My Wings Will Keep You Safe
by Brony250
Characters: Twilight Sparkle
Canon: S4
Genre: Slice-of-Life
Pairing: None
POV: None
Status: Complete
Warnings: None
• Everypony •

After having fallen asleep Apple Bloom finds herself at the Golden Oaks Library during a thunderous storm. As the storm grows worse Apple Bloom begins to get more terrified by the minute. Twilight does her best to comfort the poor filly but with the storm carrying on all the way till the morning can the alicorn princess help the little filly overcome her fears and get her through this long dreadful night?

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Word count: 9690 Read count: 1259
Published: 23 Aug 2017 Updated: 23 Aug 2017
A Story of a Filly and her Alicorn Guardian by Brony250

The school day had finally ended, and spring break had finally arrived. All the fillies and colts were flying out of the Ponyville schoolhouse and making their way into town, already busy making plans for their week-long break.

“Yahoooo!” Scootaloo yelled as she rocketed down the street into Ponyville on her scooter, the red wagon attached to it swaying from side to side. Clinging desperately inside were a terrified Sweetie Belle, Dinky Hooves, and a sleeping Apple Bloom.

“Scootaloo, slow down!” cried Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo came to an abrupt halt. As she did, the wagon jolted into her back, nearly sending her off her scooter. “Oomph!”

Looking behind her, Scootaloo saw both Sweetie Belle and Dinky Hooves lying uncomfortably in the wagon, the two looking quite dizzy after what had felt like a wild escapade. “Oh,” Scootaloo chuckled sheepishly. “Sorry about that, girls.”

“It's fine, Scoot,” Sweetie Belle replied as she regained her composure. “We’re all pretty excited about spring break, too.”

“Well, almost all of us,” Dinky commented as she pointed to a still sound asleep Apple Bloom, snoring soundly while blissfully unaware of the exciting ride that had just transpired.

“Gosh, she must be pretty exhausted. After all, her family is real busy this time of year,” Sweetie Belle said.


“What was that?” Dinky asked in surprise.

“Was it a timberwolf?” asked Sweetie Belle with concern.

Fortunately, they discovered quickly that the growling was coming from Scootaloo’s stomach.


“Wow, Scootaloo, I’ve never heard your stomach growl that loudly before,” Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

Suddenly, Sweetie Belle’s stomach started grumbling, as did Dinky’s.

“Wow, with all this excitement about spring break, we’re all getting pretty hungry, huh?” asked Sweetie Belle.

“Hungry?” remarked Scootaloo. “More like starving.” She held her stomach as it growled hungrily again.

“Hey, why don’t we try Sugarcube Corner?” suggested Dinky.

“Good idea,” Sweetie Belle agreed. “We can discuss our plans for spring break while we eat.”

“I like the sound of that. Especially the part where we eat!” remarked Scootaloo hungrily.

A quiet and worry-filled voice spoke from up above them. “Everypony okay?” The fillies looked up at the sky to see Fluttershy coming straight towards them, looking rather concerned. “I just saw what happened. None of you are hurt, are you?” she asked.

“We’re fine, Fluttershy. Scootaloo just got a little excited since we’re all on spring break,” Sweetie Belle replied.

“Thank goodness,” Fluttershy said with relief. “Just try and be more careful.”


“Ah!” Fluttershy jumped from the sudden noise. “What was…”

She quickly noticed the noise emanating from Scootaloo, whose stomach continued to grumble loudly.

“Grrrrr,” Scootaloo grumbled as she held her stomach to cover up the noise.

“Oh dear, Scootaloo, do you have a stomachache?” Fluttershy asked with a hint of concern.

“Only from hunger,” Scootaloo answered as a dribble of drool ran down her chin.

“We’re all pretty hungry, Fluttershy,” Sweetie Belle explained. “That’s why we decided to head to Sugarcube Corner and get a snack.”

“And also to discuss our plan for spring break,” added Dinky.

“Sugarcube Corner?” asked Fluttershy, frowning with worry. “Oh dear.”

“What’s wrong, Fluttershy?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Oh, well… I don’t want to disappoint you… but… you see… um…”

“JUST SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!” screamed Scootaloo.

Everyone around stared at the agitated filly.

“Sorry, it’s just I’m starving and I can’t stand my stomach growling,” explained Scootaloo as she rubbed her rumbling belly.

“Oh dear, you poor thing,” Fluttershy gushed. “If only Sugarcube Corner wasn't so packed right now, I’m sure Pinkie Pie would have snacks for you already prepared.”

“What!?” gasped the filles.

“Sugarcube Corner is packed out!?” exclaimed Sweetie Belle.

“Why?” Scootaloo questioned.

“It’s the start of spring break,” Fluttershy explained. “and Sugarcube Corner’s always busy at the start of spring break. If you don’t make a reservation or place an order beforehoof, then you won’t get anything.”

The fillies now looked depressed, as well as hungry.

“So... now what?” Dinky asked.

Scootaloo was far too hungry to think of anything as she lay slumped over her scooter, still grasping her growling stomach.

Sweetie Belle tapped a hoof to her chin in thought. “Fluttershy, do you know if Twilight’s home today?” she asked.

“Oh, of course! She just came back from Trottingham the other day.”

“Why do you want to know if Twilight’s back?” asked Scootaloo.

“We could go to the library to have our discussion on what to do for spring break,” explained Sweetie Belle. “Plus, I’m sure that Spike would be kind enough to make us some snacks.”

“Great idea,” cheered Dinky. “I hope he can make some of those amazing cookies. I just love those.”

Scootaloo’s stomach roared at the very mention of Spike’s cookies, making everyone once again stare at the hungry filly.

“Sorry,” she said, blushing with embarrassment.

“Thanks for the help, Fluttershy,” said Sweetie Belle.

“No problem, girls,” Fluttershy replied.

Apple Bloom let out a loud snort as she continued to sleep soundly in the wagon. Fluttershy glanced over, only now noticing the sleeping filly.

“Uh, girls, is Apple Bloom okay?” she asked.

“She’s fine. She’s just tired with all the extra work at Sweet Apple Acres recently,” Sweetie Belle explained.

“Oh my,” gasped Fluttershy. “Are you sure she’s alright?”

“We’re sure. She just needs some rest, that’s all,” Sweetie Belle reassured her.

“Okay then. Just be sure to be careful so that you don’t disturb her,” Fluttershy warned.

“We promise,” Sweetie Belle & Dinky responded together.

“See ya later, Fluttershy, and thanks again,” Scootaloo added.

