Romance Challenge Fics

If your story is complete but want a final readthrough to check for errors, post here!

Romance Challenge Fics

Postby flutterdash1 » Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:34 pm

Hey! If anyone could please Proofread this story for ANYTHING. Spelling, grammar, sentences that don't flow well, parts that seem too brief or don't' make sense, whatever! You should have comment privileges so feel free to comment in the story =) I plan to publish tomorrow night or Saturday so expedience would be helpful =)
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Re: Romance Challenge Fics

Postby The Masked Ghost » Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:59 pm

I wish I could help but I'm sadly not tht great of an editior, although granted I have tiny bit of expreience, but not the best other words I wouldn't be able to do it, although I did know aq few people back on FIMfiction who could do this sort of stuff...but sadly I haven't been on there for about 5 months by now, and some of them that I knew were...well let's just say enemies of my mine that we got into an argument and...let's just say thing didn't end up well them, and it wasn't about my fics either, it was something else that we couldn't agree on, and sadly we vowed to never talk to each other ever again. Yup......those were the days!
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