Josh's Discovery
by Quantum Bass
Characters: Mane 6, Original Character(s), Other BG Pony, Princess Celestia, Spike
Canon: None
Genre: Human Crossover, Romance
Pairing: F/M
POV: None
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Violence
• Teen •

After almost committing something no one should even think of, Josh, a sixteen year old High School Junior finds himself in the world of Equestria.

Series: None
Chapters: 6
Word count: 12043 Read count: 4045
Published: 28 Feb 2013 Updated: 07 Mar 2018

1. Chapter 1: Twilights mistake by Quantum Bass

2. Chapter 2: Josh by Quantum Bass

3. Chapter 3: Awakening by Quantum Bass

4. Chapter 4: Fluttershys Cottage by Quantum Bass

5. Chapter 5: The Town by Quantum Bass

6. Chapter 6: The Treehouse by Quantum Bass

Chapter 1: Twilights mistake by Quantum Bass
Author's Notes:

This is not the first story ive thought up of. But its the. First to be written down for others to see. Hope you like it, and Brony on.

                                                          Chapter 1: Twilights Mistake

Twilight had been reading some new books that Princess Celestia had given her. Mostly they were about advancing her studies in magic. But there was one that had especially caught her eye. "The Unknown" As it was called, to which the book surprisingly had a dull cover. But as Celestia used to tell her, "Dont Judge a book by its cover". But even so she had looked over it when she had been catalogging all the books, after she had read them of course. And it was until now that the title had caught her interest, and being the pony she was she couldnt help but start reading. Twilight began to read the book to her hearts content.

It was already nearing afternoon before she had already finished reading the book. Twilights mind was full of thoughts and questions for Princess Celestia. And so as soon as she had found her beloved assitant Spike, she wrote a letter to the Princess, concerning the book. 

"Take a note Spike."

"Ready Twilight."

"Dear Princess Celestia, I am writing to you about said books that you have given me from youre most prestige collection, and I thank you highly for giving me these books. But it comes to my attention that one of the books has left me confused, and riddled with questions. As you could problaly guess, the title of the book is "The Unknown". Such problems that I am haing is the problem of only one pony ever having created a spell to reach such places. And I am wondering if you could ever take any time to write back concerning my problem. Your Faithfull student, Twilight Sparkle."

Spike engulfed the scroll with green flames as he finished rolling it up. It went up into the air, a swirling mass of light and dark green.

"Thank you Spike."

"No problem Twilight."

"Great, now we just need to wait for her to respond."

Twilight and Spike waited, and waited, and waited. Twilight was getting anxious, sensing something wrong. The Princess had never been this late at answering her letters. The sun was slowly setting overhead, and Twilight was pacing in her library.Not soon after the sun set, than none other than Princess Celestia appeared in a big flash of white.

"Oh Princess Celestia, I was so worried that somehing was wrong."Twilight sighed as she trotted over and embraced Celestia

"Nothing to be worried about my faithfull student. I was only searching for a book to help your questioning on The Unknown. After all, you should know that even I dont know everything about Equestria and its past." 

"Really? Youve got another book to help? Where did you get it from? Whos is it written by?"

"All in good time Twilight, all in good time. As for the book, its right here with me." Celestia then levitated an old, leather bound, dark brown book. With a barely visible title.

Twilight wrinkled her nose as she levitated the book in front of her. She gasped and almost let in drop.

"What is wrong Twilight?"

"Its...Its... Its made of *gulp* leather."

"Why yes Sparkle, you of all ponies should know that back in the medeival pony days this was common, and their prisoners hardly served any purpose to them. Well, that is, except to create them into these leather bound books."

"So does that mean... This book is really that old?" Twiligth asked.

"Why yes, this book is one of few that survived the great Pony War."

"Wow." Gasped Twilight.

Twilight looked at the cover and began to read the title."Star Swirl the Bearded's Journal. Star Swirl? What does he have to do with The Unknown?"

"Dont you recall what the book said near the end? Im sure you wouldnt forget."

"Well yes, it did say that Star Swirl was the only unicorn to be able to...."



"He is the only unicorn to be able to perform such a spell."

"But, doesnt that mean...."

"Yes Twilight, that means that even I have yet to decipher his spell."

"Wow, but that also means that this came from Star Swirls prized possesions. How ever did you find it?"

"That is but another story Twilight, another story for another day."

"Oh thank you thank you thank you Princess."

"It was my pleasure Twilight."

And with that, another flash of white and a few seconds later, Celestia was gone. Twilight was overjoyed with the new find that Princess Celestia had given her to care for. She could not wait to read it tommorow. And after placing it in a vacuum sealed box she went to sleep. Giddy with the reading she was going to find herself doing the next day. She smiled in her bed, the light of the moon reflecting through her window, and she fell asleep.

Twilight woke up early in the morning, at the sight of the sun rising she brushed her coat and mane. She was well prepared to sacrifice her whole day to reading Star Swirl the Beardeds journal.

Twilight read, and read, and occasionally Spike would go in to check on her, only to find her still reading. The whole day came and passed, along with Twilight. This continued on for about two weeks. She had finished the book in only two days. But being herself, that did not please her enough. 

After she had read the book from cover to cover, she reread it and rearead it again. All that was the first week. She would rarely leave her room besides to at or do her necessities. And even then Spike would notice that she was in her own world.

Twilights friends had even visited her, only to find her disheveled.

"Well ill be." Muttered AppleJack

"Whats up with her Spike?" Rainbow Dash asked. 

"Well you see, ever since she got her hooves on that journal all shes done for the past week and a half was read it reread it and take notes over it. Im really worried about her she barely gets out of her room." Said Spike

"As well you should be Darling." Said Rarity. "I mean, just look at her mane. Spike when she gets over this silly journal nonsense, remind her to come to my Boutique will you Darling?"

"Yes, of course Rarity, anything for you."

"Thank you Darling, but now i must get going. You see, i have this big order from Canterlot, and i just cant wait to show them my new designs. Ta-Taa everypony."

"See ya Rarity." Spike sadly said.

All the while, Fluttershy had gone up to Twilights room and knocked on her door lightly. 

"Umm... T..Twilight? A..are you in there? And can I ask what youre doing in there?....I mean...that is.. if you dont mind?"

"Hmmmm? Oh hi Fluttershy, sorry but im kind of busy decoding Star Swirls journal."

" really sorry for interrupting you. I guess ill leave then."

"Ooooh, im really sorry Fluttershy, its just that i really want to decode this as quickly as possible."

"Oh no Twilight, its ok, just remember that you have your friends and you can always ask us for help."

"Thanks for visiting me Fluttershy, Oh, and say hi to everypony will you?"

"Sure thing Twilight."

Fluttershy went down the stairs back to Spike, AppleJack, and Rainbow Dash.

"So howd it go?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

"Ohh, it went well. I just think that she needs some time alone to figure out her problem and solve it."

"Well I hope so too Sugarcube." 

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash left the treehouse. It was all Spike could do to not barge into Twilights room. And so to keep himself occupied he cleaned up and organized the whole treehouse for the remainder of the week.