As soon as her wings started buzzing, Scootaloo sped on down the road like a rocket with the wagon following behind her. Going as fast as she was, she failed to notice the large stone in her path. When her wheel slammed into the stone, she and the wagon flew up a few meters in the air before crashing back down to the ground, as Sweetie Belle, Dinky, and Apple Bloom nearly fell out of the wagon.

“Horseapples,” cried an irritated Apple Bloom. “Can’t a pony have a few minutes ta sleep?”

Sweetie Belle and Dinky both glared irately at Scootaloo, who just chuckled feebly. “Oops.”

A short while later, the Crusaders and their companion arrived at the Golden Oak Library, and Scootaloo parked her scooter up against the front.

“We’re here,” proclaimed Sweetie Belle.

“Thank goodness,” remarked an agitated and very tired Apple Bloom. “I don’t think I can take another minute hearin’ Scootaloo’s stomach growling.”

Scootaloo glared at Apple Bloom. She wanted to retort, but she was so hungry she couldn’t think of anything at the moment.

“Never mind, Apple Bloom. Now that we’re here we can have Spike fix us up some food,” Sweetie Belle beamed happily.

“Oh boy,” Dinky yelped as she jumped up and down in the wagon in anticipation.

“Almost there, tummy.” Scootaloo rubbed her stomach hungrily.

The fillies climbed out of the wagon, each now wearing a saddlebag on their backs, as they made their way up to the library door. Sweetie Belle gave a quick knock, and all four of them waited patiently for someone to answer.

“Come on,” moaned Scootaloo, as she grasped her growling stomach.

The door opened up and out stepped Princess Twilight, who gazed curiously at the little guests that stood before her. “Oh, hello, everypony,” Twilight answered in a joyful tone.

“Hello, Princess Twilight,” the filles replied happily, aside from Apple Bloom who looked ready to fall asleep again.

“What brings you all here?” Twilight asked.

“We were kind of hoping we could hold our meeting here to discuss what to do for spring break,” Sweetie Belle explained.

“And if Spike could make us some snacks. We’re staaarrrrvviing,” Scootaloo moaned, holding her stomach as it once again let out a loud rumble.

“Well, you’re more than welcome to have your meeting here, but I’m afraid Spike isn’t here. He’s staying at the Crystal Empire; they’re holding a banquet in his honor,” Twilight explained.

“Awwwwww,” the fillies moaned in disappointment.

“But not to worry,” Twilight reassured them. “I can see you’re all really hungry, so I’ll prepare some snacks for you myself.”

“YAHOO!” Scootaloo bellowed happily, leaping up and wrapping her arms around Twilight’s neck in a crushing hug. “THANK YOU, PRINCESS!”

Twilight’s face started to turn a light shade of blue from the lack of air. “No problem,” she wheezed.

“Scootaloo, let go!” cried Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo immediately released her grasp, prompting Twilight to gasp for air as her normal colour returned to her face.

“Sorry,” Scootaloo apologised. “It’s just, I’ve never been this hungry before.”

“I can tell,” Twilight panted as she regained her composure. “But it’s understandable. With all the excitement, your bodies are burning up more food, and by the looks of it, you all must be really excited about spring break finally coming.”

Scootaloo’s stomach grumbled in response. “Ohhhh, that would explain why I feel like I haven’t eaten in moons.”

Twilight chuckled. “Well not to worry. You girls make yourselves at home and I’ll get your snacks prepared.”

The filles filed into the library with Apple Bloom trudging sluggishly behind. Twilight quickly noticed Apple Bloom’s peculiar state and started looking concerned.

“Apple Bl—”

“Hey, Twilight?” Sweetie Belle interrupted.

Twilight really wanted to ask Apple Bloom if she was okay, but she didn’t want to look like she was ignoring Sweetie Belle either, and she certainly didn’t want to appear rude. “Yes, Sweetie Belle?”

“Why didn’t you go to the Crystal Empire for Spike’s banquet, too?” she asked,

“Well, I was invited, but I’ve had quite a few busy weeks of traveling, starting from Ponyville, to Canterlot, then to Manehattan. If it was something urgent, I would have gone of course, but this was just for Spike and he didn’t mind me missing out,” Twilight explained.

“Really?” questioned Sweetie Belle.

“Really,” Twilight responded. “Spike understood and was more than happy to let me stay home and relax after so many journeys. Besides, the invitation said that they were serving nothing but gemstones,” she giggled.

The filles giggled along with her.

“Okay, you four head upstairs. You can use my study for your meeting while I continue my work down here,” Twilight instructed.

“Okay, Twilight,” the filles chimed together as they made their way towards the stairs.

As Twilight watched them make their way up, she noticed Apple Bloom’s lethargy as she walked, and quickly remembered her fatigued appearance when she first came in.

“Apple Bloom,” Twilight called, “can I speak to you for a minute?”

Apple Bloom stopped just as she was about to place her hoof on the first step of the stairs. She turned around to face Twilight. “Uh, sure, Twilight,” Apple Bloom responded sleepily as she marched her way up to her.

As Apple Bloom walked, Twilight could see more of the weariness in the little filly’s eyes, with deep black circles beneath her eyelids. As she walked, she looked ready to collapse as her legs appeared to be struggling to keep her up. Taking all of this in only brought Twilight’s worries for the filly even further.

“Apple Bloom, are you okay?” Twilight asked with concern. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re not your usual self today. Is something wrong?”

Apple Bloom gave a tired, drawn-out yawn before she could answer. “I’m fine, Twilight. It’s just been real busy on the farm lately. And with havin’ school and crusadin’ to deal with as well, I’m pretty beat.”

“Oh you poor thing,” Twilight said as she caringly stroked the little filly’s mane. “Listen, if you’re really tired, why don’t you rest on the guest bed for a little while and I’ll have the girls find another place to hold their meeting?”

“That’s okay, Twilight. The girls won’t be a bother, and besides, I want to be part of this meeting, too…” Apple Bloom gave another strong full yawn before she continued, “But, I guess I could use a quick nap. Just so I can think more clearly after. I’m sure the girls won’t mind at all. Thank ya kindly for offerin’ your guest bed, Twilight.”

“It’s no problem, sweetie. I’m just glad to know that you’re alright. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let the girls know not to disturb you until you’re ready to join them, okay?” Twilight informed her.

