Downloading ePub eBooks

While it's possible to download stories directly from the Archive via our ePub integration ePub, the Archive may not have the story you want to save for your mobile device. Luckily, Oelderoth has created a standalone Fan Fiction Converter app that you can use to download stories from here, FanFiction.net, deviantArt, and Google Docs in ePub format.

Download the Converter, extract it, and double-click on the .exe. Enter the fic's title, author, genre, and description, then either manually add chapters using the controls at the bottom left, or use one of the wizards to download complete stories from here or FanFiction.net. Go to File --> Save Book, and the .epub will drop into your eBooks folder; go to File --> New Book to reset for the next one. Oelderoth has more detailed documentation available here.

Download Link 1 (PFA.net)
Download Link 2 (Megaupload)

Note that this is still an alpha release; if you encounter any problems, please let Oelderoth know at GMZues@gmail.com.

Converting ePub eBooks

Now you've got your ePub files ready, but there's a chance your device doesn't support this format. While the vast majority of eReaders do, a few don't - one notable exception being the Amazon Kindle. However, you can convert your ePub files into a format your specific device does support using free, open-source eBook management software called Calibre.

After downloading and installing the latest version, click Add Books and select all the files you want to convert. Once they're loaded into Salibre, select them all, then right-click on your selection and go to Convert --> Bulk Convert. When the bulk conversion dialog opens, select the format you want to convert to from the dropdown at the upper right. (If you have an Amazon Kindle, you'll want to select MOBI.)

Check through the other options in the bulk conversion wizard, especially the Page Setup options, where you can select your specific device if it's supported. When everything looks good, click OK. While your files are converting, you'll see a Jobs counter in the lower right corner of the window; each file you're converting counts as one job. When it's done, look in your Calibre Library folder (whose location was specified when you installed Calibre), and you should see a folder for each author. Within each author's folder will be the original ePub file(s) and the new file(s). Transfer them to your device and start reading!