A night passed as Twilight rested peacefully. But as soon as the morning rose the next day, she began practicing her new spell. A new spell that she was proud to say that she ha made by herself. She had made such spell via the decoding she had done on Star Swirls journal. 

She practiced and practiced the spell like it depended on her life. And by the time she got a hang of it, she began taking notes. Notes and notes of each and every thing she saw.

But what does she see? Thats a good question. For the book "The Unknown" was all about parallel and other such universes. And the spell on which she had decoded from the journal had actually been a semi-portal that allowed her to view the universes . But yet, the funny thing was that only the parallel world would appear and Twilight could only view one place at a time.

After a few days of viewing and taking notes, Twilight began to notice a few things. 1. She couldnt view much as that the semi-portal only stayed in one place 2. The life and ecosystems that she was able to view were dull and very low on the chain. And 3.She timed the openings and closings of the portals and noticed that they would only stay open for about 5 minutes at a time.

Twilight then began making some conclusions to help solve the problem. 1. She could rewrite the spell. (Although it would take about a week) Or 2.She could find a way to colllect more power for the portal. Not wanting to waste any more precious time she chose the second option.

And at that new plan she began reading magic books on a spell that would allow her to collect power and transfer it to another spell. The only setbacks were that the spell was unstable,and the other setback was that the energy had to be organic. Twilgith thought and thought, until finally, she got it!


Evergreen Forest:

"And so thats how i found out the correct combination to perform the spell."

"Yeah, Yeah sure, whatever you say egghead." Muttered Rainbow Dash

"I am not n egghead! I am well read."

"Okay, Okay, dont bust a book."

"Hmpph." Said Twilight." Remind me again why I chose you over one of the Wonder Bolts."

"Well first of all, im awesome, and no one else has the same amount of awesomeness as me. Well, maybe everyone except Soarin." Rainbow Dash sighed "Another reason is that im basically the only pegasus that can create a Sonic Rainboom "Organically" duh."

"Ugh." Twilight sighed. "Could you at least keep it down, everypony is sleeping after all. We wouldnt want anyone to find out about this."

'Okay, but let me just tell you that you cant contain this level of awesomeness held in for long."

Twilight chuckled"Whatever you say Rainbow."

Twilight and Rainbow Dash ventured further into the Evergreen forest until they came unto an open field.

"This should be enough space." Said Twilight

"Okay, ill give you the signal when im ready."

And with those words Rainbow Dash began flying upwards. She began nearing the clouds, and as soon as she reached them she stopped and looked down.

"That should be high enough." Twilight said. But to Rainbow Dash it sounded as if she was in her head. 

"Whoa, how did you do that?" Rainbow Dash thought.

"Simple, just a telepathy spell. Tell when youre ready to start so i can prepare the energy spell."

"Okay, I think im ready."

"Go for it."

Rainbow Dash tilted down and began flapping her wings with as much strength as she could. After a few more flaps she was already at the halfway point of the Rainboom. She began feeling the wind tossling her mane back and slightly making her eyes water. She began feeling the effects of a Rainboom appearing as she neared where Twilight was standing. 

She came closer and closer, until she righted her self at the last second and made a Sonic Rainboom. Twilights mane was tossled and she was pushed back a little by the force of the wind. Her horn glowed with the energy being almost seemingly sucked into her horn. And in just a few seconds the Rainboom had dissapeared.

Her mane and tail were billowing out from the energy as she began concentrating on the semi-portal spell. It opened up almost automatically and Twilight gasped at what she saw. If it wasnt for the energy keeping the portal open she would have surely accidentaly closed it in her shock. In all the confusion Twilight didnt even take notes at the breath taking view in front of her.

Compared to the other worlds she had seen, this by far was the most beautiful. And to her surprise she found that if she concentrated enough she could move the portal. The portal had started out dark but as she moved it, a gorgeous blue-green globe came into view. She zoomed in on the blue and found clear, crisp oceans. She zoomed out and when she zoomed on the green she found lavish forests filled with animals. Twilight was amazed at how advanced this worlds ecosystem was compared to Equestrias. Twilight ventured further and further into this world. Unknowing of what was happening in her world.

Rainbow Dash was far from the little clearing from whence she had started, but after all, once in a rainboom it was hard to slow down. In fact she actually sped up, letting the rainbow to continue to trail her. As she neared the clearing she noticed that there was nothing there. And Twilight just sat there staring off into the distance. So being the element of loyalty she steeled herself and began rising to the clouds again.

"Hey, since her little spell of hers didnt work. Then maybe I should make another one of signature Rainbooms, thatll cheer her up for sure." She thought to herself.

Twilight was well into the view and did not know what was going on. Which was one problem, the other was that she hadnt made sure that her energy spell was turned off, and even now was still collecting the orgarnic energy from around her. If only Twilight had remebered, if only.

Rainbow Dash flew up to the clouds in only a few seconds, considering that there was still a rainbow tailing her. She began descending but she notcied that she was decending at twice the rate as before. Heck,she didnt even need to flap her wings much.

"Well, this is new." She mumbled to herself.

She began descending at breakneck speeds, the speed threatening to yank her mane from her skull. Dash was worried as she was about to reach Twiights position, for she didnt know of what the consequences would bring. She speeded ever forward until she felt and heard something weird. 

"Wait, did I just hear two booms?"

Rainbow Dash looked back and viewed in awe at the sight set before her. She had created two Sonic Rainbooms!! First of all there were only rumors of a Sonic Rainboom but never before had she heard of a Double Rainboom.

"Wooo, Hoooo. Double Rainboom all the way!" Rainbow Dash shouted at the top of her lungs.

She tried to stop, she really did, but she was going so fast and it was only so much she could do. She tried to open up her wings and use them as sort of flaps to slow her speed. But only a second after she tried then her wings felt like they were almost ripped out of their sockets. So with this newfound knowledge of speed she decided to stop the testing and instead just wait it out. 

"Well, this is going to take a long time." Rainbow Dash mumbled to herself. She looked back on the ever-shrinking Evergreen forest. "I hope Twi doesnt miss me much. Now if only I could slow down faster. *GASP* "Listen to yourself Dashie" she chuckled " people are going to think youre crazy taling to yourself about slowing down. Heh, well they were going to call me crazy anyways, me talking to myself."

Rainbow Dash continued taling to herslef as she sped away, unknowing of the consequences she left behind. Meanwhile in the clearing, Twilight had been studying a species of animal that she had come upon. When she felt the strong force of the ,Two Sonic Rainbooms?, rustle her mane back. She felt the a strange surge come across her as she began to realize that, 1 she had left her energy spell on, and 2 she was collecting both the Rainbooms energy as we speak.

She began trying to shut down the energy spell, but she was thwarted as the energy rebounded and cause her her to almost close the portal. Her horn was ever filling with enrgy as Twilight began worrying, if she collected too much energy she wouldnt be able to handle it and she would lose control, just as she had many years ago in Canterlot.

Twilight knew that she had to use the energy someplace else, but where? She looked up into the portal...... Wait! The Portal! She could transfer the collected energy into the portal, effectively keeping bith the portal open and her safe. She made some mental preparations, and hoped that nothing would go wrong.