But instead of a reply, Twilight was met with a weight leaning against her chest. She peered down to see Apple Bloom’s head resting up against her, fast asleep. A loving smile grew on Twilight’s face as she looked at the peaceful sleeping filly resting against her. Twilight’s horn started glowing with a familiar purple aura, gently and carefully lifting Apple Bloom up to her eye level before making her way up the stairs to her study where she set Apple Bloom on the guest bed. As soon as everything was sorted with Apple Bloom, Twilight then got to work on the snacks while the rest of the Crusaders and their friend commenced with their meeting.

The time quickly passed by as Twilight busily cleaned up the mess the fillies had left behind. She’d just finished sweeping the floor as she looked around at her handiwork. Earlier it was filled with nothing but crumbs, papers, quills and books. Twilight wondered if they ever made any plans for spring break as it looked more like they had just spent the time having fun in her study.

Twilight giggled at the thought. “Those fillies,” she sighed.

She could remember back when she looked forward to spring break as a filly. She would spend the whole week in her room studying all of Starswirl’s spells and trying to imitate them as best she could, only to end up failing time and again, but the point was she had fun trying.

“Those were the days,” she sighed.

She placed a pile of papers back on her desk, finally finishing up her cleaning. She looked around the room to admire the work she had done.

Phew,” she sighed as she wiped a bit of sweat from her forehead. “I’ve gotta give Spike more credit for doing this all the time. I should really try and do this myself more often and let him take a much-deserved break now and then.”

As Twilight stood admiring her work, she hadn’t noticed the strange sound that had been going on while she was cleaning. It was fairly faint, inaudible over the noise she was making herself. Just as Twilight was silent for a brief moment, she finally heard the faint sound that was coming from somewhere in the room.

“What is that?” Twilight curiously asked.

She looked cautiously around the room to find the source of the noise. Suddenly a loud sound erupted, replacing the faint one for just a brief moment. It sounded somewhat like a loud snort.

“What was that?” Twilight questioned. “It sounded like…”

Her eyes went wide as she looked across to the guest bed. The bed looked neat and tidy like it had never been touched, but the top of the covers appeared to have a strange lump which appeared to be moving, as if someone was breathing.

“Oh dear,” Twilight said with a hint of worry.

She walked over to the bed, the closer she got the more she could make out the sound. It sounded like snoring, exactly what Twilight was afraid of.

“She couldn’t be,” she thought.

Using her magic, Twilight grabbed one side of the bed sheet, and with a swift tug, she lifted it up to find Apple Bloom snoring, blissfully unaware that everyone had already left.

“She is,” cringed Twilight.

After their meeting was done, the girls had all rushed off for home, so Twilight naturally assumed that Apple Bloom had gone along with them. But she also seemed to have forgotten that Apple Bloom was very tired when she first arrived and had offered her the guest bed in the first place.

“Oh no, no, no, no, AJ must be worried sick by now,” said Twilight, as she trotted worryingly on the spot. “I better wake her up so I can escort her home and explain everything.”

Twilight nudged Apple Bloom’s shoulder gently. “Apple Bloom,” she whispered, “It’s time to wake up, sweetheart, you need to go home.”

Apple Bloom gave a subtle moan as she fidgeted in the bed. “Oooohhh… just… ten more minutes…” she mumbled.

Twilight placed a hoof over her chest as she smiled at the little filly. She looked so peaceful, Twilight just couldn’t bear to wake her up.

“She looks so sweet,” she choked. “How could I possibly wake her up now?”

Twilight looked up at the clock. It was getting pretty late, but there was still more time left before the day actually ended.

I’ll just have to go and get Applejack to come back and pick her up, thought Twilight.

Normally, Twilight wouldn’t want to do this, but with Apple Bloom sound asleep she just couldn’t bring herself to wake her up — not even to lift her with her magic. Having made up her mind, Twilight placed the covers back over Apple Bloom, gently brushing the filly’s mane.

“Sleep tight, sweetheart. I’ll be back with Applejack to take you home soon,” she gently whispered.

A smile formed on Apple Bloom’s face. “Thank ya... Mommy.”

Twilight held her hoof over her mouth, tears starting to well up in her eyes. She knew Apple Bloom wasn’t referring to her — she was merely mumbling in her sleep — but still, the very words that came out made Twilight overcome with emotion. Unable to help herself, Twilight leaned down to Apple Bloom and gently kissed her on the forehead, a small sign of reassuring her that she was safe.

“Be back in a minute,” Twilight said, turning to leave.

However, just as Twilight made it to the stairs, a very loud and drawn-out yawn arose from behind her, causing her to flinch in panic.

“Oh no,” she whimpered, “Please, Celestia, no.”

She slowly turned back around and, to her displeasure, she saw Apple Bloom sitting up in bed, stretching her arms up as she yawned once more.

“Boy, I sure slept as hard as an apple tree,” Apple Bloom said.

Twilight started to feel ashamed, as she didn’t want this to happen. Was it the kiss? Twilight thought. I knew I shouldn’t have…

Apple Bloom then noticed Twilight standing across the room. “Hey, Twilight,” she called.

Twilight jumped as she heard her name. She looked at Apple Bloom with a look of guilt in her eyes. “Oh, Apple Bloom, I’m so sorry. Did I wake you? I didn’t mean to. You see—”

“Twilight,” Apple Bloom interrupted, “it's okay. Y'all didn’t wake me. I just this moment woke up. I slept great.”

Twilight let out a sigh of relief at the reassurance that she hadn’t disturbed Apple Bloom from her sleep.

“Say, where did everypony go?” Apple Bloom asked. “Aren’t we supposed ta have our…”

Apple Bloom looked up at the wall and noticed the clock. Her eyes quickly dilated with worry when she noticed what time it was.

“Jumpin’ horseapples!” Apple Bloom shrieked. “How long was I asleep!?”

“I’m so sorry, Apple Bloom,” Twilight replied, her worry from before coming back. “When the others left I thought you were with them. I only just found you still asleep. I was going to wake you, but you looked so peaceful I couldn’t bring myself to disturb you, so I thought I’d just head straight to Sweet Apple Acres to get Applejack and have her take you home. But you woke up just as I was about to leave,” Twilight explained.

Apple Bloom scrambled out of the bed and rushed to the table to collect her things.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no!” Apple Bloom panicked. “Applejack must be wondering where I am! I am in so much trouble!”

“I can escort you home, Apple Bloom,” Twilight offered. “It’s pretty much my fault for not checking on you.”

“Don’t be silly, Twilight,” Apple Bloom responded. “Y'all were kind enough to let me sleep in yer guest bed while I was real tired. This weren’t yer fault at all.”

