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Pies and Goddesses by hexkitty01 Almost Everypony
When Maud is injured, Pinkie's inner power awakens. Can the ponies stop her before she destroys Equestria?
Battlewings by Stingray Teen
In a future where humans and magical ponies coexist, Rainbow Dash joins an elite galactic defense force, made up of other skilled ponies and human allies, to protect Equestria from an advanced enemy that seeks total conquest of their world.
Forget Love by Dragor Everypony
Short description: Despite being stripped of everything, the pony finds his true love and is about to marry her. Long description: The pony has lost his memories. Left to himself, he wanders the streets of Canterlot. Despite his misfortune, he finds...
Off The Grid by majorpaleface Mature
Commander John Maxon unexpectedly arrives in orbit above Equestria after a 90 year interstellar journey to Proxima Centauri in Cryostasis. John must learn to survive and inspire in an strange new world.
The Crystal Heart by Applejack2013 Everypony
Prequel to the season 2 opening I wrote in 2012
Discord Sits on Celestia’s Throne by Dragor Mature
Celestia gets an unexpected visit from Discord. His latest goals are unacceptable to her, but will he take no for an answer? Can a mere alicorn stand her ground against the Spirit of Chaos?
Josh's Discovery by Quantum Bass Teen
After almost committing something no one should even think of, Josh, a sixteen year old High School Junior finds himself in the world of Equestria.
Princess Amity by Mister Smiley Teen
This story explores the idea of Celestia having a daughter named Amity, and her internal struggle of light and darkness. While sturggling with her internal magic, an ancient evil returns.
Coral The Phoenix and The Caged Bird by SilverStarApple Everypony
In this world, there are ponies with amazing talent, incredible abilities, and great skill. Coral is not one of those ponies. This doesn't change when her family is taken by a birdlike beast beyond her world and imprisoned in a pocket dimension...
The Shining Silver Star of the Apple Family by SilverStarApple Everypony
For some ponies, winning is everything. Always coming out on top, no matter what the losers say about you. And when you're the sixth-richest CEO in Canterlot and one of the youngest, despite only arriving in Canterlot a few years ago with a sack...
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Does Love Come With Harmony? by JC Borch Teen
Love is in the air among two young ponies in the cast of the popular TV show My Little Pony: Friendship Magic. Everything (story, writing, ideas, proof...
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