The Tonight Show with Ghost S5: E: 12+13

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The Tonight Show with Ghost S5: E: 12+13

Postby The Masked Ghost » Fri Jul 24, 2015 4:07 am

Announcer: It's the Tonight Show...with Ghost!

*I walk on to the stage with a smile to my good ol' desk*

Ghost: Hello everypony and cricket audience! Good to be back here tonight...and from Disney World...kind of sad to leave...and go back to see family as that is what I did afterwards...along with being on the road for a long time...all I have to say is...except for Disney of course...what a waste of time. Anyways, all I want to say is I had plans of actually doing this while on vacation...but the family that I was visiting isn't with technology...because they are old and they can't afford it...and sadly enough no MLP at their home. But I could have done on it on my Nook while at Disney or at a hotel...but then my Nook started to freeze up whenever it booted itself where it somehow magically erased the memory that was being kept on there and resetting itself...I didn't touch anything that would make that all...nor did anything wrong to it...I'm sure...and it restarted itself to it's factory settings...and erased all of my stuff that was saved on there...IO fucking hate technology these days. However, I was able to get some sort of internet connection out of it...a really slow one...and so I just fuck it and waited until I got home. Did my notes and my internet is somewhat acting up right in it just fucking sucks. Either someone is using the Wi-Fi that I have like across the street or something or my ISP, which is Charter...just fucking sucks as a whole...and I would have my guest, the CEO of Charter...but he's I cannot do such an interview...but instead...the creator of the Nook tablet...give a huge round of applause to...I don't know, look up the guy's name...and if it's a chick...well fuck you SJW's you can eat shit you fucking idiots...

*I await for the person to come on to the stage...but he or she doesn't show up.*

Ghost: Uhhh...guys...what's the hold up?

Crew guy: Uhhh....the guy hanged himself in the green room...and wrote that he didn't want to be interviewed by you...that's why he killed himself.

Ghost: Oh...well just have the body laid out backstage and I'll come by and swing it with an axe or do something right? Anyways, I apologize for such rudeness...let's get on with the show shall we?


Episode 13:

1. Awesome

2. Well she was only shown once...Nightmare moon...

3. design

4. What's Gone?

5. That fucking awesome...I want a room like that...or maybe I just like the color blue...

6. Also doesn't this mean she is evil if her dream ended ina happy way?


8. Is winter over already? I mean...I see tank and Tank was asleep for the this means winter is over or else he would still be asleep...then again why isn't there any snow outside either? Does Winter only last for a day?I mean by now MLP has gone through 3-4 years already when looked at correctly...

9. Where does Spike keep that paper at?

10. is it Freddy?

11. They are not princesses...only Twilight is...

12. Wasted Bed

13. Suffer? It's only a bad dream...

14. She doesn't like cake?

15. She has a fetishist?

16. Wasn't it obvious Luna?

17. Big Mac Alicorn: Hasbro: $$$$

18. Does this mean Luna has a Persona

Rating: It's a good time, no alcohol required

Episode 12:
1. Don't they have servants?

2. Well all she did was read I'm guessing....

3. Intro...

4. Wow...she flew....why not teleport?

5. Why didn't Celestia do something to her old room? It's been about four years by now and it seems to be going to waste...

6. Seriously...why didn't Celestia do anything with it yet?

7. Isn't Lrya in Ponyville?

8. Isn't that the Toothpaste pony?

9. How come Twilight doesn't see the signs?

10. She didn't know?

11. I wonder what Spike is talking to that pony in the background about?

12. Remember Season 3?

13. Looks like the same book...

14. So was this planned intentionally or just a coincidence?


16. Recolored lazy...but cheap...

17. Is that her responsibility? Knowing other's friendships?

18. Well she eventually got sent to Ponyville...not studying really...

19. Just because of one friend, she acts that way?

20. When did they come in...who are they...why? Were we supposed to care about them or be surprised?

21. A Wasted Episode...

Rating: It's a good time, if you're drunk ( it's a party...I hope my friend comes....or else I'll be super pissed for the rest of my life because of one friend...)


Ghost: Well that's our show folks...sorry it was shitty...but the my internet and everything else sucks in life... Good night everybody...

In memory of...that Iwata guy that died...and my hope...
Moon Crabs are the best...
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