“Still, I feel bad,” Twilight admitted. “Please, let me escort you home and explain to Applejack—”

“It’s okay, Twilight,” Apple Bloom argued as she slipped her saddlebag onto her back. “Y’all already did enough and I really appreciate it, don’t y’all worry about it. I’m sure AJ will understand once I explain everything to her.”

“But Apple Bl—”

Before Twilight could say anything else, Apple Bloom rushed past her down the stairs.

“Apple Bloom, wait!” Twilight called out.

Twilight raced down the stairs to catch up, reaching the bottom just as Apple Bloom was reaching the front door.

“Are you absolutely sure you don’t need me to escort you?” Twilight called.

Apple Bloom reached her hoof to the doorknob before turning back to Twilight.

“Positive, Twilight,” she replied. “I appreciate yer offer, but I can’t let y’all go through the trouble of havin’ ta walk all tha way there and all tha way back again just fer me.”

“But I don’t mind, Apple Bloom,” Twilight said,

“Well I do,” argued Apple Bloom, “and I really don’t want ta put y’all through tha trouble. Besides, I’m pretty fast on my hooves anyway, so I’ll make it back home in no time. See ya later, Twilight.”

And with that, Apple Bloom opened the door and ran outside in a flash.

“Apple Bloom!”

Twilight rushed to the door to look outside, but as she peered out, she saw a deluge of rain pouring from the sky, each drop landing on the ground like miniature meteorites.

“Oh my gosh,” Twilight gasped. “This is no weather for walking.”

Twilight looked out across the town, and to her horror, she spotted Apple Bloom standing in the road, her hoof covering her head in an attempt to shield herself from the rain.

“Apple Bloom!” Twilight cried out. “Come back, this weather is terrible! You can’t make it home in this!”

“But what about Appleja—”

Before Apple Bloom realised it, a loud thunderclap boomed from high above. The filly stood frozen in fright at the sudden bang.

“Aaaahhhh!” she screamed.

“Apple Bloom, quick! Get inside, hurry!” Twilight ordered.

Apple Bloom’s legs wobbled in fear, but she managed to pull herself together long enough to run back towards the library. However, just as Apple Bloom was about to make it inside, she tripped over herself and landed down on the ground with a thud.

“Ow!” Apple Bloom yelped.

“Apple Bloom, hurry!”

Apple Bloom attempted to get back up to her hooves, but a sudden burst of bright light exploded from above her. Apple Bloom looked up to see what it was, but to her horror, another explosive bang accompanied a lightning bolt striking down right towards her. It struck the ground, narrowly missing the little filly, as she had been lifted from the ground, her whole body enveloped in a purple aura. Apple Bloom found herself being carried into the Golden Oaks Library as Twilight levitated the filly towards her. Twilight immediately wrapped her arms around the scared little filly as she closed the door behind her.

The little filly lay shaken against the alicorn, tears streaming from her eyes. She had never felt so scared in all her life. She was grateful to be alive right now. Twilight held Apple Bloom tightly in her arms as she gently stroked her mane to sooth her from the terrifying ordeal.

“It’s okay now, Apple Bloom, you’re safe. I’ve got you, it's okay, sweetie,” Twilight comforted her.

Gently, Twilight lifted Apple Bloom by the chin to look into her eyes. “Are you alright?” she asked.

Apple Bloom just nodded without uttering a word. Twilight smiled and nodded back in reply.

“I’m just going to take a look outside, okay?” she told Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom gave another nod as Twilight released her grasp on the filly and walked to the other side of the library towards the window. Peering through the glass, she could see just how heavy the downpour outside was, and how strong and fierce the wind was as it rocked some of the houses and trees on the street. It also looked as though some of the houses were boarded up to prevent any damage.

“Oh dear,” exclaimed Twilight. “It looks like we’re in for a really bad storm tonight. I’m not sure how I can get you home.”

Twilight looked over to Apple Bloom, who sat shaking in the middle of the floor. Lifting up a nearby towel with her magic, Twilight walked over to Apple Bloom and dried her off.

“I suppose you’ll just have to stay here tonight,” said Twilight, “but how can I let Applejack know that you’re safe?”

Another bang exploded from outside.

“Aaahhh!” Apple Bloom shrieked. She darted and hid beneath a table, curling herself up like a cat and trembling in panic. Twilight hurried over to the table and leaned down to look at her. She had never seen Apple Bloom look so terrified, and it broke her heart to see her like this.

“Apple Bloom, don’t be scared, ” Twilight reassured her. “I’m right here.”

Twilight stretched her hoof out to Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom looked at Twilight’s hoof, then to her face, the soft, caring smile filling her with a bit of confidence. She slowly lifted her hoof and started stretching it out towards Twilight’s. Just as Apple Bloom was about to grab Twilight’s hoof, a loud knock banged from out of nowhere, causing Apple Bloom to flinch and go back to her shaken state.

“Who’s that?” Twilight thought aloud. Who could possibly be knocking on her door during this terrible weather?

Twilight trotted over to the door and opened it. Standing outside was a silver-coated stallion pegasus, his short, bronze mane slicked as if it’d been gelled frequently. His cutie mark was of a silver shield with two silver steeled wings crossed over it, forming an X. He also seemed to be wearing some sort of blue collared vest that bore the Cloudsdale city crest on the front.

“Good evening, ma’am,” the pegasus said with a salute. “Uh… I mean… Princess, apologies for the intrusion. I’m from the Cloudsdale Weather Patrol Team. You may have noticed the current weather condition outside?”

“I have. How did this happen?” Twilight asked.

“It was supposed to be just a simple drizzle this evening. However, one of the weather machines malfunctioned, resulting in what you see now. Fortunately, our top engineers will be arriving to help fix the problem soon. I can guarantee that this should all be over by morning,” the officer explained.

“I see. Thank you, Mr…”

“Steelwing,” the officer responded as he saluted again. “Arrow Steelwing, at your service, Your Highness. Is there any way I can be of assistance before I leave?”

Twilight then got an idea. “Could you by any chance help to escort a young filly to her home? She was just about to leave, but we only just found out about the storm.”

“Certainly, where about is the filly’s home?” asked Arrow.

“Sweet Apple Acres,” Twilight answered. “Do you know it?”

“Of course, they sell the best apples in all of Equestria. I assume the young filly’s name is Apple Bloom?”

“It is,” Twilight answered, turning to call out to her. “Apple Bloom?”

There was no response. Apple Bloom remained hidden beneath the table.

“I take it she’s scared of the lightning?” asked Arrow.

“Yes,” answered Twilight. “Excuse me for just a moment.”

