by Flourishing Ruby
Characters: Applejack, Fluttershy, Mane 6
Canon: S4
Genre: Dark, Tragedy
Pairing: None
POV: None
Status: Complete
Warnings: Death, Violence
• Teen •

A virus is spreading in Ponyville, will the Mane 6 survive?

Series: None
Chapters: 1
Word count: 4306 Read count: 726
Published: 09 May 2017 Updated: 09 May 2017
Story Notes:

I don't own any of the characters! Also disclaimer: Blood and Gore, may not be suitable for young viewers.

Story. by Flourishing Ruby
Author's Notes:

I don't own any of the characters

(I don’t own any of characters)

Twilight Sparkle gasped in horror, ponies were devouring other ponies, one lunged at her but she flew up in the air just in time. Pony screams echoed in her head, I’ve got to find my friends, she thought. She ran to SugarCube Corner to find Pinkie, the door creaked open, “Pinkie Pie?” Twilight asked into the dark room. Growling erupted from the darkness, then a pink figure galloped from the dark. Pinkie was covered in blood, her teeth were yellow and a small amount of blood covered them, one eye was bloodshot and sunken while the other had a cupcake stuffed in. Twilight screamed and ran from SugarCube. Twilight flew into the sky to Apple Acres, she hoped Applejack was okay. She opened the door to the barn, “AJ?” Twilight asked

“Twiligh’...is- is that you?” a voice asked, in fright. “Apple Jack! You’re alright!” Twilight said in relief, she opened the door to the barn and walked in. An orange figure came from the shadows, Applejack's face was covered in tears and blood. She ran toward Twilight and hugged her. She cried in her friend’s shoulder. “Applejack, where is Apple Bloom?” Twilight asked, Applejack released the hug and turned her back to Twilight, Twilight got the message. “ Big Mac?” Twilight asked softly, Apple Jack shook her head, “Granny Smi-”

“Look ‘ere, Twiligh’, e’ry pony that stood in this ‘ere barn is dead!” Applejack yelled, as she stomped a hoof in the ground “all Apples...except..me” Twilight walked toward her friend and and laid a hoof on her shoulder, “Look Applejack, the Apple family may be gone, but we need to save the rest of our friends” Twilight winced “ Crossing off..Pinkie” Applejack looked at Twilight, in a ‘are you sure’ look, Twilight nodded slightly. Apple sat there thinking, “Was she...dead?”

“Undead, i guess you can call it” Twilight answered. Apple nodded and sighed, then she sniffled and nodded, “Lead the way, Princess” Applejack said, full of heroism. Twilight gave a weak smile and they both walked out of the barn. The streets of Ponyville were quiet, Twilight and Apple were careful not to make too much noise, they walked to Rarity’s boutique, “Rarity?” they asked as the opened they door to her shop. “Twilight? Applejack?” a voice squeaked from the shop, then Rarity stepped out and opened the door. “Please don't hurt me, i didn't want to do it!” Rarity screeched, tears pouring from her eyes. “What did you do?” Twilight asked, Rarity grabbed Twilight’s shoulders and yelled “I. Killed. Sweetie Belle!” then she cried into her shoulder. Applejack fluffed Rarity’s messy hair, “Rarity… I- I know you regret it, i do too…i had to do the same...to Apple Bloom” she said, softly. Rarity sat down, “Why? Why? Why did it come to this?!” Rarity began to screech again, Twilight covered her mouth with her hoof. “Rarity, you have many reasons why you should be crying, but now’s not the time” Twilight said, “we need to get to the castle, it's the only safe place...for now” Rarity nodded, as Twilight released her mouth, Applejack made sure the roads were clear to move. Apple gave a signal, Twilight and Rarity trotted down the road, the streets of Ponyville were silent. Fear rolled through it. Twilight opened the door to the castle and stepped in, followed by Rarity and Applejack. Starlight Glimmer charged up her horn to blast, “woah, Starlight, it's them!” Spike called out. Twilight lowered her wings that were covering her friends. “Sorry” Starlight said, Applejack nodded. “Wheres Pinkie?” Spike asked, Rarity looked at Twilight, “oh no, shes-”

“Worse, she's one of them!” Rainbow Dash echoed, then she slammed the door, Rainbow flew to them. “Why could this be happening?” Starlight asked

“I don't know, and we can't” Twilight said, sitting sadly “I don't even know if the Princesses are even alive”

“Twilight, I managed to get Pinkie out of SugarCube Corner we could start there” Rainbow suggested

“Start what?”

