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Characters: Gilda, Mane 6, Original Character(s)
CompleteHuman Crossover, Romance3rdF/F, F/MViolenceMatureGeneral • 47114 words
When Gilda the griffon encounters a horrible monster, a mysterious stranger appears and saves her life... in more ways than one.
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Characters: Big Macintosh, Braeburn, Original Character(s)
CompleteAdventure3rdViolenceTeenGeneral • 5628 words
Standalone spin-off of HiddenBrony's 'Sweet Special-Nothings' series. Braeburn asks Big Mac to pay him a visit in Appleoosa to help straighten out a mess he's gotten himself into. Big Mac offers his advice, but gets more than he bargained for out of the trip.
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Characters: Derpy Hooves
CompleteTragedy3rdDeath, ViolenceMatureGeneral • 1425 words
The origin of Derpy and how she got her cutie mark.
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Characters: Applejack
CompleteAdventure3rdViolenceTeenGeneral • 5877 words
Applejack's past in Appleoosa catches up to her, forcing her to set out alone in an effort to rescue her cousin Braeburn from an old friend.
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Characters: Original Character(s), Rarity, Sweetie Belle
CompleteTragedy3rdRape, ViolenceMatureGeneral • 5724 words
When a unwelcome guest shows up at Sweetie Belle's birthday party, Rarity realizes the past has one heck of a long reach. Will she be able to deal with everything, or will the life she's so carefully pulled together come crashing down?
[Reviews - 2]
Characters: Mane 6, Original Character(s), Twilight Sparkle
In ProgressAdventure, Dark3rdViolenceTeenGeneral • 23556 words
The happy world of Equestria shines in the light of a new day, but the town of Ponyville is about to be thrown into turmoil when a long-forgotten legend of the deep becomes all too real to ignore.
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Characters: Derpy Hooves, Mane 6, Original Character(s)
CompleteAdventure, Crossover3rdViolenceAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 33387 words
Portal 2 crossover. Chell, GLaDOS, and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center fall through a multidimensional portal, landing just outside Ponyville. When GLaDOS sees testing potential in the native ponies, how will Chell stop her?
[Reviews - 6]
Characters: Fluttershy, Spike, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteSlice-of-Life3rdViolenceAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 3769 words
Twilight Sparkle and Spike are out for a walk when they find Fluttershy hurt and beaten. Twilight decides to take Fluttershy home to take care of her until she heals in this story about a friend helping a friend.
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Mane 6
CompleteTragedy3rdDeath, ViolenceTeenGeneral • 15973 words
After years away from Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle tries to reconnect with her old friends... and is horrified by how their lives have all changed.
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Characters: Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteDark1stDeath, ViolenceMatureGeneral • 198 words
Twilight's last letter to the Princess.
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