Twilight walked back towards the table, peering under it to see Apple Bloom. “Apple Bloom, this weather patrol pony will escort you safely home,” she told the filly.

Apple Bloom looked at Twilight before slowly peering out from under the table to look at the weather patrol pony. He stood there looking over at her with a reassuring smile. She looked up at Twilight again, who gave a comforting nod. Apple Bloom slowly made her way out from under the table towards the weather patrol pony, but before Apple Bloom could get any closer, another huge bang erupted from outside, causing her to once again dive underneath the table.

“Apple Bloom?” Twilight asked worryingly.

She looked back under the table to find Apple Bloom once again curled up into a ball. She was far too afraid to move, let alone leave. Seeing no other option, Twilight then got another idea as she trotted back to Arrow.

“I’m sorry, but Apple Bloom is far too scared to leave. I think it will be better for her to stay here with me tonight,” Twilight explained.

“Of course, your Highness. It is probably the more sensible idea given the circumstances. Is there anything else you may need me to do?” Arrow asked.

“If you can just bear a few minutes, I would like you to deliver a letter to Sweet Apple Acres informing them about Apple Bloom,” Twilight requested.

“Certainly, take as much time as you need.”

Twilight quickly rushed up to her study, setting a scroll on her desk. With a quill grasped in her magic, she started writing out a letter.

Dear Applejack,

I am writing to inform you that Apple Bloom is all right; she is with me in the library. She fell asleep while she and her friends were here earlier for their meeting to discuss what to do for spring break. After her friends left, I found her in my study, still sound asleep.

When she awoke, she immediately realised how late it was, and was about to rush out for home when we both discovered the storm outside. A Weather Patrol pony kindly offered to escort Apple Bloom back to Sweet Apple Acres. However, due to how heavy the storm is, Apple Bloom is too terrified to leave the library. As I am writing this, she has curled herself up beneath the living room table, shaking with fear from the sound of the thunder.

Rest assured that I am more than happy to watch her for the night. Seeing as the storm may last through the evening, you may come and collect her first thing tomorrow morning. Do not worry about dinner, as we have plenty to share and enough to last a month.

I also have some fun activities and games we can play to help her get through this awful storm. It will be just like a sleepover, so don’t worry, Applejack. Apple Bloom will be safe and sound with me tonight and I’ll be sure she gets a pleasant night’s sleep.

Your Friend,

Twilight Sparkle

As soon as she finished, Twilight hurried back down the stairs with the scroll hovering in her magic. She trotted up to Arrow and handed it to him.

“Make sure that Applejack gets this. She must be worried sick over her little sister’s whereabouts,” Twilight said.

Tucking it securely into a sleeve on the side of his vest, Arrow gave a salute. “Rest assured, Princess, I’ll be sure Applejack receives this letter in no time.”

And with that, Arrow flared his wings and took off into the sky, heading towards the direction of Sweet Apple Acres. As soon as he was out of sight, Twilight closed the door behind her and made her way back to the table. She peered down underneath to see Apple Bloom lying down with her hooves covering her eyes as she shivered.

“It’s alright, sweetie, you’re staying here with me tonight,” Twilight spoke soothingly and caringly. “The weather patrol pony told me that the storm will be over in the morning. I sent a letter to Applejack letting her know so she’ll come and pick you up first thing tomorrow.”

Apple Bloom lifted her hoof from her eye and looked at the caring smile on Twilight’s face. It helped bring her comfort as she slowly crawled out from under the table and sat next to the princess, who placed a hoof on the little filly’s head as she stroked it gently.

“There now, everything’s going to be alright,” Twilight reassured.

Apple Bloom gave Twilight a small smile. Suddenly, a loud rumble interrupted the pleasant moment, coming from Apple Bloom’s stomach.

“I bet dinner sounds pretty good right now, huh?” Twilight asked,

Apple Bloom just gave a small, timid nod in response.

Twilight was just finishing cleaning up the dishes when another loud bang exploded from outside. The unexpected explosion startled her enough that she nearly dropped the plate she was drying. Placing the plate on the counter, she rushed back into the library to check on Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom?” she called out.

Twilight searched around the room, but there didn’t seem to be any sign of her. Twilight then heard a sound coming from upstairs. She hurried up as quickly as she could, the closer she got the more she could make out the sounds of crying, and she was certain it was Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom?” Twilight called again with a hint of concern this time,

Twilight stood still, listening for where Apple Bloom might be. She then found that the sound was emanating from underneath her bed. Twilight trotted over and peered underneath to find Apple Bloom scrunched up in a ball with her hooves covering her eyes as she shook in fear.

“Apple Bloom,” said Twilight, “it's okay, sweetie, I’m right here.”

Apple Bloom suddenly launched herself out from under the bed and grasped Twilight in a tight hug around her waist as she cried into her fur. Twilight held the filly in her arms as she started gently stroking her back.

“Please, make it stop, Twilight,” Apple Bloom sobbed.

“I wish I could, sweetheart, but I can’t,” Twilight painfully admitted. “A storm this big is impossible to stop even with my magic. The only thing we can do is to wait it out.”

Apple Bloom looked up at Twilight, the tears streaming down her face making her heart break. She hated seeing Apple Bloom like this. She gently stroked the filly’s mane, which seemed to help comfort her the most.

“Let’s just try and ignore the storm, okay? How’s about we play some games together, hmm?” Twilight suggested.

Apple Bloom wiped away the tears in her eyes and tried to give Twilight a small smile. “Okay,” she replied.

The two had laid out several different board games on the library floor, and so far they looked to be having a good time. However, just as things were looking up, another bang exploded from outside, causing Apple Bloom to flinch and curl up into a ball, shivering with fear. Twilight stood over Apple Bloom, gently stroking her back.

“Perhaps we should try something else,” suggested Twilight. “How about we build a fort together?”

Apple Bloom shrugged, and Twilight began gathering some books from the library shelves. Before long, the two of them were midway into building their fort, and it was close to resembling a castle. Apple Bloom was just about to place another book when yet another huge explosion erupted, causing her to flinch so much that she tumbled over the fort and knocked the whole thing down, the books landing on top of her. Twilight frantically moved the books away and found a curled up Apple Bloom shaking in fear once again.

“How about I read you a story?” Twilight offered as she levitated one of the books from the remains of the fort. She settled herself next to Apple Bloom and began reading. After a few minutes…


And so Buckhoof decided there and then to head out to the wild forest in search of the Golden Griff Amulet…”

Twilight read with Apple Bloom leaning up against her. So far everything was going well. Apple Bloom was so engaged in the tale she hadn’t even noticed the last few lightning bolts. Twilight felt relieved knowing that Apple Bloom was finally getting over her worries.

