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Characters: Carrot Top, Octavia, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Vinyl Scratch
3rdS4Comedy, Slice-of-LifeCompleteEveryponyGeneral • 2452 words


All Carrot Top wanted was a good night’s sleep – but then a fight broke out between Twilight Sparkle and the forces of evil. Since there was no way she could go back to bed with all that noise going on, she went outside and joined the party. With Vinyl Scratch providing the music and Pinkie Pie the popcorn, Carrot Top grabbed a chair and watched the battle.

After all, when life gives you lemons, sometimes the only thing to do is party the night away!



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Characters: Aloe, Angel, Apple Bloom, Applejack, Babs Seed, Berry Punch, Big Macintosh, Blinkie Pie, Blues, Bon-Bon, Braeburn, Caesar, Caramel, Carrot Top, Changelings, Cheerilee, Cheese Sandwich, Coco Pommel, Colgate, Cranky Doodle Donkey, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Daisy, Derpy Hooves, Diamond Tiara, Dinky Hooves, Discord, Fancy Pants, Fleur de Lis, Flim & Flam, Fluttershy, Gilda, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gummy, Hoity Toity, Inkie Pie, Iron Will, King Sombra, Lily, Little Strongheart, Lotus, Lyra, Mane 6, Maud Pie, Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Nightmare Moon, Octavia, Opalescence, Original Character(s), Other BG Pony, Owlowiscious, Photo Finish, Pinkie Pie, Pipsqueak, Pokey Pierce, Pound Cake, Prince Blueblood, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Pumpkin Cake, Queen Chrysalis, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Roseluck, Royal Guards, Sapphire Shores, Scootaloo, Screw Ball, Shining Armor, Silver Shill, Silver Spoon, Snails, Snips, Soarin', Spike, Spitfire, Steven Magnet, Suri Polomare, Sweetie Belle, The Doctor, The Great and Powerful Trixie, The Mayor, The Wonderbolts, Trenderhoof
ViolenceAdventure, Comedy, Crossover, Dark, Human CrossoverIn ProgressEveryponyGeneral • 399 words

As the war between humans and clockponies waged, Tornadic Wind worked on his latest training simulator. Nicknamed 'The Program', Tornadic entered the video game-like digiverse and began his training, where he would meet an old friend. A friend he hasn't seen since he was a cub on Earth.

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Characters: Carrot Top, Lyra, Mane 6, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
3rdS4Adventure, ComedyCompleteEveryponyGeneral • 5348 words


Equestria finds itself battling its most terrifying villain yet: a magnet that has chosen to use its powers of magnetism for evil instead of good. Can the Mane Six save Equestria from destruction, or will this magnet of doom set the Moon on fire?

And if it does set the Moon on fire, what should they do then?



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Characters: Other BG Pony
3rdS4Adventure, ComedyCompleteEveryponyGeneral • 3411 words


After an intense search, Daring Do has found what may be the greatest treasure of her career – the long-lost Chest of Zubiaga. For once she has finally beaten Ahuizotl to the punch. This time victory is hers!

There is only one problem. Only one small obstacle stands between her and victory: she has no idea how to open the chest. Is the legendary Daring Do about to be defeated by a box that had no locks?

Surely not. Right?



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Characters: Discord, Original Character(s)
CompleteAdventure, Comedy, Human Crossover3rdAUEveryponyGeneral • 3626 words


Due to an equipment malfunction, two humans find themselves in the world of Equestria. (What an original concept – I know, right?) However, Equestria is no longer a magical world of talking ponies. The world is now completely deserted – home to only ruins.

The two humans try to figure out what happened, but they are foiled by their incredible stupidity. Then they run into Discord, and, well…



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Characters: Original Character(s), Spitfire, Twilight Sparkle
In ProgressComedy, Human Crossover1stAU, S3EveryponyGeneral • 11341 words

Once upon a time, Charles Fox was just another brony working his way through college. However, when a purple unicorn turned up in the mail, his life was flipped upside down and now he's learning that the magic of friendship still exists in this dark and dreary world.

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Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteComedy, Slice-of-Life3rdS4EveryponyGeneral • 4863 words

Do you want to be the next great Equestrian supervillain? Do you have what it takes to challenge the Mane Six? If so, then see Pinkie Pie at Ponyville Castle! She’s looking for a dastardly new crop of evildoers, and if you're one of the best you just might make the cut.

Oh – if you do decide to apply, be sure to fill out Form 112-B in its entirety! Twilight gets very upset if you forget the form. And don't be late!


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Characters: Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteComedy3rdS4EveryponyGeneral • 1741 words

In a fight of righteous anger, Twilight gives Celestia a piece of her mind and demands that she resign. Her high crimes against Equestria have gone on long enough! It’s time that the tyrant paid for all the evil she has done.

Just when Twilight has Celestia right where she wants her, a group of angry bananas get involved. Or maybe they were involved from the start.

Why do things have to be so complicated? Why, Celestia, why?



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Characters: The Great and Powerful Trixie
CompleteComedy3rdS1DeathEveryponyGeneral • 963 words

Trixie has an existentially existential crisis of existential proportions.

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Characters: Discord
CompleteComedy3rdS1ViolenceMatureGeneral • 4122 words

This guy wrote most of the first chapter

Discord has escaped yet again and it's up to Rarity and the others to save all of equestria.

Am I funny yet?

Ampersands make me horny. &. Oh god thats hawt!!?!

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