She behan transferring the energy to the portal. Her horn began sparking and glowing with a brilliant purple hue. As she shot the energy into the portal she felt herslef being pushed back by the force of the energy. She saw the portal begin to twist and swirl, and in a sudden burst of light it widened up to almost three times her size. Twilight suddenly felt a breeze, a breeze that came from the portal. She gasped in shock and for a second time almost lost the portal. If it werent for the immense magic almost holding itself up, the portal would have sure collapsed on itself.

She smelled the crisp air coming from the entrance of the portal, and she could hear sounds coming from it as well. She heard birds chirping, and loud honking, and almost a sort of rumbling coming from far off. She noticed that somehow the colors were also brighter and more vivid. But as usual, sometimes magic had a catch to it. And no sooner than she tried to put more energy into the portal, as to continue viewing, than she began to feel air rush in. 

Twilight did one thing that she should have never done, she freaked. She immeadiately poured her energy into closing the portal, but to no avail as the portal seemed to have a mind of its own. It began funneling all her maguc into itself, and not soon after the breeze that she had felt sooner was now an almost storm of wind running through the portal.

She saw something start to appear closer in the portal. She heard yelling, and yet she was sure that it wasnt just her. At the same time that the object was coming towards her, the portal was also slowly minimizing. Maybe whatever the portal was doing was vastly taking its energy down. But no later the portal had shrunk to about a little more than twice her size than she saw something. She saw a big black mass come out of the portal and it was headed straight into her. 

The black mass was slammed straight headfirst into her. Twilight began seeing a mass of stars in front of her. She looked up to the portal, only to notice that it wasnt there. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she was knocked out cold. No longer yielding the worried thoughts of the portal, but instead of what was to come.


This is the end of chapter one. I will try to get chapter two out as soon as possible. Thank you all for reading, and remember to check back in for updates. Remember to comment,like,and follow. Stay proud and Brony on.


End Notes:

What do you guys think came out of that portal? Only the second chapter will tell. And Have no clue which point of view im using. I guess ill just use all of them. So, what do you guys think? Remember to leave your thoughts in the reviews. Thank you all.

Chapter 2: Josh by Quantum Bass
Author's Notes:

Sorry for the drawbacks guys, got stuff to do, im not just gonna spend time on here. But nonetheless I apologize for not writing much. 

The weather outside in the morning was crisp, and the steam wafted up from the Cappuchino. Josh wasnt a fan of waking early in the morning, but today was different, he was going to make sure of that. He had been waiting in the Starbucks line for a couple of minutes but the Cappuchino tasted better, or so he heard, in the morning. Walking out the door he stopped for a moment and too a deep breath, funny how today would have been a good day.

He clutched his backpack as he began walking. He was going to take the usual route to the high school ,that is, until he saw some guys who were not really on his Want-to-meet-today list. So instead he began walking towards the alley that ran behind the Starbucks. Believe it or not, Josh wasnt considered one of the "Cool" kids in High School. Considering all the "flaws" that his peers, aka the "Douches", pointed out.

Josh was a good kid at heart though, or at least that's what his mother would say. He was fairly tall, almost six feet. And he was moderately weighed, not enough tipped on either sides to be called fat or toothpick. But he still had the weird aura of non-belonging which didnt let him be out of the "Douches" sights that easily. Maybe it had something to do with his clothes, or personality, or maybe even both. 

Although he didnt consider himself gothic, his peers sure did. Yes maybe he did wear black a little bit too often. But that didnt make anyone automatically emo did it? Nonetheless his personality didnt exactly help that situation. He was not known for socializing with people. And instead would find himself at a lone lunch table, and if people would get near him he would ignore them. Yeah, emo? Its kind of starting to kick in. 

Whats worse, or maybe even best, were his eyes. A mass of grey that ever seemed to change shade in the light. It gave a steely gaze that would surely drive off a few bullies. But instead gained him some, mostly calling him freak. But it wasnt long until he bought himself colored contacts. Although in no need to have contacts, the color would help block out his own ghastly shade. He decide to stay formal, and chose a dark brown. And while his peers were slightly baffled they settled on that he had been wearing fake grey contacts all along.

Today he had decided to go all black, from his hoodie down to his converse.Obviously a magnet for more taunts, but it wouldnt matter soon. He thought over and over why he liked the color so much. But it was if the color just came naturally to him.

His backpack was starting to sag on his shoulder so he hiked it up. Speaking of which, this was the first day that he would be going to school with a backpack. Sure maybe he would get a few taunts and jabs here and there. But nothing he couldnt handle until the time was right. And if they knew what was coming, they wouldnt dare mock him. 

 He chuckled to himself, if only his mother wasnt so naive. If only she would've believe him. But hey, they're only ifs. At least he didnt have to worry about his dad caring. After all, the dead couldnt talk. Or at least, thats what he thought. 

It had only been a month when his father had died. But he had left the world doing what he loved to do most. Polishing his guns. His father was a huge patriot, and he respected all laws. But his favorite, was the second, the right to bear arms. He had an attic full of weapons, from Ak's, to Eagle's. Everything the modern patriot would wish for.

But lucky for the other patriots, was that they didnt drink while handling these merchants of death. As far as everybody knew, is that he had died in a misfire. But the unfortunate truth remains with Josh and his mother, that he had comitted suicide. For some unknown reason, the man had come home drunk, only to shoot himself with his favorite pistol, the Desert Eagle.

His mother still hadn't gotten over the realization of her husbands passing. But as for Josh, it didnt faze him ,as soon nothing would. But in the back of his mind, he would always wonder why he did it. But in the coming month, he found reasons that made everything become clear. 

Josh opened his Back pack, to find the Desert Eagle staring back at him. Right next to it, an army grade knife, about 9 inches long. You see, after being pushed so far, he could only reach the limit. He was planning homocide. Although his father had gone with one faint shot, he would go out with a bang.

His mother had been oblivious to everything. She never went up to the attic. It had too many memories of that fateful day.

After thinking it through, Josh had made his decision. He wouldn't go out as cowardly as his father had, he would take out as many people with him as he went along. The gun was obvious in necesity including about 10 extra cartridges, who knew if he found more people to add to his evergrowing list. The knife was just in case, even though Josh knew there was a chance he wouldnt use all of the ammo, it was better safe than sorry. 

He heard a faint yet audible shout. 

"Woo hoo. Double Rainbow all the way!"

Josh automatically put the gun back into his backpack. Feeling as if though someone was viewing him, he turned around. To his luck he didn't see anyone or anything for that matter. But instead there was an area of who knew what, seemingly floating about two inches above the alley ground. 

The object appeared to twist and melt into itself, sometimes giving it the appearance of water. In height it was about six feet. And in width about three feet. It was impossible to think something like that would be there. Josh thought that since the sun had been above him, and including the fact that he was wearing all black maybe there was a chance that he was hallucinating, possibly heat stroke.