I should have thought of this from the start, she thought to herself. There’s not a better cure for anything than reading a good book.

But before Twilight could turn to the next page, the entire library was engulfed in a huge flash of white light with the loudest, most thunderous lightning bolt ever, exploding from out of nowhere.


“WHAT WAS THAT!?” shouted Twilight.

The bright light eventually faded. Twilight had a hoof over her eyes, shielding them from the massive glare. As soon as she was able, she moved her hoof away and slowly opened her eyes. She scanned the room to make sure everything was alright; as far as she could tell, nothing appeared to be damaged. Twilight could feel something grabbing hold of her tightly. She looked down to her side and found Apple Bloom holding on to her. She was shaking terribly, and her eyes were no bigger than a pair of dots, her jaw remaining clenched as she breathed heavily.

Twilight quickly embraced the small filly in her arms, gently rocking her as she attempted to soothe her nerves.

“Ssshhhh,” she cooed. “Sshhh, don’t worry, Apple Bloom. Everything’s alright. I’ll go and have a look outside.”

Apple Bloom didn’t let go. She kept her grip firm as she buried her face in the alicorn’s chest.

“Don’t go,” she whimpered.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Twilight reassured her. “I’m just going to look out the window, okay?”

Reluctant at first, Apple Bloom unwillingly released her grasp. Twilight brushed the filly’s mane softly and leaned forward to nuzzle her cheek.

“Just stay right here and I’ll be right back,” Twilight firmly told her.

As Twilight made her way towards the window, Apple Bloom didn’t take her eyes off her. Twilight peered through the glass and immediately gasped. Outside the wind had gotten much wilder, the rain was pounding down hard like miniature asteroids. What’s worse was the continuous onslaught of lightning bolts, each of them releasing one devastating sound after another.

Twilight gasped, “The storm’s gotten worse. I’ve never seen anything like it bef—AAHHH!”

Another flash of light momentarily blinded her as another terrifying bang erupted louder than ever.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Apple Bloom screamed.

“Apple Bloom!” cried Twilight. She rushed back to the frightened filly and quickly held her in her arms, Apple Bloom whimpering softly into her chest. “It's okay, it’s okay,” Twilight soothed her. “I’m right here.”

But more lightning bolts and thunderclaps came, one after another, each one just as loud and frightening as the last, which only made Apple Bloom feel worse.

Just when things were starting to get better, it suddenly gets washed away, thought Twilight.

Looking down to the ground with her ears splayed back, Twilight spotted the book she had been reading to Apple Bloom. Hopefully reading it again would help draw her mind away from the storm again.

“Come on, Apple Bloom,” said Twilight as she levitated the book in the air. “Let’s finish the story together, okay?”

Apple Bloom removed her face from Twilight’s chest and wiped away her tears. Despite her fear, she still wanted to know what happened in the story, so she gave Twilight an apprehensive nod. As Twilight started reading again, Apple Bloom rested her head on Twilight’s side while listening, but each time another lightning bolt struck, it made reading through the noise much harder.

…and so Buckhoof returned with the amulet safely back in the claws of the Griffon Lord where it belonged. The Griffon Lord thanked Buckhoof for his heroic deed, and declared him an official ambassador to the Griffon Land. With this honor, Buckhoof’s dream of being the first ever known pony to become an ambassador to the Griffons had been realized, and he vowed to forever help the Griffons protect their land from any evil henceforth. The End.

Twilight looked down into Apple Bloom’s eyes. Unfortunately, she still looked scared, as the lightning hadn’t stopped once while Twilight was reading, but she did at least appear somewhat distracted “That was a great story, Twilight,” Apple Bloom said, trying to hide the worry in her voice. “Thank you fer readin’ it ta me.”

Despite her fear, it seemed that Apple Bloom still managed to enjoy the story after all. This brought a bright smile to Twilight’s face as she was glad to make Apple Bloom happy, if even just a little. She wrapped her arm around the little filly and brought her into a tight hug.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Apple Bloom. Would you like me to read you another one?” Twilight asked.

A long, tired yawn escaped the little filly’s mouth. Twilight looked up at the clock and noticed the time.

“Gosh, is that the time already? Guess we got so lost in the story I didn’t realise how late it was. Time for bed, Apple Bloom,” said Twilight.

Apple Bloom nodded. With everything that had occurred that afternoon, Apple Bloom was just as tired as she had been earlier, and all her fears and worries over the storm had left her exhausted.

After clearing up the mess, Twilight led Apple Bloom up the stairs to her study. The rain still pounded hard against the window, and Twilight just could not believe how bad it was. Hoping the weather ponies would have it sorted by morning, she led Apple Bloom over to the guest bed.

“You can sleep in the guest bed again, Apple Bloom,” Twilight told her.

Apple Bloom climbed up onto the bed and settled herself beneath the blanket. “Thanks, Twilight. I really appreciate all you did fer me,” said Apple Bloom.

Twilight giggled. “Like I said, I’m happy to help. Sweet dreams, Apple Bloom.”

Just as Twilight was just to make her way to her bed though, Apple Bloom spoke up, “Uh, Twilight?”

“Hmm?” Twilight turned to the filly.

“Well, uh, sometimes, when Applejack puts me ta bed, she, well… she gives me a kiss goodnight,” she said with a blush.

Twilight could feel a smile growing from cheek to cheek.

“Ah don’t suppose… maybe…” Apple Bloom mumbled.

Twilight made her way over to Apple Bloom again as she stood over her with a warm smile. She bent over and lightly placed a small, firm kiss on the filly’s cheek. It may not have been Applejack, but it still made Apple Bloom fill warm inside. Warm, safe, and loved.

“Thanks,” she said.

Twilight smiled down at her without blinking an eye. “You’re welcome. If you need anything, just call me, okay?”

Apple Bloom nodded as she lay in her bed, her eyes closed shut as she attempted to drift off to sleep. Twilight then made her way to her own bed. As she climbed in and drew the covers over herself, she took one more look across the room towards Apple Bloom, who looked to be sleeping peacefully again, which brought another smile to Twilight’s face. Using her magic to turn off the light, she rested her head on her own pillow, then drifted off to sleep herself.