“Investigating, o’ course, that's a great idea Rainbow Dash” Apple said, then she frowned “wait, where’s Fluttershy?”

“She’s hiding in the throne room, with the animals, she’s fine” Starlight said. Fluttershy laid a blanket across the floor of the throne room, bunnies and mice hugged each other and quivered in fear. “Now, now, no need to be afraid, little animals” Fluttershy said, she opened a basket, “we need to just relax, so let’s have a picnic” she took out some daisy sandwiches and purple cupcakes. “Here, Angel, have a cupcake” Fluttershy said, passing the purple cupcake toward the white bunny. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Starlight flew toward SugarCube Corner. “Are you sure you got Pinkie out of here?” Starlight asked, “because, i don’t know about you but, i want to live and not become one of-”

“Them?!’’ Rainbow asked, as Mr. and Mrs. Cake came down the stairs, they were infected. They both ran toward the three, full speed, then they crashed into the door. As blood poured from their snouts, Twilight gasped. “Do you think Carrot and Pound are still here?” Twilight and Starlight looked at Rainbow, she shrugged. Starlight ran up the stairs and searched rooms. When she opened the closet, there she saw to twins with open sides, dead. Starlight screamed at the sight. Twilight and Rainbow flew up the stairs. “What?” they both asked, simultaneously. They stood quiet as they saw the dead twins. Twilight covered her eyes with her wings as Rainbow looked to the blood stained floor. “We were too late” Twilight said

“Even if we weren't, we wouldn’t have been able to save them, it's a dangerous time now, we need to focus on the living ponies” Starlight explained as she placed a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder. Spike walked into the throne room, “Hey, Fluttershy, what’s going on?”

“Hello, Spike, we were just having a picnic” Fluttershy, then she looked at Angel, “Angel isn’t eating the cupcake i brought him”

“Can i have it?” Spike asked, pointing to the cupcake

“Of course, here” Fluttershy got one out of the basket and handed it to the purple dragon. Spike took it and bit into it. “Mmm, thanks” he took another bite, “where’d you get these? There delicious!”

“Pinkie Pie said that a pony sold her the cupcakes for free, and there were so much that she decided  to give them all over Ponyville” Fluttershy explained, “she was so nice”

“If she ever becomes herself again, i'll ask for more!” Spike encouraged, biting into another cupcake. Twilight walked around, until her hoof brushed against a large box. She illuminated a light from her horn to see what it was. ‘CUPCAKES! FRESH, FREE’ was written on the top. Hmm, she thought. She opened the box and a rat squealed. She screamed and backed away, the rat chased after her. Starlight froze the rat, Rainbow grabbed a rolling pin and hit the rat, until green ooze and blood poured out of its head. Starlight unfroze the rat, and it splat onto the ground. Twilight panted, “what was that?!”

“It was eating the cupcakes” Rainbow said, inspecting the dead rat. Purple frosting oozed out of the rat's mouth and opened stomach. Starlight gasped, Twilight and Rainbow looked at her. “What if...these cupcakes…..started this?” Fluttershy screamed as Spike tried to attack the animals. Apple kicked some glass toward the rabid dragon. Rarity helped Fluttershy get the animals out of the throne room. Spike ignored the glass that pierced his scales and fell off. Then a large screw entered the dragon’s chest. Blood poured out of the wound as he fell to the ground. Apple cheered but it died down when she looked at her hurt friends. “Why did he do that? He was perfectly fine a few seconds ago” Fluttershy asked, looking toward the marble floors. “I dunno, but he could’ve been bitten before and didn't tell us” Apple suggested, taking her hat off

“But that doesn't seem like the Spike we know” Rarity debated, “and besides, when would he have gotten bitten? I've seen ponies turn into those things for a mere second!” Rarity pointed a hoof to Apple, “What if you were bitten? Would you tell us?”
“Ta be honest, no! If i were bitten, i would've neva told you!” Apple yelled, frowning

“Why in Equestria would you do that?”