While pondering on this a bright flash of white came from the space in the direction of the floating object. Josh neared it and it seemed as if it was clarifying, and no sooner than he got near it then he saw a flash of purple and a huge blast of wind coming from behind him.

Knowing better than to just stand there he began to back up. But as he backed up another gust of wind, stronger than the first, made him stumble forward. He turned around and began to quickly leave, but he only got a few feet before another insane gust of wind pushed him back towards the flickering area of light. 

Every passing second the winds got stronger, if he didnt know better Josh would say that a tornadoe was passing by. He was pushed to his knees, and every time he would step forward he would be pushed back down again. And there came a time where his Converse could not find any traction and instead he would slowly be pushed back to the purple light. 

He made the horrible step of his demise as he stood up and faced the area of purple lights. As he stood up he was shoved at a tremendous speed toward the light. As he passed through it he felt a weird tingling sensation pass throughout his body. As he looked up he found that he was heading towards a collision course with this light                 violet-colored thing.

Josh slammed into the object headfirst. Blinding pain shot from the point of impact. As he rolled to the side his vision began fading. He took one last glance at the amazingly clear and calm blue sky. He saw a Double Rainbow streaking across the light blue fabric. "Huh." he thought to himself. "Maybe im already dead." He grinned as he fell into a deep unconsciousness.


End Notes:

Sorry the chapter was so short. I had a bad case of writers block on this chapter, but I hope you liked it. Keep tolerating and Brony on.

Chapter 3: Awakening by Quantum Bass
Author's Notes:

Ive finished this chapter and will soon move on to the next one. If there are any flaws, don't be scared to point them out to me.

Rainbow Dash had never felt as much fear right now than in her entire lifespan. Although she had many close calls when she was a filly, she knew she was only endagering herself and nopony else. But this time was different, and one of her friends got hurt, possibly because of her. She began pacing, always staying near Twilight in case she were to wake. If only she had just followed directions, if only she hadnt tried to show off. But most importantly, if only there wasnt this strange black lump that had attacked Twilight.

Rainbow Dash assumed that the thing was unconscious as well. Seeming that the only movements it would take were the up and down ones that clearly showed breathing. And thankfully Twilight was making those same movements. Oh the thing that had attacked her friend was going to be sorry. As soon as they both woke up, and as soon as Twilight was sure to be okay, oh the things she would do that misterious object.

As she looked over to Twilights limp body she heard a grunt. She flew over and hovered above Twilight.

"Twilight? Are you okay? Can you hear me?"

"Mghmghmadfgufskjf." Muttered Twilight incoherently.


"Oh god. That was one doozy of a spell. I almost thought something came through, Now if only I would have examined the spell and made sure the....... Oh.... Sorry Dash." Twilight had been rambling but stopped as she saw Rainbow Dash giving her wierd glances.

"I asure you Rainbow, Im fine, just a slight headache."

Rainbow Dash gawked at Twilight. Not sure if she wanted to be the bearer of bad news and tell her about the thing that attacked. Heck, she didnt even know if Twilight remembered.

"Uhhh, Twilight?" Asked Rainbow Dash

"Yes Rainbow Dash?"

"Dont you remember what happened?"

"Well... mostly."

"Well you better take a look behind you."

"Huh? And why is that?" Asked Twilight.

Twilight turned around and her muzzle opened in awe. One of the worst case scenarios had happened. Something had come through the portal. She stared at it, not wanting it to be there. She began to get near it. But suddenly the black object stirred.


Josh awoke with a massive pain in his head. He didnt want to move much as he knew that it would only end badly. He began taking things slowly. And unwillingly he let out a few grunts. He got up to his knees, but almost a little too quickly as he just fell back down. Josh's breath was strained, he could have just waited it out. But to what extent? He could have been at the mercy of his enemies at this instant.

"You've really done it for yourself now Josh." He muttered under his breath.

Josh thought better that to take out the pistol in his condition. And instead slowly made his way up. He raised himself until he stood fully. He took a sharp intake of breath. Everything was blurry, he breathed for a couple more seconds, until he regained some of his sight.

He took a step forward, to his unlucky fall. He felt his legs lock up as he started falling to the ground. As a reaction he held out his hands in order to hold in to something. His right hand made contact with a foreign object. It was soft, really soft, almost like velvet. The object he had held onto suddenly moved. He saw a pair of blurry fists come toward his face. He blocked one of them off with his left hand. Only to recieve the second violet fist with his right eye.

Josh was shocked by the strenght of the punch. But he didn't have enough time to think about it. As every thing began to slowly fade away. Josh slipped into unconsciousness once again.



She gasped as she cringed away. It soon began grunting and mumbling to itslef. And it had only reached halfway up as it crashed to the ground. It seemed to be in pain as it forced itself to stand. As it reached full height, almost a staggering six feet, it took a sharp breath. It began to take a step forward only to begin falling back down. 

As a quick reaction Twilight turned the other way. Only to have something or "somethings" suddenly grab her rump. As a sudden reaction she bucked. She felt only one hoove connect with the thing as the other was blocked. She turned around to see the thing fall down limply to the ground.

"Whoo hooo Twilight." Shouted Rainbow Dash. "I never knew you had it in you. Although I would have prefered to be the one to knock it out."

"Ohhh, I didnt mean to, its just that...... it surprised me." Twilight lowered her head.

"I know what you mean. You surprised me to!" Rainbow Dash rolled over on the floor laughing.

After a while Rainbow Dash and Twilight looked back onto the mass of darkness.

"What do you think we should do with it?" Twilight asked Rainbow.

"Hmmmm. We could throw it off a cliff?" Dash said smirking.

"Rainbow! Really now?"

"Calm down Twilight I was just joshing you. Hmmmm, what about Fluttershy?"

"What about her?"

"Doesnt she know a lot about animals?"

"Well.. I guess so. Lets take her to Fluttershy's then.

Twilight tried picking it up with her magic to no avail. Her headache intensified and she stopped as soon as it got unbearable. Seeing that her friend already had enough to deal with, Rainbow Dash carried the thing on her back. It was heavy but not unbearable. Almost like carrying three ponies. 

"Jeez" Thought Rainbow Dash."What does thing eat?"

It was an hour after midnight when they reached fluttershys cottage. They knocked on the door, lightly, yet strong enough for Fluttershy to hear them. She opened the door and yawned, rubbing her eyes she smiled wearily at Twilight and Rainbow Dash. 

"Oh...H...Hi girls. W..what brings you to my part of the woods? I mean...if you want to tell me." Fluttershy was nearly whispering by the end.

"Good to see you Fluttershy. I know its kind of too much to ask but we have a little problem. Mostly cause of me, I knew I should have rechecked the spell to make sure it was....."

"Excuse the egghead." Interrupted Rainbow Dash."But we've found a creature that we would like for you to care of. At least until we know if we have to kill it or not."

Twilight rolled her eyes as she pushed Rainbow Dash back.

"We would love it if you could check it for injuries and take care of it. And maybe even tell us if you've ever seen anything like it."

"I...i dont know....Ohh.. i guess i will. You guys are are my friends after all." Fluttershy smiled.

