Witch the Brotherhooves Social sequel

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Witch the Brotherhooves Social sequel

Postby Spike2011 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:08 pm

The annual Sistershooves Social was held again in Sweet Apple Acres in the autumn. The last time Big Mac dressed up in drag as Orchard Blossom and Apple Bloom had been disqualified from the Sisterhooves Social. One of the three Sisterhooves Social judges had been missing too that evening after the event, as they went home at midnight through a nearby forest. The judge that returned to Ponyville the next day told Big Mac, Rainbow Dash and Applejack that the other two judges was chased away by a growling thing in the dark forest. That next morning Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith and Rainbow Dash went to the forest where the two judges had been missing. The four ponies could not find the missing judge that morning, but a part of the forest had bad smells of rotten flesh. As the four ponies they returned to Sweet Apple Acres had they been finding an over 100 moon old book in the barn about a torn down courthouse by the haunted forest. Three judges from the now torn down courthouse had been killed by the guilty filly of a 1000 year old swamp witch. Since then the forest had been haunted for years by the two swamp witches, and the three old judges.
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