MLP-OF - Secret thoughts (commentary)
by SparkStone
Characters: Mane 6
Canon: S2
Genre: Human Crossover
Pairing: None
POV: 1st
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None
• Almost Everypony •

Hear the thoughts of our adventure tackling heroes!

Series: My Little Pony - Otherworldly Friends
Chapters: 4
Word count: 1080 Read count: 1315
Published: 28 May 2013 Updated: 03 Sep 2013
Story Notes:

Listen to what the ponies or the humans have to say about their day so far. You'll never know what you might uncover!

The idea was brought up by Alisa to add more secrets revealed to the story, so why not? We will hold a collection of the same episodes that will have a narrator telling what they thought about it. We won't do all the episodes, but we will do ones that have certain things to let you know about.

1. Twilight's thoughts on Episode 1 by SparkStone

2. Applejack's thoughts on Episode 2 by SparkStone

3. Aleu's thoughts on Episode 18 by SparkStone

4. Celestia's thoughts on Episode 20 by SparkStone

Twilight's thoughts on Episode 1 by SparkStone
Author's Notes:

Twilight's thoughts when they all first met the humans.

Twilight's Thoughts

This was one weird day. First a creature called a "human" falls out of the sky and tells us he's from another world called USA. I was very surprised to find out that these humans have such amazing technology as to tell them about our world. They don't seem too fond to talk about it though, but I guess I shouldn't bother asking.

Since they know so much about us, they seem to immediatly trust us. I wonder if I could trust them...I mean they've been so kind so far, Aleu even woke up at night to check up on me. I hope they're good humans, they really seem capable to build a bond with. In fact, I've already felt a spark in our bond lighting up.

They also seem quite fun, seeing them race with Pinkie Pie. Lucy and Pinkie seem to already be the best of friends. Even thought there is a age difference.

Balkin also seems quite athletic, but not enough to beat Applejack. I kinda worry for Aleu though, he seems to get so tired easily. but then again, he did fall from the sky.

Everypony seems to be happy so far, trust and friendship has already formed between us...except Rainbow Dash. She seems to be highly suspicous of them, I hope she can learn to trust them too, and not do anything crazy.

Oh my...thinking about this made my head hurt...I better get some sleep...Tomorrow will be the first day the humans spend their time in our world. I wonder what they'll do.

End Notes:

Twilight sure is happy to meet new friends she barely knows about! good to know! maybe this would've been more fun with Aleu's point of view. Well if you'd like to hear another side of their thoughts, contact me by using the review here.

Applejack's thoughts on Episode 2 by SparkStone
Author's Notes:

Applejack's thoughts when the humans saved the fillies

Applejack's thoughts

This day was somethin' to remember. It all started when Ah was letting applebloom go with her friend Scootaloo to do their canoeing for their Cutie Mark. Ah had no idea what would've happen if Aleu, Balkin, and Lucy didn't come here. If it weren't for them, Ah might have never seen them again...

Aleu and Balkin came over with the help of Fluttershy to visit, what a nice couple of guys to check up on me. And on that point, Balkin had his brotherly instincts on and with it, we were able to find out where those kids went. The Everfree Forest.

We all dove in the forest, Balkin was in the lead, and with Aleu's quick thinking, we were able to use a vine to lasso Balkin hold and that canoe down. Since the canoe held still, Fluttershy was able to fly the fillies away, thanks to the genorosity of Balkin and Lucy to let the three go safely first. but before we could even get Lucy out, the vine snaps, and soon the two drifted off to the waterfall. The two started paddling their all until Fluttershy helped Lucy out, Balkin nearly sacrificed himself to save her. luckily, Aleu was able to pull out another vine for me to lasso Balkin and get him to safety. After everyone was safe, we all hugged it out.

But just when things got better, Rainbow came in and challenged the three to a challenge, and with a bet that will get them to leave Ponyville. Why Rainbow? Why?

End Notes:

Applejack worries so much for them in the ending of that episode, but then again, Applejack clearly see that they have good hearts after all that.

Aleu's thoughts on Episode 18 by SparkStone
Author's Notes:

Aleu's thoughts when he was in deep trouble.

Aleu's thoughts

I feel as if I had actually died. I don't even know how I'm here right now after all that. It all started in the dungeon. I was feeling as if the whole world wanted me gone. I knew though that I'm gonna make it through no matter what. I still have two friends on my side. Balkin and Lucy, the ones who know the truth and will help the others too.

Before I thought things weren't gonna get better, I was rescued by all of them. Twilight actually came with the others, and I felt a mix of happiness and worry. but that good feeling was gone as I found out everything. Chrysalis was alive, and she was going to take over Canterlot, in hopes to use my powers against them. I refused the offer of course, in which this would actually foil her plans. however things took a turn for the worst as princess Luna was nearby and was captured. Chrysalis used her as a backup and sucked away her life force. I didn't want that at all, so I pleaded to her to take away my energy instead. During the seconds of my magic along with my life being sucked out of me, I felt as if I really was dying. My whole world flashed away as the last spec of life I had vanished. How am I alive now? It was thanks to this alicorn, with an amazing power that brang me back to life. She took me to battle off the many changelings terrorizing the city. After I finally found the elements of Harmony, the alicorn parted ways and left me to fight against Chrysalis.

I was never really THAT into fighting, but with this kind of world at stake, and my friends, I'll do whatever it takes to set things right.


End Notes:

Oh Aleu, so much pain you went through.

Pfft! I thought about this commentary confusing people between my story and the actual show. I should really change the title up.

Celestia's thoughts on Episode 20 by SparkStone
Author's Notes:

Princess Celestia's thoughts after the humans have left Equestria.

I felt so ashamed...After all that has happened, the human boy stuck out for all of Canterlot. He was noble and pratically a true friend right from the start. But seeing him leave was so much to bare.

I was able to keep my memories. I looked into the other world for that moment. Balkin and Lucy were quite well since they had each other most of the time. Aleu however lived alone. the boy was full of mystery to me, and I am quite intrigued on how he manages to smile even though he seems lonely. I wish I could feel happy like how he does alone in his apartment. Maybe it was just because he had friends and he knew it already.

I wasn't able to look in the other world much longer, so I told Aleu how I felt before I left. I then looked at my crumbling kingdom, repairing itself after the massive toll its taken. The 6 young ones have left, questioning their strange memories twisting images and voices. Little do they know they had just lost the best friends our world could ever have. I have even thought of finding a way to bring them back...but as I thought, I realized if I take them from their world, what would they leave behind? I didn't want to make another mistake if it could jeapordize their world or our world.

I just hope that you three could forgive a foolish mistake of a foolish ruler...

End Notes:

Originally, Celestia wanted to bring the three back to Equestria, and after doing so, she would have let evil spirits in their world somehow. But me and Arisa thought that Princess Celestia can only make a mistake at a time, because we wanted to avoid making her look like an idiot.

BTW I'm not making the commentary in order, but if you like to make one for any episode, even one's I've done already, then go ahead! just don't repeat both the character and the episode.

While making your commentary, keep in mind that they have to be a character and an episode.

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