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3rdS3Slice-of-LifeCompleteEveryponyGeneral • 12390 words

You know that feeling? You know, the feeling that you get when you realize you've forgotten something that is very, very important? It is 10:32 p.m. on Hearth's Warming Eve, and Twilight Sparkle has just gotten that feeling...

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Characters: Twilight Sparkle
3rdS3AdventureIn ProgressEveryponyGeneral • 14020 words


"The only thing that anypony want's in life is to be remembered..." Twilight sobbed. "You may want to forget about them, but I'll never forget a friend."

When Twilight finds an unusual diary, belonging to a pony only known as "Stella", she goes on a fantastic journey to save the souls of those written in it's pages from a fate worse than death.


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Adventure, Comedy, Slice-of-Life, Suspense, TragedyCompleteS1, S2, S3Almost EveryponyGeneral • 4882 words
A poetic chapter with greater respect for the show.

My goal: to complete and write every character reference in poem as well as the episode.

Link to other poetic chapter:

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