need to say this children: Please do not embrace your dark magic. Every pony has dark magic within themselves and anything could ignite or trigger it. Once it is triggered, never embrace it. It will turn you into a monster. I’ve seen it happen to Triton and later Luna. Back to the story.


"We tried to reason with him but with no avail. He believed that he only lived for his gold and jewels and was..." Celestia closes her eyes tightly, breathes in and out, open her eyes, and continues, "willingly to die for it. He blatantly told us he made a law in the city to submit all wealth to him. I can't remember everything he said exactly...but I do remember this and something else later. He said this exactly, ‘These ponies don't mean anything to me for I am greater than all!' We tried telling him that we loved him and tried to convince him to turn back into his former self, instead though...he attacked.


"It was an intense fight, and he was much stronger and more powerful than Luna and I had thought. I remember one moment of the fight where he demonstrated his power: We took the fight in the air, and Luna was hit by a powerful magic beam from him and collasped. I charged at him, and we were in a horn lock. For those who don't know, this is when two unicorns' or alicorns' horns are side by side, and one pony tries to overpower the other with magic and strength. Anyway, Triton and I were at a horn lock, and he overpowered me with ease pushing me down to the street below. Luna woke up, rushed in, and joined me in the lock. Despite having the both of us using all of our strength, Triton continued to push us down with ease. He definitely had a strength and power advantage, but we had speed and experience. I know you're wondering how we defeated him. Long story or fight short, we tried to force him down to the ground so we can use the Elements of Harmony while he was still down. I distracted him by engaging him in another horn lock while Luna stabbed him in his right shoulder and slashed across his back thighs with her horn. With Triton in intense pain, I overpowered him sending him flying across the street. To assure he would not escape, I used my horn and slashed his left wing. We used the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone, but before we did, I remember Luna asking him, 'How could you, Triton?'


"Triton wallowing in pain responded and this was the other second thing I remember him saying exactly, 'Go ahead, turn me stone but heed my words. I will return and this world will be mine! I am darkness! I am Triton! I AM GOD!' He's still in his stone imprisonment. We left him at the abandoned city he ruined. He and Pandora will become nothing more than myths."


The students with faces of awe sit silently. Celestia looks at the clock at the back of the room and says, "You have a couple of minutes until the next class period. Any questions?"


A unicorn raises his left hoof and he asks, "I know he did terrible things, but do miss him? Even a little?"


"Yes," Celestia answers, "Just like how I miss Luna when I banished her ten years ago, I miss Triton a lot. He's still family after all."


A different pony raises her right hoof, "I know this is off topic but..."


"It's quite alright," Celestia says, " I don't mind answering any question."


"Well," she hesitantly starts, "I was wondering where your husband is. I have heard of him but never seen him."


Celestia smiles and says in a polite yet sad tone, "He's not with us now. He's not dead but on major royal duties elsewhere that has taken every minute of his life for the last sixteen years."


The same unicorn asks, "Do you miss him?"


Celestia responds, "Of course, my dear." As soon as the princess finishes, the bell rings. Before leaving the classroom, the students approach the princess, bow their heads, thank her for the story, and politely exit the room. The last student in the back of the classroom is a pink alicorn with gold and silver lining mane and tail, golden eyes, a blank flank, and a bookcase containing three massive textbooks on her back. She approaches Celestia with her eyes reaching the princess' upper chest making her the tallest student.


"Great job, Mom," the alicorn says.


"Thanks, Amity," Celestia says in a cheerful tone. "Now," Celestia tilts her head slightly to her left, "get your butt to class. Don't want a tardy on your last day of school." Amity chuckles and walks out the door.

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