"Thanks a lot Fluttershy." Rainbow Dash said as she trotted past Fluttershy, and into her bedroom. She dropped the thing from her back and onto the bed.

"Oh..I..I dont think that...can you please put it on the couch. I mean...that is if you can."She mumbled.

"Im sorry Shy but we have to go right now. Its really late, and im tired. I guess i'll know that next time I try two Rainbooms." She chuckled as she trotted out the door.

"But...I.. Oh dear." Fluttershy sighed as she looked over to the thing that was now occupying her bed."Well, I could always sleep on the couch she thought."

As she went over to the animal she was taken by surprise. Even with her vast knowledge of animals she had never seen a creature like this before. It didnt look anything like a pony. It was really tall, its snout was close in. And instead of hooves, it had some sort of stubs at the end of its apendges. Overall, it seemed to be a, clawless, furless, small bear. 

As she continued studiyng it she began to feel drowsy and sleepy. As she was about to go to the couch she fell back onto the bed. "Oh my." She thought " I hope I havent awoken the poor creature. She was about to turn to look as she was pulled toward it.

Josh had semi-consciously pulled Fluttershy in with one of his arms, and was now almost hugging Fluttershy.

"Eeeep" Fluttershy squeaked.

She tried to get away but to no avail. She simply was not strong enough to break out of anyponies grip.

"Oh Fluttershy, you're such a pushover she sighed to herself. She just lay there for a few minutes, trying now and then to loosen the creatures grip. But soon she tired herself out. She gave up and just leaned back. As she did so Josh moved his hand up and began stroking her mane.

"O..oh my." Fluttershy gasped as she blushed.

The brushing felt better than the normal comb that she usually used, this one warm, soft, and soon it had her dozing off.

But no sooner than she had began to fall asleep than she felt the back of her mane begin to get wet.

"The poor dear" She thought. As she began to feel more tears come from the creature as it began to sob. Long deep sobs that made her feelings go out to the creature that she didnt even know. A few tears later he hugged her in tighter. After just accepting her fate Fluttershy nodded off and began to sleep.


Josh was dreaming, he just knew it. The plain give-away had been that his father was there. And he knew that he would never forget what had happened, even in his dreams. 

"Why did you leave us?" Josh asked his father, with a stoic look.

"You know why." He replied

"Oh what? My mother and I weren't good enough for you?" Josh nearly yelled at him.

"You know perfectly clear that I have and will always love you and your mother."

"So why did you do it then? You had so much to live for, mom, me, doesnt that mean anything to you?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, both of you were the prime of my life, and meant everything away. Its just that...." His father trailed off.

"Its fine, just leave, leave and never come back like you did before, like you always have." Josh shouted.

Before he could hear his father spout any more lies Josh shut his eyes, and when he opened them again it was a different scene. He was in his bed, and his mother was at the edge, she was crying. He could guess that this was the night that his father had left. Even though his mother was weeping her eyes red, it didnt faze him. He had to be strong for both of them.

He pulled his mother into an embrace. And he began to remove the stray hairs from her face. 

"Its okay mom, everything will be all right." He whispered to her.

She continued sobbing. He closed his eyes, and he opened them as something abrubtly moved the bed. He looked up to see a teddy bear. One that had been given to him by his father. But what was it doing here? Josh had let go of it since the age of 8. And even then he only ever used it to console himself when his parents had gotten into fights.

But without having to think twice,Josh reached out and grabbed the bear. He hugeed it, he stroked its fur, he sat there doing so for a couple of minutes. As he continued stroking its fur he realized why it was there, it was consoling him, even now, years later the bear had come back.

Josh felt his cheeks get wet as he felt the first tears roll down his cheeks and onto the bear. More came out, and Josh knew he couldnt have held in the pain any longer. He began to sob, long deep sobs that racked his chest. And as he cried, he hugged onto the bear even closer, not wanting to let go.


        ~Somewhere in Canterlot~

The night came and began to fade away into morning. A certain Princess of the Night feeling insecurity from a dream, yet it was not from one of her little ponies. Instead she felt a clenching of her heart, letting her know that this creature could be a danger to itself or others around it. She stared off into the distance, seeing as her beautiful moon began to slowly dip into the horizon, the start of a new day visible on its borders. She let out a yawn as she went back to her room. She would have to adress her sister about her new discovery, well.... at least until after she got some rest.






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Chapter 4: Fluttershys Cottage by Quantum Bass
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The sun was starting to rise over the horizon. Josh sat up and blinked as the light penetrated the thin shades. He sat blinking for a few seconds, confused, he looked around his room. But to his surprise it didn't look anything like his room. The walls were a rich shade of brown wallpaper ,and as the sun began to shine in he realized that there wasn't any wallpaper but instead it was bark, dense columns of wood that were stacked.

He shook his head as the events from the day before began rushing to him. He tried to get up but was held down by some bedsheets,  he gazed up and froze at the sight before him. There was a mass of pink and yellow to his right side. And as he inspected it closer he saw it move, rhythmically, almost as if breathing.

Before he could do otherwise the thing yawned and turned around. Josh's heart stopped as he gazed upon the animal. It looked like a small horse, a pony possibly, but ponies weren't supposed to have neon yellow coloring for a coat, and light pink for hair. This was getting weirder by the minute.  He tried to scoot away but was caught in the bedsheets and fell ungracefully to the floor.

As soon as he untangled himself from the bedsheets he got up slowly and carefully. He backed out into what he imagined was the living room. He turned around into what he assumed was the living room. As he viewed the room his gaze was caught by his backpack. He quietly rushed over to it and slowly unzipped it. He pulled out the eagle and held it up.


Everything still seemed intact. As he continued doing an overall checkover he heard a small shuffling. He whipped the pistol up and gazed down the sights only to see the same strange equine creature at the doorway. Sensing no immediate threat he strapped his holster too his jeans and snugly placed his gun inside it, as well as two ammo cartridges which he kept in his back pocket. As he finished putting the eagle away he could tell that the creature was just barely waking up.

Not wanting to feel as a threat to the being he slowly started making his way towards it. As he continued inching towards the animal he gave it another look over. The bright neon colors of its coat and hair still threw him off. Not noticing that he had been wandering off  into thought, his eyes came back to focus, and just in time.

Being that the creature was supposedly drowsy, it tripped over its own feet?Appendages?Hooves? All in all it still tripped, and Josh felt just a tad bit graceful as he swooped forward in time to catch the drowsy equine. Considering that maybe he wasn't already dead he felt as if he should give this creature the benefit of friendship. Seeing as it seemed to be the reason he was under a roof in the first place.

Josh gasped slightly when he caught the animal as its velvet like fur gave him a brief sense of deja vu. It yawned once more and tilted its head up towards him. He felt a weird sense of calmness as its beautiful turquoise colored eyes stared into his. This wasn't natural, animals can't have eyes like that, Josh thought to himself.


Before long it seemed it  finally came to its senses. And in a quick movement that jolted Josh out of his thinking it leapt out of his arms and slowly began cowering its way towards the corner. As he got near it it let out an insanely adorable squeak.