“Ta be alive o’ course! I rather be alive for the remainin’ time left i have o’ life then killing myself as soon as i've been bitten!”

“How do we know you're not bitten?” Rarity asked backing away, “you said so yourself, you wouldn't tell us if you were bitten.” Twilight ran out, the slamming of the door echoed in the empty streets. Or once were empty. Zomponies growled and galloped toward Twilight, “ Fly!” she called out to the others. Rainbow zoomed to the clouds. Starlight cast a flying spell on herself. They headed toward the castle, as fast as they could. Apple tackled Rarity. “She’s infected, she’s infected!” Fluttershy squealed. “Now, you listen ‘ere… I. Ain't. Infected! And if you ever get infected, Rarity” there was a pause “I will NOT hesitate to kill you!” the throne room door burst open. “Oh, help, Twilight! She’s infected!” Rarity screamed as Apple stood up. Twilight charged her horn but saw that Apple wasn't attacking anything. Instead Apple left the room and trotted down the halls, softly crying. I feel like a pig on butcher’s day, She thought to herself. She heard scurrying, so she did the opposite of what ponies do in horror films, she ran back to her friends. Rarity ran to Twilight, “why didn’t you blast her?” she asked frantically

“If she was infected, why couldn’t you? You have magic” Rainbow said, before Twilight could answer. Rarity stammered, “well...yes, i do have magic….but i couldn’t just kill her!”

“Neither could I!” Twilight managed to get out. What’s wrong with her?, Twilight thought. What is wrong with her!?!, Rarity thought. Applejack said she would kill me if i got bitten, why can’t we just kill her now so we can all be safe? Or at least feel a little safe. Rarity scoffed and left. “Rarity!” Apple called out, as Rarity was in her sight, “there’s somethin’ over there!” Rarity was about to help but stopped in her tracks, “wait” she started, Apple shook her head, “how do i know you're not setting a trap for me?” Rarity whined, “how do i know, when i go into the darkness there” she pointed toward the dark hallway, “that you won't kill me?”

“ ‘Cause if i wanted to kill you, i would've done it by now!” Apple yelled, she turned and walked toward the darkness, “If you don't wanna help me, fine. At least go get help so we can get whatever in here, maybe you shouldn….” Apple’s words trailed into the darkness, as Rarity walked away. Twilight looked down at her fallen dragon. Warm tears fell down her snout, “why him?” she asked, softly. Rarity trotted into a room by herself, locking the door and hiding into the master closet. Let's see: carrots; check, magazines; check, pillow, blanket; check, and last but not least, endless fabric, sewing machine, thread, etc; check!, She thought to herself, now to lock the closet door. She used her magic to put a lock and chains on the closet doors. Check...i feel like i'm forgetting something, She looked around, then smiled, oh, i can't forget my friends!, She sat close to the circle of pillows, each color of her friends. She looked at the purple one, “what's that, Twilight? You want a dress?” then she looked at the other colored pillows, “you want one too, Fluttershy? And you Rainbow? Pinkie too?” she squinted at the orange pillow, “you want a dress? Well, i won't make you one! I only make dresses for my friends, and friends don't try to kill each other!” Rarity charged her horn and blasted the pillow, feathers and fabric floated in the air. Rarity turned on her sewing machine, got some fabric, and started the dresses. Twilight sighed, Starlight walked up behind her, “Twilight, I know it must feel terrible, but-”

“But? But? There is no but!” Twilight yelled, “ I had friends and this situation is just breaking us apart!”

