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Stories: 0
Open: Moderated
Canon: S2
Genre: Adventure, Slice-of-Life
Pairing: None
POV: 1st, 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None

 Cadance discover that all the things that happened was a lie. Meanwhile, Chrysalis wants revenge. But things don't really go as expected.

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Stories: 6
Open: Closed
Canon: S2, S3, S4
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Slice-of-Life
Pairing: F/M
POV: 1st
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None

This is the entire series of Friendship is Epic that I uploaded onto this site. It shows the adventures of my OC Flare Gun as well as the Noble Six, canon characters, many other OCs I made, and even characters that are pretty much ponified celeberties or characters from other shows such as Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. Please enjoy this! PM me if you have any questions!

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