Considering that outstretched arms wouldn't look too appealing to a complete stranger he slowly put them back down to his sides. He noticed that he was halfway between standing and kneeling. So instead he went for the full kneel, as he approached the animal. He lowered his voice as much as he could and tried to speak gently.


“Shhh, its okay. I won't hurt you. I wouldn't think of hurting an animal.”


Josh chuckled to himself as if this creature could understand him. He quickly regained his composure as the animal looked up. The look in its eyes seemed to almost be confused.

“O-Oh, b-but i'm n-not an animal.” It said.

It spoke! The creature that Josh assumed to be a very small horse spoke!

In the confusement of it all Josh found himself falling backwards and trying to scoot away. The small horse almost seemed too see his distress.

“O-Oh I-I'm sorry. I d-didn't mean to scare you.” It softly spoke, sounding almost feminine.       

Josh couldn't find any thing to say as he just kept gazing, slack-jawed.

“I must be dead.” Josh thought out loud. “Because, did that horse just talk?”

“O-oh but i'm not a horse, mister, ummm.....?”

“Josh.... no mister, just Josh.” He straightened up as to not look miserable and weak, as he always looked.

“M-my names Fluttershy.....You poor dear, are y-you alright? I can't imagine what it must feel like. Waking up in a strange world with strange ponies.” She spoke tenderly, and softly. Reminding Josh of his own mother at a point in his scarred life.

“Y-yeah i'm fine.” Josh said curtly

“O-oh I-I was just checking. M-my friend did h-hit you pretty hard after all.” She looked down almost in guilt.

Even though Josh had barely even begun to know this sentient equine he found as if she was genuinely worried about him. He felt bad for snapping at her, after all, she was just trying to help.

“Look, i'm sorry. It's just that i've been through many things this week.” Josh looked up half expecting her to  not even look at him. She was being so nice to him and it seemed as she had even taken him into her cottage.

She jumped up into the surprised arms of Josh as she hugged him.

“Oh that's alright, I believe you've been through much.” She said, immediately remembering the previous nights event.After realizing that she had been hugging onto Josh for a while she blushed and hid behind her hair.

“O-oh my, I-I'm so sorry, i-i didn't mean to invade your personal space.” She whispered Cursing herself for being so carefree to a being she didn't even know.


“It's alright”Josh said while scratching his head. “Where i come from people wouldn't even look at me let alone touch me.” Josh shook his head clear from those thoughts, not wanting to relive that life anymore. If he was going to live here from now on then he would have to clear his slate and start anew.

Josh winced as his hand rubbed over a sore spot on his head. “Ow.” He said softly to himself.

“Oh no are you hurt?” The pony quickly trotted over to him, inspecting his head with great care.


“It's just a little sore.” Replied Josh


“Just a little? Considering that you were bucked in the face says otherwise.” Muttered the pony.


“Wait, I was what in the face? Oh you must mean that purple one, she has a good pair of arm.. err ... hooves on her.” He reached up to touch his eye only to wince, the feeling of a black eye all too natural to him by now.


“Well we need to get you rested immediately she said.” Where did this side of her come from thought Josh. “I mean... that is.... if you want too.” She said as she hid under her hair once again. “There she goes” He thought to himself.

“Hmm, Well I should rest for awhile.” Josh mumbled

“W-well whenever you feel like l-laying down the guest room is over there.’ Fluttershy murmured as she pointed down the small hall.

“Okay. By the way, thank you, for this i mean.” Josh pointed to  the bandages.

‘O-oh it was no problem, really.” Fluttershy stammered as a blush appeared.

Josh stood awkwardly as his stomach grumbled loudly “Heh. I guess i'm hungry as well.” He chuckled sheepishly.

“Oh that's no problem at all.” Fluttershy giggled “If you want I could brew you up a soup?” she offered.

“That sounds great.” Josh smiled

Fluttershy smiled back and the awkwardness was replaced by a sort of mutual friendship. As Josh followed Fluttershy into the kitchen he had a better view of what she actually looked like. The only times near her having been rather up close. Once he thought it over he contemplated that although she did look like a pony from a farm, yet much smaller, she had none of the rustic look or smells.


“At least these ponies have the decency to not smell and look bad.” Josh snidely thought, but as soon as he realized what he had thought he regretted it. he was starting to sound like the assholes back home, if he could even call it “home”. He grimaced at the small thought of becoming one of them. “You have to  let it go” he sighed to  himself. These peop....ponies have done nothing to you “Yet” he retorted. Well we don't know that, maybe you could actually make friends here.

“Pssh, yeah right.” The guys back home won't believe me when i tell them about being friends with a neon yellow pony. “Well what about home, how will we get back?” I don't know, we'll leave that for later. “A-are you okay Josh?”

“Hmm?”  “O-oh i'm sorry it's just that y-you kind of spaced off when i asked you what it's like where you came from. I-if you don't mind telling me that is.” Fluttershy looked down as if her hooves had suddenly become interesting.

“Oh pardon me if I spaced off, I was just thinking.” Josh said.

“About what?” Fluttershy looked at Josh curiously.  

“Just...... things, from back where i'm from.” He couldn't help but grimace a little as he said so.

“O-oh i'm so sorry for bothering you” Fluttershy said as she noticed the slight pained expression on his face. “Y-you don't h-have to tell me if you don't want to.”

“Nah, it's fine you were just being friendly, I can't blame you for that.” Josh said as he looked into her eyes.

Fluttershy blushed and looked away after a while. Josh chuckled. “And to tell you the truth.” He leaned in “You're actually my first friend.” He whispered.

She looked at him wide-eyed. “O-oh my, you’ve never had a friend before?” She asked him sadly.

“No. At least not a real friend.” He said bitterly.

“I think that's horrible that you haven't had any friends.” she said. “I don't know what I would do without my friends.”

“Wait... there are more of you?” Josh bewilderedly asked.

“Well....yes. I don't live too far from Ponyville anyways.” She answered, curious at his disbelief.

“There's a TOWN!!??” He nearly yelled in disbelief.

He saw her cower a little after his outburst. “Oh i'm sorry, it's just......I thought you were the only pony living here.”


“T-thats all right Josh. I wouldn't blame you for not knowing. You are new here after all.” Her hooves slowly rubbing over the wooden floor.


“No, it's fine really.” He gasped out. He was still shocked. This changed everything, now instead of only one pony he would have to  face tens and possibly even hundreds of ponies. What would they say? How would he act? This was like back home all over again.

Fluttershy noticed that Josh seemed stressed. So she backed up a little. She looked backwards into her kitchen, maybe she could make something in the meanwhile for Josh to  get his mind a little cleared up.

He needed some time alone, and she was slightly worried. Although she had been groggy before she fell, she had seen ‘it”. She was definitely sure that it was a weapon, considering how he had held it. But strangely he had put it away. If he had trusted her enough to  put his weapon away than she had enough faith to  trust him.

She only hoped that she had made the right decision. She hummed a soft tune to  herself as she began stirring the steaming stew that was now being made on the stove. She had felt strangely about him, what got her curious the most were his eyes. Those stone cold eyes that showed yet only a slight fraction of warmth when in her direction. Other then that his gaze remained steely and calculated.

