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Chapter ???: Fallout Equestria themed: Trixie's Cottage (gonna be at the endish of my story but going to be one of the good battle scenes)

(note not done spelling or grammar checks)

Location: Road Between Shattered Hoof Correctional Facility and Manehatten.

On the road that lay between Shattered Hoof Correctional Facility and Manehatten their was a small cottage facing away from Manehatten's cicty. Most of the back had been destroyed in the megabomb blast however the front was still roughly intact. Several large alicorns off three distinct colours stood around it in a circle looking lost, their colours were blue, purple and green among the green alicorns stood two mares one slightly larger and older then the mare to her right however the mare on the right even though she was the smallest was the most powerful since she was actually originally a unicorn that came from Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. This was before the war a good two hundred years ago and had been transformed from unicorn to Canterlot ghoul a highly powerful undead monster that was hard to kill however on the outside she looked like a regular green alicorn apart from being much smaller then the rest, her name was Emerald but before that Rhythm.

Emerald was thinking deeply, after the Goddess had died the other Alicorns had slowly broke away from the Unity and fled, several of these had returned to Trixie's cottage to morn for her loss, however Emerald was angry at the one who had killed and betrayed them all, the Equestrian hero she was called however Emerald knew her only as Littlepip. Emerald would search and find her out before destroying her, after such she would take control of the Alicorns however first things first, morn now, kill later. A low buzzing noise suddenly came from the northern direction and the rest of the Alicorns paid it no mind however Emerald glanced up seeing a large flying airship or known as a raptor. The Enclave had been mobilizing for its grand attack to try and take Equestria but Emerald paid it no mind, it wouldn't harm them at this sacred place. This was Emeralds first mistake.

Soon another Raptor class gunship had arrived on scene, the first began to descend near to the cottage before landing, while the second stood over the cottage. Emerald now opened up her telepathic communications causing the small group of alicorns to trot over to where she was and staying behind her, several flying pegasus flew towards Emerald before landing several feet away, each scout was heavily armed with a magical powered gem rifle along with light scout armour which allowed them good defence without sacrificing manoeuvrability, the lead stallion looked at Emerald with cold eyes "You speak for the rest of your race along with Unity?, you will stand down and allow the Encave to take control of this territory any kind of resistance will result in Unity becoming a threat and resulting in your race's mass extinsion. So move on" he ordered. Emerald narrowed her eyes in return "We don't take orders from you or anyone, we are here to morn after such we will leave even if the timing doesn't suit you" she finished. The stallion snorted "very well, since you oppose the Enclave your a threat, take them out" he said talking into his headset. The airborne reaper class gunship then fired its laer cannons against Trxieis cottage burning it to the ground.

going to contiue later

taken from ... _Cauterize

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redesigning my story
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