Editor wanted! FoE fanfic...

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Editor wanted! FoE fanfic...

Postby Drax99 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:32 am

So, started on a Fallout Equestria fanfic, and looking for someone to help me edit it. All my old editors seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, or barely talk to me. Most other friends are too busy to even read it and gimme critique. /sigh

What I need is someone that's read at least Fallout Equestria, and is familiar with the Fanon universe it created. Knowledge of other side stories is a definite plus, as well as the original Fallout game series. Mine is going to take place about a dozen years before Lilpip leaves the stable, so as to not directly interfere with the story, but there will be alot of room for continuity errors regarding other established fics. I could also use some ideas and feedback as to locations and such to use for telling the story.

I myself have only read FoE, Project Horizons, Pink Eyes, and Heros, so... yea. Need some help.

Premise is this, the protagonist is awakened in some sort of suspension chamber, no memory of who or what he is. An earth pony companion wakes him and helps him to escape some raiders that try to capture him. He then needs to join forces with this new companion to help recover his memories of who and what he is. For some reason, despite having no horn, he can sometimes do magic, and he was apparently some top secret experiment, just before Celestia Abdicated and Luna came to power.

That's about as spoiler free as I can make it. I have alot more in depth information planned out as to who, and what he is, as well as his link to the other pony. I also have side stories planned out giving background on some of the companions he will encounter and join forces with later. It's pretty much going to be a monster party, with a Hellhound, a ghoul, and a changeling. Possibly another ghoul or something as a potential love interest. Haven't thought too hard on that yet.

So, anyone interested in helping me out with this project?
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Re: Editor wanted! FoE fanfic...

Postby KaTiXEvOlVeD » Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:35 pm

It's obviously been a while, but if you're still looking for help, I would be willing.
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