can you make specified urls for searches?

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can you make specified urls for searches?

Postby beirirangu » Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:56 am

I know I wrote that wrongly, but I cannot find a simple and proper way to express it at the moment.

What I mean is the URL code that you are using on for brousing and searching deminates the fact that it REQUIRES YOU to imput a specified search even when one has searched before and bookmarked it in attempt to read later (as I had done to find this problem) when unfortunately on the return, I was unable to go back to my search (Character: Spike - Parings: F/M) to which I was given the URL (the ending at least) ".net/search.php?searchtype=advanced"

and while searching your site I did come across somthing a bit more suiting, a search that had 1 criteria but still utalizing the neccessity of imputing the data each and every time: ".net/browse.php?type=class&type_id=5&classid=25"

I am mearly asking if there is any possibility that my request may be noticed as a concern... so thank you for reading this, weather or not you may take heed of this plea
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Re: can you make specified urls for searches?

Postby RBDash47 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:59 am

Do you mean you want to bookmark a page of search results?
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