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My Taken Pony

PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:16 am
by ninetythreedegrees
This was bad. This was very bad. Princess Celestial tried to remain calm as she trotted swiftly through the corridors of Guadian's castle. She knew he was expecting her. She had received a message from him earlier this morning with some potentially terrible news. After she finished all of her royal business for the day she had hurried to the castle as soon as she could. She entered the "Seeing Room" and as expected there he was, staring into his "Seeing Pool."

"Guardian! What exactly happened?" she demanded worriedly.

He looked up with a flat expression and said " Our girls have been taken. I'm not exactly sure where. I've been working with Doc to figure things out." Celestia looked around for the young blue unicorn who held the key to her prized pupils heart.

"He's in the library."

"Well can you tell me what you have learned?"

He nodded and said "I still don't understand everything, but it seems a random portal opened up and sucked them in during their reunion picnic. It disappeared however as quickly as it appeared. We are not sure where it took them." Glancing in the pool again he said " But I can see that if we don't act soon then very bad things will happen."

"What do we do?"

"Doc is working on a way to target and reopen the portal."

"Then what?"

"Then I will go through and retrieve them."

"But Guardian.."

Cutting her off, he looked her right in the eye. "You know it is my duty. The very purpose of my existence is protect the Elements of Harmony and their bearers. This is my divine responsibility."

Celestial nodded and said "Very well. Just be careful."

He smiled and said "Of course."

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:23 pm
by The Masked Ghost
Wait...before I do anything, am I the doc or is it someone else...just a bit confused...

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:18 pm
by ninetythreedegrees
Lol no doc is one of my oc's. Feel free to use as many of your characters as you want. :) the more the merrier.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:09 am
by The Masked Ghost
Ok then...and since I can't tell if we're doing the style of Max Payne or not, I'll just use Knight from act V, but not the one from Episode 711 where he is pretty much had his world slowly fall beneath him and he's between dark and gloom and happy and weird...

Oh...and I'm depressed now../why? It happened again...but at least I could hold out for a week this time around...but my goodness was it bad...kind of just want tto forget what happened is all...
Knight was in the library, looking at the books, and he said to himself, "Man...these are a lot of books Celestia has."

Knight was standing in the giant library that Celestia had, along with his friends from Stalia, TK, and Factory dash. Wolf said to Knight, "Well, I mean...she is the princess after all....why wouldn't anyone have a huge ass library like this..."

Knight then looked towards Wolf and he said to him, "Well...I wouldn't...seems boring to me. Hell, the library that I live in with the small library room is too much for me. I couldn't care less about these books here."

TK was looking through the books, looking through the black helmet he always wore...he said to knight, "Well, these books may be useless to you. But I find them interesting." TK was holding a dark red color book in his hooves. He looked at it and he saw it was made by a similar pony that was equal to a human being on Earth,. Edgar Allen Poe. However, this would be the pony equal to his human counterpart.

TK said to Knight, "These books makes it interesting to me to see a pony counterpart to the human world. In a can say it's funny while all the clowns laugh their guts old, as they slowly bleed to death as they have smiles on their faces and dying with a sense that what they have just seen was funny to them."

Knight looked at him and he said, " do have a point there TK...but then again it's nothing new to me. I mean we've been through these things many times before...hell we even have the UU set up through the portals. granted Celestia isn't too fond with the idea too much, especially with me running the dam thing...but in the end you have a point's kind funny. But I think the 'clowns' would laugh to find someone who hates someone else, and ends up finding that person he hates actually his that is something to laugh you say....the clowns would be laughing their guts out while they are slowly dying and having smiles on their faces..."

Jack then spoke up and said, "Shouldn't we be going to check on that one pony guy...that guardian guy...whatever his name is..."

Neon then jumped and said in his always creepy tone and smile, "Yeah...I haven't even gave him a welcoming cupcake!"

Neon then took a cupcake out that he always makes and pulled it out of thin air...literally, as it oozed with intestines from dead ponies, as that is his secret ingredient...and stuff...

Knight then then said to Neon, "He doesn't need to eat that stuff...besides...Wolf already fucked one of those cupcakes...I just don't know the details and rather not know the details of that because I'm guessing it involved some kind of sex thing..."

Wolf then said, "Hey....first off that cupcakes was coming on to me. Second, I didn't fuck it, I humped it...and it was a good humping...good humping."

Knight then said, "Well whatever...we should possibly go and see that other guy...he might have something going on or something..."

They all then went to meet the Guardian guy...

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:58 pm
by ninetythreedegrees
"Will you please calm yourself Celestia?" Guardian said slightly amused.

The Princess blinked and stopped the pacing she hadn't realized she was doing. She blushed a little and said "My apologies. I suppose I'm a little impatient." It was day three since the bearers of the Elements disappeared. Guardian had been making preparations to leave. He had foreseen that today was the day Doc would make the breakthrough they were waiting for. "One thing I don't understand, if you saw that today was the day Doc would figure it out, then you must have seen the solution he found as well." Guardian nodded slowly, confirming the mares thought. She continued, " So then if you already saw it then why do we have to wait for him to find it?"

Guardian smiled grimly and said "There are things that I see that I can never reveal, and often times things that I can't let myself react to. If I were to act on what Doc finds before he actually found it, it would mess everything up. It could actually prevent him from finding it, which would be bad for us. Firebrand is helping him to create a device that can reopen the portal." Firebrand was Doc's friends and pinkie Pie's stallion friend. He was a tech genius and could build or fix just about anything. "Also, there is something else that I haven't told you. We are expecting guests."

