How do I get my stories on the site?

Register as an author, then click on Account Info and select Add New Story.

Do I have to pre-format my story in HTML?

You don't have to, but doing so will give you the most precise control over your story's appearance on the site. However, the open-source word processing module tinyMCE is available as well; go to Account Info --> Edit Preferences and turn on the Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor option. This will replace the default text boxes with tinyMCE input boxes, where you can compose directly or copy and paste from a Word document and retain your formatting.

What am I allowed to submit? What types of stories will be rejected?

We have very basic requirements for accepting stories: that they be in passable English and that they are fiction based on Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We don't discriminate by genre, characters, or ratings (see below).

Note that if your story contains explicit gore or sexual content, it must be uploaded to the explicit section of the Archive.

How do your story ratings work?

Everypony - no objectionable content whatsoever; a small child could read this
Almost Everypony - some possible objectionable content
Teen - teen situations; implied sex, mild violence, mild emotional distress
Mature - adult situations; sex, violence, extreme emotional distress

What happens when my story is submitted?

Your story will be automatically added to the Archive. If you would like a staff member to proof/copyedit your work, post a request in the forum and we will check over your story for you.

How do the star ratings work?

After reading a story, users have the option of submitting a review or a rating or both. In the rating drop-down, you can select a number from 1 to 10. The story's total ratings are averaged and represented in the Archive as stars.

For example, if someone rates a story an 8, four stars will display. If someone rates a story a 10, five stars will display. If a story receives an 8 and a 10, this averages to 9, and four and a half stars will display.

I've never seen this site before, but my stories are already here - how did that happen?

In our capacity as an archive of Friendship is Magic fan fiction, we want to include any noteworthy stories in the fandom. We make every effort to track down the original author directly, preferably via email, but if we can't contact them and the fanfic was released publically (for example, via a Google Doc), we will add it to the Archive credited to the original author.

Please contact us for your login credentials, so you can take control of your account and your stories.

Why do you allow NSFW/NC-17/clopfiction/gore?

We're well aware that not everyone wants to read about cute little ponies being brutally murdered or having wild sex; however, there are a few reasons we feel strongly that they should be included here.

At the most basic level, this wouldn't be much of a fiction archive if it didn't fairly include all fiction on the subject. On a more philosophical note, who are we to judge? (And, not to put too fine a point on it, who are you, hater-of-clopfics?) "Everypony equal, everypony loved," as the saying goes.

What's the name of the font you used in the site header?

It's called Generation B, and it's the same font Hasbro used in the show logo. You can download it here.