Somehow she had been able to  talk to him for a while without stuttering. Was it because he wasn't a pony? Why did she feel comfortable around him? Waking up lost in a new place would be frightening, and if he had a weapon to  defend himself why did he not use it.  Sure she was grateful that nopony had been injured but it intrigued her that he had trusted her enough to put his guard down.



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Chapter 5: The Town by Quantum Bass
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After a while, Josh had begun to relax a little. Fluttershy had offered him some soup, apologizing if he didn't like it. She had no clue what he usually ate. But to her surprise (and satisfaction) she learned that although his kind did eat meat(eep) he was actually a vegetarian. She was happy knowing that at least he would be alright with the food she usually made. She had giggled just a little when Josh had tried a little bit of some Hay shake. He had only taken a cautious sip as his eyes soon widened in surprise as he began to spit out the strings of hay from his mouth.

He chuckled at his ill demise as he removed the last of the straw.  Although  the shake was a bit “Stringy” it was an acquired taste. Overall he was quite shocked over what these ponies accounted as normal.

The bread was soft and had the texture that he could only compare to clouds. The flower petals were exquisite, tasting like sweet butter that melted ever so slowly as it danced on his taste buds.

Fluttershy was quite amused at his facial expressions as he ate the the Daisy Sandwiches. She had never thought of the overall taste before when eating. It surprised her that while she found it so common, this was all new and exciting for Josh. It made her think what her daily actions could mean to  someone so foreign to them.

Josh had so many questions to ask, but every time he would try to get near the other pony residents they would run off in panic, half of them shouting in fear of a monster. Josh, disappointed, decided to stay near Fluttershy, seeing she was the only one not running home to lock the doors.

Seeing his downed expression Fluttershy  decided to introduce Josh to her friends. She could tell that it wasn't really that foreign to him to be ignored and/or hated. While deep in thought she hadn't noticed that she was veering off of the dirt path. Josh was kind enough to gently steer her in the right direction.

She blushed madly as Josh’s hand ran through her mane in order to steer her in the right direction.

“O...Oh i'm sorry Josh. I was just kind of... ummm.... thinking, and I uh, guess i kind of, maybe, sorta, got carried away.” She looked down at her hooves, having yet again become the center of her attention. She looked up expecting Josh to be cross at her for not paying attention.

He looked down as he saw those stunning eyes gaze up at him expecting a reaction. He tussled her mane a little as he gave her a small smile. She automatically returned the smile and they continued walking on the path.


His mind was in turmoil the whole way too wherever they were going. Why had he befriended this pony so easily? Was he just seeking for friendship naturally? Or did he actually like her? And what was with this place, it seems all too cheery and bright to be normal. But for now he could do nothing but wait, for he was in no position to be wandering by himself. Who knew what type of things could manifest themselves from the dark-gloomy forest near Fluttershy’s house.



He noticed that she had begun to  slow her pace, until finally they came to a stop......... right in front of a BIG tree.

“Umm...... pardon for being rude. But why did we come all this way too see a tree?” Josh looked over questioningly to Fluttershy.

She seemed confused at his question until her gaze followed his. She snorted and said in a playful manner. “Silly, this is my friend Twilight’s house. Although I could see why you thought it was just a tree.” She giggled as she tilted her head to the side

“Huh?” Confusion being the only thing that Josh had been feeling recently.

She giggled as Josh gave the “house” a look over. As he kept on noticing it as a house he began to feel even more foolish for asking the question. At the apparent entrance was a small door about 4  feet tall and 2 1/2 maybe or 3 feet wide. Adorning the door was a small gilded lamp in the middle.

Where he thought had been a knot in the tree was actually a doorknob. Looking a little too the left and up he realized that there was a small round window. His face flushed as he realized that it would have been a dead giveaway had he noticed it before. Overall the tree seemed to be at few meters wide, and at least a couple more meters tall.

His eyes went wide, at first he thought it was a tree. Then he thought that it was a house that looked like a tree. But in awe that would make any engineer jealous the house was an actual tree. The leaves were actually sprouting and growing.  He couldn't wait to see what the inside actually looked like. He looked over to Fluttershy sensing that she should be the one to explain to her friend that he meant well.

She placed three short and soft knocks on the door.

    Josh could hear a muffled shout through the door. “Coming.”

Oh no, Josh clearly remembered that voice. How could he forget, it was the same one he had heard before being un-mercilessly knocked out. He clenched his fist as the door handle began to turn.

    The purple pony, wait unicorn!!, had a neutral expression, that is, until she looked up at Josh. They both gasped but for different reasons. Twilight had known that the creature was tall, but having it that close was frightening, he was about twice her height leaving him towering over her, with her head just barely reaching over his hip, her horn not making much of a difference.



Josh’s mouth was left open, no, not because it was yet another pony, but because if he wasn't mistaken she was actually kind of cute in a sort of a nerdy librarian way. What had left him in shock though was that he had actually thought of one of these ponies that way. And yes, although he had thought the same about Fluttershy, who wouldn't? She was just too adorable, but considering that he had just met her, Josh was already scared of his own thoughts towards the violet unicorn.

    The unicorn was the first to  break the silence.

“I'm so sorry.” She blurted out. Why had she just done that? She knew that it was just an accident, but somehow as she looked into his eyes she knew that there was sentient thought behind them. And maybe he hadn't actually meant to  grab her...... there.

    Josh stood numb for a few seconds. Had she just apologized? Why? Although the whole memory was foggy he was the one that had made contact with her first hadn't he? If anyone were to  be sorry it would have to be him. I mean just minding your own business than a weird creature comes out of nowhere and almost nearly crush you. It was a miracle that they hadn't thought of disposing him one way or another.

    “No, its me that should be sorry. And I should thank you for leaving me in good uhh.....hooves of your friend.” Josh sighed at the end as he found himself gazing at his feet as Fluttershy Usually did. Truth be told, they were actually somewhat interesting.

    Twilight was just shocked. Instead of speaking with the gruff understatement of the Diamond Dogs and their mismatched literacy. He had spoken fluent Equestrian, and not only that, but what he spoke surprised her. He had apologized to her, and not only that but he had thanked her for leaving him in the care of Fluttershy. The more and more she thought of it, the more she felt guiltier for having bucked him in the face.  And.... what was this feeling. He sort of thought he looked......cute, in a sort of weird alien way.


Josh noticed that the unicorns face was gradually becoming flushed. Had he said something wrong? Why was she just looking at him that way?

There was a small blur of violet as she stepped forward quickly and somewhat hugged his leg. Josh just stood there speechless, and even Fluttershy had hid behind her mane from the sudden outburst of her friend.

She quickly pulled away as her face glowed pink. Josh looked down, a blush of his own appearing. What was going on? Why was this happening, he could swear that these ponies were turning him soft. Was all this affecting him mentally as well? Cause if not there was some explanation in hand....errr... hoof as to why he felt this way towards her. Josh brushed off all the confused thoughts as he regained his composure.
    He coughed as he began to speak. “The names Josh.” He said as he kneeled down and held out his hand, palm to  the side.