“But you’re the Princess of Friendship!” Starlight protested

“I was” Twilight said, “but, not anymore” Twilight galloped out the room. Twilight stepped out, Applejack walked out from the darkness, “Oh, hey Applejack, I’m surprised that you and Rarity are not fighting anymore” Applejack snarled and pounced toward Twilight. Twilight screamed and ran away, but Apple bit her wings. Twilight screamed, from fear and pain. Starlight blasted Apple, Apple froze as the hole in her side dripped with blood. Then she collapsed on the floor. Twilight freaked out as green ooze dripped from the bite on her wings. Starlight made her horn shoot laser, and she carefully cut off Twilight's wings. Twilight fell to the floor when her wings disappeared. “Twilight, are you okay?”

“Yes...yes, i’m fine” Twilight said, between sobs. Blood oozed where her wings had been. Starlight summoned a towel, pain reliever, and a bandage. After Starlight finished placing the bandages on Twilight’s empty back, she said, “we need to find Rarity, Dash, and Fluttershy”

“They’ll just get bitten and we’ll lose them”

“We need to try to save our friends” Starlight said, Twilight nodded. Rainbow heard sobbing from a bedroom, “hello?” she called out, walking in the bedroom. She noticed that the closet doors had been chained and locked together. She walked toward it and knocked, “anypony in there?”

“Rainbow Dash?”  voice called out from the closet, Rarity sounded hurt. “Rarity? Hold on, I’ll open the door, somehow”

“No. Don’t. I locked myself in here. Leave me alone” she said. Rainbow ignored her and ran to the other side of the room and flew back toward the closet. Breaking it down. Rarity covered herself with her hooves. Rainbow saw the pillows and each were dripping in blood. Rainbow inspected Rarity, looking for cuts. But found nothing. “Uh, Rarity?” She asked “who’s blood is that?” She pointed toward the pillows. Rarity peeked under her hooves, “Nopony’s” she said, nervously. Rainbow pushed Rarity out of the way. She gasped as she saw needles impaling Opal the cat. She looked at Rarity, but Rarity was gone. Fluttershy sighed as she saw Angel’s ribs through his fur. “Angel, you must eat something!” Fluttershy begged, Angel crossed his arms and shook his head. Twilight paced the floor around the two. “I don’t know what to do, without Spike i can’t send mail to Princess Celestia” the doors of the room busted open, Starlight and Twilight charged their horns only to find Rainbow, “Guys, have you seen Rarity?!” she asked, frantically. Twilight and Starlight sighed as they saw it was just their friend, “No, why?” Fluttershy asked. “I-I...I don’t know anymore!” Rainbow yelled, she landed on the floor, “I heard sobbing, then i found her in the closet, then she told me not to get her out but i did anyway, then the closet was covered in blood, then i saw Opal dead! Then Rarity disappeared!” she covered her eyes, “i don't know if i can take this anymore” she said, quietly. Fluttershy flew beside her, “Don't worry, Dashie, we’ll get out of this” she said. Twilight looked out of the stained glass windows, the zomponies were still trotting in the streets of Ponyville. She sighed, she hoped the princesses were okay, she needed to get in touch with her brother. To see if the virus spread into the Crystal Empire. She wrote a letter; Dear anypony who reads this,

    Ponyville is infected with some sort of virus. We need help as soon as possible, we don't know where it started. The remaining ponies of Ponyville are; Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash, and myself. We don't plan to find survivors but if we do… they have some hope.