Apple Bloom lay still in her bed. It had been only a couple of minutes after she and Twilight had gotten into bed. The rain outside just carried on pounding heavily against the window. Apple Bloom remained as she was, her eyes kept closed as she tried to ignore the rain. She tried thinking about being back home on the farm, helping Applejack with the harvest, crusading with her friends trying to earn their cutie marks, and most of all, reading stories with Twilight. It seemed to be working, as the more Apple Bloom thought of her friends and family, the calmer she felt.

She gave a small yawn as she wrapped herself deeper in the covers, getting cozier as she started drifting off, but just as she was about to, the loudest thunderclap she’d ever heard exploded from outside. She shot up, her eyes wide open as she panicked. She glanced at the window, seeing the rain pounding heavily on the glass. Suddenly, another lightning bolt flashed. She draped the covers over her head and trembled beneath them.

“Don’t think about it, Apple Bloom,” she told herself. “Just don’t think of…”


Apple Bloom whimpered beneath the covers. She really needed Applejack right now. She bravely lifted the covers off her head and slowly brought them down over her muzzle as she peered around the room. It was dark, but not too dark, much to Apple Bloom’s surprise. The whole room seemed to give out a magical lighting, which made things easy if anypony needed to get up for anything.

She looked across the room and noticed Twilight sleeping soundly in her bed. Apple Bloom felt relieved seeing Twilight, but when yet another bang exploded her relief quickly diminished. She bent herself forward and held her head as she moaned. A part of her wanted to get up and run to Twilight, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it; she was too afraid to move. She feared that the lightning could strike her through the window.

Apple Bloom looked up towards Twilight again. Her eyes glazed as the reflection of the rain shone through them, along with the tears welling up beneath her eyelids. It was as if the rain was filling her tears; with every drop, the bigger her tears became.

“Twilight,” Apple Bloom whispered.

Twilight stayed still in her bed.

Unable to bear it anymore, Apple Bloom got up and began walking on the bed. She stood in the middle as she looked across the room to Twilight.



“GAHHH!” Apple Bloom shrieked.

Something heavy had crashed outside. It seemed the wind had grown worse than ever. Apple Bloom looked at the window. She just stood still, shaking, fearing that something else was about to crash at any moment. She just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Apple Bloom?” came a voice. Apple Bloom looked across and saw Twilight looking quite alarmed herself, but also full of concern. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“Ummm…” Apple Bloom mumbled. “…I…”


Another thunderclap exploded. This time it was louder than ever. Apple Bloom’s coat and mane frizzed, her pupils shrank, and her heart kept beating with intensity.


Apple Bloom ran and jumped onto Twilight’s bed. She then leaped straight into Twilight’s open arms.

Twilight held Apple Bloom tightly, resting her head against the little filly’s while stroking her back in a motherly fashion.

“It’s okay, Apple Bloom, everything’s going to be fine,” Twilight promised.

But a variety of ongoing lightning bolts and thunderclaps kept coming one after another. Apple Bloom did not let go of Twilight; she kept her face buried in the alicorn’s fur, Twilight trying her best to comfort her. Looking out towards the window, even Twilight looked quite scared herself. Never had the weather in Ponyville, let alone Equestria, ever been this bad, but she couldn’t let Apple Bloom see the nervousness in her eyes. She needed her right now. Just then, Twilight got an idea that she was certain would work.

“Don’t worry, Apple Bloom, I’ll keep you safe. Always.”

As she gently kept stroking the filly’s mane, Twilight draped her wing around Apple Bloom, tightly keeping hold of her, as she started to sing.

“Hush now little one, there is no need to fear.

Don’t let the thunder bring you down,

(Do not let the thunder, bring you down,)

Don’t let the lightning bring you fear,

(Do not let the lightning, bring you fear,)”

A light aura started glowing around Twilight’s horn as she sang.

“Little one, there is no need to fear,

I will keep the scary sounds away,

I will keep any monsters at bay,

I will keep you safe,

As I protect you, under my wing.”

From outside the library, the lightning and winds kept going fiercely, but the library was now surrounded by a purple forcefield. From inside the bedroom, neither the sound of the thunder nor the wind could be heard. As Twilight held Apple Bloom in her arms, the little filly started to calm down. She lay against the alicorn princess, appearing to have finally drifted to sleep. Seeing Apple Bloom finally calm brought a smile to Twilight’s face, and she started to sing again.

“Little one, there is no need to fear.

Don’t let the thunder bring you down,

(Do not let the thunder, bring you down,)

Don’t let the lightning bring you fear,

(Do not let the lightning, bring you fear,)”

I will be your guardian, here to keep you feeling safe,

I shall help you overcome the nightmares, let them no longer haunt your dreams,

As I protect you, under my wing,

Let your fears disappear,

Let your dreams be filled with happiness and joy,

I will keep you safe,

As I protect you, under my wing.”

As she finished singing, Twilight found Apple Bloom fast asleep. Looking down at the little filly, she couldn’t help but smile knowing Apple Bloom was finally at ease. She gently lay Apple Bloom beside her, drawing the cover over them both. Then the two of them slept soundly, the forcefield still in place, where it remained throughout the rest of the night.

The sun shone brightly as it rose into the bright blue sky. The storm had finally ended, and ponies were already up, busy working to clear the mess the storm had left. Surprisingly, there didn’t appear to be as much damage as many ponies had thought, despite being the absolute worst storm ever to hit Ponyville, if not all of Equestria.

The forcefield dome still surrounded the Golden Oaks Library. Inside the bedroom, both Twilight and Apple Bloom were still sound asleep in Twilight’s bed. Twilight had just started to stir as she opened her eyes. She instantly looked towards the window to see what state the weather was in. As far as she could tell, it looked calm and peaceful out there. As she canceled her magic, the forcefield outside dispersed, revealing Celestia’s golden sun shining through Twilight’s window.

“Thank Celestia,” whispered Twilight.

She looked down at her side. What she saw just melted her heart. There Apple Bloom lay, sleeping with a smile on her face, and her arm wrapped around Twilight’s barrel. Not once had she let go of her throughout the night. Twilight placed her hoof over Apple Bloom’s as she looked down at the filly. She felt a great wave of relief wash over her. Looking at the little filly brought relief to Twilight, knowing that she had helped Apple Bloom overcome this terrible ordeal.

“Applejack is so lucky to have such a wonderful little sister,” said Twilight.

Twilight then realized that Applejack would be on her way to collect Apple Bloom. She strangely felt a sense of disappointment, as she had enjoyed Apple Bloom’s company, but she knew she needed to get the filly back home. Carefully moving Apple Bloom aside, Twilight cautiously got up off her bed then draped the cover back neatly over her. She took one more moment to look at the adorable filly, sleeping soundly as she made her way downstairs to prepare their breakfast.