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Chapter 6: The Treehouse by Quantum Bass
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Waiting for a hand.... or hoof-shake he was extremely surprised as to what she did. She inched forward cautiously, then just as suddenly as before. She nuzzled into his hand. Josh just stood there shocked and confused. Were there no such things as hand shakes here? If so, why had she done that?

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she fell onto her back, either fainting in shock or in amazement. The longer he thought about it, the cuter the act seemed.

“Umm.... Twilight?” Fluttershy squeaked out to her friend.

The violet unicorn quickly pulled away as she stood there blushing furiously. “O-oh..umm........M-my name is Twi....Twilight Sparkle.” She stuttered out.

Josh chuckled inwardly, she was acting now as Fluttershy acted on a daily basis. He stood himself back up as his cheeks began to  cool off.  He looked down again after letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

Twilight's face was glowing as her head was working overtime. She was extremely confused, and continuing to think about it was not helping. She was sure she would never live it down, although she might die of embarrassment first. Josh was the first to speak and she was thankful of him to break the ice.

“Well at least that was a better reaction than i expected.” He chuckled

“I... Well i'm sorry if I invaded your personal space.” She mumbled.

No worries, that is how people, err ponies , greet here right?” As the topic got back  to  the subject, Twilight did her best imitation of Fluttershy and hid behind her mane. Surprisingly Fluttershy was the one that answered for her.

“Well, k-kind of sort of y-yes and no. You see we don't really shake hooves, more like bump them together, like this.” She held out her own hoof as Josh met her halfway with a closed fist. He stared at it for a while,too which he began laughing afterwards. Both Twilight and Fluttershy were looking at him curiously.

“Hahahaha, oh my god I get it,  it's a Brohoof.” He said as he could barely contain his chuckling.

After a while Fluttershy continued on her conversation. “Well yes, but you see. What my friend ummmmm..... d-did. Is called...... um..... nuzzling,.” She squeaked out as  her cheeks blushed a crimson red.

“Well I didn't really mind, it's alright.” Josh said unknowingly.

“But that's the thing,”  Fluttershy explained, “Nuzzling is held mostly for family, and for very close friends of the same gender. But when done to the opposite gender it means ...well um.... that the pony either holds high trust in you..... or......erm..... takes a liking towards the pony he or she is.....nuzzling.”


“Wow Shy...” Twilight began to speak again as her face grew a darker shade of red.


“I-I didn't know you knew that much on E-Equine Formality.” She continued keeping her face down and hidden as she spoke.


“Oh... well I-I kinda overdid it didn't I?” Shy asked.


“Not at all, although i do have to ask wherever did you learn that from?”


“Oh well you see, Rarity and I Have weekly spa days and formality has been the subject of many conversations.”


“Oh o-of course.” Twilight stuttered.


Josh could tell at this point that the pony was embarrassed beyond belief at the moment. And he knew that it was the worst feeling imaginable. He was coming up with  a way to cool down the situation.


Clearing his thoat he spoke up "Well now that it's all settled, i have some questions.”


Twilight let out a sigh of relief. “Umm, sure. Go ahead.”


“Well, when exactly did this happen?”


"If I do recall all of this actually happened 8 days ago.....” She said sheepishly


“But?” Josh asked cautiously.


“Well... umm... you see... you were unresponsive for the whole week. Yesterday was actually the first time... i saw you...awake. Much less up and moving.” Fluttershy said sheepishly


“Wait, so you mean to say i was in a coma for a week.” the shock and disbelief heard clearly in his tone.


“Well, yes...I uh.. i'm sorry.. for not.. telling you. I guess i should have said something. Please don't be mad.” Fluttershy began slowly withdrawing into herself with every word she spoke.


“It's all right i'm not mad, just....confused” Josh sighed.


“Oh.. ok. I'm so sorry about everything.” She whispered as she hid behind her mane


Josh got down on his knee to Fluttershy’s eye level. Twilight noticed a drastic change in his gaze as it softened. “Wow.” She murmured under her breath. To think that something unknown and of such a large size had calmed her friend down so quickly.


“It's alright really.”  Josh spoke softly as he slowly brushed a few loose strands of mane back into place.


“Oh ok. If you say so Josh.”


Twilight was awestruck as the shyest of her friends was calmed down by this really tall.... whatever he was.


“Umm i'm sorry for asking... But what are you exactly?” She asked


“Oh?.” He scratched the back of his head, a smirk forming on his face. “Well i do guess there are none of my kind here. Or at least none that i've seen yet.”


“And what are 'your kind'?”


“Well where I come from we’re known scientifically as Homo Sapiens, or more commonly, humans.”



He let out a small chuckle “Yeah...close enough.”


“But they...YOU can't be real.This is so confusing.” The whole time she was speaking Twilight was running around the library looking for the right book that might ease her worries. “How come i've never heard of beings like you? There has to be a book about anything even closely related. but how come i've never known this? Does Celestia know? Oh merciful Luna i'll have to write to her about this.” Twilight's voice faded as she walked to the upstairs portion of the library.



“Huh, is she ok?” Josh asked curiously pointing towards the books that were beginning to rain down.


“Don't worry” Fluttershy giggled “She can be like this when there's something new that she doesn't know about. We should get comfortable, she’ll probably take a while."

Josh looked down at a couch that was better suited for a pair of 10 year olds. It didnt seem as if it would hold very well against his size.


“It's ok i'll just stand up, it's not a problem.” He said as he smiled jokingly towards her.


“Oh don't be silly, you still need your rest.” She said with a warm smile



She climbed up first, making room for him as he prepared to sit down. She casually put her hooves on his lap and rested her head on them. Thoroughly confused and not sure what to do Josh just sat, quiet and still as a monk. His arm got tired from holding it up, so he decided to gently place his hand on her mane.


Unbeknownst to him, was that she had already been blushing from acting so calm and familiar with him. She began blushing a bright scarlet again as he had gently placed his hand on her. She couldn't help but let out a *squeak*.



As soon as she squeaked, Josh realized what he was doing. Jeez fu.. i'm so sorry he said as he nervously removed his hand quickly almost as if he had been caught in the cookie jar. He began blushing heavily as he tried to look anywhere but at his, probably “only friend” as of now. it's just that well, that didn't..... erm..... feel half bad is all. Shy buried her head deeper into his lap as she began burning up with the intensity of the sun.



“Oh.” Josh found himself saying out loud.


He slowly lowered his hand again. "It's okay, it just... surprised me is all. I thought I had hurt you."



“Oh, but I know that you wouldn't hurt anything unless it was in self defense.” Fluttershy said sweetly as she rustled slightly.


That made Josh lean back and think. Would he really only ever hurt anything in self defense? He was unsure that he wanted Flutters too ever see him ever causing harm to  anything. He began caressing her mane subconsciously.


“Yeah, I guess you're right.” He hummed his response


To the background noise of Twilight shuffling around getting books, Josh felt his eyes start to sag as he got drowsy. He continued to stroke Shy’s mane as he slowly drifted off into sleep.


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