From, Princess Twilight Sparkle

Twilight was about to send it off, until the doors, once again, busted open. Rarity’s eyes were red and swollen from crying. She continued to sob as she wobbles into the room. Fluttershy was about to glide over and help her, but Rainbow grabbed her arm and pointed to the bandage around Rarity’s leg. “Please, if you were ever my friends...help me” she wheezed. Starlight used her magic to undo the bandage, they all gasped and backed away as they saw a multiple bites covering her leg, black veins ran up her leg and started to spread to her back. Rarity looked to her leg, then back at her friends, “No...no! No! It's just a scratch, i swear! It's not that big of a deal! I won't turn into one of them! Please!” Rarity pleaded. Fluttershy flew to her, Twilight, Starlight, and Rainbow yelled “Fluttershy, no!” but it was too late. Rarity turned, quick. She bit the hoof Fluttershy extended. Fluttershy screamed, Rainbow came and kicked Rarity off her. Green ooze dripped from the bite. “Am...am i gonna die?” Fluttershy asked, softly, tears streaming down her face. Rainbow cautiously pushed Rarity out of the room and speedly grabbed rope, then she tied the doors. Pounding echoed the room, Rainbow gasped and pulled a table in front of the doors. Pounding got louder and sounded like there were more Zomponies now. Over the pounding, Fluttershy cried as black veins crawled to her face. Her eyes started to turn grey and her mane instantly lost color. Starlight closed her eyes as she heard soft growling from Fluttershy. Then she blasted her in her head. Twilight started to sob, and held the dead Fluttershy. Rainbow held the door, she took a peek at the event, her eyes filled with tears. Starlight sat down and looked to the floor, “i'm sorry, but i had to” she said, softly. Twilight let go of Fluttershy and went back to the letter; Dear anypony who reads this,

    Ponyville is infected with some sort of virus. We need help as soon as possible, we don't know where it started. The remaining ponies of Ponyville are; Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and myself. We don't plan to find survivors but if we do… they  have some hope.

From, Princess Twilight Sparkle

Angel hopped next to the dead Fluttershy, his skin baggy from starvation. He tapped her snout, when there was no response, he laid next to her and closed his eyes. He never opened them again. The room started to smell like dead flesh, Starlight used her magic to open the window and toss the dead Fluttershy and Angel out of it. Starlight gasped from what she saw. Rainbow heard the pounding on the door die down. She let go of the door and slowly backed away from it. Starlight turned to her friends, “you guys! Come here!” she whispered in a frantic voice. Twilight and Rainbow walked over to Starlight and the window, it was a pink, grey figure. Only a few strands of it’s mane stayed on its head, its legs were long and thin. It crawled around like a spider. They saw its face, it was a deformed skull. Despite the darkness of the night sky,  they could still make out who it once was, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie wasn’t the only spider looking zompony, all of the non-living were like spiders. Twilight ran toward the letter and sent it away, but the light from her magic caught the zomponies attention. They gave a growl, hiss sound and started to crawl toward the castle. Starlight looked around the room, she found old curtains. Rainbow saw it too and flew over to it, she grabbed it and covered the blood, “No, that was to cover the windows!”

“But they could smell the blood!” Rainbow protested, the growling got louder. “Rainbow Dash!” Starlight ran toward Rainbow, but Rainbow grabbed the curtain and flew toward the window. “I- I’ll drop it!” she said, holding it out the window. Starlight stopped, her eyes wide with horror. “Rainbow Dash. Please. Come. Here” she said in a shaky voice. Rainbow frown, “yeah, like i will fall for-” Rainbow started screaming as a zompony bite the curtain and almost dragged Rainbow down. Starlight quickly teleported herself next to Dash, since she was on  the other side of the room. Starlight grabbed her leg and tried to pull her up, Twilight ran to help. But the other windows broke and zomponies crawled in. Twilight screamed and dragged Starlight toward her. From the force of Twilights magic, she dropped Rainbow Dash. Rainbow screamed “No!” as her body disappeared into a herd of zomponies. Starlight looked at Twilight with wide eyes. Twilight had placed a force field around them. The zomponies pounded and banged on the force field. “This won’t be enough, but-” Twilight was cut off when Starlight shocked her with her magic. “You made me drop Rainbow Dash” Starlight said

“Excuse me? You could’ve held onto her as i pulled you” Twilight snapped. “Don’t accuse me for killing one of our friends!”

