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Characters: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash
In ProgressComedy, Crossover, Dark, Human Crossover, Romance2ndS2F/FAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 5836 words

A drunken conversation at a party leads Fluttershy to reevaluate her feelings for Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately the reverse is not true.

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Characters: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle
In ProgressComedy, Crossover, Dark, Human Crossover, Romance2ndS2F/FAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 9636 words

After returning from Hearth's Warming Eve in Canterlot Rarity cannot stop thinking about her purple unicorn friend in a new light. Great angst and shipping ensues.

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Characters: Original Character(s)
In ProgressAdventure, Crossover, Romance, Sci-Fi3rdAUF/MViolenceTeenGeneral • 1002 words

Equestria had been caught in a Cold War with several other countries, and there's talk of it going hot, so precautions were taken. Kyth and Glenfiddich created the Vaults to help insulate against the incoming fire, and it saved most of ponykind.

Thirty years after the drop, the vaults have been open for five years, and the two creators are out searching for survivors, hoping to create enough of a refuge to begin to rebuild Equestria.

This story doesn't follow the same Canon as the universe in the original fic named under "Fallout: Equestria" (which you should prolly go read, I hear it's good. :3). Facts and locations are going to be much different here than there, so be warned. :)

Editing done by ClapperCreations.

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Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Mane 6
In ProgressViolenceCrossoverAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 7785 words



The Journal of a Jedi Knight who finds himself transported into a strange land and changed into a pony.  His trials to learn of the newest aspect of the Force prevalent throughout this land, that of Friendship.  And how he helps the land to defeat an evil that he may have been responsible for bringing there in the first place!


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Characters: Mane 6
In ProgressAdventure, Comedy, Crossover, Human Crossover1stAUProfanity, Sex, ViolenceMatureGeneral • 49494 words
Matthew is normal 18 year old. You could describe him as a computer geek. He gets an odd knock at the door. And you can almost guess what happens next. Join him in his odd adventures.

*NOTE* This story was written by me. mattman17112. Not sonic. Sonic helped me with character ideas. And story arch. But when it came down to word choice. Spelling. And the overall direction of the story. It was me. As for "Rainbow Colored Heart." That was written entirely by him. And is a great story. I helped him with ideas, story arch and of course with me being a character in the story, I helped him try to get my personality correct, and my reactions. Please read both and if you have any feedback. Good or bad. Please don't shy away from expressing it. Also as another note, "Stewart's Odd Pony adventures" is his perspective of my current story. If anyone was worried (which I doubt) He of course had all right to do this. We are great friends, and often reply on each other for ideas. As always, I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you.
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Characters: Original Character(s)
In ProgressAdventure, Crossover, Sci-Fi1stAUAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 803 words

For gamers and fans of the Half-Life series: MLP Half-life! Similar but completely different storyline. Series in progress.

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Characters: Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Twilight Sparkle
In ProgressCrossover, Romance, Sci-Fi, Tragedy3rdAU, S1, S2F/MDeathTeenGeneral • 24214 words

Originally posted on the NP FanFiction Archive.

Spike just lost a very close friend. The only problem is: he doesn't know which one. Was it the love of his life, Rarity; or his number one best friend, Twilight? Which world is real, and which is the dream?

The setting, as well as most of the characters and original concepts, are the property of either 20th Century Fox or Hasbro.

Creative Commons LicenceA Waking Dragon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Characters: Gilda, Original Character(s), Pipsqueak, Spike, Vinyl Scratch
1stIn ProgressAdventure, Crossover, Slice-of-LifeEveryponyGeneral • 3618 words

Young pipsqueak tries to find his way in one of the biggest cities in equestria, manehatten. (Personified ponies still have tails, wings,and horns

Set prior to "A forgotten love"

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Characters: Gilda, Original Character(s), Pipsqueak, Spike, Vinyl Scratch
F/MOn HiatusCrossover, Romance, Slice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 1282 words

Set in a personified equestria, (Characters still have pony tails wings and horns), a band formed from a group of friends including sonic, tails, knuckles, vinyl scratch, spike, and pipsqueak travel all over equestria in search of gigs. 

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Characters: Mane 6
ProfanityF/MIn ProgressAdventure, Comedy, Crossover3rdMatureGeneral • 436 words

Cryaotic meets a strange man while on his live stream, he asks him if he likes ponies. When the man finds out his answer, he doesn't like it at all. He banishes Cry to Equestria, to find out if he is a brony.

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