Twilight placed a tower of pancakes on the table. Golden syrup trickled down from the top of the stack, three slices of apples with a dollop of whipped cream lay in the center of the top, along with a cherry for show. Twilight stood admiring her work yet again; sometimes she even amazed herself.

“Really got to give Spike that break next time,” she chuckled.

She then heard hoofsteps coming from the stairs. There she saw Apple Bloom making her way down, gently rubbing her eye. She gave a small yawn, covering her mouth with her hoof as she did.

“Mornin’ Twilight,” she said.

“Good morning, Apple Bloom. I was just about to call you. I hope you’re hungry,” Twilight said excitedly.

As soon as Apple Bloom noticed the huge tower of pancakes on the table, some drool dribbled down to her chin. “Oh boy!” she cried. “Thank ya, Twilight!”

“My pleasure, Apple Bloom. I figured you’d be hungry in the morning, so I went ahead and prepared a surprise breakfast, just for you.”

Apple Bloom’s eyes welled up with tears. “Yer the best, Twilight. I’m real happy ta have ya here in Ponyville. Aside from Applejack and the Crusaders, yer tha bestest friend I could ever have. Heck, yer more than my bestest friend ta me. Yer my family.”

Twilight tried to hold it, but she couldn’t. Tears streamed down from her eyes. Apple Bloom truly looked up to her, and during the time she spent with Apple Bloom, Twilight felt a deep bond develop between them. One that she was certain would remain strong for a long time to come.

“Apple Bloom,” she choked, wiping away her tears. “Thank you. I’m truly touched you care about me so much.”

“I don’t just care about ya, Twilight,” said Apple Bloom. “…I love ya.”

Twilight rushed over and brought Apple Bloom into a warming embrace. “I love you too, Apple Bloom.”

Soon after they finished breakfast, Twilight and Apple Bloom spent the morning telling stories to each other, greatly enjoying themselves until there was a knock on the door. Twilight felt her heart sink.

The door opened up and Applejack peered in. “Apple Bloom?” she called.

“Applejack!” Apple Bloom cried.

The two Apple sisters rushed towards each other, grasping each other in a loving embrace.

“Oh, thank Celestia, am I glad ta see ya, sis,” said Applejack. “Were y'all okay? That storm was real fierce.”

“I was scared, AJ,” Apple Bloom admitted, “real scared. But I had somepony ta help me through it all.”

She looked over to Twilight, who smiled back at the two sisters.

“Twilight’s the best,” Apple Bloom continued. “She made me feel safe through the storm, and we had such a fun time together. I now consider Twilight part of tha family.”

Applejack just smiled at her sister, then to Twilight, before she chuckled, “That’s where yer wrong, little sis. Twilight has always been a part of our family. Always has, always will.”

Twilight felt honored by Applejack’s words. She was glad to have been there for Apple Bloom.

“Do ya think I could sleepover at Twilight’s sometime?” Apple Bloom asked hopefully. “Like, maybe this weekend?”

Twilight’s eyes widened with hope.

“Well, maybe. We still have a lot of work ta do on the farm. Plus, we may need ta head ta Appaloosa this weekend for tha market.”

Apple Bloom sighed in disappointment. “Oh, right.”

Twilight walked over to the sisters. “I’m sure we can work something out another time, Apple Bloom. Right now, why not spend the weekend with your family?”

“Okay, Twilight,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

“Good, now hurry and collect your things so you and Applejack can hurry home,” she told her.

“Sure thing. Be right back, sis,” Apple Bloom said to Applejack as she hurried up the stairs.

Twilight surprisingly found herself grasped in a tight embrace by Applejack. “Thanks so much for watchin’ over Apple Bloom, Twi. I can’t thank y’all enough fer what ya did.”

Twilight returned the hug. “I was happy to, Applejack. I couldn’t have sent her out there in such a terrible state.”

The two released their embrace as they stood eye to eye with one another.

“Like Apple Bloom said, y'all’re part of the family, and I can’t think of anypony I trust more ta leave her in good hooves.”

Twilight stood looking dumbfounded. “Applejack, you don’t…”

“I do. Celestia forbid, if anythin’ happens ta me and the rest of tha family, I want Apple Bloom to be with somepony that I can count on. That pony is y'all, no question about it, Twi.”

“Thank you, Applejack,” Twilight choked. “I’m honored.”

“I’m ready,” called Apple Bloom.

With her saddlebag on, Apple Bloom happily ran up to her sister, nuzzling up against her fur. Applejack gleefully nuzzled her back.

“Well then, let’s go, sis. See ya later, Twi,” said Applejack.

“Bye, Applejack. See you soon, Apple Bloom,” said Twilight.

Twilight stood and watched the two Apple sisters leave until she was left all alone. She just stood there, looking somewhat depressed, though she was happy to see Apple Bloom back with her sister. Twilight still wished to spend a little more time with her, though, as she’d started to enjoy having a little sister herself. The time she had spent with Apple Bloom also made Twilight realize how much she appreciated Spike for all he did for her.

As Twilight reflected on yesterday’s events her thoughts were interrupted when she felt something grab onto her. She looked down, and to her surprise she found Apple Bloom giving her an affectionate hug, leaning her head against her chest.

“Apple Bloom?” Twilight asked. “What are you doing back here?”

“I just remembered something I forgot,” she answered.

“Oh? What’s that?” asked Twilight.

Apple Bloom reached up past Twilight’s chest, then leaned up close to her face and gave the alicorn a small kiss on the cheek. She stepped back down on to her hooves, then looked up at Twilight, her eyes filled with care and love that just warmed Twilight’s heart even more.

“Thank y’all, fer everything, Twilight. It was a lot of fun,” said Apple Bloom.

Twilight just smiled at the filly. “Anytime,” she said.

And with that, Apple Bloom scampered out the door. She stopped for a moment to look at Twilight one more time, then hurried to catch up with her sister. Twilight stepped outside herself, happily watching the two Apple sisters head off for home. The two were happily talking and laughing as they went. Seeing the happiness on Apple Bloom’s face filled Twilight’s heart with joy as she remembered the moments they shared. Not just from yesterday, but from the first day Twilight came to Ponyville, to when they met Zecora and the time she asked for her help to get her cutie mark. Those moments, as well as yesterday's, were memories Twilight would treasure forever, and she looked forward to making more in the days to come.

Anytime, My Little Pony.

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