“But you did! You wanted to save yourself, but you didn’t want to be alone, so you grabbed the nearest pony” Starlight yelled “you didn’t think about Rainbow Dash or any of our other friends!” Twilight screamed and blasted Starlight in her back legs. Starlight yelled as blood pour out of her wound. Due to shock, Starlight passed out. A while later, she opened her eyes softly, “Twilight…?” Starlight asked, drowsy. Her vision was blurred due to blood loss. “You’re alive?” Twilight asked, walking toward her, zomponies started to shake the force field. Cracks appeared around the barrier. Twilight didn’t care, she stomped on Starlight’s front legs. Starlight screamed from the pain. With the last bit of magic, Starlight shone a light. A light that sliced through the night sky. The light was so strong that it disintegrated everypony, living and nonliving. Ponyville was just an empty crater.

Two Days Ago…

Doctor Hooves paced in his office, then the door bursted open. A cross eyed pegasus, Derpy, flew in. “Hi, i got the potion!” she said, Doctor Hooves took the bottle she held out. “What took you so long?” he asked as he walked back to his table. “I got lost” she said, proudly. He rolled his eyes as he poured the potion with the juice of strange berries he found. Green matter oozed out of the bottle. ‘Hmm’ he thought, he walked over to a basket of cupcakes, Derpy left when he asked her to get the potion. He looked to the ground and saw the sick rats he brought in. Ponyville seemed to have a few of the same symptoms of the rats; headaches, vomiting, and passing out. He poured the potion into the cupcakes, the cupcakes turned purple. He tossed the cupcake toward the rats, the rats nibbled at it. In a few minutes, one of the rats jumped up and down happily. It didn't seem in pain at all. Doctor Hooves smiled in delight. “Yes! This might be the cure for the cold in Ponyville!” he shouted happily. He took the leftover potion and berries and walked into the back room. Derpy looked at the basket. “Oh, there are the cupcakes!” she said. Then she flew out of the scientist’s house, as one of the rats turned grey and attacked the others in the bin. Derpy flew into a pony, the pony dropped an empty box. “Oh, sorry!” Derpy said, the pony used her magic to transfer the cupcakes into the box. “Oh, it’s quite alright” she said, then she walked away. Derpy picked up her empty basket and went home. The pony walked to SugarCube Corner, Pinkie Pie smiled at her “welcome!” she said. “Hello, i would like to display my cupcakes” the pony said, her hood covering her face. “Oh, well, i don’t think we have enough bits to cover the cupcakes for the week”

“Oh..that’s fine, um” the pony lifted the box with her magic and handed it to Pinkie. “You can take the cupcakes for free” then the pony disappeared. Pinkie looked at the cupcakes, it was a lot of cupcakes. She walked to every home in Ponyville and sold the cupcakes.

One Day Ago…

Everypony went to the nearby hospitals. They were experiencing headaches, wing stiffness, and vomiting. The doctors didn't understand the symptoms and why a large amount of ponies were catching this illness. In a hospital room, Scootaloo was laying in a hospital bed. She ran into a tree on her scooter and broke her ankle. While she was laying in the bed, she heard noises from her neighbor. The room was separated with a sheet, Scootaloo saw the shadow of a pony. The pony on the other side growled and screeched. Scootaloo press the button to call the nurse. Every time she pressed the button it made a beep! Sound. The pony on the other side turned, quickly and leaped through the sheet. The pony growled and teared into Scootaloo’s flesh as she screamed for her life. Minutes later doctors and nurses ran into the room. Scootaloo’s body laying on the floor, in a puddle of blood. “Holy Equestria!” the doctor exclaimed as the nurses gasped. Then the same pony pounced on them, first grabbing the doctor and ripping his neck. The nurses screamed and ran. As they ran down the hall, other hospital doors bursted open and a wave of zomponies herded around the nurses. And devoured them. As soon as the zomponies escaped the hospital, they spread their infection into the town of Ponyville. Just as Twilight was looking in horror, a pony looked with an evil smile. ‘The berries worked’ the pony thought to herself, who looked a lot like Twilight’s sister-in-law. Her eyes flashed green.

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