"What do you mean?" she asked in confusion.

"I am not sure who they are or why they are coming. But they will be here very soon."

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:15 pm
by The Masked Ghost
Knight and his friends soon walked into Knight said, "Hey there Guardian...guy...whoever you are...I mean asked for my help and's go going....oh and hey's life going for? Good? Night, when is this portal thing going to be ready?"

Wolf then whispered into Knight's ear, "Can't you go through the portals to get back to Earth and find the Mane six?"

Knight the responded, "'ll ruin the fun.."

Knight then said, "So...when we're leaving...random guy that I just met in person, but know from the letter you sent me and shit like that...?"

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:38 pm
by ninetythreedegrees
Guardian was very taken aback. Celestia was dumbfounded. Guardian composed himself, but as he spoke some of his confusion came through in his voice.
"Uh, letter?. He glanced back down into his seeing pool and after a moment his expression brightened before it turned into concern.

"Guardian? What is it?"

"It would seem future me enlisted the help of these ponies." He said. He tapped his chin and mumbled "Why didn't I see that before? And why did I reach out to them?" He squared his shoulders and cleared his face of emotion and said "Very well. You seem to know us but we don't know you. At least not yet it seems. I think some introductions are in order."

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 3:17 am
by The Masked Ghost
Knight thought to himself for a moment and thought, 'What the hell is he talking about? I got letter from Celestia that was sent to Wolf that was for me...but yet Celestia doesn't know who I am...unless...perhaps this is an alternate universe and such and we happened to cross over without a single notice of anything happening? But then that doesn't explain the letter. Perhaps this Guardian guy was in my universe, but in this universe he never sent it at all...but still has the same problem as before. But then would that mean the Mane six back in my universe still have been taken? Maybe...or maybe something else happened like Dark or Lone Wolf or something like that....or maybe even Pivot Pony 08 is trying to 'cleanse the sins' off of the ponies again...and the humans back on Earth, although I haven't seen him since he transferred his soul into that robot and pretty much got what he wanted. Never mind that thought...what matters is how does this Celestia not know who I am? Then again, why didn't TK notice anything strange? He should have noticed a difference in the universe...

but then again perhaps not. Or perhaps it's whoever took the Mane six in this universe doing...or maybe not. I don't know...the best plan of action...choose one of three options. Option one, Go along with what they are saying and try to figure out the problem later. Option two...kill them...because it's not like I haven't killed alternate universe ponies and humans far I have killed Lauren Faust twice and two completely different universe, while the main one remains unharmed...Or...option three...which is to basically figure out what the problem is and just leave him to his problems... Or perhaps a secret hidden option...if I use the Knomi code...Option four...Just walk away awkwardly and pretend none of this ever happened and we leave it like that. So then...what option shall I choose? Option Two sounds quite tempting...but I'm going to go with Option one because why the hell not? Although, I'm going to leave these guys here so they can figure pout what the problem is, while I most likely go on my own along with him to find these ponies and shit like that. Alright goes Option one then...'

Knight then said, "Uhhh...sure there buddy...I'm Knight, the letter you sent to...but possibly didn' is Wolf a talking Timber Wolf that is an asshole that doesn't admit it...and every once and a while he'll jack off and eat his own cum for no reason at all. Why? Don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure that part out...and he is also a sex addict. Then there Neon who is crazy and very...very random...and you'll never know what he'll do a very scary way that is...but over the years he's grown on me, so take that for what you will. Then here is Mac, he hates Applejack and he has a lot of envy within him...and always abuses his little brother and keeps his dad father on the couch and I think he pretends that he is alive. Still haven't figured out if he's just pretending or he actually believes it...for the past ten or so years...twenty actually....

Then you have Jack...he'll pretty much kill you in the worst possible way if you ever dare criticize his work and give it anything below a don't want to get him angry...especially when it's a .5/ don't know what he'll do to you if that ever happens...although aside from that...he's a decent guy and likes the classy stuff...and can be sort it of an asshole at times but admits thought at least...and also pretends that his little brother doesn't exist...Next up is Arrell...he creates horrible looking abominations by breeding all sorts of types of animal and doesn't allow anyone to go inside his shed...and he may or may not kill you for it, but whatever...Then you have Forest Fire...he's the weakling of the group, but has a kind heart, but has a crush on Rainbow Dash and stalks her every now and then and kind of jacks off to her too...and one time her pet turtle kind of humped his leg...Next we have TK...he's mostly emotionless but has does have one emotion if triggered...anger...and will kill you if you're corrupt or in his way...and he's sort of my protector in sort of ways...and lastly we have Factory dash...not going to explain her because she hates my guts other than she's not Rainbow Dash...she's factory Dash...So...any questions?"

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:05 am
by ninetythreedegrees
(hey sorry for the disappearance I went on vacation and sort of fell out of the habit of checking the forum. But I will try to do better. I'm busy right this second, but I will continue the story later today.)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:26 pm
by The Masked Ghost
I'm actually going on vacation in visit relatives in the south of Louisiana...and then go to Disney World with them later...for about the next three weeks...oh how bad timing this has been...but we can still do tonight though...